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1837 - 1849

Abstracted from the publication by Eileen Gochanour.

Eileen abstracted these records from an Index at Illinois Regional Archives Depository. They were difficult to read so be aware of the fact that errors could have been made. Many question marks are inserted where it was questionable. The Name column represents the Executor, Administrator or Guardian. The deceased or his heirs, if at all, are mentioned in the next column. In order to pick up all these names in both columns, I have added "See Smith, John" (example) . This will refer you to the Exe/Adm/Guardian name column to whom the name is associated with. I would assume that one can get copies of this ledger page from IRAD, but I doubt if IRAD has the actual records. They should be obtainable from the Morgan County Counthouse in Jacksonville. Basically this gives one a clue to the Death of a ancestor, whether he had minor children, etc.. Copies should be obtained to further document.

Surnames A - L     Surnames M - Z

Surnames A - K
Name Date Page
ADAMS E M See Catlin, Willys
ADAMS E M See Onus, Wm
ADAMS G W See Onus, Wm
ADAMS Jacob See Onur/Onus Wm
ADAMS Jacob See Orear, Wm
ADAMS M E See Onus, Wm
ADAMS P Cash 20 Jul 1845 105
ADAMS S See Penny, Solomon
ALEXANDER J M See Eames/Evans T D
ALEXANDER J M See Evans/Eames T
ALEXANDER John Record Will of James Todd Jan 1849 240
ALEXANDER John M See Eames/Evans T D
ALLEN Johnathan See Denny, John E
ALLISON  Lucinda Adm of Lewis McCoy 20 Dec 1843 97
ANDERSON Dickey Guard./o Boston/Barton Campbell 27 Jun 1838 36
ANDUS/ANDRES John Estate See Lee, Geo
ANGELOW Benjamin Adm/o Samuel Angelow 22 Aug 1846 172
ANGELOW Benjamin Guard/o heirs of John Northcut 24 Feb 1847 213
ANGELOW Samuel See Angelow, Benjamin
ARMSTRONG Nancy & others See Hudleson, James
ARNETT John see Arnett, Thos
ARNETT Thomas Adm Est/o John Arnett 2 Oct 1837 1
ARNOLD Randall See White, John
ATHERTON, Jonathan Exe/o R Johnson Estate 17 Feb 1848 149
AUGUSTIN C See Troy, Daniel
AUGUSTIN Chas See Coffin, Chas Esq
AUSTIN J B See Austin, Sarah B
AUSTIN Sarah B Exe/o J B Austin Estate June 1838? 33
AVERETT N G Adm/o Joel Jones 23 Dec 1848 282
BACON E See Morton, Jos
BACON Elijah Guard/o J M Redding Jan 1846 134
BACON Etle? See Morton, Jos
BACON John C See Morton, Jos
BACON Shelton See Wyatt, John
BALDWIN Thos Adm/o Brooks Brezenden 1 Nov 1847 241
BALE M See Fuller, Abraham
BANNING O See Crow, Wm
BANNION O See Crow, Wm
BARNES Robert A Adm/o John W Reed 27 Mar 1838 27
BARROWS Isaac R Guard/o Mary Ann & Wm Fry 3 Jun 1847 228
BARROWS J R Guard/o Fry's heirs 1846 156
BARTON Charles B Guard/o E Smith 25 Oct 1848 271
BARTON John H Exe/o E Tippett 12 Aug 1844 78
BARTON Samuel D See Barton, Theodore
BARTON Theodore Adm/o Samuel D Barton 20 Mar 1838 17
BEACH Wm S See Lewis, P N
BECKETT Samuel R See Rannells, Wm C
BECRAFT Aquila Exe/of John W Retter 15
BERGEN George S Adm/o Walter Wyatt 18 Oct 1843 125
BERGEN Jacob F Exe/o Samuel Trotter 20 Aug 1844 124
BERRY Benjamin Guard/o McCoy's heirs 12 Nov 1845 123
