Brinkerhoff Home

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Springfield Journal Register, date of paper which originally published the following is unknown.

Of the various pictures we have seen of the historic George M. Brinkerhoff home at 5th and Keyes Avenue, this is one of the most impressive, as showing its original setting about the year 1870. It was then a new residence and the landscaping had been only recently completed. . . . Mr. Brinkerhoff may be seen sitting on the steps of that very roccoco porch, while the family carriage awaits in the driveway at right. The residence looks very imposing and indeed whole reams could be devoted to a description of its exterior and the interior arrangement and furnishings. . . . Note the old-style board fence with its ornamental gate at left, and the board walk in front. In the center of the graveled walk inside was a planked footway. . . . As we have said, this home represented Springfield's finest traditions of hospitality and gracious living over a long period. It is now used as a dormitory for the Springfield Junior College, of which the property is a part.

Many of our fine old homes are now only a memory, but still standing is that representative historic mansion of Springfield's golden era - the George M. Brinkerhoff residence at 5th and Keyes Ave. This picture dates back to 1898. Just a few highlights must suffice today. This fine home was erected in the early Sixties and remained in the family until 1929 when it was sold following the senior Mr. Brinkerhoff's death. Notable traditions of hospitality were maintained through all those decades, the telling of which would require reams - likewise the fascinating details of the elaborate establishment itself. . . . The residence, which was acquired by Springfield Junior College, now serves as a women's residence hall, and in passing it is interesting to note that for the first time the main floor will be utilized for a college dinner dance - Saturday night.

Submitted by: Jeanie Lowe.