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Cantrall, Illinois

The First Church of Sangamon County, Illinois

Organized May 15 1820
Stephen England

Membership Plus Additional Notes

Pages 1 - 14

Page 1

This book consists of dates May 5, 1850 through August 1872, and as far as I can tell is actually the first book written that we have found. It is small, being 6 1/8" x 8" x 1/2" thick, and is very faded, but all is easily readalb eexcept for pages 3 and 4 which were loose and very worn on the edtes. Inside the front cover of this book reads: Christian Church Book. There are scattered blank pages throughout the book.

Page 1

Cantall's Creek Sangamon County, Illinois, May 5th, 1850.
The following named persons believing in the the all sufficiency, and the alone sufficiency of the Holy Sciptures as a Rule of Faith and practice for Chrstians, and the only bond of Christian union, have ageed to unite upon the Bible, to be governed and guided by it in all things pertaining to Christianity, to be known by the name of the Christian Church of Cantrall's Creek.

1Cyrus Mitts 8†† James Mills 15Lucy Cline
2Martha Mitts 9†† John Mitts 16Jane Mitts
3William G. Cantrall 10 Marshal L. Randall 17Mararet Mitts
4Deborah Cantrall 11 Debpraj Randall 18David England
5Hiram Powel 12 John Cline 19Margaret England
6Lucy Powel 13 Jane Council 20Isaas Booth
7Joshua M. Cantrall 14 Elizabeth Mills
Page 2
21Margaret Booth 37Sarah Cantrall 53Amy Lacy
22Elizabeth Mills 38William Cline 54Elizabeth Bafford (gone)
23Elizabeth Langston 39John Canterbury 55Stephen England
24Jaconiah Langston 40Miranda Canterbury 56Rosanna England
25Nancy Langston 41Matilda Linch 57Marshal Blue
26Jane Langston 42Asa Canterbury 58Adaline Blue
27Joseph Langston* 43Margaret Canterbury 59Levi J. Sweet
28Ellizabeth Langston* 44Rosanna Dunlap 60Lucy Sweet
29Emily Langston 45Eliza Jane Cline 61Amanda L. Sweet
30Oliver Canterbury 46Isaac Booth* 62Henry C. Sweet
31Jonathan Hedrick 47Adaline Cantrall 63Julian Lake
32Juliet Hedrick 48Joshua Cantrall 64Turner Holland
33Elizabeth McLeland 49Rebecca Cantrall 65Nancy Holland
34Elizabeth Mills* 50Stephen E. Cantrall 66William Alexander
35Nancy Randall 51Caroline Cantrall 67Eveline Alexander
36Samuel Cantrall 52John Cline, Jr. 68Dorothy Powel
Page 3
69Sarah Cantrall Michael Gerty Carlyle H. Canterbury
70Miranda Cantrall William Dooley Emily Canterbury
71Mahala Smith Elijah Osborne (gone) Amanda Holland
72Ashley W. Center Mary Osborne (gone) Thompson Barnet
73Keziah Center Nancy Shepherd Jane Britton
74Mary Alexander James M. Mitts Louisa Center
75Margaret C. Blue ** Eveline Mitts Fanny Holland

* Names are lined out
** Last name that is numbered

Page 2

BOOK I - Page 3continued
Margaret England Julia Canterbur(y)* ?? Glascock
Elizabeth Cantrall Asa Canterbu(ry)* Mary Pealer
John Mc Oy Sarah Canterb(ury)* Almirea Milen(ger)*
Maryann Mc Oy Margaret Engl(and)* Rebeca Sulivan
Eliza Cantr(all)* Margaret Prim(m)* Elizabeth Cantr(all)*
Jessie Cantr(all)* James Cline Lemon Berrahil
E. L. Fren(ch)* John Conaway Elina Berrahil
Landan Mc Co(y)* Mariann Vodan? (Iodan) Eliza Talor***
Narsisa Cantra(ll)* Trvis Glascock** Steven Cantra(ll)*
Page 4
Harriett Cantrall (Ma)ry Holend Mary Hedrick
(Charles) G. Cantrall Martty Low William Cantrbuy
(William M.) Cantrall (Leo)nard Mitts Elizabeth Cantrbuy
(Zebulon) G. Cantrall Thoma(s) Stevins May Lynch
(Samuel) Milingner Eliza C. Cline Moriah J. Cline
James Wiley William Haris Stephen Brittan
Sarah Jane Wiley Mary Haris McDonald Cantrall
(Harrison) Hartford (Jo)hn Stephens Y. M. Cantrall
(Mary) Hartford # (Marg)eret Stephens Thomas Glasscock
(William) Hartford # (Mary?) Hedrick Albert Cantrall
(Ju)lian Holand David Cline Jacob Myres
James M. Level Jane Cline Lucy A. Barnett
Beaulah Taylor William Canterbury Carlile Mitts
Sarah Laton Lucy A. Stephens Jake (or Jobe)
Mary E. Graham
Pages 5 through 14 are blank
Page 15

