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By: Mrs. H. W. (Sara John) English

"This ledger was written in the handwriting of Samuel F. Campbell, and was kept up to his death. It is now (1927) owned by Mrs. A. B. McKinney (his daughter) who lives west of Jacksonville, Illinois. This record was copied October 29th, 1927 by Sara John English, State Librarian, Illinois D.A.R., from the old book itself."

Florence published this in January 1997 because it contained many names of people in the area - I've included it on this site for the same reason.

Samuel F. Campbell, 1832
Mooresville, Maury County, Tennessee
January 1st, 1832

Samuel F. Campbell left Maury County, Tennessee to moove (sic) to the State of Illinois on the 9th of October 1834 and moove home 3rd December 1834.
Wm. H. Campbell started to school August the 26th, 1840.
James G. Campbell started to moove to the Iowa Territory on Wednesday the 30th of March, 1842.
1843, April 15th. Shot finger off. Samuel F. Campbell.

Jacob Lorance was born Aug. 7, 1759 and died May 24th 1855.
James Orr Nov. 5th 1787 in Davidson Co. Tenn.
Robert Orr June 7th 1818.
Betty Meadows, Feb. 22, 1805.
Wm. H. Pickens born 13th 1782 Abeyville Co., S.C., married Jan. 18th 1813.
Henry Todd was born Sept. 11, 1802 in Green Co., N.C., and died Feb. 1893.
Dicy Todd was born April 17, 1809, in Roan Co., Tenn. Died 1853.
Scott Riggs was born N.C. 20 Mar 1779. Died Feb. 24, 1872, aged 92 yrs 10 ms 28 ds.
Susan Campbell was born Aug. 11th, 1828, in Jacksonville, Morgan Co., Ill.
James P. Campbell was born Aug. 11th 1828, in Henry Co., Tenn.
Harriet E. Campbell was born 22nd Oct. 1838, White Co., Ind., was married Sept. 17th 1855.
Sam'l Moore died Nov. 3rd 1852.
Elizabeth Moore died Aug. 9th 1838.
Nancy Sellars was born Feb. 2nd 1806. Died March 15th 1880.
James Winn was born June 26th 1812 in Rockingham County, N.C.
William Kirtland son-in-law of W. H. Pickens, Mooresville, Maury Co., Tenn.
Wm. H. Pickens, 13th 1782 Abeyville, S.C., and was married Jan. 18th, 1813.
Old Mr. Marshall buried Feb. 5, 1880.
Edward Picket was born Sept. 6th 1806 in Fayette Co., Kan. Died May 1878 in Boone Co., Mo.
Eliza Hamilton was born 1815 in Clark County, Kan.
Edward Picket and Eliza Hamilton was married 7th day of August, 1833 in Scott Co. Ill.
Mary Campbell wife Joseph Campbell, was born June 29th 1807.
Eliza G. Riggs was born the 4th day of May 1826, died Sept. 7th 1869.
Milton W. Riggs was born Feb. the 9th 1820.
Milton W. Riggs & Eliza G. Beach was married 1844 Mar. the 4th.
Jacob Henry Peak born May 26th 1829 in Anderson Co. Tenn.
Uncle John Berry was born 1787 in Lincoln County, Kan. Died Aug. 28th 1871, in Monroe County, Iowa.
Cynthia Campbell, wife of John B. Campbell was born 21st April 1801, in Oglethorp County, Georgia. Died May the 4th, 1880.
Joseph son of Wm. L. and Nancy Campbell, died Feb. 3rd 1880 in his 27th year.
Francis Louise, daughter of F.E. & R.J. Kellogg and wife of Clinton S. Campbell, died June 6th 1866. Born Apr. 9th, 1849.


