Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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Aarup, Peter Gibson, David L. Osenton, John S.
Ackerman, Philip Jr. Gibson, John T. Ostermeier, George Frederick
Adams, Edward Giese, Gustav Ott, John
Adams, John Porter Giger, Henry Douglas Owens, John William
Allen, Alfred M. Gilbert, A. D. Owens, Thomas J.
Allen, John Gilbert, Edward Paddock, James H.
Allison, Isaac F. Gillett, Joseph E. Page, Alonzo
Ambrose, George J. Glaren, Maurice Page, John A.
Amrhein, Christoph Gleason, James M. Pahnke, Bernhard
Anderson, George W. Goldfuss, William Palmer, George Thomas, M.D.
Anderson, L. S. Gomes, Eli Palmer, John M., Mrs.
Anderson, Tavner Gomes, John Palmer, John McAuley
Anderson, Thomas F. Goodpasture, Levi D. Pangle, Sylvester
Andrew, John Goodson, L. Jay Pape, Charles Henry
Ansell, Oscar Gordon, Marion L. Park, George W.
Apgar, LeRoy Gorey, John Patrick Parker, Charles Allen
Armstrong, William Henry Gorman, William Parker, James
Arnold, George W. Graham, James M. Parkes, James
Arnold, John H. Graves, Samuel L., Jr. Passent, John H.
Ash, George W. Greenawalt, George W. Patterson, Frank U.
Atherton, Albert, Dr. Greenawalt, Leroy Patterson, Robert
Atherton, Edward Jonathan Greenwalt, John Thomas Patton, Charles Lanphier, M.D.
Atkins, Palmer Grider, Marshall S. Paul, Gabriel
Atkinson, George W. Griesser, Conrad Paul, Henry
Auxier, Daniel Jefferson Griffin, Mary, Mrs. Paul, J. Fred
Avolt, Christopher Griffith, Alice A. (McElroy), Mrs. Payton, Jesse K.
Ayers, Eugene Morgan Griffith, Ben Barrett, M.D. Pease, Shaw, Hon.
Babenel, Peter Griffith, Benjamin M., M.D. Peerce, John T.
Bachmann, Carl Grossell, Michael Pehlman, Michael
Bahr, Henry J. Groth, Wilhelm Sr. Phelps, Harry Emerson
Baker, Edward Grove, G. R. Philipp, Maximilian
Baker, George C. Gundy, Nathaniel Phillips, Eber
Baker, Martin E. Jr. Guy, David Franklin Phillips, James Alexander
Baker, Peter Guyman, Ralph A. Pickrell, Jesse A.
Baker, Richard Hackett, Daniel J. Pilcher, A. B.
Baker, William G. Haegele, Patrick Pilcher, John Sr.
Baldwin, Wesley Hagaman, Thomas Piper, Carl Frederick William
Bale, William Jacob Haines, John C. Fremont Plummer, Nathan
Ball, Theodore Kellogg Hall, David S. Plunkett, Asa W.
Bancroft, George Robert Hall, Edward Augustus Plunkett, Cornelius A.
Bansbach, Joseph Hall, Thomas Plunkett, James Huston
Barbre, William E. Hall, Thomas R. Plunkett, William F.
Barkley, James Henry Hallahan, Deniel Poehlman, Conrad
Barnes, Carey E. Hamilton, Frank H. Pogue, John F.
Barnes, John Hamilton, Lloyd F., Hon. Pope, Obadiah
Barnes, Robert A. Hamman, Samuel Porter, Harry C.
Barnes, William James Hammon, Charles Henry Powell, William E.
Barnett, Alexander Miller Hammon, George Power, Charles A.
Barregarye, M. Hanes, Urias Power, Charles P.
Bartlett, John W. Hanley, John Henry Prickett, Charlotte (Griffith), Mrs.
Basford, Isaac Hanson, Frederic A. Prickett, David
Baumann, George Happer, Andrew F. Prickett, Margaret (Johnstone), Mrs.
Baumgartner, John Harbaugh, Edward Prickett, Thomas G.
Baxter, Albert Crum, Dr. Harbert, Samuel M. Priest, James A.
Beam, John Lewis Harbold, Jacob Priest, John W.
