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Abbreviations used:
J'Ville SH=
Jacksonville State Hospital    

Columns: S/R/MS = Sex, Race, Marital Status; IL=Years in IL; Bk/Pg=Book/page#

HABERMAAS Louise Hidelburg Ger FW mar d26Jun1891 Morgan Co IL Morris Chapel 68y11m Bk2p55 40
HACKER Inf/o Julius b16Mar1918 IL FW mar d16Mar1918 Morgan Co IL Morris Chapel Bk9p533 Hacker/Ore
HACKER Roy Edwin b14Feb1911 Concord IL d31May1911 Concord IL Arcadia Cem Hacker/Boatman
HACKETT John Ireland MW wid d19Jan1906 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville 82yrs Bk4p290 50
HACKETT Michael Co Leeitrim Ire MW mar d4Dec1899 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 58yrs Bk3p14 35
HACKMAN Abner J'Ville MW d27Feb1889 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 8y8m23d Bk2p8
HACKMAN Anna M b2Jul1846 Cass Co IL FW sin d25Jun1915 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk8p64 Hackman/Myers
HACKMAN Earle b3Sep1884 IL MW sin d5Sep1911 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Hackman/Weiss
HACKMAN Ida J'Ville FW d11Dec1878 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 10y5m22d Bk1p23
HACKMAN Lura J'Ville FW d14Dec1878 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 6y4m4d Bk1p23
HACKMAN William b18Nov1839 MW mar d21May1918 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk9574 Hackman/Myer
HACKNEY Richard US MW mar d17Jan1892 J'Ville SH Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 52yrs Bk2p66
HADLEY Mary E Shelby Co IL FW d28Nov1893 J'Ville Stafford GY Fayette CoIL 13y9m17d Bk2p102
HAERLE Crist IL MW wid d3Jul1914 J'Ville SH J'Ville East Cem 51yrs Bk7p421
HAERLE Lou IL FW mar d24Dec1903 J'Ville J'Ville East Cem 30yrs Bk3p516
HAESE Gustave bAug1847 Germany MW wid d23Mar1922 J'Ville J'Ville Cem Bk11p152 Haese/Fisher
HAGAL Henry Edward J'Ville MW d10Jul1880 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 4yrs Bk1p59
HAGAN Augustus PA MW mar d20Oct1888 J'Ville SH Pittsfield IL 39yrs Bk2p2 30
HAGAN Knichen KY MW sin d24Feb1906 Waverly IL Scottsville KY 21y7m6d Bk4p298
HAGAN Mary F b15Mar1888 New Berlin IL FW mar d11Feb1922 J'Ville New Berlin IL Bk11p130 Henry Horn
HAGAN Thomas Frances J'Ville MW d22Apr1894 J'Ville J'Ville East Cem 2hrs Bk2p112
HAGAN William H b2Jun1873 IL MW sin d26Apr1921 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville Bk10p614 Hagan/Cayle
HAGERSTROM J'Ville MW d1Jul1888 J'Ville Little Indian 2m6d Bk1p232
HAGERTY Infant b14Aug1919 J'Ville MW d3Mar1922 J'Ville SH Calvary Cem J'Ville Bk10198 mo/C Eliz Hagerty
HAGERTY Jennie b5Mar1852 OH FW mar d3Mar1922 J'Ville SH Quincy IL Bk11p153 Bailey/Timmons
HAGERTY Mary Ireland FW mar d2Dec1884 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 55yrs Bk1p192 6mo
HAGERTY Mary b1872 Ireland FW sin d23Apr1917 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville Bk9p289 Hagerty/Crossin
HAGERTY Wilbur b18Mar1922 J'Ville MW d18Mar1922 J'Ville Beardstown IL Bk11p153 Hagerty/Smith
HAGUE Jennie VA FW wid d8Sep1888 J'Ville SH Bloomington IL 52yrs Bk1p234 to M Lugerstrom
HAHLE John b1864 Wheeling WV MW sin d8Sep1911 J'Ville SH Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk6p313
HAILEY Harrey D Mrs b1841 FW wid d16Apr1913 J'Ville Arenzville IL Bk7p85 Henderson/Paeschell
HAIN Cynthia b1851 NY FW wid d5Mar1919 J'Ville SH Rockford Cem Bk10p203
HAINES Martha IL FW mar d17Nov1893 J'Ville SH J'Ville 76yrs Bk2p102
HAIRGROVE C IL MW mar d24Nov1891 J'Ville Waverly IL 35yrs Bk2p62
