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Abbreviations used:
J'Ville SH=
Jacksonville State Hospital    

Columns: S/R/MS = Sex, Race, Marital Status; IL=Years in IL; Bk/Pg=Book/page#

McPhail, George E. M W Sin 3May1910 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 22Y Bk5pg331
McPhail, John Russel 19Jun1899 J'ville, IL M W Sin 10Feb1919 Morgan Co., IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk10pg89 E.E. McPhail(IL)/Mary Parker(IL)
McPherson, George W. 1858 IL M W Mar 18May1917 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk9pg334
McPherson, Laura Roodhouse, IL F W Mar 26Apr1911 J'ville, IL Barrow, Greene Co., IL 44Y Bk6pg221
McPherson, Margaret 1833 IL F W Wid 12Feb1912 J'ville SH Litchfield, IL Bk6pg424
McPike, Effie Bell Waverly, IL F     Mar 2Jun1909 Waverly, IL East Cem., Waverly 20Y6M11D Bk5pg190
McQuown, Austin Theo 10Aug1836 Penn. M W Mar 3Aug1918 Morgan Co., IL Concord, IL Bk9pg634 James McQuown(Penn)/
McQurken, Daniel 8Nov1836 Ireland M W Sin 18Nov1920 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk10pg528 Martin McQurkin(Ire)/Catherine McCann(Ire)
McSherry, Anna Ireland F W 25Jun1909 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville 66Y Bk5pg250
McSherry, Nettie May J'ville, IL F W Sin 6Apr1901 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 19Y Bk3pg51
McTee, Alford 15Oct1847 Knox Co., Ky. M W Mar 13Mar1910 Alexander, IL Woodwreath Cem. Bk6pg9 22Y Elisha McTee(Ky)/       Fansley(Ky)
McTee, Mary Anne 13Oct1841 Knox Co., Ky. F W Wid 12Apr1912 Morgan Co., IL Woodwreath Cem. Bk6pg471 24Y Wm. Henry Baughman(Pa)/Sally Pierce(Tn)
McVall, Ella L. Sanford J'ville, IL F W Mar 3Oct1890 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 20Y2M6D Bk2pg40
McVey, Nannie Waverly, IL F W 10Jan1879 Waverly, IL Waverly, IL 4Y2M15D Bk1pg26
McVey, Nellie Waverly, IL F W 23Jan1879 Waverly, IL Waverly Cem. Bk1pg26
McWorter, Sarah Ky. F B Wid 21May1892 J'ville, IL Pike Co., IL 84Y Bk2pg62
Meacham, Milton M. 7Sep1838 Nr. Waverly, IL M W Wid 25Jul1918 Waverly, IL Waverly, IL Bk9pg608 Jonathon Meachem(Ky)/Susan Morris(IL)
Meacham, Rachael S. IL F W Wid 26Jun1908 Waverly, IL East Cem., Waverly 78Y4M4D Bk5pg46
Meacham, Sue Y. 2Feb1836 Christian Co., IL F W Wid 25Jul1911 J'ville SH Taylorville, IL Bk6pg273 Ezekiel S. Young(Ky)/Mary Jones(SC)
Meacham, Willis Leonard T Ky. M W Mar 7Jun1908 Waverly, IL East Cem., Waverly 78Y3M29D Bk5pg47
Meade, Fredrick D. 11Apr1854 NY M W Wid 1Mar1917 Morgan Co., IL Petersburg, IL Bk9pg321 A.C. Mead(NY)/Ellen Mcoufort(NY)
Meade, Grace 1854 IL F W Mar 27May1914 J'ville SH Petersburg, IL Bk7pg381
Meadows, R. Howard 16Feb1910 Russell Co., Ky. M W 30Apr1911 Literberry, IL Hazel Green Cem. Bk6pg220 1Y Charley Meadows(Ky)/Mary E. Stradley(Ky)
Means, Joseph 1862 Ky. M W Mar 23Jul1917 J'ville SH Yatesville, IL Bk9pg322
Measels, Elijah N.C. M W Sin 27Apr1879 Morgan Co., IL 50Y Bk1pg33
Mecham, Joseph 1862 Ky. M W Mar 23Jul1913 J'ville SH Collinsville, IL 90Y Bk7pg25
Medbourne, George L. 31Jun1860 Culver, Ind. M W Wid 23Feb1922 Old Peop. Home Culver, Ind. Bk11pg135 Samuel Medbourne(Eng)/Annie Welford(Eng)
Medlock, Infant 22Jul1894 J'ville, IL M W 22Jul1894 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. Bk2pg117
Medlock, Richard R. 27Jul1849 Tenn. M W 18Oct1918 Chapin, IL Chapin, IL Bk10pg84 Willey Medlock(Ind)/Nancy Curtis(Tenn.)
