1896 Business Houses

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Springfield Journal Register, date of paper which originally published the following is unknown.

(Photographs courtesy of Robert L. Ide)
In the natural course of events, many changes in the business complexion of the city occur in the lapse of the years, and it is pleasant to recall some of the substantial firms of the Nineties which made their conribution to the community advancement. . . the store fronts of the three concerns shown above will be readily recognized by the older citizenry who well remember the proprietors and their consistent fair dealings with the public of that period. . . . At left, we see the well-known firm of Reisch & Thoma at 508-510 E. Adams Street, the partners in which were Leonard Reisch and Henry Thoma. It specialized in "fancy and staple dry goods, cloaks, millinery," etc. . . . In the center, Ferd Kuechler's "Blue Front Store" at 518 E. Adams Street, dealing in clothing, hats and men's furnishings. And at right, the establishment of Gathmann Brothers, clothers, at 108 South 6th Street. . . . These store fronts with their window displays, etc., were quite typical of the period.

Submitted by: Jeanie Lowe.