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Inter-State Publishing Company
Chicago, Illinois, 1881

Page 648

E. P. BURLINGHAM, General Agent of the New York Life Insurance Company, opened an office for general business for this company, in Springfield, in 1879, it being the first and only general office representing any of the large Life Insurance Companies in the State, outside of Chicago. Mr. Burlingham controls the entire business for this powerful and popular company, in Illinois, and has ten assistants in the field. The New York Life is one of the oldest and strongest companies in the United States, as shown by the last published report. Its cash assets are over $45,000,000, with a surplus of over $9,000,000, with 48,548 policies in force, and an income in 1880 of $8,964,719. Mr. Burlingham's last report shows his new business in this State running at the rate of more than a million and a quarter of dollars per year; and cash collections on old business of $150,000 a year. More than half a million dollars of new tontine Investment policies have been placed among the solid business men of Springfield, within the past year and a half. Mr. Burlingham has had eleven years of experience, ten of them in Springfield, in exclusive life business. He is a New Englander by nativity; came to Illinois twenty years ago; pursued the avocation of teaching school eight years, and at the age of twenty-seven received the highest salary paid to any teacher in the public schools of Illinois, outside of Chicago, as Principal of the Cairo schools. In the fall of 1869, he abandoned teaching, and in the spring of 1870 engaged in the insurance business. He is now forty-one years of age.

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