May 5th, 1850
Elders of the church of Christ at Cantrallís Creek, David England, Cyrus Mitts, Joshua M. Cantrall and Levi J. Sweet. William G. Cantrall, Deacon.

May 12th, 1850
Sister Eveline Alexander was upon a profession of her faith, immersed by L. J. Sweet.

August 4th
Ashley W. Center, an Ordained Preacher from the United Baptists united with the church.

Aug. 11th
Sisters Mary Alexander and Margaret C. Blue united by letter.

Aug. 18th
Sister Keziah Center upon a profession of her faith in Christ, was immersed L. J. Sweet

#These names are lined through *Letters in parenthesis are the ones we have added to the bad page **Should be Travis ***Should be Taylor


Book I-continued

Page 16

Oct. 31st
William Dooley and Michael Gerty having confessed that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God, was immersed by L. J. Sweet.
Nov. 28th, 1850
Sister Nancy Holland deceased. Brother Stephen E. Cantrall and wife moved away, but took no letters.

March 1851
The Church paid to the cooperation for the support of Evangelists for the past year $37.50 cents.

March 2nd
Brother John Mitts, Sister Jane, his wife and his daughter - Sister Margaret was dismissed with letters of commendation.

March 30th
Brother Elijah Osborne and Sister Mary his wife, and Sister Nancy Shepherd united with the church by letter.

Page 17

May 25th, 1851
Brother James M. Mitts and Sister Eveline Mitts his wife united by letter.

Augít 24th
William Dooley for drunkeness, profane swearing and rioting, was excluded from the church.

Dec. 7th
Brother Carlyle H. Canterbury and Sister Emily Canterbury his wife united with the church by letter.

Jan. 4th, 1852
Sister Amanda Holland united with the church having been previously immersed by Brother Vawter.

Feb. 1st
Jaconiah Langston deceased.

Feb. 8th
Brother Cyrus Mitts and his wife, Sister Martha Mitts, Sister Elizabeth McLeland, and Sister Jane Council was dismissed with letters of commendation.

Page 18

Feb. 10th, 1852
Thompson Barnet united with the church.

March 7th
James Mills for drunkeness was excluded from the church. The church paid to the co-operation for the support of Brother Vawter as Evangelist for the past year $23.35 cts.

Page 4
Book I - Page 18 continued

Aug. 1st, 1852
Sister Jane Britton upon a profession of her faith in Jesus Christ was immersed by L. J. Sweet.

Sep. 13th
Sister Louisa Center and Sister Fanny Holland having made a public profession of their faith in Jesus Christ was immersed by L. J. Sweet.

Sep. 13th
Sister Margaret England, wife of Stephen England, and Sister Elizabeth Cantrall, wife of Levi Cantrall Jr. having been previously immersed united with the church.

Page 19

Feb. 21st, 1853
Brother Michael Gerty deceased.

Feb. 27th
Hiram Powel was excluded from the church for smugling his property out of his hands, defrauding his creditors and for drunkeness. Feb. 27th Thompson Barnet was excluded from the church for profane swearing. The church paid for the support of the Gospel the past year $52.50 cents as follows:
to L. J. Sweet $25.00
to Brother Mallory 17.00
to Brother Tribble 8.00
to Brother Miller 2.50
Total -- $52.50

Sept. 18th
Brother L. J. Sweet - Sister Lucy Sweet, his wife - Sister Amanda - L. Col. Brother Henry C. Sweet was dismissed with letters of commendation.

