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Cantrall, Illinois

The First Church of Sangamon County, Illinois
Organized May 15 1820
Stephen England

Assorted Letters, receipts, etc.

Pages 143 - 146

Book 11 continued


by Lester B. Hall

Certificate of Deposit Form M-471 300 books 8-28-28 G. P.


Other loose pages in books:
Papering 10.20             Raising house 9.00

Plastering 6.50

Total 25.70

George Shinnebarger

A small receipt loose in book:
Received of Mrs. Mellinger-Six Dollars by J. L. Roberts,
401 Dorchester Ave.
Ashland, O. Magi Chem. Co.

3 small envelopes loose-2 of which are addressed to Mrs. Allen Cline,
Athens, Ill. And 1 addressed to Ladies Aid of Christian Church,
Cantrall, Illinois-2 small cards inside one of the envelopes:
“Gratefully acknowledging and thanking you for your kind expression of sympathy.”
(Signed) Mr. Hal Van Meter and family
“Gratefully acknowledging and thanking you for the flowers and your kind expression of sympathy.”
(Signed) Mr. and Mrs. Hal Van Meter family


A letter from West Side Church of Christ, Corner State and Edwards Streets, Springfield, Illinois, dated December 4, 1940, to the Church Clerk, Christian Church at Cantrall, Illinois: Dear Brethren: This is to advise you that on a recent date Mrs. Mary Jane Brown and Miss Edna Brown placed their membership in this congregation and ask that their names be dropped from your membership roll. Sincerely, Robt. F. Engel, Church Clerk. On the letterhead paper from the West Side Church of Christ, it states that Orval M. Morgan is Minister and Mrs. J. Russell Morse the Living Link Missionary.

This is the end of all the eleven known record books of the Antioch Christian Church at Cantrall, Illinois as of this date-Feb. 10, 1982.

PAGE 143

On a half sheet of lined paper, folded and in one of the church books: On back side of this paper:

Joe Dick; John Jackaway; William Colliver; Mr. Lou Cordell; Ralph Wilcoxon; Mr. Henry Graham; Mr. Will Cline; Mr. Hoffman; Joe Powell; Tom Matthers; Amob Devocellos; Geo. Nance; Hardy Vandergrift; E. U. Zellers; Mr. Tom Ford; Bert Glasscock; Ralph Kinnear; John Canterbury

On a lined tablet page, folded and loose in one of the church books:

Motion made and seconded by Bro. Grant that we wait until the close of the meeting too revise the Membership. Bro. Read suggested that Allen Cline and Bro. Mellinger be appointed too see too getting the money for Bro. Hughes. Motion made by self, that Bro. Read take the matter in hand and see to the Raising of the money as he thinks best. Bro. Will Englands statement in regard to Insurance, as too the sanction of the Board for raising the money, and Motion made by self that the Official board ratify the actions of the trustees in’ Insuring the church building. Motion carried.
Allen Cline, Sec.

On the back side of the page:

John Grant $1.00 2.00 Paid
Dick Patterson $1.50 2.00
Frank Null 1.00 Pd
Ellis Grant 1.00 Pd.
Mrs. McFadden .50 1.00
Mrs. Ed Leckrone .25 1.00
Mrs. Mellinger .25 .50
Mr. Lucas .50 Pd.
Allen Cline 1.00 Pd.
Mr. Keeffner by John Brittin .25 Pd.


On a lined tablet page, folded and loose in one of the books:

Cantrall, Ill. Oct. 19th 1913
Official Board met too consider the financial Part of a series of meetings. Meeting opened by Prayer by Bro. Read, after which the envelope system was discussed. Bro. Read suggested that the Membership Book be revised, and made a motion that the Official Board see the Members and see who wants to retain their Membership and if not too erase their names from the Book. A Motion made and carried that we revise the membership.


PAGE 144

2 letters from the University Place Christian Church-Station A-Champaign, Illinois-Stephen E. Fisher, Minister-addressed to Mr. Arthur E. Fisher, Cantrall, Illinois-Envelope is postmarked Nov. 8, 1939-11 P.M. from Champaign, Ill. With a 3 cent stamp.

November 8, 1939
Mr. Arthur E. Fisher
Cantrall, Illinois

Dear Arthur:

We are glad indeed to have your little note written to Mrs. Carlock about your Church letter. I am enclosing it, and want you to know that we are happy to know that you are following and loving the Christian Way which you began with us. If we were baptizing you now it would be in our beautiful new baptistry in the new Church, but I am mighty glad I baptized you even though it was not in the new Church.

I hope everything is going fine with you, and that you are very well.

Do visit us when you have an opportunity.

The work with the students is going splendidly, and you would enjoy looking in on them.

We are wishing the very best of everything for you always.

Most cordially, your old pastor,
SF:DS          (Signed) Stephen Fisher


November 8, 1939
To the Church of Christ wherever this may be presented, greeting:

This is to certify that the bearer, Mr. Arthur E. Fisher, is a member of University Place Christian Church of this city in full fellowship and good standing.

We cordially commend him to your love and comradeship in Christian service.

Cordially yours,
(Signed) Stephen Fisher

PAGE 145

Letter laying loose in one of the books:

Envelope addressed to Edith L. Fisher-Cantrall, Ill.-from Erwin H. Jahr 310-3rd Street, S. E.-Puyallup, Wash.-postmarked Puyallup, Wash. Apr. 2, 1947, 12:30 P.M. with a 3 cent stamp.

310-3 Street, S. E.
Puyallup, Wash.
March 31, 1947

Edith L. Fisher, Trustee
Christian Church
Cantrall, Ill.

Dear Madam,

This is to certify that Mary Walsh Pagel, after a course of instruction in the doctrines of the Lutheran Church, was received into the membership of Peace Lutheran Congregation through the rite of confirmation on Palm Sunday, March 30, 1947. She is now authorized to stand as sponsor in the Holy Baptism and Commune at the Lutheran altar.

(Signed) Erwin H. Jahr, Pastor
Peace Lutheran Congregation
310 - 3 Street S. E.
Puyallup, Wash.

A form letter enclosed loose in the church books:

The Church of Christ at Cantrall, Ill. To the Disciples of Christ, wherever this may come, Greeting: This is to certify that the bearer, Mrs. Maggie Canterbury, is a member with us, in good standing and full fellowship, and as such we cordially commend her to your Christian love and oversight. By Order of the Church, this 3rd day of Feby. 1917, E. A. Franks, Clerk. Note:--The bearer of this letter will be considered a member of this Congregation until we are notified of her reception elsewhere. (The Standard Publishing Co., Cincinnati, O.) (On the back of this is written) Allen Cline, Athens, Ills.


Loose in the books:

Note:--This blank should be filled out promptly and returned to church issuing letter. To Allen Cline, Cantrall, Ill. This is to certify, That Esther Tinsley, has united with the Church at Wesley Chapel this 26 day of August 1917.

(Signed) Rev. G. H. Neff, Clerk. (Clerk is lined thru)

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