Megginson, John Louis Woodson, IL M W 25Nov1903 Woodson, IL Asbury Cem. 21Y19D Bk1pg468
Megginson, P. D. 1847 Morgan Co., IL M W Wid 24Apr1914 Lynnville, IL Liberty Cem. Bk7pg360
Megginson, Sarah C. Yorktown, Eng. F W Mar 17Mar1822 Lynnville, IL Liberty Cem. 37Y4M16D Bk1pg97 33Y
Mehinnkey, Martin H. Germany M W Mar 26Nov1909 J'ville SH Bethalto, IL 77Y Bk5pg271 44Y
Mehl, Fritz Mo. M W Sin 22Nov1908 J'ville SH Mt. Olive, IL 36Y Bk5pg84 26Y
Mehler, Margaret Germany F W 28May1912 J'ville SH Quincy, IL 87Y Bk6pg500
Mehner, Herman 1844 Germany M W Mar 1Mar1921 J'ville SH Chicago, IL Bk10pg596
Meier, Frederick Wm. August 3Feb1841 Germany M W Wid 11Jan1921 Morgan Co., IL Hodges Cem. Bk10pg596
Meier, Louisa Germany F W Mar 29Nov1892 J'ville SH Henry, IL 63Y Bk2pg82
Melick, John E. 1855 New Jersey M W Mar 26Jun1918 J'ville SH Springfield, IL Bk9pg583
Meline, Ida J'ville, IL F W Sin 2Jul1907 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 23Y Bk4pg518
Meliza, George 1839 Indiana M W Sin 30Mar1913 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk7pg68
Meller, William IL M W 3Jan1880 Wrights, IL Bethel Cem., M'ville 4Y9M Bk1pg46
Mellor, George England M W Wid 2Feb1892 J'ville, IL Bethel Cem., M'ville 74Y8M Bk2pg68 37Y
Mellor, James Frederick 3May1917 Morgan Co., IL M W 3May1917 Morgan Co., IL Manchester, IL 4Hrs Bk9pg322 James Mellow(IL)/Blossom May Coumbes(IL)
Melton, Emmaline Jefferson Co., Ind. F W Sin 4Mar1882 Lynnville, IL Lynnville, IL 17Y9M3D Bk1pg98 5Y
Melton, George S. 1870 Indiana M W Mar 13Aug1911 J'ville SH Kincaid, IL 41Y6M Bk6pg293 39Y
Melton, Mary Sangamon Co., IL F W Mar 5Oct1909 J'ville, IL Oak Ridge Cem., Spfld 69Y Bk5pg248
Mendonsy, Joseph Madeira Island M W Mar 23Oct1880 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 51Y Bk1pg67 21Y
Meneginis, Henry 1855 Holland M W Wid 10Mar1921 J'ville SH Chicago, IL 76Y Bk10pg596
Menenzes, Esther Lucile 13Jun1912 IL F W 28Aug1918 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. Bk9pg632 Andrew Menenzes(IL)/Charlotte Mullen(IL)
Meneses, Marie Morgan Co., IL F W 20Sep1892 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 1Y5M20D Bk2pg78
Menezes, Charles Eugene 15Jun1911 IL M W Sin 24Aug1912 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 1Y7M Andrew Menezes(IL)/Charlott Mullens(IL)
Menezes, Eliza Morgan Co., IL     W Mar 1Jun1888 Morgan Co., IL J'ville Cem. 34Y Bk1pg230
Menezes, Joseph Madeira Island M W Wid 3Jan1908 Morgan Co., IL J'ville Cem. 85Y Bk4pg615 59Y
Menezes, Joseph Morgan Co., IL M W Mar 21Nov1893 Morgan Co., IL East Cem., J'ville 33Y Bk2pg103
Menezes, Lillie Morgan Co., IL F 18Nov18822 Morgan Co., IL 2 mi ne J'ville 2Y11M Bk1pg114
Menezes, Mary Morgan Co., IL F W Sin 11Jan1908 Morgan Co., IL J'ville Cem. 17Y10M Bk4pg612
Menezes, Mary J'ville, IL F W 21Aug1888 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 1Y8M Bk1pg235
Menezes, William J'ville, IL M W Mar 21May1908 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 54Y2M12D Bk5pg17