BERRY G W See Berry, Lucian
BERRY G W See Turner, Benj
BERRY Lucian Adm/o G W Berry 1 Dec 1845 127
BERRY Wm S See Ruggles, James M
BIBB Richard Adm/o Est of Gledhill April 1848 296
BILLINGS Abraham Adm/o Henry Billings 27 Jul1838 36
BILLINGS Henry See Billings, Abraham
BLACK James A Guard/o John C Self heirs 9 Mar 1848 264
BLAIR B T/F See VanPelt, Matthias C
BLANEY E See Cloud, Newton
BLODGETT Jacob See Daniels, Samuel
BLUNY Viena See Bluny, Walter T
BLUNY Walter T Guard/o Viena Bluny Sep 1847 238
BONHAM W See Cox, Jeremiah
BONHAM? W Heirs See Stout, Theodore
BONSTEEL V A See Cook, Solomon
BOTTS E B See Hoag, Ebenezer
BOTTS Polly See Henry, Jesse
BOWER Abraham See Wetherbee, Seth
BOWMAN A See Upham, A W
BOWYER Wm See Water, Zack
BOYER Jacob Guard/o W J Mastin  & others 8 Apr 1846 175
BOYER Robert See Woods, Samuel
BOYER T J See Fox, John H
BOZARTH James Guard/o H Milstead 7 Aug 1847 234
BOZARTH Jos See Sargent, Wm L
BOZARTH Mathew See Fox, John H
BOZARTH Wm L & Jos See French, Sam
BRADSHAW A J See Green, Stephen
BRADSHAW J C? See Green, Stephen
BRADSHAW John See Green, Stephen
BRANER/BRAUER/BRANSON? John Guard/o Henry Richhart 8 Sep 1848 269
BRATTAIN Mary See Moss, Wm
BREZENDEN Brooks See Baldwin, Thos
BREZENDEN N Adm/o Brooks Brezenden 1 Nov 1847 241
BRIANT Margaret See Massey, Horatio N
BRISBY Wm Exe of W Hoagland 4 Mar 1844 107
BRISBY Wm See Hoagland, Martin & Brisby
BROADHEAD Thos See Graves, James A
BROADHURST Estate Sept 1846 19
BROADWELL Wm H Adm of G W Broadwell 8 Oct 1849 291
BROWN Bedford Exe of Estate John Scrogin 29 Nov 1843 96
BROWN Elam See Williams, Eli
BROWN Logan Adm/o Martha Gibson/Gipson 20 Aug 1847 254
BROWN Theron Adm/o E E K Moore 9 Apr 1838 29
BROWN Wm Exe Joseph Duncan, See Duncan Jas
BROWN Wm & H B Exs/o W Brown Nov 1837 32
BROWN Wm & H B See Brown, Wm & H B
BROWN Wm & H B Exs/o ?? 18 Jul 1845 117
BUCHANAN G See Matthews, Cyrus
BUCHANAN Moses See Matthews, Cyrus
BUCHANNON John A & Daniel See Wilson, Daniel
BULL Heirs See Weatherford, Wm H
BULL Moses See Fuller, Abrm
BUNCH/BURCH Davis Adm/o Anthony New 25 Jan 1839 52
BURCH Solomon See Moore, Joshua
BURCHES S Heirs See Scott, Francis M
BURNETT Isham Guard/o minors/o JP & Thelma Burnett 7 Deac 1847 246
BURNETT J P & Thelma See Burnett, Isham
BURNETT James H See VanWinkle, Hiram
BURNETT Thurza See VanWinkle, Hiram
BUSEY Daniel Exe/o Jonathan Gibbons 1846? 126
BUSEY Thomas Exe/o Est/o Jonathan McGibbons 12 Aug 1846 153
CAMPBELL James G See Peak, Absalom
CARNS A See Green, James
CARTER John Exe/o John Carter 6 Oct 1847 259
CARTER Richard P See Sargent, Wm L
CASS Samson See Ransom, James
CASSELL Jacob Estate See Johnston, Wm G & Augustus Todd
CASSELL Jos J Guard/o Todd heirs 6 Oct 1845 116
CATLIN Mary & E See Catlin, Willys
CATLIN Willys Adm/o E M Adams 1849? 292
CATLIN Willys Guard/o Mary & E Catlin 4 Apr 1849 293
CAULKINS Nehemiah Heirs See Jordon, John R
CHAMBERS G M Exe/o W C Posey 7 Sep 1849 155
CHANDLER Chas Adm/o Est/o W A Dickerman/Dickerson 4 Jun 1838 33
CHRISMAN Elizabeth See Horrell, Chas
CHRISMAN James H See Horrell, Chas