Clinton S. Campbell & Frances Louisa Kellogg were married Aug. 28th 1865, Napa County, Cal.
Clinton S. Campbell & Mary Ann Eyre were married Sept. 22, 1868.
Green B. Campbell & Sarah Funk, was married Sept. 28th 1848.
Green B. Campbell departed this life December the 16th Day a.m., 1849 in the Feather River Gold Mines in upper California after an illness of 17 days; his physician Doc. Stockton from Cass Co., Ill.
Zadoc Riggs died on the road to Oregon on the 5th of July 1857.
Peggy Headen departed this life March the 19th 1855.
Ferrel D. Headen departed this life Oct. the 4th day, 1856.
Amzi Black was born Nov. 27th 1799 A.D.
Amzi Black and Amy Moore was married Aug. the 19th 1824. (Died March 30th 1864).
John Black died Feb. 28, 1857.
Jefferson Black died March the 12th 1857.
Elizabeth Michener died May 10th 1860.
Hanah Riggs wife of Scott Riggs, daughter of John and Hannah Berry was born 28th April 1780, in Lincoln County, Ky., Died June 2nd, 1864, Morgan County.
Alexander Bell died 25 Dec 1864.
James Gordon died March 12th 1864 in Lynnville, Morgan County, Illinois.
Josiah Williams of Scott Cty. Ill. Died Oct. 15th 1864 aged 55 ys 9ms.
Nancy Campbell wife of W. L. Campbell died March 16th 1869.
James Campbell departed this life August the 2d 1840 aged 67 ys 4 ms 19 ds.
Sophia Campbell departed this life June the 2nd 1840.
Sally Avery died the 4th day of March 1843.
William Hawk and Hannah Campbell was married March the 7th, 1844.
William Hawk died July 31st 1845.
Arrena Angelo died August the 7th 1845.
John A. Riggs and Orpha Campbell was married Nov. the 27th 1834.
John A. Riggs departed this life January the 11th 1845.
Julia Ann Todd died August 29th 1845.
John M. Todd died March 25th 1849.
Elvira Henderson died July 31st 1849.
Louisa Lee died July 24th 1849.
John Carter & Nancy Todd was married August 16th 1849.
William Gillham Se., died about the 20th of Sept. 1849.
Polly Tankersley died Nov. 20th 1850.
Elizabeth Reader, wife of James, died 28th July 1851.

Register of the Ages of the Children of Samuel F. & Nancy T. Campbell:
1. Jefferson Black Campbell was born April the 6th 1847. Died Sept. 19th 1873, Dickinson Co., Kansas.
2. Lewis Barry Campbell was born Nov. the 5th 1849. Sold out my possessions in Scott County, Ill. On the 8th day of July, 1851.
3. Eliza Ellen Campbell was born Nov. the 20th 1851 in Scott County, Ill.
4. Mary Lucinda Campbell was born June the 20th 1854, in Morgan County, Ill. Was taken sick 13th Dec. 1859. Died Dec. 21st 1859, at 1 o'clock p.m.
5. John B. Campbell was born Nov. 9th 1856.
6. Hannah Campbell was born Nov. 6th 1860. Died December 285th 1861 of Putrid Sore Throat, in Morgan Cty., Ill.


[The entries from here on were evidently made after Samuel F. Campbell was settled on his farm.]

Samuel F. Campbell was born Febry the 29th 1808 in Lincoln County, Ky. Died 1887. [His estate settlement in our Circuit Court is #1185 in case any relatives read this article, along with several other early Campbells.]
Nancy Campbell was born A.D., April the 8th 1816, Maury County, Tenn. Was married March the 11th 1834.
William M. Campbell was born May the 2nd 1835, Morgan Cty., Ill.
James H. Campbell was born Morgan Cty. Ill. February the 15th 1837.
Clinton S. Campbell was born January the 22nd 1830.
Elizabeth Ann Campbell was born August the 7th 1840.
Orpha Margarette Campbell was born May the 28th 1842. Taken sick on Thursday the 31st of August.
Departed the life on Thursday 14th of Sept. 1843 1 yr 3 mo 18 da. Sarah Jane Campbell was born April the 8th 1844.
John W. Campbell was born March the 30th 1846. Died 12th day of April 1846, age 2 wks.


Register of the Ages of the Children of James & Peggy Campbell

James Campbell was born March the 11th 1773. Died August 2, 1840.
Peggy Campbell was born A.D. 1782 Dec. 4th. Died Feb. 17th 1869.
James and Peggy Campbell was married December the 21st 1803.
John B. Campbell was born Sept. the 28th 1804. Died April the 10th 1864.
Joseph Campbell was born May the 9th 1806.
Samuel F. Campbell was born Febry the 29th 1808.
James G. Campbell was born March the 28th 1810.
William L. Campbell was born Sept. the 2nd 1812.
Orpha Campbell was born July the 15th 1814.
Sally Campbell was born Oct. the 4th 1816. Died March 4th 1843.
Hannah Campbell was born July the 21st 1819. Died Dec. the 16th 1849.
Green Berry Campbell was born Decr. the 2nd 1821.
Eliza Jane Campbell was born Febry the 29th 1823.
John B. Campbell was married Oct. 5th 1824.
Joseph Campbell was married Decr. the 20th 1831.
James G. Campbell was married Janry the 2nd 1832.

