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Abbreviations used:
J'Ville SH=
Jacksonville State Hospital    

Columns: S/R/MS = Sex, Race, Marital Status; IL=Years in IL; Bk/Pg=Book/page#

HAYDEN J'Ville FW d7Apr1895 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 13mos Bk2p136
HAYDEN J'Ville FW d19Jul1893 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 7mos Bk2p95
HAYDEN Aggie US FW sin d12Sjul1883 Morgan Co Poor Farm Catholic Cem J'Ville 19yrs Bk1p126
HAYDEN Alfred England MW mar d5Jan1894 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 55yrs Bk2p107 32
HAYDEN Anna bDec1841 Sligo Ireland FW wid d27Jul1921 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville Bk11p17
HAYDEN Charles MW mar d24Jan1881 J'Ville SH Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 51yrs Bk1p74
HAYDEN Charles Leslie OH MW mar d22Dec1910 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 66yrs Bk5p364 30
HAYDEN Eliz Richardson Morgan Co IL FW wid d17Aug1910 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 66y11mo10d Bk5p347
HAYDEN Estella b23Oct1876 IL FB wid d25May1918 J'Ville J'Ville Cem Bk9p574 Hayden/Campbell
HAYDEN Hattie b1855 IL FW wid d28Jul1915 J'Ville Maroa IL Bk8p65
HAYDEN James Edward J'Ville MW sin d21Jul1901 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 42yrs Bk3p63
HAYDEN John England MW mar d26Oct1879 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 59y8m Bk1p43 36
HAYDEN Joseph G VA M wid d7May1884 Morgan Co IL Hazelgreen Cem 74y10m Bk1p147 50
HAYDEN Margaret Ireland FW mar d10Jan1898 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 56yrs Bk2p198 55
HAYDEN Mary J'Ville FW mar d21Apr1905 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville 34yrs Bk4p193
HAYDEN Mary J'Ville F sin d21Apr1905 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville 22y1m Bk1p124
HAYDEN Thomas Makin America MW sin d8Nov1887 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 33y26d Bk1p218
HAYDEN William Ireland MW mar d15Jun1895 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 58yrs Bk2p137 30
HAYES Barney J'Ville MW mar d23Jun1906 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 49y8m1d Bk4p343
HAYES Carl Leland b16Aug1913 Morgan Co IL MW d16Jan1914 J'Ville Manchester IL Bk7p281
HAYES Inf/o Roy b1Mar1942 J'Ville MW d1Mar1942 J'Ville County Farm MorganCoIL 1hr Roy Hayes
HAYES James b1867 OH MW sin d22Jan1911 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk6p133
HAYES Jessie M Mor FW sin d15Mar1906 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 21yrs Bk4p305
HAYES John Thomas b21Feb1877 IL MW mar d7Nov1918 Morgan Co IL Yatesville Cem Bk10p54
HAYES Margret b1838 Ireland FW wid d11Feb1911 Morgan Co IL Calvary Cem J'Ville Bk6p163 50
HAYES Nelly Killkinny Ire FW wid d17Apr1910 Alexander IL St.Mary's SangamonCoIL abt90yrs Bk5p317 abt60
HAYES Theodore MW d15Feb1939 J'Ville 37y4m15d
HAYES William MO MB sin d19Nov1906 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 41yrs Bk4p400 20
HAYES William Wilson KY MW wid d24Jul1901 Franklin IL Scottsville IL 60y10m17d Bk3p61
HAYMAKER Elvira b4Aug1847 IN FW wid d15Apr1919 Chapin IL Concord IL Bk10p202 Geo Davis
HAYMAKER Samuel b18May1845 VA MW mar d29Jan1912 Concord IL Concord IL Bk6p394
HAYNES Eliz Leah b30Jan1888 IL FW mar d11Nov1918 J'Ville HS Murrayville Il Bk10p53 Kennedy/Collins
HAYNES Harold bJan1922 Franklin IL MW d28Feb1922 Franklin IL Franklin Il Bk11p131