Beard, Josiah Hargitt, William P. Prokopp, Joseph W.
Beason, Joseph C. Harnsberger, John Jacob Pruitt, Edgar C.
Beatty, Walter Rollins Harris, Mary Bell, Mrs. Prunk, Charles J.
Beck, Robert Harrison, James Puffinbarger, Martin
Becker, Charles D. Harrison, John Q. Puglisi, Stephen
Becker, Louis Hart, George W. Purvines, Achilles Newton
Becker, Oscar Hartman, Thomas Francis, Rev. Purvines, Burton Lee
Becraft, George W. Hartmann Brothers Purvines, Elijah Alexander
Beechler, William Edward Harwood, William T. Purvines, Green Lee
Beerbower, James M. Haselrig, William A. Purvines, James O.
Beerup, William Hatcher, Mary (Currier), Mrs. Putam, Samuel
Bell, Benoni Hatton, Joseph Putting, William Fred
Bell, Lu Mildred Hay, John Pyle, William A.
Bender, Victor E. Hay, Logan Quinn, Edward
Bennett, Charles W. Hayes, Joseph W. Quinn, Patrick Joseph
Bennett, Harry Hayes, Michael Rachford, Thomas W.
Bergen, Charles Henry Haynes, Roscoe A. Ragan, Jonathan
Bergmann, John Hays, Harry Ragland, Joseph
Bergner, Herman F. Hays, James Rahman, Herman
Berriman, George R. Heberling, Thomas H. Ramsey, Christopher
Berry, James Heidler, Samuel H. Rankins, William
Berry, Riland Dillard, M.D. Hendricks, Joseph Rape, Alfred N.
Berry, William Henkel, Henry Bailey Raps, George J.
Best, Ernest Henkle, Jake S. Reavley, Thomas, Sr.
Best, Robert Henkle, Thomas Condell Reavley, Jacob Matthias
Bettinghaus, Henry Henry, George Washington Reavley, Robert
Beyer, Conrad Hensley, William Sherman Rechner, August
Biesenthal, Charles A. Herman, George W. Rechner, John Joseph
Biesenthal, Fred Herndon, Isaac William Rechner, William
Bigler, Cyrus Wineman Herring, Henry Redmond, James
Bilyeau, Edward Hertel, George Reed, Charles M.
Bilyeu, Peter Hesser, John L. Reed, Patrick
Bird, Lewis Elmer Hickey, Patrick Rees, Thomas, Hon.
Birnbaum, John Hickey, Timothy, Very Reverend Reese, John H.
Bisch, Charles T. Hicks, Lafayette Washington Refine, Antonio DeFrates
Black, Frank P. Higgins, Owen Regan, Michael
Black, George N. Higgins, William Reid, Archibald
Black, Henry Clay Himmelsbach, Frank Reid, William Brown
Black, John Williams Hoffman, George - born 1840 Reilly, Thomas W.
Blair, Francis Grant Hoffman, George - born 1850 Reisch, Franz Sales
Blakely, George Hoffman, Philip Reisch, George
Blakesley, S. F. Hollis, John W. Renne, Thomas P.
Bleser, Jacob Hood, Thomas Renshaw, George M.
Bode, Franz Hooper, William W. Rhea, Edwin L.
Boggs, Joseph Hopkins, Leon P. Rhea, Stephen Edwin
Bolte, Henry L. Hopper, Hugh Rhodes, Clarence M.
Booker, John B. Horch, Moritz Rich, Benjamin
Booth, Amasa S. Horn, James W. Richard, Frank
Borland, Royal Sheldon Horn, Walter J. Richardson, Clara Belle
Bottorff, Charles Hornbaker, John Richardson, Thomas B.
Bowe, William Henry Hough, Francis M. Ricketts, Albert L.
Bowers, Clark Houser, Joseph Ridgely, Charles
Boyle, William Houston, Miletus C. Ridgeway, Norman
Boynton, Ervin D. Howard, Michael James Riefler, Charles J.
Bradford, William Austin Howard, Patrick Rieger, George
Bradshaw, Elijah Howard, Thomas D. Riggins, William Mitchell
Branson, Edward R. Howard, William Michael Ritter, Nicholas
Breese, Sidney Smythe Howard, William W. Roach, John N.
