Ellen found this photograph for sale on ebay. The back side reads in pencil "Jeremiah Pierson, born Aug. 16, 1821". Stamped on the back it reads, G.W.C. G.W. Clark Studio New Ground Floor West State St. Opp. Court House Jacksonville, Ill. Ellen went on to say: I did some further research and found the following information:

Census Year:
1850 - J. Pierson, 29, Male, Blacksmith, NJ, head of household
1860 - Jeremiah Pierson, 39, Male, Marble Yard, 6000 real estate, 500 personal, b. New Jersey
1870 - Jerry Pierson, Male, White, 57, Justice Peace, 6000 real estate, 3000 personal, b. New Jersey
1880 - Jeremiah Pierson, White, Male, Justice of Peace, NJ (his daughter Emma was a school teacher).

She went on to say that she believes he is the father of two of the graduates from the Young Women's Academy (listed elsewhere on this site): Pierson, Emma C., married to Horace DeCamp (see 1880 census, 1860 census, 1850 census)

and Pierson, Minnie A., who married Dr. J. W. Primm (see 1870 census, 1860 census (Addie), and 1850 census (A. Pierson).

Submitted by Ellen Moss.

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