Mengel, Sarah England F W Wid 28Nov1891 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 74Y Bk2pg61 40Y+
Mengerhausson, Angeline Germany F W Mar 1Aug1880 J'ville, IL Havana, IL 52Y9M14D Bk1pg62
Meranda, Maria 11Aug1894 Leon, Mexico F W Mar Abraham Meranda 11Aug1921 Morgan Co., IL Sacred Heart Cem. Bk11pg31 Jesus Acosta(Mex)/Eulalia Castillo(Mex)
Merchant, Margaret Maryland F W Mar 27Jun1880 J'ville, IL Farmington, IL 31Y Bk1pg60
Meredith, Caleb England M W Sin 4Jan1908 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 50Y Bk4pg615
Merger, Steve 1876 Hungaria M W Sin 21Feb1917 J'ville SH Chicago, IL Bk9pg323
Merica, Lida A. Beardstown, IL F W Sin 26Aug1882 J'ville, IL Arcadia, IL 22Y9D Bk1pg107
Merica, Mary Arcadia, IL F W Sin 10Dec1880 J'ville, IL Arcadia, IL 26Y8M5D Bk1pg70
Merkle, Elizabeth 1838 F W 9Feb1921 J'ville SH Chicago, IL 83Y Bk10pg578
Mernin, Thomas Springfield, IL M W Wid 29May1909 J'ville, IL Springfield, IL 50Y Bk5pg189
Merrigan, Alice 8Aug1830 Ireland F W Wid John Merrigan Sr. 20Jun1921 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville Bk11pg2 John Merrigan(Ire)/Alice Butler(Ire)
Merrigan, John Ireland M W Mar 12Feb1905 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville 70Y Bk4pg141 45Y
Merrill, Benson H. Mrs. F W Mar 21Apr1914 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 74Y1M23D Bk7pg358
Merrill, Electa Vermont F W Wid 14Jun1879 Concord, IL Concord, IL 81Y Bk1pg26 16Y
Merrill, Elinora Ky. F W Mar 6Sep1882 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 41Y Bk1pg108 20Y
Merrill, George Russel J'ville, IL M W 25Mar1908 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 3D Bk5pg15
Merrit, William Claud IL M W 19Oct1911 Sch for Blind Decatur, IL 9Y Bk6pg335
Mertz, George M W Sin 19Apr1888 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 29Y Bk1pg229
Messerly, Samuel Ohio M W Mar 27Jun1909 Waverly, IL East Cem., Waverly 69Y Bk5pg189 40Y
Messinger, William New York M W Mar 8Mar1910 J'ville SH Petersburg, IL 69Y Bk5pg320
Metcalf, Elias White Co., IL M W Mar 25Jun1910 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 86Y6M2D Bk5pg336
Metcalf, Emanuel Shawneetown, IL M W Mar 22Feb1890 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 80Y2D Bk2pg27
Metcalf, Martha Anna 7Mar1840 Morgan Co., IL F W Mar 9Jul1918 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk9pg608 Wm. Huntley(NY)/Anna Miner(IL)
Metcalf, William Jones Ky. M W Mar 9Jun1881 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 62Y Bk1pg72 40Y
Metzger, Mary 1855 IL F W Mar 3Mar1914 J'ville SH Springfield, IL Bk7pg338
Metzger, Minnie 1871 Montreal, Can. F W Mar 28May1913 J'ville, IL Winchester, IL 39Y10M Bk7pg109 28Y John Cinman(Ire)/Alice Fallon(Mount Cain)
Metzger, Ottila 1854 F W Mar 15Apr1917 J'ville SH Staunton, IL Bk9pg322
Meyer, August 17Dec1836 Germany M W Mar 30May1913 Morgan Co., IL Bethlehem Cem. Bk7pg109 48Y John Henry Meyer(Ger)/Cath. Maria Lehmann(Ge