CHURCH Thos See Heddenberg, Peter & Jno T Jones
CIRE John L Exe/o J Zuscke/Zurchke 15 Sep1839 85
CLANTON? James See Moon, Wm
CLARK John S Adm/o Est/o S Workman 20 Mar 1838 62
CLARK Lawrence Cash Dec 1846? 136
CLARKE Daniel L Guard/o David W Clarke 7 Mar 1849 288
CLARKE David W See Clarke, Daniel L
CLARKSON Aquilla See Gillham, Wm
CLARKSON C See Gillham, Wm
CLARKSON Heirs See Gilliam James
CLAY F P See Clay, Porter
CLAY Porter Adm/o F P Clay 29 Nov 1838 41
CLINE Rachael Adm W Kindall 1847/48? 236
CLOUD Newton Adm McBlaney 27 Jun 1845 99
CLOUD Newton Adm E Blaney 1848/49? 252
CLOUD Newton See Hamner, Mary Ann
CLOUD Newton See Huntly, Wm & Newton Cloud
COBB John C Guard David Smith 11 Nov 1847 239
COBB Johnathan See Cobb, Orron
COBB Orron Exe Est Johnathan Cobb 8 Oct 1838 37
COBB Orson P See White, Daniel D
COBLE J T See White, Geo & D A Smith
COFFEN Chas Guard Moon Heirs 3 Sep 1844 113
COFFIN Chas Adm Est Chas Augustin July 1849 171
COFFIN Chas Adm Est J Masterson 24 Feb 1847 214
COFFIN Chas Adm of June Masterson 24 Feb 1847 215
COFFIN Chas Adm J Stadler 16 Nov 1847 243
COFFIN Chas Adm of C Melum 30 Mar1848 258
COFFIN Chas Esq Adm Est C Fry 3 Nov 1845 151
COLE R Estate See McCurley, Moses
CONAWAY H See Hart, David
CONLEE Isaac Adm R. F Thomas 8 Dec 1847 229
CONLEE Isaac Adm of J F Thomas 7 Dec 1847 186
CONOUGHT? Augustus See McConnell John L
CONOVER John & James Adms M Houghton 1849? 291
CONRAD Adam See Peake Absalom
CONRAD/CONROD Adam See Davis, Wm
CONRAD/CONROD Henry M See Davis, Wm
CONRAD/CONROD Kate See Davis, Wm
CONRAD/CONROD Sarah A See Davis, Wm
CONRAD/CONROD Sophia See Davis, Wm
COOK Solomon Guard heirs V A Bonsteel 9 Jul 1847 229
COOPER Amanda E See Sappington, John
COOPER William Adm Est D/S? A Prim/Isom? 1846 179
CORGSON? Jas See Pierson, Daniel & Wm Corgson
COWNOVER James C & John Recovery Will 1839 78
COX J Estate See Liter, John
COX Jeremiah Adm Est W Bonham 1846 205
COX Jos Estate See Liter, John
COX N E & H B See Cox, Wm G
COX Nancy & Harriet B See Cox, Wm G
COX Wm G Guard N E & H B Cox 24 May 1838 24
COX Wm G Guard Nancy & Harriet B Cox 4 Apr1847 247
CRAIG Geo See Green Jos & Rebecca Craig
CRAIG Rebecca See Green Jos & Rebecca Craig
CRAIG/CRAY James Adm Est H G Cray/Craig 1844 129
CRAWFORD John Exe E Williams 1844? 130
CRAY H G See Crain/Cray, James
CRAY/CRAIG Rebecca Adm Geo Cray 28 Aug 1849 157
CROW Joshua P Cash Dec 1846? 136
CROW Wm Adm Samuel Robinson 2 Oct 1845 120
CROW Wm Guard heirs John Robinson 31 Mar 1845 141
CROW Wm Guard O Bannion/Banning heirs 17 Feb 1847 212
CUNNINGHAM Ann See Cunningham, Thos
CUNNINGHAM Ephraim See Cunningham, Sarah
CUNNINGHAM Sarah Adm Est Ephraim Cunningham 18 Aug1846 168
CUNNINGHAM Thos J Guard Ann Cunnningham 1 Mar 1847 225
CURTIS/CUSTER Homer Guard Jos V & JE & Sarah E Hitchcock 22 May 1849 110
CURTIS/CUSTER Theodore E Guard H Teeple heirs 22 May 1849 110
DANIELS Orrin/Viren Jr Adm Ornie/Viren Daniels Sr 1839 79
DANIELS Samuel Adm Est Jacob Blodgett 9 Sep 1848 258
DANIELS Verin Adm Est R W Pitts 6 Apr 1846 154
DAVID Richard M Cash Nov 1846? 136