HAYNES Mary A England FW mar d29Jul1901 J'Ville Oak Hill IL 54yrs Bk3p61
HAYS John Ireland MW d18Jul1883 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 53yrs Bk1p128 25
HAYS Mabel J'Ville FW d8Aug1906 J'Villle J'Ville 7yrs Bk4p365
HAYS Margaret OH FW sin d18Nov1882 J'Ville SH Pontiac IL 24yrs Bk1p111
HAYS Thomas Leonard J'Ville MW sin d26Jan1907 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 24y2m6d Bk4p430
HAYS Walter J'Ville MW d6Sep1892 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 18ds Bk2p77
HAZELWOOD Eva FW mar d31Jul1893 J'Ville SH Evansville I Bk2p93
HAZELWOOD William b22May1868 KY MW mar d3Feb1921 J'Ville White Hall IL Bk10p576 Hazelwood/Gaither
HEACOCK Enos E IN MW wid d17Jan1912 J'Ville SH Quincy IL 71yrs Bk6p393
HEAD Eugene S KY MW div d17Feb1914 J'Ville SH Carlinville IL 62yrs Bk7p304
HEADEN Thomas IL MW mar d9Jul1911 J'Ville J'Ville 75yrs Bk6p479
HEADEN Thomas C b20Nov1835 TN MW mar d9Jul1911 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk6p268 Headen/Moore
HEADEN, Lee Otis b4Oct1885 IL MW sin d20Oct1918 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk1pp49 Headon/Hills
HEALEY William J PA MW sin d4Jun1915 Murrayville IL StBartholomew M'Ville 46yrs Bk8p68 20 Healey/Scanlan
HEARLE Frances Westville In FW mar d14Sep19097 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 30yrs Bk4p552 15
HEARLSTON George J'Ville MB d25Feb1892 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 2yrs Bk2p68
HEARLSTON Hattie B b18Feb1875 Morgan Co IL FB sin d20Mar1913 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk7p64 Hearlston/McElroy
HEATH George W MI MW div d16Dec1918 J'Ville SH Homer MI 79yrs Bk10p56
HEATH James S NH MW mar d6Feb1882 J'Ville SH remains taken by friends 67yrs Bk1p95
HEATON d29Jul1882 Lynnville IL Lynnville IL 8mo Bk1p117
HEATON Jennie Allen b5Nov1886 IL FW mar d10Apr1911 Lynnville IL Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk6p211 Allen/Groves
HEATON Samuel W b2Aug1845 Morgan Co IL MW mar d28Mar1912 Lynnville IL Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk6p448 Heaton/Barry
HEDGES Jessie D b1887 OH MW mar d13Jun1921 J'Ville SH Flat Rock IL Bk10p647
HEDGES Nancy J b9Jan1836 Adam Co IL FW sin d30May1918 Old Peoples Home Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk9p574
HEDGSWORTH Joh PA MW mar d5Feb1907 J'Ville SH Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 50yrs Bk4p442
HEDRICK Birtie b24Dec1886 IL FW d27Apr1919 Meredosia IL Halls Cem Brown Co IL Bk10p202 Surratt/Hall
HEDRICK Cora A Brown Co IL FW sin d2Mar1908 J'Ville Palmyra IL 17y7m5d Bk5p8
HEDRICK Iren b20Apr1891 Timewell IL FW mar d23May1912 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk6p494 Stump/Kendrick
HEFFEMAN Inf/o M J'Ville MW d19Sep1910 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville 2ds Bk5p348
HEFFERMAN Pierce Ireland MW wid d30Mar1912 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville abt 82yrs Bk6p445 40
HEFFERN Michael Ireland MW sin d29Sep1897 J'Ville SH Catholic Cem J'Ville 28yrs Bk2p190 3mos
HEFFNER Frank J b30Jan1833 MD MW mar d7Jun1919 Concord IL HeffnerCemArenzville IL Bk10p201
HEFLIN James W MO MW mar d30Jan1908 J'Vile SH Hebron Cem 36yrs Bk5p77 15
HEGARTY Robert Ireland MW mar d30May1900 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 43yrs Bk3p25 16
HEGENCAMP Wm Henry Chicago IL MW mar d26Sep1888 Meredosia IL Meredosia IL 36y7m11d Bk2p1
