1st Christian Church

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Springfield Journal Register, date of paper which originally published the following is unknown.

Springfield is justly proud of its churches and the strong influence they have exerted in the welfare and progress of the community. Among the denominations, the Disciples of Christ, whose record here extends over the long span of 111 years, deserves a special meed of honor for its contribution to our spiritual life. First Christian Church, whose present edifice of worship is shown above, last Sunday observed what has been aptly termed a double jubilee - marking as it did the payment in full of all church indebtedness and the beginning of the eighth year of Dr. Charles B. Tupper's pastorate. Mr. Searcy's article in the Sunday Journal-Register paid fitting tribute to the occasion and recounted the historical background most interestingly. This fine structure at Sixth and Cook Streets, modeled after the famous Melrose Abbey near Edinburgh, Scotland, was dedicated with impressive ceremonies on June 23, 1912, with full community participation. Its pastors in the period since have been Dr. Frederick W. Burnham, now pastor of the 7th Street Christian Church at Richmond, Va. Dr. William F. Rothenburger, until recently pastor of the Third Christian Church of Indianapolis, Ind.; Dr. Clark Walker Cummings, now executive secretary of the Metropolitan Church Federation of St. Louis, Mo., and Dr. Charles B. Tupper, now beginning his eighth year in this charge. As First Christian Church goes forward with renewed pride in its achievements and with bright prospects for the future, it has the community's congratulations and best wishes for continued success in its consecrated program.

Submitted by: Jeanie Lowe.