Register of the Ages of Children of Sam's & Elizbeth Moore

Samuel Moore was born the 17th of May A.D. 1763. Died November 3rd 1852.
Elizabeth Moore was born Febry the 11th 1771. Died August 9th 1838.
Polly Moore was born the 12th of October 1791.
Sally Moore was born the 1st of June 1793.
Hannah Moore was born Sept. the 20th 1795.
Ashley Moore was born May the 19th 1798. (Died March 5th 1881)
Jane Moore was born Octr. the 5th 1800.
Peggy Moore was born May the 26th 1803. (Died March 19th 1855)
Amy Moore was born August the 29th 1806. (Died Sept 1st 1891)
Elizabert Moore was born March the 29th 1809. (Died Oct. 1843)
Samuel B. Moore was born August the 8th 1811. (Died Sept. 24th 1836)
Nancy S. Moore was born April the 8th, 1816. (Died Dec. 15, 1901)
Franklin A. Steel was born November the 23rd 1820.


Samuel F. Campbell left Maury County, Tennessee to move to the State of Illinois on the 9th of October 1834. Arrived at Fathers on the 29th of October 1834. Mooved home on the 3rd of December 1834.
Wm. M. Campbell started to school August the 26th 1840.
March 21st 1842 commenced plowing.
James G. Campbell started to move to the Iowa territory on Wednesday the 30th of March 1842.
Elizabeth Moore died Oct 1843, 2nd and 5th children buried in the same grave. Died in Missouri with what was called the Black Tongue.
June 11th 1843, White Frost. June 13th planted corn again.
Planted Irish potatoes June 29th. Sowed Wheat Sept. 29 & 30th.
First killing frost Oct. 8th. First snow Nov. 1st 1843.
Orpha Leib died the 15th of July 1886.
Given Campbell died the 16th of March 1886.
William L. Campbell died the 22nd of July 1888.

Remarkable Events of April 1879.

Aunt Polly McClure about the 20th April, aged 84 years.
F. B. Huckstep's baby died 2 days old.
Orph Leib moved to Winchester, Scott Co., Ill.
Mrs. Jane Huckstep died 10th March 1869, in the 71st year of her age.
William Hamel died aged 71 years, 3 mos. January 11, 1879.
George Terry of Winchester died 7th January 1878.
Wm. Markillie's child burried Jan. 20th 1878.
Sam'l French died Jan 25th 1879. Was born in Loudon, Merrimac Co., N.H. November 9th 1812, married June 12th 1835 to Nancy Thompson of Concord N.Y. He came West in 1839 and settled 2 miles West of this city where he resided for 4 years and removed to his farm near Chapin with his family.
George Rensaeler, Sen. Died Jan. 14th 1879. Born in Bucks Co., Penn. Aged 83 years old.

