Sheppard 50th Reunion

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The fifth annual reunion of the Sheppard family was held Sunday in the city park at Carrollton. The attendance exceeded that of last year when the gathering was held at the same place. The registration Sunday numbered an even 100, not enumerating the children. An informal dinner was held. Officers were elected as follows: President, Mayor F. M. Sheppard, National City, Ill; Secretary, E. H. Sheppard, White Hall.The meeting next year will be held at the same place on the fourth Sunday in August.The registration was as follows F. M. Sheppard, Ruth Sheppard, Betty Melachor, Leonard E. Clifford and Virginia Sheppard, Charles Lamberto, James Melachor, Ruby Lamberto, Mrs. L. E. Sheppard, Mrs. R. Sheppard, Mrs. Edith Melachor, National City, Ill.; H. W. Sheppard, Gladys, Margaret, Bonnie May,Amelia, Mrs. Alice, Miss Alice Sheppard, Granite City, Ill.; M. H. Sheppard, Pleasant Hill, Ill.; C. Killebrew, Wayne Barber, wife and three children; Neal Sheppard, Eva Killebrew and children, Kassie and Inez Battershell, Nancy Battershell. S. A.(Stephen Andrew "Bud") Sheppard, wife and son, Nebo, Ill.; Reba Spencer. Marjorie Casteel, Otis Gilmore, Mr. and Mrs. William Gilmore, Katherine and Helen Gilmore, Harley Casteel; Cecil and Harry Spencer, Mrs. W. F. Day, Mrs. Bessie Gilmore, Mrs. Stella Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. Lon Harding, Roodhouse, Ill.; Freida Allen, Chester and Essie Allen, Palmyra, Ill.; Helen Gilmore, Blanche Gilmore, Walter Gilmore, Jacksonville, Ill.; Thomas Battershel1, Nebo, Ill.; Jas. O, and Dana Neece,Mascoutah, Ill.; W. P. Sims, Mrs. Dorothy Forbes(Mr. Dorsey Forbis), wife and son, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Swiger, Paul Swiger, Mrs. B. F. Hamilton, Kirksville, Mo.; Eile Coe, Nellie Sims, Mrs. Minnie Forbes(Forbis), Centralia, Mo.; Mrs. Glen Gilmore, Lucille, and Geneva Gilmore; Jacksonville, Ill.; Raymond, Keltner, Waverly; Ill.; Edith Casteel, Roodhouse, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. John Neece, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Sheppard, Lon Mansfield, wife and daughter, White Hall. Ill.; Carrie Maberry, Mrs. Ralph Maberry, Mr. and Mrs. John Maberry, Viola M. Ballard, Athensville, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hopgood, Carrollton. Ill.; Winona Franklin and daughter, 2545 Arsenal St., St. Louis, Mo.; Mrs. Lon H. Almand, 502 East Hanna, Tampa, Florida, with three daughters, Eleanor, Eva and Mariam. (1932 or later- Dorsey Forbis' son was born in 1932) Source: Copy of newspaper clipping (Carrollton, IL?).

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