HAIRGROVE Infant b6Oct1918 J'Ville MW d6Oct1918 J'Ville Yatesville IL Bk10p51 Hairgrove/Armstrong
HAIRGROVE Irma Roodhouse IL FW d23Jul1893 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 1y3m18d Bk2p95
HAIRGROVE Lewis Roodhouse IL MW d29Jul1893 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 1y11m Bk2p94
HAIRGROVE Pearl J'Ville FW d13Jul1883 J'Ville Lonis Burrying Ground 2y5m Bk1p128
HAIRGROVE W J b10May1832 Trout Co GA MW sin d27Jul1919 J'Ville Waverly IL Bk10p203 Hairgrove/Johnson
HAISLEY John NC MW mar d1Jul1901 Franklin IL Waverly IL 74y6m10d Bk3p61 55
HAITHMAN John Paris Mo MB mar d9Jan1913 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 65yrs Bk7p21 Haithman/Shropshire
HAITHMAN Milly KY FB mar d23Oct1888 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 69y5m Bk2p3 23
HAITHMAN Tracey MO FB mar d3Jan1894 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 39y7m Bk1p107 15
HALE Edith IL FW d17Mar1911 J'Ville Sch Deaf Waltonville IL 8yr Bk6p184 Wm Hale
HALE Louisa Jane b5Apr1852 Scott Co IL FW wid d22Dec1920 J'Ville Bluffs IL Bk8[539 Hart/Cox
HALE Ulie J b6Mar1860 IL MW mar d27may1918 J'Ville Athen Cem Bk9p573 Hale/Lemon
HALE Verna b1898 IL FW d3Mar1914 J'Ville Waverly IL 15yrs Bk7p337
HALEY Frank B b1841 nr Lexington KY MW wid d14Apr1921 Old Peoples Home Bellville KS Bk10p613
HALEY Harvey Mrs IL FW mar d27Dec1893 Concord IL Concord IL 42yrs Bk1p83
HALEY Ida Jane b27Nov1860 J'Ville FW wid d2May1922 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk11p196 Thorne/Donovan
HALEY Owen T McClain Co IL MW d20Jan1904 J'Ville SH Bloomington IL 41yrs Bk3p502
HALEY William Mrs IL FW mar d7Dec1887 Concord IL Concord IL 48yrs Bk1p222
HALL Carrie C NY FW mar d24Mar1894 J'Ville Osceola IA 40y2m Bk2p111 "Lives in Iowa"
HALL Eliza FW mar d15Jan1888 J'Ville SH London Mills IL 66yrs Bk?p223
HALL Elizabeth England FW wid d20Feb1910 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 70yrs Bk5p297
HALL H S Virginia IL MW mar d17Apr1909 J'Ville Virginia IL 48yrs Bk5p157
HALL Hamilton H KY MB wid d30Jan1904 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 45yrs Bk3p496 20
HALL James KY MW mar d5Feb1908 J'Ville J'Ville 59y1m23d Bk4p623 30
HALL James E Rockport IL MW Mar d12Apr1909 Maplewood San Lynnville IL 44y7m6d Bk5p157
HALL James J Sheffield Eng MW wid d24Feb1907 se of Lynnville IL Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 83yrs Bk4p440
HALL John England MW mar d8Jun1894 J'Ville "taken to Liberty" 72yrs Bk2p116 30
HALL John S Augusta Co VA MW wid d9Aug1905 Literberry IL Arcadia IL 73y5m27d Bk4p227 43
HALL Levi OH MW mar d15Oct1889 J'Ville SH Springfield IL 59yrs Bk2p20 long
HALL Mary England FW mar d12Jul1906 J'Ville SH Carlinville IL 33yrs Bk4p353
HALL Mary C b1855 KY FW wid d29Sep1915 J'Ville SH Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk8p67
HALL Richard B MW sin d1Dec1913 J'Ville SH Quincy IL 60yrs Bk7p253
HALL Samuel Thomas Hancock Co Il MW mar d16Jul1905 Meredosia IL Naples IL 69y1m12d Bk4p208
HALL William b1870 IL MW sin d23Mar1922 J'Ville SH Chesterfield IL Bb11p153
HALL William b30Mar1858 IL MW mar d22Feb1918 Meredosia IL Meredosia IL Bk9p531 Hall/Gooden
HALLAN George T PA MW mar d15Jan1890 J'VilleSH Canton IL 44yrs Bk2p24 long
HALLIS Luther Norman NE MW sin d28Oct1918 J'Ville SH Petersburg IL 33yrs Bk10p50
HALYARD Sarah T WV FW wid d31Jan1905 Old Peoples Home Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 96yrs Bk4p137 4
HAM Concord IL MW d23Sep1893 Concord IL Concord IL 12hrs Bk2p101