DAVIS James Cash Dec 1846? 136
DAVIS James B Cash 18 Nov 1846? 136
DAVIS Wm Guard  Adam Conrad/Conrod heirs 25 Nov 1849 159
DAWSON Thos See Devenport, Ira
DEAN Lewis Adm T H Ratliff 1847? 202
DEATHRIDGE Geo Adm L Rowland 1844 128
DEATON James Adm J A Smith Dec 1848? 64
DENBY/DERBY Thos Estate See Lambert, Edward
DENNY John E Adm Johnathan Allen 24 Oct 1845 94
DEVENPORT Ira Adm Thos Dawson 23 Mar 1838 25
DEVON J H See Devon, Luther
DEVON Luther Adm Est J H Devon 6 Aug 1838 29
DEVON Sam. P See Devon, Uriah F
DEVON Uriah F Guard Sam P Devon heirs 16 Aug 1845 118
DINSMON John Guard Henry Woodrum July 1838 17
DINWIDDIE Thos C Adm R Masten/Martin 12 Jul 1849 241
DIXON Hugh Adms William Miller 4 Aug 1838 77
DOBSON James Cash 18 Dec 1846 136
DODSWORTH Richard Writing Will 27 Dec 1845 48
DODSWORTH Richard Guard R W Emerson 15 Apr 1847 226
DODSWORTH Richard Guard N Kinny 21 Aug 1847 234
DODSWORTH Richard Guard Smedley/Smilley heirs 20 Aug 1847 234
DONOVAN C O See Epler, Chas
DOWDY James Guard Joel Moore heirs 16 Mar 1846 184
DRURY Heirs See Holmes, James T
DUDHOPE D See DUDHOPE Thos & others
DUDHOPE Thos & others Exe D Dudhope 15 Dec 1838 50
DUNCAN James M Exers Joseph Duncan 18 Jan 1844 100
DUNCAN Joseph See Duncan, James
DUNLAP Samuel Adm L M Lewis 19 Sep 1846? 230
DURLY Thos See Lambert Edward
DYER Mary See Dyer, Wm
DYER Wm A Adm of Mary Dyer 20 Aug 1847 170
EAMES/EVANS T D Exe Est J M Alexander 21 Oct 1846 49
EAMES/EVANS T D Exe John M Alexander 5 Dec 1845 156
EASTMAN A  & E Tunus/Tanner Exs of J A Tunis/Tanen/Tanner 1846 79
EDWARD Henry See Stephenson, Wm C
EGBERT Lewis Adm Est Ephraim Cunningham
ELLISON Andrew Adm of Andrew J Ellison 31 Aug 1846 175
ELLISON Andrew J See Ellison, Andrew
EMERICK Jacob Guard M Sheeley/Sheehan heirs 22 Jun 1849 171
EMERICK Jacob Guard D C Shields heirs 22 Jun 1849 236
EMERSON John See Emerson, Richard
EMERSON R W See Dodsworth, Richard
EMERSON Richard Adm John Emerson 12 Jun 1847 233
ENDERSLY F & J Leach Exs Wm Stapleteon 23 Mar 1838 18
ENGLEBACH H See Kercher, Jos
ENGLEBACK Geo See Gordking, Henry
EPLER Chas Adm Est C O Donovan 2 Feb 1849 280
EPLER Jacob Guard Charles Pratt heirs 14 Sep 1843 82
EPLER Jacob Guard J Pratt heirs 1849 84
ETHERTS? Heirs See Willbert/Willhert, Alanson
EVANS Arden Adm of Wiley Webb 1 Dec 1847 256
EVANS Wm M & John Sturgess Adms Est Peter Seymor/Seymon Jan 1848 292
EVANS/EAMES T D Exe Est J M Alexander 21Oct 1846 49
FAHNESTOCK Jeremiah Adm A E Taylor 20 Mar 1838 19
FAIRBANK John B Adm Est B Freeman Oct 1838 68
FAIRBANKS John B Guard B Freeman (heirs?) 19 Mar 1845 68
FANNING D Sampson Guard L B Fanning & heirs of Jacob Fanning 28 Jan 1847 210
FANNING Jacob See Fanning, D Sampson F
FANNING Jacob See Gibson J & Sampson Fanning
FANNING L B See Fanning, D Sampson
FANNING Mary Exe Wm Farris 18 Nov 1843 126
FANNING Zachariah & Ett See Gibson, Wm A
FARRIS Mary Exe  Wm Farris 24 Oct 1848 276
FARRIS Wm See Fanning, Mary
FARRIS Wm See Farris, Mary
FEATHERKILE Geo Adm Est Nicholas Featherkile 21 Oct 1837 4
FEATHERKILE Nicholas See Featherkile, Geo
FERRILL Felix G See Turley, Cornelius