1878 Events

Stephen S. Massey died Oct. 14th in his 63rd year.
Benjamin Franklin died Oct. 22nd 1878 at Anderson, Ind. Aged 66 years 8 mo. 21 ds.
Henry Gordon and Fanny Camp was married Nov. 7, 1878.
William Glossup died in the A.M. of 25th Sept. 1878, his funeral was the 26th, by T. J. Marlow. On the 29th Brother Marlow preached, started home.
Old Dicky Sappington was buried Aug. 13, 1878.
Thos. Lawson was buried Sept. 13, 1878.
On 22nd Sept. 1878, George Hill's son fell off of his horse, run a snak in his neck and died in 5 minutes. Funeral at M. E. Church, by W. J. Rutledge on the 23rd.
March 29, 1878 John Gordon's old store house burned.
Adam Allison was born Sept. 180. Mrs. Allison died on the 29th April of a Pox 1875.
Mrs. Wilkes died Feb. 11, 1878.
George Scott died Mar. 11, 1878.
Hubbard Tankersley's wife drowned herself in the cellar Feb. 21st 1878.
John Eyres Died 75 years old June 2nd 1878.
Robert Mawson died the 4th June about 67 years old.
Aug. 12, 1878. John B. Campbell started to Kansas.
Aug. 11, 1878. Bro. John Harris preached.
Sept. 15, 1878. Thos. Lawson buried the 13th. Wild Geese going south.
Thos. C. Huckstep born 31st July 1805.
March 13, 1879. Mrs. Huckstep buried today.
March 16, 1879. James Tarver Ordained Elder, E. G. Rice, John Coats, George Hellerby & A. W. Harney present.
March 19, 1879. F. B. Huckstep arrived at his father's.
March 23, 1879. Esau Funk died about 70 years old.
March 27, 1879. Homer, son of James Huckstep, died.
April 3, 1879. Daniel Leib died, in 68th year of his age.
John M. DeLapp born Feb. 6th 1824. Mary F. H. DeLapp born April 14th 1851.
J.M. DeLapp and Mary F. headen were married May 11, 1879.
Nancy Jones buried Aug. 1st 1879, 76 years old.
August 31st 1879. Sister Alexander preached on "Woman's Privileges" in the church.
Oct. 4, 1879. N. M. Knapp died Oct. 9, 1879. Charley Camp married.
Oct. 14, 1879. Tilda Leach burial.
Oct. 25, 1879. James P. Campbell and wife here from Iowa.
Nov. 2, 1879. Wm. Ferguson's Funeral by E. G. Rice.
Nov. 2, 1879. Sister Orpha is here. Nov. 9, Sister Orpha went home.
Nov. 16, 1879. Bro. Harney preached.
Nov. 15, 1879. Adam Allison, Jun., child died 14th. Funeral by P. N. Minier.
Dec. 24, 1879. Bro. Harney's child died.
Jan. 13, 1880. Preaching at home by Bro. Nicholson.
Feb. 3, 1880. Joseph, son of Wm. L. Campbell died. Funeral by Scott Peak.
Mar. 16, 1880. Jo Fields killed in Winchester Jail.
John C. Hamilton died March 12, 1880.
Old Mrs. Sellars died March 15, 1880. Aged 74 ys 1 mo 14 ds old. Funeral by E. G. Rice.
Adam Allison died 26th March 1880 A.M. Funeral sermon and burial on 27th.
April 8th 1880. F. B. Huckstep's Baby died 1 day old, and his wife very sick.
April 13, 1880. Mrs. Williams died 11 A.M. Born March 12th, 1810. Funeral and burial in Madison County, Ill.
April 25, 1880. John E. Nicholson commenced preaching for the Lynnville Church.
April 25, 1880. Amos Campbell and wife here.
July 29, 1880. S. Ella Campbell died.
July 31, 1880. Went to S. Ella Campbell's funeral in Jacksonville.
Aug. 1, 1880. George Camp and Thos. Campbell & their wives here.
Aug. 30, 1880. S. F. and E. C. Campbell started to Mo.
Sept. 7, 1880. S. F. and E. C. Campbell got home from Mo.
Andrew Jackson born March 1st 1767.
Samuel S. Lewis died 8th April 1881; was born July 12, 1820. Funeral by E. G. Rice.
Elisha B. Hitt buried April 19th in his 73rd year.
47 years ago October 9th 1881 we started from Tennessee to moove to this state. Was 20 days on the road.
Dec. 29, 1881. Thos. S. H. and Alice Campbell married.
Alice Warner died 24 of May 1882.
Father died 25 minutes before 1 o'clock A.M. Aug. 21st. Wm. Arrived at 9 A.M.
Mrs. Polly Redwine wife of John F. Redwine died March 2nd 1901. Born Mar. 30, 1827 at Lynville, Ill. She had been married 54 years. Went to Utice in 1863, lived there until 18 years ago when they went to Chillicothe. Last year they went back to Utica. Mr. Redwine is one year older than his wife and very feeble. One daughter, Mrs. Laura Matson, survives her.
Samuel and Elizabeth Moore were parents of Samuel F. Campbell's wife, Nancy S. Moore.

Obituary of Nancy Campbell.
Mrs. Nancy Campbell died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Eliza E. McKinney, 1 miles N.E. of Linville at 2:50 o'clock P.M. Sunday, Dec. 15, 1901 at the age of 85 years. She was born in Maury County, Tenn. April 8, 1816. In 1834 she married Samuel F. Campbell and the same year they removed to Morgan Co., which continued their home until their deaths. Her husband died 19 years ago. They had 13 children, 8 of them survive, vis: Wm. M. and Lewis B. of Kansas; James H. of Clinton, Elizabeth Dickenson of Oregon, Sarah J. Mitchell of Waverly, John B. of Hancock County, and Eliza E. McKinney of Linville. She is survived by 39 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren. A devoted member of the Christian Church for over 50 years. She was bedfast 9 months, unconscious 4 days before her death. Funeral at Lynville Christian Church. Interment in Campbell Cemetery. [End of Ledger Information]

Notes by Sarah John English follows: "I copied all the references to persons made in his (Samuel F. Campbell) entries of each day, thinking they might be of use or of interest to someone. Though some of the persons mentioned are not any relation to him or his wife. James and Peggy Campbell came here before Samuel F. Campbell. The father came to Morgan County, Illinois in the winter of 1831-1832.

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