Brennan, James Howenstine, Henry Roberts, William P.
Brennan, Owen J. Howett, James Robertson, Marcus Browning
Brennan, Patrick Howitt, Henry Robinson, John Wesley, M.D.
Bretz, John Howlett, John T. Robinson, Joseph A.
Brewer, James Howlett, Lewis Robinson, William S.
Brimbarger, John Howlett, William M. Robinson, William T.
Brinkerhoff, George Madoc Hubbs, Joshua Rocchiccioli, Charles
Britt, Henry Huber, Fred Delos, M.D. Rock, John Francis
Brittin, Ernest H., M.D. Huber, William Harrison Rodems, Charles E.
Brockel, John W. Huckelberry, Eli L. Roderick, John C.
Broida, David Huckelberry, William H. Roderick, Joseph
Bronson, Augustus I. Hudson, Andrew J. Rodgers, Alfred
Brooks, Andrew Mears Huffman, William Rodgers, John
Brooks, Eliza Johnson (Welch) Hughes, William Rodgers, Richard
Brooks, James F. Huier, John Henry Rohrer, Andrew
Brown, Benjamin S. Hulbert, John Rokker, Henry William
Brown, George H. Humphrey, J. Otis, Judge Rollet, Andrew
Brown, Hermon Humphreys, Joseph A. Roosa, Charles A.
Brown, Jacob Hunter, Al Ross, David, Hon.
Brown, William Hunter, Albion Ross, Duncan
Brownback, Charles E., M.D. Hunter, George W. Ross, Nathan
Browning, Alfred M. Hunter, Hugh Rourke, William P.
Bruce, Francis H. Hunter, John B. Routt, James Jackson
Bruestle, John J. Hunter, John W. Rowley, Timothy W.
Brunk, Charles Allen Hunter, Peter James Ruden, Fred
Brunk, Jacob Orange Hunter, Walter E. Rumsey, Aaron burr
Brunner, Fred Hunter, William D. Runkles, John G.
Bruns, Frederick Huntington, George Lathrop Runnels, Jesse
Bryant, William Marion Hurt, David M. Rupp, Philip
Buchanan, Nathaniel James Ide, Albert L. Russell, James K. P.
Buck, Thomas J., Prof. Ide, Henry Rutherford, Newton
Buckles, Joseph L. Iles, Washington Thomas Ryan, Charles James
Buckley, Henry Peck Ingels, Nathaniel H. Ryan, Michael
Bullock, William A. Ingledew, Thomas Sack, William F.
Bullough, William Ingram, James Sagle, Samuel F.
Bunch, David S. Inslee, N. J. Sams, Alexander
Bunsen, Albert Charles Irwin, Adolphus Quintin Sanders, Charles B., Sr.
Bunting, William C. Irwin, James H. Sanders, Charles Beverly, Jr.
Burkhardt, Herman F. Ishmael, Frederick Worth Peden Sanders, Elisha
Burkhardt, John M. Jackaway, William Saner, Benedict
Burnhart, William Jackson, Charles Sanner, John W.
Burns, Barney Jackson, John A. Sargeant, George
Burns, John E. Jacobs, James A. Sarver, James P.
Burns, Paul George Jacobs, John Saunders, Milton
Burns, Thomas J. Jacobs, Taylor Saxer, George
Burr, Thomas Janssen, Johanna, Mrs. Scanlan, Edmund J.
Burt, Alfred Hall Jarrett, Thomas Lewis Scanlan, John J.
Burton, John David Jayne, William, Dr. Schaaf, Anton
Butler, Isaac E. Jefferies, Naran Allen Schaeffer, Michael
Butler, William Joseph, Col. Jenkins, Chauncey Hobart Schamel, Albert
Butterley, Stephen Jenkins, William Scharf, George Philip
Butzman, Charles F. Jerald, Clarence H. Scheibner, John H.
Byers, Jacob C. Johnson, Francis S. Schevers, William David
Byron, W. D. Johnson, James D. Schilsky, John
Caldwell, Ben F., Hon. Johnson, James P. Schlenker, Fred J.