Sep. 22
Sister Maranda Canterbury deceased.

Page 20

November 1st, 1854
Sister Mary Alexander deceased.

Brother A. W. Center deceased.

Mar. 15th, 1856
Sister Deborah Cantrall decease.

April 14
Broth Randes (Randall) and wife by leter.

Ap. 14
Isac Booth and wife by letor.

Ap. 14
Sister Nancy Langston by letor.

Page 5

Book I - Page 20 continued

June 1, 1856
Sister Rebeca Sullivan united with the church by letter.

August 31
Sister Elizabeth Cantrall united with the church.

Nov. 9
Brother Lemon Berahil and wife united with church by letor.

Feb. 1, 1857
Sister Eliza Talor united with the church by letor. Brother Stevan Cantrall by confesion.

Page 21

February 2, 1857
Sister Harriet Cantrall united by letor. Brother Charles S. Cantrall united by confesion.

Feb. 4
Brother Wm. M. Cantrall by Amershion. Brother Zeblon G. Cantrall by amershion. Brother Samuel Milingner by amershion. Brother Harison Hartfourd united by a confeshion. Brother James Wiley and wife by Amersion.

Feb. 5
Wm. Hartfourd united by amershion. Maryrebell Hartford united by ametion. Julian Holland (Nolan) united amertion.

Page 22

February 6, 1857
Brother James Level by confeshion.

May 31
Sister Beulah Taylor united by letor. Sister Sarah Laton united by a metion. Sister May Nolen (Holland) united by Amertion.

Oct. 27
Sister Mathy (Martha) Low united by confesion and Amertion.

Nov. 15
Brother Lenard Mitts united by confession and Amertion.

April the Second, 1858
Brother Jonathan Hedrick having been previously immersed united with the church.

Page 23

April 4th, 1858
Brother John Stephens having made a public profession of his faith in Jesus Christ was immersed by M. Brown.

Apr. 4th
Brother Turner Holland having previously been immersed united with the church.

June 20, 1858
Sister Lucy A. Stephens upon a profession of her faith in Jesus Christ was immersed by David England.


Aug. 8th, 1858
Sister Meary Hedrick upon a public profession of her faith in Jesus Christ was Imersed by Brother John England.

October the 3rd
Brother William Canterbury having been previously immersed by Brother N. Brown united with the church.

Page 24

Sister Jan Glasscock Deceased. (Jane).
Feb. 27
Brother David Cline and Sister Jane Cline united with church by letter.

August the 7th
Sister Elizabeth Canterbury wife of O. P. Canterbury united with the church having been baptized by Brother Wm. Mallory.

Oct. 3 of 1859
Sister Mary A. Linch upon a profession of her faith in Christ was immersed by William Mallory.

Oct. 3
Sister M. Jane Cline upon a profession of her faith was immersed by Brother William Malory.

Nov. the lst, 1859 Brothe Sephen Britton-Broth McDonald Cantrall-Brother Y. M. Cantrall-Brother Thomas Glascock - Brother Albert Cantrall - Brother Jacob Myres and Sister Lucy Barnett.

Page 25

were all upon their profession of their faith in Christ immersed by Brothr William Malory.

Nov. 1st, 1859
Brother Thomas Burnett having been previously immersed united with the church.
Nov. 7th, 1859
Brother Carlile Mitts - Broth William Jobe - upon their profession of their faith in Christ were immersed by Brothe William Malory.

March the 4th, 1860
Sister Mary Ellen Graham upon a profession of her faith in Christ was immersed by Brother William Maleory.


Page 26

Aprile the 8th, 1861
Sister Eliza Glasscock united with the church by letter of commendation.

September 8th, 1861
Sister Heriate E. Canterbury united with the church by letter of commendation.
Brother William Cantebury deceased while on the battlefield fighting for this country and the cause of God. Blessed are the dead that died in the Lord.

July the 6, 1862
Sister Mary Jane Cantrall united with the church by presenting herself for membership being baptis before.

August the 10, 1862
Brother Leonard Lovette and wife united with the church by letter.

Page 27
August 29, 1862
Brother Jas. J. Woods united with the church by letter. Brothers Wiet and (blank) Cantrall united with the church.

