Sellana Belle "Lania" (Chapman) Staats Violett

This is a picture of my beloved grandmother. She was born October 5, 1876 in (I believe) Greene County, Illinois. She is listed in the 1880 Census in Walkerville when she was 4 years old. She lived in the White Hall and Hillview, IL area a good part of her life. She married Frank Staats on January 16, 1894 and gave birth to Franklin Earl Staats. She later married Newton Violett in Greene County on July 7, 1907. She passed away on May 26, 1967 and is buried in Greenmound Cemetery in Keithsburg, IL.
My grandmother was a loving, highly intelligent, talented, and hard working woman who loved our Lord with all her heart. If I can be half the grandmother to my grandchildren, I will be pleased with myself.

Submitted by Nancy A. (Staats) Hausch

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