FILEY? Geo Estate See Whorton, John
FILSON Wm See Stevenson Wm C
FINLY Davis Guard Thomas Heirs 5 Sep1846 177
FLETCHER Edward See Fletcher, Ernest
FLETCHER Ernest & Mary Ann Adms E Fletcher Nov 1844 142
FLETCHER Ernest & Mary Ann See Fletcher, Ernest
FLETCHER Ernest & Mary Ann Adms Edward Fletcher 26 May 1848 143
FLYNN Armstrong See Flynn, Sarah & Thos
FLYNN Sarah & Thomas Adms Armstrong Flynn 15 Oct 1838 38
FOLEY Geo W See Wharton, John
FOX John H Guard Mathew Bozarth 13 Jun 1849 105
FOX John H & Thos Macklin Adms Est T J. Boyer 1 Oct 1845 194
FREEMAN B See Fairbank, John B
FREEMAN B Heirs? See Fairbanks, John B
FRENCH Samuel Guard Geo Thompson 10 Dec 1846 102
FRENCH Samuel Guard Wm L & Jos Bozarth 13 Jun 1849 103
FRY C See Coffin, Chas Esq
FRY D See Kirkpatrick, John
FRY Mary Ann See Barrows, Isaac R
FRY Wm See Barrows, Isaac R
FRY WM See Ransdell, Presly & M Fry
FRY Wm Heirs See Ransdall, Thos Thornton
FULLER Abraham Adm Est M Bale 1846 132
FULLER Abrm Adm Est Moses Bull 1844? 110
FUNK M See Funk, Nimrod
FUNK Newton P & others See Funk, Nimrod
FUNK Nimrod Adm Est John Gannon Mar 1845 147
FUNK Nimrod Adm Est M Funk 1845/46 206
FUNK Nimrod Guard Newton P Funk & others 8 Sep 1847 206
GANNON Eliza Guard John Gannon heirs 24 Nov 1846 191
GANNON John See Funk, Nimrod
GANNON John Heirs See Gannon, Eliza
GATTON B H Adm Est Thos Payne 29 Apr 1846 157
GEST N H See Hurst, John
GIBBONS Jonathan See Busey, Daniel
GIBBONS Jonathan Adm Est H Kimble 1839? 67
GIBBONS Jonathan See Happy, Wm W
GIBBONS S See Hurst, John
GIBSON J & Sampson Fanning Adms Jacob Fanning 12 Feb 1846? 138
GIBSON Wm A Guard Zachariah Fanning & Ett 4 Feb 1846 144
GILLETT E R Cash 1846? 137
GILLHAM James Adm Jesse Smith 27 Oct 1837 5
GILLHAM Wm Adm Est C Clarkson 25 Nov 1837 7
GILLHAM Wm Adm Est Aquilla Clarkson 26 Apr 1838 29
GILLHAM Wm & Hannah Gratton/Walker Adms Isaac Gratton 20 Oct 1843 92
GILLIAM James Guard Clarkson heirs 29 Jan 1848 251
GISH Comfort Filing Application 10 Feb 1849 50
GIST N H Heirs & legatees of Est of ???? Aug 1847 233
GIST N H See Hurst, John
GIST/GEST N H See Hatfield, Lewis
GLEDHILL Estate See Bibb, Richard
GLINES Stephen Adm Est Lazarus Huey 28 Nov 1837 8
GLOVER Estate See McHenry, James
GLOVER John See McHenry, James
GLOVER Wm Cash Dec 1846? 136
GOODRICH Joel Deed 1845 81
GORDKING Henry Adm Geo Engleback & Guard Amelia Vogle 8 Sep 1845 114
GORDON James Adm of Jos Grove Est 28 Aug 1845 193
GORDON James Adm John Chrisman 16 Oct 1848/49 273
GORDON John Adm Valentine Heaton 3 Dec 1845 190
GOUDY Emily/Ensly T Adm Est J G Millner nd 1839? 74
GRAHAM Z W See Hackett, Geo
GRAHAM Z W See Thomas, Wm
GRATTON Hannah See Gillham, Wm & Hannah Gratton/Walker
GRATTON Isaac See Gillham, Wm & Hannah Gratton/Walker
GRAVES James A Adm ThosBroadhead 29 Apr 1844 104
GREATTON Hannah Adm Est S ? Greatton 9 Oct 1837 2
GREATTON S ? See Greatton, Hannah
GREEN Estate See Morton, Jos
GREEN James Adm Ally Travis nd 1849? 295
GREEN James & C/E Carnes Adms A Carns 23Jun 1838 35
GREEN John Adm Est Jas Magill 25 Dec 1838 34
GREEN Jos See Hills, Jos.