Meyer, C. USA M W Mar 6Sep1893 J'ville, IL Quincy, IL 64Y8M Bk2pg76
Meyer, Christian Germany M W Wid 31May1894 Concord, IL Arenzville, IL 52Y9M14D Bk2pg117
Meyer, Harvey Richard 7May1884 IL M W Mar Helen 19Dec1918 Meredosia, IL St. Peters Cem. Bk10pg75 Henry H. Meyer(IL)/Louisa Yost(IL)
Meyer, John 1842 France M W Wid 27Jan1922 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk11pg113
Meyer, Lizzie IL F W Mar 16Mar1888 Concord, IL Cass Co., IL 40Y Bk1pg227
Meyers, Harry L. 1856 IL M W Mar 19Mar1921 J'ville SH Springfield, IL Bk10pg597
Meyers, Herman 1869 Germany M W Sin 25Apr1912 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk6pg472 2Y+
Meyers, William IL M W Sin 3Aug1906 J'ville SH Peoria, IL 50Y Bk4pg364
Michael, Amelia Germany F W Mar 19Apr1908 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 47Y Bk5pg83
Michaels, David E. Port Jervis, NY M W Mar 2Feb1907 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 72Y2D Bk4pg444 12Y
Michaels, Henry H. 1870 IL M W Mar 18Jan1921 J'ville SH Quincy, IL Bk10pg565
Michener, Eliza J. 14Apr1830 IL F W Wid 1Jan1912 Waverly, IL New Hope Cem. Bk6pg397 Christopher Ashbaugh(Ky)/      Thomas
Mick, Charles Wesley 25Dec1856 IL M W Mar 20Mar1918 Murrayville, IL Murrayville, IL Bk9pg544 Wm. Mick/Helen Faye(IL)
Mick, Ida Mae 23Sep1869 IL M W Wid 11Apr1922 Murrayville, IL Murrayville, IL 52Y7M13D Bk11pg181 David J. Kitner(NC)/Caroline Crouse(NC)
Mickey, Annie C. IL F W Mar 30May1887 J'ville SH "Body shipped" 30Y Bk1pg206
Micksell, Owen Walter Mexico, Mo. M W Mar 12Nov1903 Nortonville, IL Youngblood Cem. 29Y5M18D Bk3pg467 13Y
Middleton, Greyson Mrs. England F W Wid 28Jul1906 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 84Y6M Bk4pg355
Middleton, Hilton 3Nov1838 Yorkshire, Eng. M W Mar 18May1918 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk9pg619 Hodgson Middleton(Eng)/Jane Bolans(Eng)
Middleton, Jane Ann 4Jul1840 England F W Sin 6Mar1918 Morgan Co., IL Liberty Cem. Bk9pg543 Hodgson Middleton(Eng)/Jane Bolans(Eng)
Middleton, Maria C. Morgan Co., IL F W Wid 30Sep1905 Lynnville, IL Liberty Cem. 54Y2M12D Bk4pg
Mihalek, Thomas 1842 M W Sin 14Apr1918 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk9pg543
Milburn, James H. Virginia M W 3May1906 J'ville SH Lincoln, IL 83Y Bk4pg328
Milburn, N. M W Mar 4Jul1892 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 62Y Bk2pg77
Milburn, William H. America M W Mar 7Oct1905 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 37Y4M16D Bk4pg244
Miles, Infant 27May1894 J'ville, IL M B 29May1894 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. Bk2pg115
Miles, J. C. Chicago, IL M W Mar 30Mar1894 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 28Y1M3D Bk2pg112
Milhausen, Katherine Hombert, Bavaria F W Mar 29Aug1882 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 41Y Bk1pg107 16Y
Mill, Charles England M W 25Sep1882 Morgan Co., IL Diamond Grove Cem. 31Y Bk1pg109
