Old Springfield High School

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Springfield Journal Register, date of paper which originally published the following is unknown.

(Photograph courtesy of Herbert Georg)
The thousands of boys and girls of yesteryear who attended "Old Springfield High" in the period extending from 1897 to 1917 will always have fond memories of the big red brick and stone building at Adams and College. It is hard to see how so noble a structure could have outgrown its usefulness. However --! Its history has already been covered in some detail in a previous Album feature, showing the whole building and grounds. This picture, however, is worthy of your collection because it gives a better idea of the tower (the closk is in position here) and the massive proportions of the building proper. Can you imagine high school kids scaling that tower by lassoing a corner and climbing hand over hand to place their class colors on the topmost pinnacle? Yet that very thing was done one night, 'way back when, and were the juniors chagrined! That wasn't the half of it! Three cheers for the Red and Black! In the big auditorium behind those tall windows on the third floor, school assemblies, concerts, "rhetoricals," class plays, debating forums, etc., without number were held. The office of Principal William Helmle, and later of L. M. Castles, was in the first floor corner room under the tower - we know from experience, especially after that never-to-be forgotten "symphony orchestra" stunt. And the contribution of "our class" to the high school campus traditions -- now fortunately preserved to posterity on the north side of the new Springfield High School, one block west. We could go on and on, but suffice to say: This building will always holda distinctive place in the affections of the older grads of S.H.S.

Submitted by: Jeanie Lowe.