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Cantrall, Illinois

The First Church of Sangamon County, Illinois

Organized May 15 1820
Stephen England


This book consists of the records from eleven of the original record books from the church, plus some information on some families of the church.Each of the eleven books are different in size, condition, and type of record, but each one has the names of many of our early settlers and their descendants, so we are very fortunate indeed to have located them.


Many of the names of the people are misspelled and some of the other words, too, but we are printing these records just as they are spelled in the books.The more I have worked with these books, the more precious they have become, even with the misspellings.The people have come alive for me, and I really feel like that I knew each one of them.


Bible is spelled Bibel sometimes--Holy Scriptures spelled Holey Scriptures--gone is spelled gon in many instances, etc.


Special notation to a few items that will correct or add to what has already been published in several Sangamon County histories:Stephen Englandís daughter, Lucy (England) (Scott) did marry John Cline, and was the first marriage of Sangamon County, Illinois.She was married by her father.Adelphia Wood(s), one of the charter members of the church, has now been identified as a sister to Anna (Harper) England, the wife of Stephen England.Anna England, another daughter of Stephen England, married Andrew Clarno, not Andrew Cline, as is stated in many of the Sangamon County histories.Much research has been done on this family.Andrew Clarno was one of the son-in-laws who came with Stephen England to Sangamon County very early.


Many thanks to all who have contributed information and their time for the compilation of this book.Contributors are listed in the back of the book.



Compiled by:


Eileen Lynch Gochanour

2317 N. Fifth Street

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