Br. David Cline died the 18 of February 1863. Sister Mary J. Cline died February 28th 1863.

Br. Tomas Taylor (Taber) united with the church by baptism first lords day in April 1863. Mary Heddrick and Sister Adelia Perrine united with the church by baptisem first lords day in April 1863.

Page 28

Samul Younes, Sharloty Younes, Sophia Younes, Serry Younes, Elisabeth Cantrall untied with the church by patisem first lords day in April 1863.

Sept. 1863
Brother Wiet Cantrall son of Samul Cantrall united with the church bi immersion September 1863.

Br. William Woods and Sister Agnas Woods - Sister Rebecca Elen Woods - Sister Mary A. Lloy(d) united by letter with church third lords day in May 1864.

Sister Mary Stevens - Sister Margaret A. Canterbury - Sister Rutha A. Canterbury united with the church by baptism third lords day May 1864.
Page 29

Br. John Dowling united with the church previesly bin A merst third lords day in May 1864.

Page 8

Page 29 continued
Brother Jacob Cantrall - his sister Mahaly united with the church June 1864. (In pencil written Aug. 1862)

Sister Narsisa Cantrall united with the church bi Immesion. Sister uly Cantrall untied with the church bi Immersion Aug. 1865.

Page 30


The following named persons believing in the all sufficiency and the alone sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures as a rule of faith and practice for Christians, and the only bond of Christian Union, have agaeed to united upon the bible, to be governed and guided by it in all things pertaining to Christianity - To beknown by the name of the Christian Church on Cantrall's Creek.

Barnett, Thompson Cantrall, Wm. G.
Blue, George Cantrall, Joshua M.
Brittain, Evans Cantrall, Samuel
Brittain, Henry Cantrall, Stephen E.
Cantrall, Jasper Cantrall, Stephen L.
Cantrall, Jesse Cantrall, Charles S.
Cantrall, Joshua
Cantrall, Zebulon G. Cantrall, Wyatt Cantrall, Wm. M.
Cantrall, McDonald Cantrall, Jacob Cantrall, Layfayette
Bates, Emily Brittain, Nancy Cantrall, Elizabeth
Blue, Adaline Cantrall, Sarah Cantrall, Eliza J.
Bronson, Julia Cantrall, Adaline Cantrall, Narcis
Barnett, Lucy A. Cantrall, Caroline Cantrall, Harriet
Cantrall, Sarah
Cantrall, Mary E. Cantrall, Elizabeth Cantrall, Mahala
Cantrall, Mary J. Cantrall, Julia
Canterberry, Oliver P. Canterberry, Asa Cline, James
Canterberry, John Cline, John Sen. Cline, Henry
Canterberry, Asa M. Cline, William Council, William
Canterberry, Carlisle N. Cline, John Jun. Canterberry, Evans E.
Page 36
Eunice, Samuel England, Stephen England, Charles
England, David England, Miles England, Cornelius M.

Cantrall, Lucinda Canterberry, Harriett Canterberry, Margaret J.
Cantrall, Rebecca Canterberry, Margaret A. Cline, Lucy
Canterberry, Emily Canterberry, Ruth A. Cline, Eliza J.
Canterberry, Margaret Canterberry, Mary E. Cline, Eliza
Canterberry, Elizabeth Cline, Mary
Council, Roseanna Cantrall, Eliza Creekmur, Jemima
Claypole, Fanny Cantrall, Martha M. Dunlap, Lucinda
Glasscock, Thomas Headrick, Jonathan Jacobs, Francis M.
Grayham, Wesley Hagerman, William Level, James M.
Horn, Franklin Job, William Lovett, Leonard
England, Margaret Glasscock, Eliza Jones, Maria J.
England, Margaret Headrick, Juliette Jacobs, Ella E.
Eunice, Charlotte Hall, Sarah Koontz, Ann
Eunice, Sophia Jones, Matilda Langston, Eliza
Eunice, Sarah Lovett, Hannah
Millinger, Samuel Mitts, Thomas Stephens, John
Mitts, Leonard Robinson, Thomas Stephens, Thomas
Mitts, Carlisle Ramey, T. W. Sayles, George T.
Rupell, A. W.
Millinger, Maranda Perkins, Disa (died) Richards, Susan R.
Martin, Margaret C. Primm, Margaret Richards, Amanda
Mitts, Evelyn Perrin, Adelia Ramey, Mary E.
Mitts, Margarett Price, Ellen Richards, Zurelda
Mitts, Margarett Resberg, Mary Richards, Minerva E.
Tabor (Taylor), Thomas Woods, James J. Woods, William
Stephens, Lucy A. Taylor, Bula Woods, Rebecca
Stephens, Mary Terry, Mary A. Wilcox, Lucy
Shepherd, Elizabeth Turley, Almeda Wilcox, Susan
Sayles, Elizabeth Woods, Agnes Wilbur, Ellen
BOOK I - Continued
Page 45