Caldwell, David Johnson, John Schmidt, Anton
Caldwell, James E. Johnson, Niels R. Schmidt, Stephen
Caldwell, Otho Louis Johnston, James H. Schmienz, Martin
Calkins, Hiram C. Jones, Elijah Schneider, Daniel
Campbell, Alexander Jones, George W. Schneider, John
Campbell, Ernest Lee Jones, Oscar D. Schnepp, George
Campbell, George Bunn Jones, Owen W. Schnepp, John S.
Campbell, John H. Jones, Samuel T. Schroll, Edward A.
Campbell, Maxwell McClellan Jordan, Elsie P., Mrs. Schroyer, Moses
Campbell, William - born 1823 Jordan, Jacob Schuchardt, Frank
Campbell, William - born 1845 Jordan, Winfield S. Schuck, J. H.
Campbell, William Lee Judd, George Schuessler, Constantine
Campbell, William Van Buren Judd, Marquis L. Schuller, John N.
Canfield, Charles W. Judd, Rezin A. V. Scott, Charles
Canfield, Erastus D. Kabureck, George Scott, John Hamilton
Canham, John Kane, Charles P. Sears, John V., Jr.
Cantrall, Jacob M. Kane, William Sears, William E.
Cantrall, Zebulon Graham Kavanaugh, Daniel Seeley, Roy M.
Carey, John M. Kavanaugh, Michael Self, James M.
Carmean, Robert Kaylor, John Semple, James A.
Carnes, Alexander L. Keck, Simeon Sevier, John W.
Carson, John M. Keeling, Squire Seward, Charles Henry
Carson, William P. Kelley, John Q. Sexauer, Benjamin Franklin
Carswell, Thomas Kelley, Matthew Shaffer, William H.
Carter, Darius Kelly, Frank Joseph Shankland, John H.
Cartmel, Marion Kelly, James Yateman Jr. Sharp, George
Cartwright, William Kemmerer, James W. Shartzer, Alfred A.
Carver, Albert Kennedy, Thomas Shartzer, Atkinson M.
Carver, Felix Kenney, John Sheehan, Thomas
Carver, Frank Kenney, Thomas J. Sheehan, William Patton
Carver, Margarite Mae Kessberger, A. W. Shepard, James R.
Cary, Albert Ross Kessler, Charles W. Shepherd, Louis Pitner
Caslick, Nicholas Kessler, George Shepherd, Thomas A.
Casserleigh, Peter Ketterer, Joseph M. Shepherd, Thomas B.
Catlin, Malcolm Keys, George E. Shepherd, Thomas D.
Chambers, James Jr. Kidd, Robert R. Sherman, Lawrence Y.
Chapman, J. S. King, Ira George Shipp, Clark Brahm
Child, John L. King, John W. Shockley, Uel Hickman
Childers, William King, Stephen Jones, M.D. Shoup, Samuel
Christman, Peter Kirlin, Bernard M. Shroyer, Abel
Clancy, Michael Klintworth, Henry Shumate, Hiram H.
Clapp, Charles Franklin Koch, Casper Sidener, George P., Jr.
Clark, Edward O. Kohl, John Sidener, Richard Allen
Clark, Henry R. Kornack, August Simon, John S.
Clark, James L. Kramer, Jacob Simpson, James Wickliff
Claspill, Samuel H. Kramer, John E. Simpson, William R.
Claus, Joseph Kreider, George N., M.D. Sims, David Hudson
Clayton, John Franklin Kreigh, Elie M. Jr. Sims, George Washington
Clements, Henry D. Kress, Philip Sims, James P.
Clements, Zakery T. Kresthner, Conrad Sims, John O.
Clendenin, Henry Wilson Krimmel, Charles F. Six, H. A.
Coberly, Jobe Kruger, Nick Smelley, William F.
Cody, John Kuhn, August Smith, Albert
Coe, John C. Kuhn, Michael Smith, Andrew V.
Coe, Samuel Jacob Kupisch, August Smith, Charles Harvey
Coe, William Kussmaul, William F. Smith, DeWitt Wickliffe
Cogdal, Thomas Jefferson Kutscher, Henry Smith, Edward William
Cohen, Samuel N. Ladage, Fred William Smith, Elbert S.
