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The introduction, history and the register were written and transcribed by Florence Hutchison, and with her permission we are reprinting. Reference is made to the original record book as the source. The original book is the recording of the Secretary of the Society and has much more listed than what is transcribed here. The book is said to be located at the Jacksonville Public Library.

The List of Members was contributed by Shirley Aleguas and transcribed from the 1878 History of Morgan.

Introduction and History of the Old Settlers Society
List of Old Settlers Registered 9 September, 1869 at Arcadia
List of Old Settlers Registered 25 August 1870 at Arcadia
List of Members From 1878 History of Morgan County


Much valuable ancestral data is contained in a large book containing the minutes, necrological lists and membership data 1869-1899. A photocopy has been made of the many pages, and is being put on a computer listing for future use by Florence Hutchison and Warren Haley. To introduce the membership list, the following information is taken from the History of Morgan County, 1878 by Donnelley, Loyd & Company, pages 319,320.

"The following history of the Association, with its list of members, was prepared by the Secretary, Mr. Timothy Chamberlain. The society is one of the best organized in the Western States. Mr. Chamberlain has taken great pains in keeping the records of its meetings, and the list of its members, in an exceedingly neat and systematic manner in a book prepared by him expressly for this purpose:

"At a Fourth of July celebration at Arcadia in 1869, there were found to be a large number of the early settlers of the county, and the conversation naturally turning to things and events of the past, and a desire having been expressed by many of the aged persons present to meet their friends of early days, it was decided among them that a call should be issued in the papers, and all invited to be present at a picnic."

The following notice appeared in the Jacksonville Journal of September 2, 1869:

"OLD SETTLERS' MEETING -- A meeting of the old settlers of Morgan County will be held at Arcadia, Thursday, September 9th, in D. G. Henderson's grove, at which time Judge William Thomas, J. T. Jones and M. P. Ayres, will speak.

Other speakers are expected, and without doubt the picnic, for such it is to be, will be an occasion of great interest. It is desired that all those residing in the territory, which in 1830 was embraced in Morgan County, should be present and participate in the exercises. Old settlers are particularly invited."

The first regular meeting of the old settlers of Morgan, Cass and Scott, was held in the grove near Arcadia, on Thursday, September 9th, 1869. Pioneers from all parts of these counties were on hand at an early hour. The exercises were opened with prayer by Rev. Joel Goodrick. Hon. Joseph Morton, Capt. Yaples, Judge Whitlake, Bradley Thompson, M. P. Ayres, and others, made remarks appropriate to the occasion. A letter was read from Judge William Thomas, apologizing for and explaining his absence. Mr. Charles Cox was First Marshal of the day, and Mr. John M. Wilson assistant. Dr. John Craig was Secretary.

Not less than 500 persons were present. An ode was sung, composed by Major George M. McConnel, of Jacksonville. The following resolution, offered by Mr. M. P.Ayres, was unanimously adopted:

"Resolved, That we cherish tenderly the recollection of the names of our honored dead, the early pioneers of our county, and we realize that though dead, yet through their works they still speak, and we trust we may imitate their virtues, and show by our works our appreciation of the toils and trials endured in our behalf."

It was intended that a regular association should be organized at this time, so that hereafter annual meetings might be held, and every valuable act concerning the history of the counties be preserved. However, the time was so fully occupied with other matters, that such an organization could not be effected, and a meeting was called for August 25, 1870, which met again in Henderson's grove, hear Arcadia, and after listening to speeches from Hon. Newton Cloud, Rev. N. P. Heath, Major G. M. McConnel, Senator Richard Yates, and others a society was organized, and a constitution was presented and adopted. All could then become members who were in this region, previous to the deep snow of 1830 and 1831.

List of Old Settlers
Registered at the Reunion at Arcadia 9 Sept 1869

Columns =
Surname, Given name, Nativity, Birth Year, Came to Morgan Co., Death, Remarks
(Columns are represented by comma's. For example, the 1st year, if any, would be the birth year, the 2nd year, if any, would be the year they came to Morgan Co., the 3rd year, if any, would be the death year. If none listed it is represented by a comma.)


    BANCROFT,J H,CT,1813,1834,,

    BLACK,Samuel,VA,1798,Fall 1828,,

    BRANER,John,VA,1803,Oct 1830,,

    COX,Charles,KY,1821,Nov 1829,,

    CRAIN,Margaretta A,IL,1829,Jan 1829,,

    DANIELS,Buker,IL,1828,Jul 1828,,

    DANIELS,Nancy W wife of Verian,Mass,1805,Nov 1827,1871,

    DANIELS,Verian,Mass,1799,Nov 1827,1876,

    FOREMAN,Anderson,NC,1809,Nov 1828,,

    GALLAHER,William G,IL,1841,Mar 1841,,

    GOODPASTER,J J,TN,1817,1826,,

    HENDERSON,Capt Stephen,VA,1796,Sep 1825,22 Nov 1877,Old Henderson Cemetery

    HENDERSON,David G,VA,1796,Apr 1826,16 Jan 1882,IL 1825 Arcadia Cemetery

    HENDERSON,Mary wife of David,VA,1798,Apr 1826,15 Sep 1872,Arcadia Cemetery

    HENDERSON,Susan wife of Capt Stephen,VA,1801,Sep 1825,21 Jan 1864,Old Henderson Cemetery