GREEN Jos & Rebecca Craig Adms Est Geo Craig Aug 1849 273
GREEN Joseph Adm Geo Crary 28 Aug 1849 157
GREEN Joseph See Hills, Jos.
GREEN Stephen Guard A J Bradshaw 2 Jan 1847 209
GREEN Stephen Adm J C ? Bradshaw 24 Jun 1847 222
GREEN Stephen H Adm of John Bradshaw 29 Apr 1846 157
GROVE Jos Est See Gordon, James
GROVES Barney See Turner, John D
HACKETT Geo Guard C J Taylor 3 Feb 1846 160
HACKETT Geo Guard heirs of Z W Graham 25 Aug 1846 173
HALE I M See Tunnell, Wesley
HAMILTON John Cash Dec 1846? 136
HAMILTON John C Adm William King 5 Sep 1846 185
HAMILTON John C Adm I/J Newman 18 May 1847 223
HAMILTON John C Guard James G Mills Oct 1847 239
HAMILTON Leroy See Strawn, Jacob
HAMNER Geo See Hamner, Henry
HAMNER Heirs See Rehern/Rebru, Jacob
HAMNER Henry Adm James A Hamner 1844 146
HAMNER Henry Guard Geo & John Hamner 4 Mar 1846 146
HAMNER James A See Hamner, Henry
HAMNER John See Hamner, Henry
HAMNER John See Hamner, Mary Ann
HAMNER Mary Ann & Newton Cloud Adms Est John S Hamner 11 Feb 1848 250
HANBACK Lewis See Handback,John
HANDBACK John Adm Est Lewis Hanback 1839 80
HANKINS/HAWKINS  ? See Propes, Samuel M
HANSHAW Redmon Adm Thos Sturgiss? nd 1847? 192
HAPPY Wm W Ad of J Gibbons 30 Dec 1847 215
HAPPY Wm W Adm of??? 30 Dec 1847 231
HARDIN I/J See Smith, David A
HARDY Mary B Guard Solomon B Hardy 13 Aug 1839 44
HARDY Mary B Guard Solomon B Hardy 13Aug 1849 263
HARDY Solomon B See Hardy, Mary B
HARKNUP? James & David King Exs Est Robert Isom? 4Nov 1845 290
HARLAN Levi & Otway Wilkinson Adms John T Wilkenson 31 Jul 1844 109
HARLY Dennis See Hurly, Jeremiah
HARNEY Benj Adm Samuel A Harney nd Mar 1838? 18
HARNEY Sam'l A See Harney, Benj
HARNEY Samuel See Harney, Benj
HARNEY/HARVEY Benj Adm Sam'l A Harney/Harvey 30 Oct 1839 60
HART David Adm H Conaway 12 Feb 1846? 139
HART J H See Woods, Wm
HATFIELD Lewis Adm N H Gest/Gist 10 Jun 1848 263
HATFIELD Nath. See Hatfield, Wm B
HATFIELD Wm B Adm Nath Hatfield 19 Sep1 843 87
HAWKE Heirs See Rice, Ebenezer
HAYS John See Hays, Sarah
HAYS Sarah Adm for John Hays Oct 1847 240
HAYS Wm See Richardson, Daniel
HEATON Nancy Guard Samuel W Heaton nd 1849? 208
HEATON Samuel W See Heaton, Nancy
HEATON Valentine See Gordon, John
HEDDENBERG Peter & Jno T Jones Exs Est Thos Church 25 Jun 1838/1846 35
HEDRICK Henry Adm Wm S Martin Feb 1838 11
HENDERSON Aaron See Henderson, David G
HENDERSON Archibald Exe John W Henderson 26 Jun 1849 263
HENDERSON Archibald Exe of John Henderson 26 Jun 1848/49 294
HENDERSON D G Adm John P Self 2 Oct 1845 115
HENDERSON D G See Morrison J L
HENDERSON D P Cash 4 Dec 1839 56
HENDERSON D P Cash 4Dec 1839 65
HENDERSON D P & John T Jones Exs Barton W Stone 21 Nov 1844 145
HENDERSON D Pat Guard John A G Smedley/Smith 10 Nov 1846 191