Cohn, Annie, Mrs. Laird, Florus Alva, Dr. Smith, George
Colburn, George Paul Lake, John Spencer Smith, George H.
Colburn, Henry William Lambert, Edmund, D.D.S. Smith, J. Emil
Colburn, Levi Otis Lamken, John D. Smith, John
Coleman, James W. Lamond, Charles Edgar Smith, John Taylor
Colgan, Eugene Lamun, John Smith, Richard B.
Collins, Harry Lanahan, Edward J. Smith, Richard C.
Collins, James Joseph Larson, Peter B. Smith, Samuel A.
Collins, Joseph Henry Lauterbach, John Smith, Sherman T.
Conkling, Clinton Levering Law, Mathew Smith, Sylvester B.
Conkling, James Cook
Conkling, William H. Law, Thomas Snively, Ethan A.
Connelly, Terrence Lawley, James P. Snodgrass, Nelson
Connelly, James A., Major Lawson, James Snodgrass, William Henry Harrison
Conren, John Lawson, John Songer, Lydia M., Mrs.
Conroy, Martin Lawyer, John W. Souther, Nannie (Latham), Mrs.
Converse, Albert L. Lax, M., Professor Sparks, Elijah
Cook, John F. Leadabrand, Henry Spies, Gustavus
Cooley, Charles H. Leamons, John Spikre, Noah W.
Coons, G. M. Lehnen, John P. Spindel, Eugene F.
Cooper, David D. Lengenfelder, Andreas Springer, Frank S.
Cooper, Robert V. Lenhart, Valentine Stanton, Samuel M.
Copple, Jacob Lenz, Albert David Stark, Hardin B.
Cordes, Michel Lenz, Frank Joseph Starkweather, Daniel H.
Correll, Charles David Lenz, Valentine Stein, Adam
Coulter, Earl C. Leutenmayer, Maximillian Stephens, Henry C.
Council, Alvin Lightfoot, Gabriel M. Stewart, Theodore A., Capt.
Council, Emerson Listman, John Stickel, Alexander Wesley
Cox, Thomas Little, Samuel N. Stickley, Henry H.
Craig, John Newton Littlejohn, James Stieren, William
Crawley, James Littleton, Walter Franklin Stockdale, Wallace Tappen
Creamer, Patrick Littrel, William Stogdell, George W.
Crissey, Stephen T. Lochridge, Robert Henry Stone, George L.
Crissey, William Henry Loeb, William Stout, Joab P.
Crook, Alija Robinson Logan, Thomas Dale, Rev. Stout, Philemon
Crowder, James H. Lonergan, John Stout, Samuel J.
Crowder, Thomas Jefferson Long, Alexander P. Stout, Samuel Philemon
Crowder, William A. Long, Fred W. Stricklett, John G., M. D.
Crudden, Patrick Loomis, Webner E. Strode, John A.
Cumberworth, George H. Loper, Harry T. Stuttill, John
Cummings, Joseph Lord, John Henry Sutton, Francis M.
Cummings, Peter Lorton, Albert Perry Sweeney, Arthur T.
Currier, Mary Priest, Mrs. Loving, John H. Tackett, Jesse
Currier, Silas Wright Loving, Levi Talbott, W. A.
Dalbey, James Eastman Lucas, George T. Tarbet, William I., Dr.
Damkus, Joseph K. Lucas, Reuben Tauth, Joseph Bernard
Daniel, Nathan T. Lueck, Herman Taylor Family
Daniels, James M. Lupton, Julius W. Taylor, A. J.
Dasher, Edwin Huston Sr. Lutricks, John Jr. Taylor, Francis
Davidson, George W. Lutyens, Henry, M.D. Taylor, Francis L.
Davidson, Samuel Lyon, Euclid F. Taylor, John Edward
Davies, Morgan A. MacDonald, John Taylor, Lewis Cass., M.D.
Davis, J. McCan Maggenti, Joseph Taylor, Robert R.
Davis, James E. Maher, William James Taylor, William Biddle

Davis, James W.

Mahoney, James Anthony Teater, Terrence B.
Davis, John Mahr, John Templeman, James W.
Davison, James Maisel, John Terrent, Michael J.