HEGGERTY Ellen Ireland FW mar d2Dec1903 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville 32yrs Bk3p509 23
HEIDENRUCH Margaret Germany FW wid d28mar1906 J'Ville SH Springfield IL 76yrs Bk4p302
HEIDERMAN William b1856 NY MW mar d19Apr1922 J'Ville SH Stewardson IL Bk11p178 Fred Heiderman
HEIDLAND Hannah IL FW sin d18Nov1890 J'Ville SH Quincy IL 28yrs Bk2p42
HEIGOLD Emily Marion Michigan City IN F mar d13Sep1888 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 28yrs Bk1p236 14
HEIMLICH Edgar C MW mar d12Sep1907 J'Ville 24yrs Bk4p552
HEINL Joseph b13Jan1838 Baden Austria MW mar d12Mar1912 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk6p447 Anton Heinl
HEINZE Alfred IL MW mar d17Aug1914 J'Ville SH Quincy IL 59yrs Bk7p445
HEINZMAN Elizabeth b2Jul1829 Germany FW wid d16Aug1918 J'Ville Bushnell IL Bk9p627 Leop9old/Winkler
HELFER Henry IL MW sin d20Apr1905 J'Ville SH Litchfield IL 45yrs Bk4p180
HELFRICH Rosa A b1877 IL FW d14Jan1917 J'Ville SH Quincy IL Bk9p293 Adam Helfrich
HELLENTHAL Magdalina B b19Jul1845 Wirtenburg Ger FW mar d27Oct1911 J'Ville J'Ville Cem Bk6p330 55 Christ. Hellenthal
HELLIWELL Eugene b14Mar1904 IL MW d19May1918 J'Ville Asbury Cem Bk9p575 Helliwell/Douglas
HELLIWELL William Yorkshire Eng MW mar d30Jan1906 Murrayville IL Asbury Cem 65y4m Bk4p282 25
HELLMUS Amelia A b1866 FW mar d28Jun1919 J'Ville SH Chicago IL Bk10p200
HELMS John VA MW mar d7Nov1887 J'Ville Swan Creek IL 53yrs Bk1p217
HELRUNG Christopher MW mar d17Oct1919 J'Ville SH Alton IL 50yrs? Bk10p194
HELWEG Anna Sophis b21Jun1875 IL FW mar d1Jan1917 Concord IL Concord Cem Concord IL Bk9p293 Behler/Funk
HEMBROUGH AnniePhylis b15Aug1869 Clayton IL FW mar d6Nov1918 Morgan Co IL Asbury Cem Bk10p55 Hamilton/Simpkins
HEMBROUGH Clarence b5Mar1922 J'Ville MW d27Apr1922 J'Ville J'Ville Cem Bk11p178 Hembrough/Wessleman
HEMBROUGH Dean Thos b9Aug1920 J'Ville MW d6Dec1920 J'Ville Asbury Cem Bk10p540 Hembrough/Goodall
HEMBROUGH Emma Ann b25Sep1864 England FW mar d23Jun1917 Morgan Co IL Asbury Cem Bk9p294 Wm Midgely
HEMBROUGH Fred E b14Dec1872 IL MW mar d10Apr1922 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk11p179 Hembrough/Devore
HEMBROUGH Glenn Wm b16Sep1903 IL MW d5Nov1918 Morgan Co IL Asbury Cem Bk10p52 Hembrough/Hamilton
HEMBROUGH J Albert b18Jun1866 Morgan Co IL MW mar d7Oct1915 5mi e of J'Ville Asbury Cem Bk9p294 Hembrough/Mawson?
HEMBROUGH Samuel H b15Nov1905 Franklin IL MW d3Nov1911 Franklin IL Asbury Cem Bk6p354 Sam Hembrough
HEMBROUGH Sarah England FW mar d1Nov1885 J'Ville Asbury Cem 27y2m Bk1p172
HEMBROUGH Thomas b27May1830 IL MW wid d25Mar1911 J'Ville Asbury Cem Bk6p187
HEMPFLING John Mwmar d8May1917 J'Ville SH Waterloo IA 57yrs Bk9p294
HEMPLE Francis J'Ville FW d1Nov1909 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 3yrs Bk5p267
HEMPLE Mary b30Jan1832 Germany FW d30Jul1911 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk6p268
HENDERON J'Ville FW d21Aug1889 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 6mos Bk2p17
HENDERON Artemetia TN FW wid d25Dec1878 J'Ville Sheppard Cem 76yrs Bk1p28 40
HENDERSON J'Ville FB d15Aug1889 J'Ville 1y4m Bk2p17
HENDERSON Annette J'Ville FB sin c18Aug1887 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 35y1m28d Bk1p212
HENDERSON Ballie b2Feb1885 IL Fw sin d16Jan1912 Murrayville IL Manchester IL Bk6p396 Billings/Curtis
HENDERSON Charles Leo J'Ville MW d11Oct1906 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 6ds Bk4p376
HENDERSON Chas Elmer IL MW d22Feb1894 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 3y4d Bk2p109
