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John & Catherine Farrell Family

"I believe this photo is of the John & Catherine Farrell Family. The baby being
held in the second row is my father, John Joseph Wahl, who was born in 1924. He is being
held by my grandfather, John A. Wahl, who is standing next to his wife, Loretta Ann Farrell Wahl.

The woman in the center of the top row is Bea Farrell, sister of Loretta.

I believe the couple in the lower left front row is Charlie & Agnes (Farrell) Dolan, and the
older couple in the center of the front row are John & Catherine (Walsh) Farrell, my great grandparents.
This information is unconfirmed. There is no writing on the photo and I'd love it if
someone could identify the rest of the family members and also verify that this is in fact the Farrell/Walsh family.

Submitted by Donna Kendall

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