Dawley, Joseph C. Maisenbacher, John Fred Thayer, Edward Raymore
Dawson, Henry M. Major, George Thoma, Frank
Dawson, James H. Maloney, Jerry James Thomas, Hugo
Dawson, John Maloney, John Douglas Thompson, Franklin C.
Day, Edward Chester Maloney, William Thompson, Stanton H.
Day, John W. Mambach, William Tilley, John
Dedrich, Frederick Mann, Henry T. Timcore, John B.
DeFrates, James Mann, John H. Tobin, John
DeFrates, Manuel - born 1848 Mann, Samuel A. Tobin, Samuel A.
DeFrates, Manuel - born 1850 Marlowe, William Todd, John H.
DeFratis, John Marlowe, William Jr. Toltzman, John
DeGan, George A. Marsh, Frank Hewett Tomlin, Edwin
Deicken, Adolph F. Marshall, Andrew J. Tomlin, Jacob F.
DeJong, Gerhard Marshall, Elizabeth Viola Tomlinson, Elizabeth Ellen
Deneen, Charles Samuel Marshall, Samuel Henry Tomlinson, William D.
Denney, James Martin, George B. Townsend, Pleasant E.
Denton, Preston Martin, Green W. Trapp, Henry
Derry, James S. Martin, John Herbert Trimble, James A.
DeSilva, Emanuel Martin, Joseph W. Trimble, Nelson
DeSouza, Canada B. Martinaits, George Trimble, Samuel Edward
DeSouza, Manuel Marx, Jacob Trimble, William H.
DeSylver, John Mason, Harry Howland Troxell, W. Staley
Dickmann, Casper Massey, John Trumbo, Charles Wesley
Dillard, R. Martin Matheny, Charles R. Tully, Andrew
Diller, Isaac Roland Matheny, Charles W. Turly, Thomas J.
Dillon, Ebenezer B. Matheny, Edward Dow Turner, Alfred B.
Dillon, Thomas M. Matheny, James H. Turner, William P.
Disney, Thomas Matheny, James J. Jr. Twigg, Obadiah
Doan, George Franklin Matheny, Noah W. Van Da Walker, Charles
Dodd, James E. Matheny, Elijah Cook Van Da Walker, John Leonard
Doenges, Lewis A. Matthew, Luther F. Van Deren, David McKee
Doerfler, John Maxcy, James R. Van Deventer, Charles Edgar
Donelan, Michael May, Ethan Palmer Van Horn, Frederick
Donnelly, John May, William Van Meter, James Benjamin
Donovan, Michael Mayer, Jacob Van Nattan, Norman A.
Doran, Patrick McCalister, James Van Nattan, Thomas
Dorwin, Harry F. McCalister, Scott Vancil, Burke
Doty, Nathan McCart, Thomas Vancil, William M.
Dowis, William H. McCarthy, James Venneman, Theodore
Dowling, James E. McCarthy, John C. Vetter, john
Drake, Henry B. McClernand, John Alexander, Gen. Vincent, Oscar
Drennan, John Walter McClintock, William Jay, M.D. Viney, William A.
Dresch, John McClure, John W. Vliet, Joseph
Driskell, Joseph McConnell, Edward Von Hof, Nicholas
Drohan, Edward McConnell, Robert Simpson Vose, John, Sr.
Dubinsky, Jack McCormack, John Vredenburgh, Peter
Duffield, William Henry McCoy, Joseph C. Wade, Samuel G.
Dunaway, Charles Newton McCoy, Sylvester J. Wadsworth, John T.
Dunaway, William E. McCoy, William Franklin Wakefield, Samuel O.
Duncan, Elizabeth McDole, John Waldron, James
Duncan, Milton McElfresh, Charles Henry, M.D. Walker, Andrew
Dunkel, David Albert McElroy, William N., Rev. Walker, Benjamin Franklin
Dunkel, John Thomas McEwen, Jacob H. Walker, Norton A.
Dunkel, Martin McFarland, John D., Dr. Wallace, Joseph
Dunlap, Alexander McGillick, John Wallace, William W.
Dunlap, James R., M.D. McGinnis, Bridget, Mrs. Walsh, Harry T.