HAM A M KY MW mar d5Mar1881 Concord IL Morrisons 44yrs Bk1p75
HAM Alice MO FW d18Oct1905 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 3mo Bk4p248 6wks
HAM Corah Bell Morgan Co IL FW d11Oct1909 Nortonvillle IL Slab Town Cem 1y3m28d Bk5p246
HAM Earnest Concord IL M d7Jun1879 Concord IL 10mos Bk1p36
HAM Elisha IL MW d28Oct1911 Chapin IL Concord IL 75yrs Bk6p329
HAM Fredrick IL MW d26Nov1880 Concord IL Morrisons Cem 8ds Bk1p69
HAM George US MW mar d17Oct1915 J'Ville SH Waverly IL 74yrs Bk8p68
HAM Laura Emaline Lewiston IL FW mar d15Apr1909 Meredosia IL Oakland Cem Meredosia 49y11m15d Bk5p158
HAM Maud bMar1889 KY FW mar d26Nov1918 J'Ville Waverly IL Bk10p57 Thos Brake
HAM Sylvester Lee IL MW d10Jun1908 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 2m13d Bk5p44
HAM William Green Morgan Co IL MW d7Sep1908 nr Arenzville IL Arenzville IL 3m23d Bk5p77
HAMBLEY Oliver St Louis MO MW d18Jul1895 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 12y4/5m Bk2p95 abt 2
HAMEL Isick M KY MW mar d28Jul1878 5mi s J'ville Louis' Graveyard 38y2m Bk1p14 25
HAMEL Rosana PA FW wid d13May1892 Lynnville IL Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 79y6m10d Bk2p72 1850
HAMEL Sarah A b18 Mar?? Morgan Co IL FW mar d21Mar1911 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 71y3m Bk6p185 Green/Louisa?
HAMILTON Andrew MW mar d18Mar1894 J'Ville New Windsor IL 57yrs Bk2p110
HAMILTON Charles William b18Jan1921 J'Ville MB d27Jan1922 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk11p108 Hamilton/Wilson
HAMILTON Daniel S b24Feb1842 IL MW sin d27Oct1915 Chapin IL Jordan Cem Chapin IL Bk9p389 Hamilton/Shelton
HAMILTON Edith IL FW div d5Apr1908 J'Ville SH Delevan IL 39yrs Bk5p10
HAMILTON Emily TN FB mar J'Ville J'Ville 65?yrs Bk4p168 40
HAMILTON Frank b16Jan1854 Pittsburg PA MW mar d9Jan1922 J'Ville Beardstown IL Bk11p108 Hamilton/Riddle
HAMILTON George William b27Jul1868 IL MW mar d7Jan1922 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville Bk11p108 Hamilton/Girswold
HAMILTON James b18Dec1825 KY MW wid d26Dec1913 Waverly IL Waverly East Cem Bk7p255 77
HAMILTON James Owen b20Feb1829 Cythiana KY MW wid d9Jun1921 J'Ville J'Ville Cem Bk10p647 Hamilton/Smith
HAMILTON John C Harrison CO KY M mar d10Mar1880 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 82y8m24d Bk1p53 46
HAMILTON Lucinda J'Ville FB d14Dec1893 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 14yrs Bk2p105
HAMILTON Margaret A b22Feb1859 Henry Co OH FW mar d1Mar1911 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk6p183 38 Tankersly/McEwin
HAMILTON Mary Ann York Co PA F Wid d18Mar1883 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 83y5m25d Bk1p118
HAMILTON Sara G IL FW sin d6Jul1909 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 51y7m26d Bk5p244
HAMILTON Sarah G Morristown NJ FW wid d3Sep1909 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 86yrs Bk5p227 80
HAMLETT Johanna St Louis MO FW sin d17May1908 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville abt 50yrs Bk5p8 1
HAMM Charles b1871 IL MW sin d17Mar1912 Morgan Co IL Hartland Cem Bk6p449
HAMM Frances Katherine Concord IL FW d16Sep1909 Concord IL Concord IL 1y5m10 Bk5p229
HAMM Lyda FW wid d29Jan1907 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 54yrs Bk1p25 29
HAMMELL William PA MW mar d10Feb1879 Lynnville IL Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 71y2m11d Bk1p25 29
HAMMELL William H BonnNox Co OH MW mar d10Mar1888 Lynnville IL J'Ville 52y4m14d Bk1p227