HENDERSON D W See Thompson, Oswell
HENDERSON David G Adm W? Henderson 27 Jan 1844 111
HENDERSON David G Adm Aaron Henderson 1844 132
HENDERSON Deed See Howard, Alanson
HENDERSON John See Henderson, Archibald
HENDERSON John W See Henderson, Archibald
HENDERSON W? See Henderson, David G
HENRICKSON Edward Adm J/S W Zabriskie 27 Mar 1848 257
HENRICKSON Edward Guard Tongate Heirs 13 Nov 1849 284
HENRICKSON Edward Adm Est Jefferson Marsten Mar 1848 291
HENRY Jesse Adm of Polly Botts 20 Nov 1848 217
HENRY John & Barbara Maginnis Exs Est John L McGinnis 19 Aug 1839 78
HILLOW Wm Guard  J Smith Heirs 30 Mar 1845 105
HILLS Jos, Rich.Watson, Jos Green Exs Robert Makin 15 Jan 1848? 250
HINES Jonas Guard Alfred Moore 1 Jan 1839 19
HITCHCOCK J  E See Curtis/Custer, Homer
HITCHCOCK Jos V See Curtis/Custer, Homer
HITCHCOCK Sarah E See Curtis/Custer, Homer
HOAG Ebenezer Exe E B. Botts 29 Sep 1844 91
HOAGLAND M Exe of W Hoagland 4 Mar 1844
HOAGLAND Martin & Wm Brisby Exs Wm Hoagland 9 Mar 1844 101
HOAGLAND W See Brisby, Wm
HOAGLAND Wm See Hoagland Martin & Wm Brisby
HOBSON John See Williams, Eli
HODGES David See Hodges, Wm
HODGES Wm Adm of David Hodges 5 Jun 1848 272
HODGESON William Guard Thos Swain Heirs 27 Nov 1838 40
HODGSON Wm Guard Wm Swain 30 Jul 1846 164
HODGSON Wm Guard Thos Swain Heirs 21 Sep 1848 163
HOLLOWAY Geo Adm/o Anthony New 25 Jan 1839 52
HOLMES Isaac See Matthews, Samuel T
HOLMES James T Guard Drury Heirs Feb 1848 21
HORRELL Chas Guard James H & Elizabeth Chrisman 10 Mar 1844 256
HOUGTON M See Conover, John & James
HOUSTON/HOVERTON See Matthews, Samuel
HOWARD Alanson for Henderson Deed 25 Oct 1843 81
HOWARD Cleakim Adm Chauncy/Chaney Smith 4 Jan 1839 46
HOWELL J Estate See Howell, Sally
HOWELL Sally Adm Est J Howell 15 Feb 1839 57
HUDLESON James Guard Nancy Armstrong & others 15 Oct 1845 67
HUEY Lazarus See Glines, Stephen
HUGHES John Guard H M Redding 1 May 1847 227
HUGHES John A Guard Rucker Heirs 15 Oct 1846 187
HUMBLE C See Morrison, J W
HUMBLE Lewis See Morrison, J L
HUNTLY Wm & Newton Cloud Adms Est Franklin Minor 2 Nov 1846 178
HURLY Jeremiah Adm of Dennis Harly Oct 1838 26
HURST John Exe Est N H Gist 15 Oct 1838 47
HURST John Exe N H Gest 2 Jan 1847 201
HURST John Exe of S Gibbons 2 Mar 1846 231
HURST Mary E See Rapp, Michael
HURST Sarah See Rapp, Michael
HURST Wm L/S & Pricella Hurst Adms Est John Hurst 12 Aug 1847 265
HURST, John See Hurst, Wm L/S & Pricella Hurst
HURST, Pricella See Hurst, Wm L/S & Pricella Hurst
INGALLS Alphonso & Elizabeth Adms J H Engalls Est Oct 1847 272
INGALLS, J H Estate See Ingalls, Alphonso & Elizabeth
ISOM A See Cooper, William
ISOM? Robert See Harknup? James & David King
JACKSON James Cash 1846? 136
