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Columns = Name, Residence, Business, Nativity, When Came to Co.

    Allison, John Section 36 Farmer Muskingum Co., Ohio 1840
    Ausmus, Andrew J. Section 18 Farmer Morgan Co., Ill. 1842
    Barber, Isaac R. Section 19 Farmer McDonough Co., Ill. 1852
    Barber, John Section 30 Farmer
    Barr, L. A. Arcadia Farmer Worcester Co., Mass. 1868
    Barrowclough, Mrs. M. Section 22 Farmer Yorkshire, England 1867
    Baxter, Hiram B. Liter Merchant Jefferson Co., Ind. 1866
    Beggs, W. H. Section 1 Farmer Clarke Co., Ind. 1829
    Berry, C. J. Liter Farmer Bourbon Co., Ky. 1848
    Black, John M. Section 26 Farmer Morgan Co., Ill. 1830
    Black, P. H. Section 27 Farmer Christian Co., Ky. 1830
    Black, Samuel Section 23 Farmer Augusta Co., Va. 1825
    Black, Susan Section 27 Farmer Lexington Co., Ky. 1836
    Blackburn, Edmund Section 29 Farmer York, England 1835
    Blackburn, Mrs. S. Section 32 Farmer York, England 1843
    Blemling, John Section 33 Farmer Prussia 1854
    Botkin, Dr. J. Wesley Arcadia Physician Clarke Co., Ohio 1871
    Bourn, James Section 7 Farmer 1859
    Bourn, William Section 16 Farmer 1867
    Bridgman, H. Arcadia Farmer Grainger Co., Tenn. 1846
    Butcher, A. W. Arcadia Farmer Maryland 1840
    Couchman, B. F. Section 18 Farmer Bourbon Co., Ky. 1827
    Cox, Charles Section 35 Farmer Grayson Co., Ky. 1829
    Craig, Dr. John W. Liter Physician Harrison Co., Ky. 1863
    Craig, John W., M.D. Arcadia Surgeon & Physician Sangamon Co., Ill. 1838
    Dinwiddie, James Section 18 Farmer Morgan Co., Ill. 1833
    Downtain, A. Arcadia Carriage Maker & P.M. Mason Co., Ky. 1865
    English, Judge J. W. Section 34 Farmer Licking Co., Ohio 1854
    Erixon, John Section 18 Farmer Delaware Co., Del. 1865
    Filey, Joseph Liter Blacksmith Brown Co., Ill. 1846
    Foster, H. D. Arcadia Carpenter Morgan Co., Ill. 1827
    Garrett, Samuel Section 33 Farmer 1848
    Gilpin, Henry Section 28 Farmer Franklin Co., Ky. 1852
    Goveia, Manuel Section 28 Farmer Madeira Island 1850
    Griffin, Eleiser Liter Merchant 1846
    Hall, John S. Section 15 Farmer Augusta Co., Va. 1864
    Harrison, John & Wm. Section 32 Farmer Morgan Co., Ill. 1845
    Henderson, David G. Arcadia Farmer Hampshire Co., W. Va. 1826
    Henderson, J. C. Arcadia Farmer Morgan Co., Ill. 1831
    Henderson, Jackson Arcadia Farmer Morgan Co., Ill. 1827
    Henderson, Jeremiah Arcadia Farmer Ross Co., Ohio 1838
    Henderson, Peter W. Arcadia Farmer Morgan Co., Ill. 1842
    Higold, Charles A. Arcadia Merchant Wurtemburg, Germany 1855
    Jordar, Charles W. Section 36 Farmer Illinois 1849
    Kaufman, J. B. Liter Grocer Ashland Co., Ohio 1868
    Kennedy, Naaman L. Section 5 Farmer Trumbull Co., Ohio 1854
    Lindsey, Margaret Section 15 Farmer County Down, Ireland 1854
    Mattingly, S. J. Arcadia Farmer Washington Co., Ky. 1824
    McFiellen, James Arcadia Farmer Derry, Ireland 1833
    McMillen, A. B. Section 33 Farmer Licking Co., Ohio 1836
    Mendousa, Manuel Section 27 Farmer New York City 1856
    Miller, D. C. Farmer Ralls Co., Mo. 1851
    Miller, George Section 14 Farmer York, England 1862
    Murry, James Section 24 Farmer Greene Co., Ky. 1848
    Neill, John F. Arcadia Blacksmith Trumbull Co., Ohio 1846
    Phillips, Aaron Section 28 Farmer Germany 1828
    Ray, T. A. Arcadia Constable Van Buren Co., Iowa 1851
    Rucker, Sarah Section 14 Farmer Cheshire, England 1844
    Rumble, John Section 29 Farmer Berkshire, England 1857
    Sharp, Jonathan Section 36 Farmer Claiborne Co., Tenn. 1829
    Smith, John Section 28 Farmer Madeira Island 1835
    Smith, Richard Section 14 Farmer Cheshire, England 1855
    Stevenson, James Liter Farmer and Constable Scott Co., Ky. 1829
    Stout, Jonathan Section 25 Farmer New Jersey 1840
    Sturgis, John Section 9 Farmer Union Co., S.C. 1825
    Tendick, Peter Section 27 Farmer Moers, Germany 1869
    Wilson, J. M. Arcadia Farmer Gallatin Co., Ky. 1824

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