    HUDSON,Isaac,KY,1813,Mar 1827,,

    HUFFMAN,Alexander,VA,1800,Nov 1827,,

    HUFFMAN,Mildred wife of Alexander,VA,1797,Nov 1827,,

    JACKSON,Quirzah,IL,,,1912,m Chas Sample 1844

    JAMES,Eleanor Pease,VA,1815,,,

    JAMES,Robert,VA,1792,May 1820,1873,


    JORDON,William S,IL,1803,1822,,To MO till 1822

    KING,J. W,CT,1808,Nov 1838,,

    LACKEY,Henry,KY,1802,Sep 1830,,

    LACKEY,Mary wife of Henry,KY,1807,Sep 1830,1869,

    LOAR,Ann wife of George,VA,1797,Nov 1827,,

    LOAR,George,KY,1800,Sep 1830,,

    MATTINGLY,S J,KY,1817,Oct 1824,,

    McALISTER,Mary O,TN,1826,Nov 1827,,d/o Verian Daniels

    MORTON,Joseph,VA,1801,Mar 1820,,Madison Co. 1819


    RATIKIN,William,KY,1816,Dec 1829,,

    REEVE,Huram,NC,1806,1810,1893,St. Clair 1810 Diamond Grove Cem

    REEVE,Isaac B,NC,1804,1820,,


    ROBERTSON,Mary Drinkwater wife of John,IL,1824,1824,,

    ROBERTSTON,Charles,NY,1800,Apr 1821,,

    ROCKWELL,William,IL,1827,Jan 1827,,


    SCOTT,Edward,Eng,1829,Dec 1829,,6 mos old when arrived USA

    SPATES,Preston,KY,1823,Oct 1830,,

    SPOTTS,C W.,DE,1817,Oct 1832,,

    STACEY,Martha A,KY,1829,1829,,d/o Thos Ford w/o J D Stacey

    STACY,Matthew,VA,1799,Oct 1827

    STEVENSON,Benjamin F,KY,1816,May 1829

    STEVENSON,James,KY,1812,Oct 1829

    STEVENSON,William,KY,1814,Nov 1829

    STORY,James D,IL,1828,June 1828

    THOMPSON,R. Davis,KY,1811,June 1829

    THOMPSON,S Bradley,KY,1814,June 1827

    TROTTER,W D R,KY,1806,May 1830

    WHORTON,John,KY,1799,Oct 1820

    WILSON,John,KY,1821,Dec 1823


    YOUNG,Hiram,VA,1802,Oct 1828

    List of Old Settlers
    Registered at the Reunion at Arcadia 25 August 1870

    Columns =
    Surname, Given name, Nativity, Birth Year, Came to Morgan Co., Death, Remarks
    (Columns are represented by comma's. For example, the 1st year, if any, would be the birth year, the 2nd year, if any, would be the year they came to Morgan Co., the 3rd year, if any, would be the death year. If none listed it is represented by a comma.)