HENDERSON David G VA MW d16Jan1882 Arcadia IL Arcadia IL 86yrs Bk1p94 57
HENDERSON Elbert Dwight b16Jun1918 IL MW d18Jul1921 Franklin IL Franklin Il Bk11p27 Henderson/Rodgers
HENDERSON Emsily Berry nr Concord IL FW d20Aug1915 nr Concord IL Concord IL 71yrs Bk8[70
HENDERSON George KY MB sin d21Oct1892 J'VilleSH J'Ville Cem abt 50yrs Bk2p16 abt49
HENDERSON Hannah J'Ville FW mar d30Sep1883 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 21mos Bk1p134
HENDERSON Helen Ann J'Ville FW d27Oct1892 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 21mos Bk2p79
HENDERSON Jackson A b24Jul1827 Morga MW mar d28Jun1921 Literberry IL Arcadia Cem Bk10p648 David Henderson
HENDERSON Jerrimiah MW mar d16May1890 Morgan CO IL Arcadia Cem 75y4m3d Bk2p33
HENDERSON Luella J'Ville FW d23Aug1893 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 26ds Bk2p95
HENDERSON Margaret M Waverly IL FW mar d9May1907 Arcadia IL Arcadia Cem 56y9m8d Bk4p485
HENDERSON Martha Concord IL FW d9Feb1881 Concord IL Moss Graveyard 1y5m Bk1p74
HENDERSON Martha J IL F wid d28Jun1884 J'Ville J'Ville 36y4m18d Bk1p208
HENDERSON Nancy St Louis MO FW wid d21Feb1906 J'Ville Virden 87y10m13d Bk4p291 87y6m
HENDERSON Oliver Everet J'Ville MW d25Sep1892 J'Ville 5m19d Bk2p76
HENDERSON Olliver J'Ville MW mar d5Aug1905 J'Ville J'Ville 64yrs Bk4p225
HENDERSON Peter Wm b20Sep1842 IL MW mar d24Mar1912 Literberry IL Arcadia Cem Bk6p150 Henderson/Griffith
HENDERSON Susanne b6Feb1830 Arcadia IL FW wid d29Dec1915 Literberry IL Arcadia IL Bk8p70 Johnson/Richard
HENDERSON William A b22Jul1842 MO MW mar d24Oct1918 J'Ville Moss Cem J'Ville Bk10p49 mo/Eliza Brown
HENDREN Irvin MW d30Nov1918 J'Ville Sh Springfield IL 65yrs Bk10p52
HENDRICKS Grace b1894 St Louis MO FW sin d4Feb1913 J'Ville Ashland IL Bk7p445 info/Chas Hendcricks
HENDRICKSON Ernest Lee IL MW sin d17Jan1907 J'Ville SH Kane IL 23yrs Bk4p437
HENEGHAN Mary Co Mayo Ire FW wid d7Mar1911 J'Ville Jerseyville IL 75y3m29d Bk6p184 40 J Rilly/Info Nell Steer
HENGST Emil MW mar d8Apr1918 J'Ville Sullivan IL 70yrs? Bk9p532
HENIFY Michael Ireland MW sin d24Jan1904 Scott Co IL Winchester IL 52yrs Bk3p485 36
HENLY Eunice Alemda b25Jun1911 J'Ville FW d10Dec1913 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 5mo Bk7p252 HenlyOwens
HENLY Malissa Almeda b23Sep1837 OH FW wid d4Dec1920 J'Ville Ashland IL Bk10p540 Cymore/Johnson
HENNESSE John b1861 VA MW sin d1Feb1917 J'Ville SH Chicago IL 56ys Bk9p275
HENNESSEY Joseph IL MW sin d7Apr1884 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 21yrs Bk1p146
HENNESSEY Margaret b1844 Ireland FW wid d29Jan1913 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville Bk7p21
HENNESSEY Margret b1820 Ireland FW wid d24Apr1910 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville Bk6p5 50 Murphy/Kehoe
HENNESSEY Sr M Agnes b1861 Mass FW sin d5Sep1914 J'Ville South Bend IN Bk7p458 38 Hennessey/Reilly
HENNESSEY Thomas b1869 J'Ville MW mar d11Aug1918 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville Bk9p627 Hennessey/Walsh
HENNESSY Michael Ireland MW mar d3Nov1904 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville 43yrs Bk4p101 40
HENNESY Helen J'Ville FW d30Aug1907 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville hrs Bk5p228
HENNESY Mikeal J'Ville MW sin d12Oct1909 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville 20yrs Bk5p245
