Chenery Residence

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Springfield Journal Register, date of paper which originally published the following is unknown.

(From the Burke Vancil Collection)
As a perfect call-back to the era of gracious living in Springfield, we give you this setting of the old Chenery residence with its spacious lawn and all-pervading atmosphere of the peace and serenity of a summer's day in 1896. . . . This would bring back to the late William Dodd Chenery many memories of happy, care-free days spent at this old homestead on the southwest corner of Pasfield and Lawrence Avenue. He would discover himself in this picture lolling back on one of those old fashioned settees, at left, surrounded by cushions and perusing his favorite magazine! . . . Note the substantial character of the home, the fine forest trees, the expanse of well-kept lawn enclosed by a neat picket fence, the raised wooden sidewalk leading to the street, the generous-sized wooden chair - and, last but not least, that big comfortable hammock! . . . A tennis court and croquet grounds were among the other outdoor attractions of this hospitable home which in its day was quite popular with "the younger social set."

Submitted by: Jeanie Lowe.