Millard, Bessie Viola 20Jul1901 Richland Co., IL F W 28Feb1913 Murrayville, IL Roberts Cem. Bk7pg50 Burton Millard(IL)/Edith May Jones(IL)
Miller, Alexander 5May1869 Indiana M W Mar 20Apr1918 J'ville, IL Union Cem. Bk9pg543 John Miller(Ind)/Mary Maxwell(Ky)
Miller, Almon S. IL M W Wid 13Dec1905 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 75Y Bk4pg278
Miller, Andrew D. M W Sin 8Dec1918 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 73Y Bk10pg77
Miller, Ben USA M W 18May1892 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 1M Bk2pg72
Miller, Bertie J'ville, IL M W 24Jul1893 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 2Y Bk2pg94
Miller, Catherine Odenbach, Ger. F W Wid 23Nov1908 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 67Y Bk5pg84
Miller, Cecilia Agnes J'ville, IL F W 15Apr1891 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 10Y6M Bk2pg51
Miller, Charles M W Wid 2May1907 J'ville SH 38Y Bk4pg503
Miller, Edgar Morgan Co., IL M W 1Apr1905 Morgan Co., IL Rogers Cem. 11Y6M18D Bk4pg169
Miller, Emma S. Penn. F W Mar 17Mar1893 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 26Y8M5D Bk2pg89 12Y
Miller, Eric Orleans, IL M 2Aug1892 Nr. Orleans, IL Union Cem. 4M26D Bk2pg75
Miller, Evelin IL F W Wid 12Sep1908 Co. Poor Farm County Farm 90Y Bk5pg110
Miller, Florence E. 6Jul1896 Morgan Co., IL F W Mar 15Jun1918 Morgan Co., IL J'ville, IL Bk9pg632 Joseph McCarty(IL)/     McEvers(IL)
Miller, Frank E. J'ville, IL M W 23Jul1878 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 2M15D Bk1pg14
Miller, G. A. M W Mar 25May1887 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 59Y Bk1pg206
Miller, G. W. M W Sin 14Apr1906 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 71Y Bk4pg314
Miller, George American M W Mar 26Feb1887 Meredosia, IL Meredosia, IL 42Y11M10D Bk1pg204
Miller, George Germany M W Sin 26Nov1889 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 40Y Bk2pg24
Miller, Hans Sweden M W Sin 3May1887 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 22Y9D Bk1pg205
Miller, Henry 1874 Indiana M W Sin 6Jun1911 J'ville SH Arthur, IL 37Y Bk6pg246
Miller, Ida S. Lincoln, IL F W Sin 10Oct1909 J'ville SH Lincoln, IL 51Y Bk5pg249
Miller, Infant J'ville, IL F W 13Aug1894 J'ville, IL Hazel Green Cem. 3Hrs Bk2pg120
Miller, Infant 30Jan1922 J'ville, IL M W 30Jan1922 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk11pg113 Luther Miller(Ky)/Eva Price(IL)
Miller, Isabelle 16Aug1843 Tenn. F W Wid 17Aug1917 Morgan Co., IL Morgan Co., IL Bk9pg323 James McGoldrick/   Van Jarauger(Tenn)
Miller, Jane Scotland F W Wid 10Apr1908 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 74Y Bk5pg15 60Y
Miller, Jannie Mattie 26Sep1892 Ky. F W Mar 4Jan1917 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. Bk9pg325 W.C. Daffron(Ky)/Clarenda Parlmey(Ky)
Miller, John Germany M W Mar 16Jan1881 Meredosia, IL Meredosia, IL 58Y Bk1pg73 30Y
Miller, John A. Morgan Co., IL M W Sin 9Mar1906 Waverly, IL Rogers Cem. 27Y Bk4pg307