    ANDERSON,James S,KY,1810,Oct 1830,,



    BEDWELL,Rachel,OH,1799,,,in Morgan before Jacksonville formed

    BEERS,N B,CT,1817,1845,,

    BEGGS,William Harvey,IN,1817,Sep 1829,,

    BENNETT,Isaac R,KY,1802,Sep 1829,,

    BERGEN,J F,NJ,1802,Oct 1828,,


    BLACK,Mrs Mildred,VA,1802,1826,,

    BOYCE,Mrs Elizabeth,TN,180,1830,1875,

    BOYER,J H,KY,1823,Nov 1830,,

    BOYER,Jacob,NC,1797,Oct 1822,,

    BRIDGEMAN,Franklin,VA,1821,9 Dec 1830,,

    BRIDGEMAN,Hezekiah,VA,1797,9 Dec 1830,,

    BROADWELL,William H,IL,1823,1823,,


    BROWN,George S,KY,1823,1828,,

    BUCKLEY,Mary E,NY,1813,8,,Settled in American Bottom 1819

    CALDWELL,Robert L,KY,1828,Nov 1830,,

    CARSON,Thomas M,VA,1808,1825,24 Feb 1875,

    CARSON,William,VA,1804,1824,1876,father kept lst hotel in Jacksonville

    CHAMBERLAIN,Amanda T,NJ,1819,Apr 1820,23 Mar 1877,d/o James Buckley

    CHAMBERLAIN,Timothy Jr,Mass,1812,14 May 1832,,

    CHAPPEL,Mrs Eliza A,KY,1813,26 Sep 1827,,

    CLEGG,Mrs Elizabeth,Eng,1804,Spring 1838,,

    CLOUD,Newton,NC,1805,Oct 1827,,

    CONLEE,Isaac,TN,1795,1826,,IL 1815 Baptist Minister


    COUCHMAN,B F,KY,1822,Nov 1827,,

    COUCHMAN,E R,KY,1819,1 Oct 1827,,

    COX,Corriden,VA,1811,Oct 1829,,

    DAVENPORT,Milton C,KY,1822,Oct 1825,,

    DEATON,Joseph P,VA,1806,Apr 1821,,


    DUNCAN,S S,KY,1810,Mar 1822,,

    ENGLISH,Nathaniel M D,VA,1806,1836,,

    FOREMAN,Elizabeth W.,IL,1823,1828,,In Edwardsville 1823

    GAINS,B F,VA,1806,Dec 1830,,

    GOLTRA,More C,NJ,1809,1836,,


    GREATON,David,OH,1810,Feb 1825,,

    GUNN,J D,TN,1825,1 Jun 1830,,

    HALE,Mrs,IL,1821,29 Oct 1821,,

    HENDERSON,Charles,VA,1797,June 1831,,

    HENDERSON,Jackson,IL,1827,24 Jul 1827,,



    HOUSE,Nancy,IL,1824,1825,,b in Sangamon Co.

    HUCKSTEP,Thomas C,VA,1805,1831,,

    HUDSON,Peter S,MD,1803,Fall 1827,,

    HUGHES,John A,KY,1803,1823,,

    HUMPHREY,B N,KY,1811,2 May 1829,,

    HUMPHREY,William D,KY,1817,Nov 1828,,

    HURST,William S.,KY,1800,May 1829,1873,

    JOHNSON,Mrs Dianah,NC,1790,1828,,

    JONES,Mrs Jane,MD,1798,26 Sep 1827,,widow of Thos Church and John T Jones

    JORDON,Mrs Eliza,PA,180,1827,,

    LARIMORE,Mrs Precella,KY,1806,Apr 1830,,

    LAZENBY,John,Eng,1802,30 Jul 1829,,

    LONG,George W,NC,1799,Oct 1828,1876,


    MASSEY,Stephen S,NY,1814,1826,,

    MILLER,Mrs Lucinda D,NY,1811,1824,,In IL 1819 w/o E T Miller

    MORTON,Mrs Mary,KY,1804,1824,14 Feb 1874,wife of Col Joseph Morton

    PARROTT,R D,KY,1822,25 Nov 1825,,

    PATTERSON,A C,KY,1823,Nov 1830,,

    PATTERSON,William J,KY,1810,1830,,

    PETEFISH,John R,OH,1825,Fall1830,,

    REARICK,Mrs Emma,NJ,1811,Summer 1820,,w/o Capt George D Rearick

    REED,Elizabeth,CT,1807,5 Nov 1830,,w/o Dr. Maro M L

    REED,Maro M L Dr,CT,1801,5 Nov 1830,1877,

    REED,Stephen H,KY,1815,Mar 1826,,

    REEVE,John,NC,1802,Mar 1820,14 Dec 1878,

    RICHARDSON,B B,TN,1810,Apr 1821,1873,Pope Co. 1818

    RIGGS,Milton W,IL,1820,Oct 1825,,b Lawrance Co 1820

    RIGGS,Scott,NC,1779,Apr 1821,,St. Clair Co 1815

    RODGERS,Joseph W,KY,,1826,,

    ROSS,L B,TN,1822,Oct 1827,,

    RUBLE,Jesse,TN,1797,1826,Jul 1871,


    RUDISELL,Harriett,IL,1814,1821,,wife of Daniel Rudisell

    SAMPLE,David,IL,1821,Apr 1823,,born in Madison Co. 1821


    SCOTT,Thomas,Eng,1821,Oct 1829,,

    SHAFFER,Mrs Sofiah,VA,1817,1827,,



    SIMMONS,D M,KY,1826,Sep 1828,,

    SIMMS,L Black,IL,1817,,,

    SINCLAIR,David,TN,1806,Oct 1829,,


    SMITH,John,TN,1824,10 Nov 1827,,

    SMITH,John,PA,1790,May 1824,,

    SPATES,Martha Ann,KY,1825,20 Oct 1830,,

    SPRAGUE,Joshua,NY,1791,Fall 1823,,

    STACY,T P,KY,1827,1827,,

    STEVENSON,Elliott,KY,1804,Nov 1828,Jul 1882,

    STEVENSON,Fleming,KY,1809,11 Nov 1828,24 Dec 1874,

    STEVENSON,Mrs E J,KY,1809,11 Nov 1828,,

    STEVENSON,William,KY,1814,31 Oct 1829,,

    STOCKTON,Allen,KY,1810,Mar 1830,1871,lived and died with 100 yds where lst settled

    STURTEVANT,Julian M,CT,1805,1829,,

    THOMAS,William,KY,1802,Oct 1826,,

    THOMPSON,J Bradley,KY,1807,2 Jun 1827,,


    TURNHAM,John B,TN,1810,1828,,

    VAN WINKLE,Hiram,KY,,1829,,

    WARFIELD,L L,MD,1784,1829,,


    WILSON,Charles R,NJ,1817,Apr 1820,1873,