JACKSON John Cash Nov 1845 ? 136
JACKSON John A See Nichols, Geo W
JOHNSON George See Smith, John
JOHNSON John L Adm A M H Nesbitt 7 Oct 1843 90
JOHNSON R See Artherton, Jonathan
JOHNSON Z Exe/o R Johnson Estate 17 Feb 1848 149
JOHNSTON Wm G & Augustus Todd Adms Est Jacob Cassell 18 Apr 1838 28
JOHNSTON Wm G & Augustus Todd Adms of J Cassell 1 Apr 1839 64
JONES Jno T See Heddenberg, Peter & Jno T Jones
JONES Joel See Averett, J G
JONES John T Adm Est Daniel Smedly 8 Oct 1845 121
JORDON John R Guard Nehemiah Caulkins Heirs 31 Oct 1846 182
KERCHER Jos Adm Est ?? 18 Feb 1847 83
KERCHER Jos Adm of Voyles Estate 18 Feb 1848 149
KERCHER Jos Guard H Englebach 31 Aug 1848 268
KILLABREW L See Killabrew, Wm
KILLABREW Wm Exe  L Killabrew 15 Feb 1848 253
KIMBLE H See Gibbons, Jonathan
KINDALL W See Cline, Rachael
KING David See Harknup? James & David King
KING Wm See Hamilton, John C
KINKEADE Alexander Adm Richard R Tonge? 27 Oct 1845 119
KINNY N See Dodsworth, Richard
KIRKPATRICK John & D. Fry Exs Mary Kirkpatrick 8 Feb 1839 56
KIRKPATRICK Mary See Kirkpatrick, John
KNOX Jas M Adm of Jos Marks 22 Dec 1843 97
LAKE Lindsey Adm of R Moon/Moore 15 Jan 1846 76
LAMB Chas See Lamb, Wm
LAMB Jane/Jas See Lamb, Wm
LAMB Pierce See Lamb, Wm
LAMB Wm Guard Chas, Jane/Jas, Pierce Lamb 2 Nov 1846 189
LAMBERT Edward Adm of Wm Lambert Jul 1849 13
LAMBERT Edward Adm for Thos Durly 28 Jul 1849 53
LAMBERT Edward Adm Est Thos Denby/Derby 28 Jul 1849 296
LAMBERT Wm See Lambert, Edward
LEACH J See Endersly, F
LEE Geo Exe Est John Andus/Andres
LEE Stephen Adm Nathaniel Yowle 2 Oct 1837 12
LEIGHTON Elizabeth Exe Est Wm R Leighton 5Oct 1848 270
LEIGHTON Jno See Leighton, Jos
LEIGHTON Jos Adm Jno Leighton 14 May 1838 27
LEIGHTON Wm R See Leighton, Elizabeth
LETTON Caleb Heirs See Thomas, Wm
LEWIS C H See Pyatt  Benj
LEWIS L M See Dunlap, Samuel
LEWIS P N Adm Est Wm S Beach 26 Oct 1837 6
LITER John Exe Wm Smith 26 Aug 1846 112
LITER John Adm Est Jos Cox 4 May 1848 130
LITER John Adm Est J Cox Jun 1848 173
LOAR Christian See Loar, Geo
LOAR Geo Exe Est Christian Loar 6 Mar 1838 24
LOGAN James Coroner fees 1848 135
LONG Henry Estate See Long, John
LONG John Exe Henry Long 23Apr 1846 155
LONG John Exe Est Henry Long nd 1847? 220
LONG Wm H Guard Warren,Sarah,E.Park heirs of John Park 16 Jun 1849 201
LONG Wm H See Park, Henry & Wm H Long
LOVECAMP Frederick Guard G. H Muir? Heirs 21 Jul 1846 163
LUSK Edward Guard John and other heirs Wm Thompson 15 Dec 1846 198
LUTRELL Hiram Guard A Marsten, heir of Jefferson Marsten Jan 1849 286
LUTTRELL Tabitha Estate See Lutrill, John
LUTTRILL John Adm Est Tabitha Luttrell 23 Aug 1847 259
LYNCH Catharine Adm P Lynch 15 Jan 1844 99
LYNCH P See Lynch, Catharine