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Inter-State Publishing Company
Chicago, Illinois, 1881

Page 942

WM. P. CARSON, was born on a farm near Chatham, Sangamon county, Illinois, December 25, 1830; moved to Fayette county, Bowling Green, in 1835; lived there until 1844, when his father died. He remained with his mother until 1847, when he came to this county, and worked by the month for William P. Campbell; worked nine months for $6 per month, and took as part pay a filly for $25; he traded this filly for a three-year-old horse, then gave the horse and a month's pay for a span of mules, and sold the mules for $150. this was the first $100 he ever owned. April 5, 1855, he married Miss Minerva Workman, born near Loami, October 23, 1833; she was a daughter of David Workman, who was a farmer, a member of the Christian Church; he died in March, 1865. His wife, Lydia Ballou, was born in Overton county, Tennessee; she was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and mother of fourteen children, nine of whom are living. He bought a farm of eighty-six acres in section twenty-nine, Loami, for $1,800, paying down $600. In 1857, he had his farm paid for; he is still living on this farm. He and his wife had nine children, seven living, viz: David, Sarah, John C., Elizabeth, Lydia A., Lee and Amanda. Mrs. Carson is a member of the Presbyterian Church. John Carson, father of William P., was born in South Carolina, August 8, 1794. He was in the war of 1812, also in the Black Hawk War; he followed farming, and died November 19, 1844. His wife was Margery Parkerson, born in Carter county, Tennessee, October 19, 1799. She was a member of the Baptist church, and mother of nine children; five are living - three boys and two girls. Mr. Carson has now two hundred and ninety-three acres of land, all under good cultivation, in Loami; he also has forty acres in Effingham county. He is a Democrat in politics, and cast his first vote for Frank Pierce in 1852. His father came to Illinois in 1814, and settled on Shoal Creek, in Madison county.

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