HENNINGER Thomas b1898 IL MW sin d2Ap1921 J'Ville SH Bloomington IL 23yrs? Bk10p614
HENRY Archibal Franklin IL MW d22Oct1892 Murrayville IL Youngblood Cem 2y4m15d Bk2p79
HENRY Charles Elliott b16Apr1844 Morgan Co IL MW mar d12Aug1915 Woodson IL Woodson IL Bk8p69 Henry/McConnell
HENRY D C C Mr USA FW mar d15Jan1894 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 24yrs Bk2p107
HENRY Edward b11Apr1883 J'Ville MW sin d22Aug1911 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville Bk6p289 Henry/Duckell
HENRY Edwin Russell Morgan Co IL MW d6Mar1904 Nortonvillle IL Youngblood Cem 10ds Bk3p535
HENRY Gladis Louise b27Oct1910 Morgan Co IL FW d6Jan1911 Woodson IL Henry Cem Bk6p132 Henry/Bennett
HENRY Jennie Morgan Co IL FW mar d1Jun1910 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 66y5m11d Bk5p336
HENRY John Christopher b3Feb1853 IL MW mar d16Mar1917 Morgan Co IL Youngblood Cem Bk9p295 Henry/Anderson
HENRY John T KY MW mar d1Mar1892 J'Ville Sheppard Cem 82y8m1d Bk2p67 1833
HENRY Lena Augusta b16May1896 IL FW mar d7Jun1918 Morgan CO IL Youngblood Cem Bk10p52 Vedder/Snider
HENRY Martha M FW mar d21Jun1914 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 48yrs Bk7p396
HENRY Mayme Mabel bSep1896 Greene Co IL FW mar d3May1917 J'Ville J'Ville Cem Bk9p295 Wm & Rose Batty
HENRY Payton b15Oct1872 IL MW mar d27Apr1917 J'Ville Youngblood Cem Bk9p295 Henry/McCurley
HENRY Richard J Morgan Co IL MW sin d16Nov1882 J'Ville Woodson IL 45yrs Bk1p111
HENRY William T b18Dec1829 KY MW wid d16Jun1915 Nortonvillle IL Youngblood Cem Bk8p68 Henry/Prater
HENSLEY Mary FW sin d5Nov1918 J'Ville SH Canton IL 66yrs Bk10p54
HENSON Elsie Beardstown IL FW d7Feb1882 Concord IL Arcadia IL 8mo Bk1p96
HENSON Grace Concord IL FW d13Feb1881 Concord IL Arcadia IL 2y11m13d Bk1p74
HENTON Ann NY FW mar d29Mar1889 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 71yrs Bk2p10 2
HENZE Matilda J'Ville FW d6Apr1887 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 1yr Bk1p219
HEPWORTH John b1857 England MW mar d24Dec1913 J'Ville Alsey IL Bk7p254 Hepworth/Humphries
HERBERT Patrick MW wid d11Apr1908 J'Ville SH Washington IL 52yrs Bk5p11
HEREDITH Melissa VA F d12Sep1892 J'Ville 74yrs Bk2p72 70
HERMAN Bell IL FW mar d26Jul1894 J'Ville SH Carlock IL 49yrs Bk2p119
HERMAN Maria b1860 Troy MO FB mar d12Apr1912 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville Bk6p468 20 Hubbard/Boyd
HEROLD A B b16Mar1830 Germany MW mar d12Jan1917 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk9p296 Godlied Herold
HERRIN Ethel Alberta b20Mar1916 IL FW d30Oct1918 Waverly IL New Hope Cem Bk10p56 Herrin/Howard
HERRING Fred C b1882 IL MW mar d1Jun1917 J'Ville SH Beardstown IL Bk9p296
HERRITT Frances Belfast Ire MW wid d23Feb1894 Franklin IL Quincy IL 81y11m6d Bk2p111 40
HESKETT Eli Vincent OH MW wid d3Feb1906 J'Ville SH Diamond GroveCem J'Ville 63yrs Bk4p294
HESS Laura Alice b6Mar1859 Canton IL FW sin d30Jan1921 J'Ville Canton IL Bk10p562 Hess/Boswell
HESS Melvina Morgan Co IL FW mar d10Apr1882 6mi ne of Meredosia Newman Cem Meredosia 37y11m Bk1p99
HESTER Eliza Ann J'Ville FW sin d19Mar1889 J'Ville Lewis Graveyard 19yrs Bk1p76
HETTICK Judia Evaline b31Dec1876 IL FW mar d29Aug1917 J'Ville Diamond GroveCem J'Ville Bk9p297 Smith/Fanning
HETZEL Carl Elder b21Aug1916 MW d19Jan1917 Morgan Co IL Waverly IL Bk9p296 Hetzel/Challens
HEYBERGER John MW sin d19Nov1905 J'Ville SH Diamond GroveCem J'Ville abt30yrs Bk4p261

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