Dunlap, Stephen Douglas McGivney, Michael Walsh, Michael
Dunn, Ivan Stephen McGovern, John James Ward, Jeremiah
Dwyer, William McGowan, Frank M. Waters, Daniel
Easley, James Ambrose McGrath, Thomas C. Waters, James J.
Easley, Robert Henry McGraw, Daniel Watson, George Talbott
Ebe, Sofer McGrue, Harry O. Watts, Benjamin
Edwards, Benjamin Stephenson McGrue, Oliver Watts, James Bates, D.D.S.
Edwards, James B. McGuire, Robert L., Judge Weaver, Jacob
Egan, Edward Francis McIntire, James W. Weaver, John B.
Eifert, David McKee, Charles C. Weaver, Samuel R.
Eilenberger, William McKee, George W. Weaver, William H.
Eiley, Lewis D., M.D. McKee, James Lemuel Weber, Charles E.
Elkin, Charles N. McKee, Leta Lorena Weber, Charles Eldridge
Elkin, William F., Jr. McKee, Noah Weber, Eli
Elliott, Alexander McKenzie, Joseph Weber, William Shepherd
Ellis, Joel H. McKinney, Hugh Webster, Stephen
Elshoff, Anton McLachlan, John Wehrle, August
English, Benajah R. McLaughlin, Christopher Wehrman, Henry
Ermann, Anton McLeean, A. H. Weice, George
Ernst, John Alexander McMurray, Thomas B. Weisz, John
Ernst, William Franklin McMurry, Thomas Welch, Abednego Richardson
Estill, William John, Capt. McPherson, Georgiana, Mrs. Welch, George Merrit
Estrop, Richard McTaggart, A. T. Wells, Richard R.
Evans, John T. McTaggart, Charles D. Welsh, John V.
Everhart, George William McTaggart, Walter Neil Welsh, Patrick
Fagan, James K. Meacham, John H. Wenneborg, Henry
Fagan, William G. Meisenbacher, John Wenneborg, Otto
Fain, William S. Meredith, Clarence B. Werner, Charles
Faith, John W. Merklin, Charles Werner, Charles Sr.
Fargo, William Merritt, William A. Werner, Joseph
Farley, John Mester, Henry Herman Westenberger, George L.
Farnsworth, James Mester, Julius F. Whalen, James William
Farrant, Thomas Martin Metcalf, Edward P. Wheeler, William R.
Fauser, Konrad Metcalf, Samuel T. Whickham, Seth W.
Faussauer, Frederick Metz, Irving Wagner, M.D. Whipple, John H.
Fawcett, D. Frank Metzger, Christian Ernst Julius Whipple, Sylvester
Fawcett, J. W. Metzke, William White, Daniel V.
Ferguson, Benjamin Hamilton Meyer, Gottlieb White, Enoch P.
Fernandes, Joseph Meyer, Henry C. White, Frank
Fero, Ira W. Meyer, James White, Gill Porter
Ferreira, Isaac Meyer, Louis White, Henry
Ferreira, John H. Millar, William Johnston White, James C.
Ferris, George D. Miller, Francis M. White, Robert E.
Ferry, George P. Miller, Fred H. Whitecraft, Walter S.
Ferry, John T. Miller, Henry Whitmore, Oliver
Fetzer, John P. Miller, Joseph R. Wieborg, George
Feuerbach, John Miller, Michael Clifton Wiedlocher, Frank
Feuerbacher, Frederick Miller, William Gibson Wieties, Jeff
Fields, James H. Milligan, Clarence Wilbur, M.D. Wilson, Henry Clay
Fink, Edward A. Mills, Charles Francis Wilcox, Ellis
Fink, Frank C., Dr. Miner, Lewis Henry Wilcox, J. L., M.D.
Fisherkeller, Lewis Miner, Smith Wilcox, Thomas Moore
Fitzgerald, John J. Mischler, Phil Wilkinson, Reuben
Fitzgerald, Maurice Mitchell, John F. Williams, George W.
Fitzpatrick, Martin Mitts, Edward Grant Williams, Henry H.
Fitzpatrick, Patrick Mohr, Anthony Williams, Jacob
Flatt, Charles Samuel Montgomery, James Frederick Williams, John
Fleming, Matthew Moore, Samuel Williams, John, Col.
