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Springfield Journal Register, date of paper which originally published the following is unknown.

(Lithograph courtesy of Mrs. Wilbur Hale)
" OLD LITHOGRAPH OF PROMINENT SPRINGFIELD CHURCHES-- Among the lithographs appearing in various souvenir booklets of Springfield in the Nineties, the one shown above is one of the most interesting groups of churches that we have seen. Here we see an artist's conception of three well-known downtown churches in that period - left to right: 1. First Presbyterian Church at 7th and Capitol Avenue. 2. St. Paul's pro-Cathedral at 3rd and Adams Streets. 3. First Christian Church at 5th and Jackson Streets. This was the second church building occupied by the First Presbyterian congregation, erected in 1868 and still in use, minus that noble spire. The organization dates back to 1823. Old St. Paul's pro-Cathedral was built in 1847, the first edifice of this denomination established in Springfield in 1835. It was razed in 1912. The Christian Church shown above was erected in 1890. It was the third building of this congregation - which was then the only one of this denomination in the city, organized in 1833. It was razed about the year 1913. This lithograph is typical of the fanciful illustrations in those quaint old souvenir booklets.

Submitted by: Jeanie Lowe.