HAMMOND Ellen US FW sin d16Apr1883 J'Ville 40y3m10d Bk1p120 30
HAMMOND Joseph Ireland MW mar d24Jul1887 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 40yrs Bk1p209 20
HAMMOND Joseph J'Ville MW d5Dec1878 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 1mo Bk10p28
HAMMOND Katie J'Ville F d18Aug1888 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 2y17d Bk1p235
HAMMOND Mary IL FW wid d16Jul1915 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville 59yrs Bk8p65 Murray/Murray
HAMMOND Minerva L VT FW wid d5Mar1904 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 76y7m19d Bk3p526 50
HAMMOND Pinky US FB d7Sep1878 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 5y6m Bk1p43
HAMMOND Sarah FW sin d8Nov1886 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 78y4m6d Bk1p195 42
HAMMOND William H VT MW mar d25Sep1878 J'Ville Mount Station IL 44yrs Bk1p19
HAMMONS Phillip E b25Jan1882 KS MW mar d24Mar1921 J'Ville Griggsville IL Bk10p592 sp/Minnie Dorsey
HAMONS William b7Sep1901 BowlingGreenMO MW sin d8Mar1922 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville Bk11p154 Hamons/Watts
HAMPLE Adam Baden Ger MW mar d23Sep1878 J'Ville SH Minear IL 42yrs Bk1p18
HAMPTON Harriet OH FW wid d15Jul1905 J'Ville SH Macomb IL abt75yrs Bk4p213
HAMPTON Michael Ireland MW sin d23Mun1886 County Poor Farm Catholic Cem J'Ville 53y2m Bk1p185 20
HAMS Melva Moriece IL MB d3Mar1911 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 15ds Bk6p186
HANBACK Nancy J IL  FW mar d4Apr1913 J'Ville SH Alsey IL 63yrs Bk7p84
HANCOCK James KY MW mar d16Jul1878 J'VilleSH J'Ville 78yrs Bk1p12
HAND John KY MW mar d6Feb1880 J'Ville SH Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 54yrs Bk1p49
HANDY Sarah FB mar d2Oct1910 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 61yrs Bk5p356
HANELY Charles b1841 MB d9Jan1921 J'Ville SH East Cem J'Ville 80?yrs Bk10p56
HANES Joseph H b1872 IL MW sin d9Oct1919 J'Ville SH Springfield IL Bk10p195
HANEY Jacob W b1857 IL MW mar d7May1913 J'Ville SH Beardstown IL Bk7p104
HANKINS Dana IL MW d25Aug1905 J'Ville Franklin Il 4hrs Bk4p222
HANKINS Laurence Reginol b17Aug1910 IL MW d22Aug1915 J'Ville Winchester IL Bk8p67 J W Hankins
HANKINS Stephen G b1842 IN MW mar d23Jun1911 J'Ville J'Ville Cem Bk6p241 Info/Chas Hankins
HANLEY John E b30Apr1888 Logansport IN MW sin d7Mar1918 J'Ville Logansport IN Bk9p533
HANN Mary C OH FW mar d9Aug1889 J'Ville SH Springfield IL 29yrs Bk2p17
HANNA Luella J'Ville FB d14Apr1880 J'Ville 3y2m10d Bk1p56
HANNING Henry Germany MW wid d19Jun1908 Sinclair IL Hebron Cem 79y7m18d Bk5p43 26
HANNORS Mar MO FB mar d15Jan1919 J'Ville J'Ville Cem abt 80yrs Bk10p60
HANSLER Mary Louise b29Jan1854 Scott Co IL FW wid d25Jul1915 J'Ville Roodhouse IL Bk8p66 Carlton/Long
HANSON Irene J'Ville FW sin d16Jul1908 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 19y2m Bk5p43
HANSON Nelson b1841 Sweden MW mar d11Aug1918 J'Ville SH Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk9p626
HAPKY Catherine b11May1844 Co May Ire FW wid d16Dec1913 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville Bk7p253 52
HAPPY George W Morgan Co IL MW sin d8Jun1910 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 52yrs Bk5p335
HAPPY James J'Ville MW mar d5Apr1889 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 48yrs Bk2p10
HAPPY Josephus Jr KY M sin d26Dec1888 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 38y7m Bk2p55 35

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