Fletcher, Benjamin F. Moore, William Eaton Williams, Joseph
Fletcher, Francis D., M.D. Morgan, Michael Williams, Milton
Fletcher, Preston B. Morris, James F. Willis, Claude joseph
Fletcher, Ruffin D. Morrison, John W. Wills, Ross Martin
Fleury, Frank, M.D. Morstatter, George Wilson, Bluford
Floyd, Isaac Mortimer, C. B. Wilson, Edwin Augustus
Foley, Enoch Morton, Salmon H. Wilson, Harry W.
Foley, John Moyer, Charles E. Wilson, James
Ford, Edward Mueller, Gerhard Anton Wilson, John T.
Forster, Thomas Mueller, Hans Edward Wilson, Thomas W.
Forth, Charles J. Mulligan, William Thomas Wilson, Thomas Witcher
Forthman, William H. Munroe, Grafton, D.D.S. Windsor, William
Fortman, John Murphy, James Winings, Samuel L.
Fossett, Jonathan E. Murphy, Patrick Winn, Robert Lee
Foster, George W. Murray, Alexander B. Winter, William E.
Foster, Jacob F. Murray, George W. Wirth, Conrad
Foster, Samuel Lewis Murray, John William Womack, Presley Barry
Foutch, Hugh Murray, Thomas James Woodcock, John R.
Fowler, Charles C. Myers, Alvah O., Jr. Woodcock, William
Fox, Charles W. Myers, Harry L. Wooding, Daniel James
Fox, James R. Napierski, August Woodmansee, Robert Ellis
Fox, Samuel C. Neal, Charles Woodruff, Cornelius
Fox, Smith Neef, Frank Woodruff, Marion U.
Francis, James S. Neef, Frank W. Woodward, Joseph Richard
Francis, Joseph Neer, Catherine Woolary, Emmer
Francis, Vincent Nelch, Adam Workman, Alfred C.
Franks, John Nettleton, William Workman, Esau
Freeman, Norman L. Neu, Jacob Workman, Isaac
Freidinger, Henry Neu, John C. Workman, John
Freischlag, Joseph Neuman, John Workman, Mayhew
Freitag, Charles H. Neuman, John C. Workman, Melvin
Frese, Adolf G. Nevius, Joseph O. Workman, Samuel J.
Frey, John Newell, Claude P. Workman, Stephen
Fry, Dominick Newton, John B. Workman, William H.
Fudge, Adam Thomas Nicoll, Byron William Wright, John W.
Funderburk, William Braden Niesen, William Wright, Thomas
Funkhouser, Charles Elbert Nisius, Peter Wright, Thomas B., Rev.
Gadert, John Noble, Theodore Wyant, Perry Oliver
Gaede, Charles W. Noel, John Wyatt, Charles E.
Gaffigan, Michael Nolan, Edward Wyatt, William J.
Gaines, David Nolan, John M. Yocom, William Jacob
Gallagher, Patrick Nordmeyer, John A. Young, Benjamin F.
Galligan, Bart Northcott, William Allen Young, George H.
Galyen, George E. Nott, Walter Harrison Young, George W.
Gamble, Ezra Nottingham, Walter Young, James
Gardner, William P. O'Brien, Bessie Young, John J.
Garman, William O'Brien, Frank Patrick Young, Joseph
Garner, Thomas G. O'Brien, John Young, Nicholas
Garren, John W. O'Brien, Patrick Young, Silas J.
Garvey, J. Walter O'Brien, Thomas F. Young, William H.
Garvey, Patrick O'Connell, Cornelius Younger, John Franklin
Zacharias, Antonio De Fraties
Gathard, Malon O'Crowley, Daniel Zane, Robert H.
Gatton, Walter T. Ogg, Basil W. Zimmerman, Joseph
Gaul, George M. Oldfield, Seth A. Zimmermann, John
Gedman, Charles O'Reilly, Patrick Joseph, Rev. Zombro, John Quincy Adams
Gehlman, Samuel Henry Orendorff, Alfred Zorn, Henry
Gehrmann, Charles A. Osburn, James R. Zuckswerth, Henry

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