Miller, John A. N.C. M W Mar 6Jun1906 J'ville SH Franklin, IL 85Y Bk4pg339
Miller, Lee 4Dec1891 Johnson Co., IL M W Sin 8Jan1917 Concord, IL Formar, IL Bk9pg324 W.J. Miller(IL)/
Miller, Leonard IL M W Wid 17Aug1907 J'ville SH Pekin, IL 41Y Bk4pg534
Miller, Lucinda American F W Wid 25Oct1891 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 80Y2D Bk2pg61
Miller, Mamie IL F W Mar 29Apr1908 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 30Y Bk5pg16
Miller, Margaret IL F W Wid 15Sep1944 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 91Y Bk6pg315
Miller, Margaret J. Brown Co., IL F W Sin 23Jun1878 Meredosia, IL Meredosia, IL 22Y7M8D Bk1pg12
Miller, Martha J. 19Apr1838 F W Sin 30Nov1918 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. Bk10pg76 Henry Miller(Penn)/Sallie Jewel(Ky)
Miller, Mary 3Oct1888 Buckhorn, IL F W Mar 8Jan1917 Meredosia, IL Oakland Cem. Bk9pg323 Sheldon Ballard(IL)/Tina Woods(IL)
Miller, Matilda F. Morgan Co., IL F W Mar 3Feb1909 Woodson, IL St. Charles, MO 51Y Bk5pg163
Miller, Myrtle 1896 IL F W Sin 20May1911 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 15Y Bk6pg219
Miller, Nancy J. 1838 Ohio F W Mar 2Feb1911 J'ville SH Allentown, IL Bk6pg168
Miller, Phillip 1855 IL M W Mar 14Apr1921 J'ville SH Beardstown, IL Bk10pg616
Miller, R. D. M W Mar 29Nov1908 J'ville, IL Petersburg, IL 70Y Bk5pg83
Miller, Sallie Anderson Co., Ky F W Wid 4Apr1879 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 77Y10M Bk1pg33 40Y
Miller, Viney IL F W Sin 29Dec1882 Franklin, IL Youngblood Church 15Y4M17D Bk1pg94
Miller, Virgel C. Menard Co., IL M W 28Aug1906 J'ville, IL Talulla, IL 65Y Bk4pg370
Miller, William IL M W Mar 11Jan1908 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 67Y Bk4pg612
Miller, William B. Maine M W Mar 29Jun1905 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 78Y Bk4pg211 46Y
Milligan, George Ames Philadelphia, Pa. M     Mar 1Nov1886 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 27Y Bk1pg195 18Y
Milligan, Josephine Mason Philadelphia, Pa. F W Wid Harvey W. Milligan 5Jul1911 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 76Y4M8D Bk6pg271 43Y
Million Delia Ky. F W Wid 27Dec1880 Wrights, IL Wrights, IL 58Y5M15D Bk1pg46 40Y
Million, Elijah 27May1846 IL M W Mar 14Aug1917 Murrayville, IL Murrayville, IL Bk9pg324 Hugh Million(Ky)/Marea Whitlock
Million, Hugh Virginia M W Mar 2Oct1879 Murrayville, IL Whitlock Cem. 57Y11M22D Bk1pg45
Millis, Francis M W 7Feb1940 Co. Poor Farm 90Y
Mills, Anna S. Waverly, IL F W Mar 12Dec1909 Waverly, IL Waverly, IL 42Y7M5D Bk5pg273
Mills, Epstine Mass. M W Sin 4Aug1880 J'ville SH Canton, IL 25Y Bk1pg62
Mills, Fredrick J'ville, IL M W 15Oct1885 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 4M26D Bk1pg193
Mills, Posy N.C. M W Wid 19Aug1914 Co. Poor Farm County Farm 60Y Bk4pg447 40Y
Mills, Richard W. Morgan Co., IL M W Mar 30Nov1909 J'ville, IL Virginia, IL 64Y3M27D Bk5pg271

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