Herndon Residence

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Springfield Journal Register, date of paper which originally published the following is unknown.

"This house at 423 Sixth St., was built by Elijah Iles, Springfield's first merchant and postmaster, as his home 100 years ago. It was subsequently occupied by Iles' niece and her husband, Obed and Cornelia Iles Lewis. Lewis was proprietor of a wagon and carriage factory and at one time mayor of Springfield. His silver nameplate is still on the entrance door. Mrs. Lewis was the daughter of Washington Iles, Elijah's brother. For many years Mrs. R. F. Herndon, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Obed Lewis, has resided there. Mrs. Herndon, who is the widow of one of Springfield's prominent merchants, and the mother of John W. and O. L. Herndon, and the late Dr. R. F. Herndon, is 101 years old. She is pictured here at the age of 88.

Submitted by: Jeanie Lowe.