List of names of persons added to the church at Antioch since the 21st day of December A. D. 1867

1867 - Dec. 27th - NAMES OF MEN

Robert E. Dunlap; Daniel Koontz; John W. Sawyer; Baylas L. Wilcox; John William Richards; Jeremiah P. Richards.
The first five above by confession and baptism - Jeremiah Richards, reclaimed.

Apr. 5th, 1868 - George Bellaby; Hiram Cantrall; Elizabeth J. Cantrall, Charels Bellaby; Joseph Bates

Page 46

1867 Dec. 27
Julia P. Richards; Rhoda J. Gillson; Mary E. Blew; Rachel Cantrall; Maranda Cantrall; Gripetta Holland; Pencey Cantrall
The above by confession and baptism.

Elizabeth Ralph - reclaimed; Louisa Shepherd - reclaimed; Elizabeth May; Malinda E. Wilcox; Darcus Alexander - recliamed; Delilah Ann Stephens; Mary J. Wilcox; Fidelia Bates.

The 2 Wilcox by confession and baptism - the others confessed the Savior and were immersed.

Apr. 5, 1868 - Elizabeth J. Cantrall
May 17, 1868 - Rebecca Bates
1869 - Matilda Lake

Page 47
Feb. 10th
Brother of Cornelius M. England united with the church by letter.

Feb. 17
Bro. Wm. Hagerman was received by letter.

Mar 3rd
Bro. Jasper Cantrall recieved by letter of commendation.

Mar. 18th
Sister Ann Koontz united with the church by confession and immersion.
Mar. 20th
Sisters Eliza Cantrall, Martha M. Cantrall, Zurelda Richards, Minerva E. Richards, and Brother Evans E. Canterberry on profession of their faith in Jesue were immersed by Eld. F. M. Jacobs, and are now to walk in a new life.

Page 11

BOOK I - Page 47 Continued
Aug. 15, 1867
Bro. A. W. Russell united with the congregation by letter.

Oct. 27
Sister Jemima Creekmur united with church on fomrer baptism - formerly a Baptist.

F. M. Jacobs
T. W. Ramey
John Wilson
Rob't E. Dunlap Rachel Cantrall Grissella Holland
Baylas L. Wilcox Rhoda J. Tillson Malinda E. Wilcox
Daniel Koontz Maranda Cantrall May J. Wilcox
Wm. Richards Pencey Cantrall Elizabeth Hay
John W. Sawyer Mary E. Blew Delilah A. Stephens
Julia P. Richards Fidelia Bates

Bro. Jeremiah Richards having once been a member in Kentucky was given the hand of fellowship.

Page 49

Sister Elizabeth Ralph was also admitted having formerly been a member.

Page 50


Apr. 5th, 1868

The following persons presented themselves for membership to the church -- they having obeyed the Savior under the labors of John Wilson, missionary for Sangamon County: Geo. Bellaby; Chas. Bellaby; Hiram Cantrall; Elizabeth J. Cantrall

Also Bro. Joseph Bates at the same time presented himself for membership having been immersed at Williamsville.

May 17
Sister Rebecca Bates was united with the church.

Sister Russell, wife (of) A. Russell confessed the Lord Jesus and was immersed.

Page 51

March 1869
Sister Matilda Lake witnessed a good confession and was immersed by Bro. Jacobs.

May 30th, 1869
Bro. Franklin Horn by confession united with the congregation at Antioch having been previously baptised.

Page 12
Book I - Page 51 continued

May 31, 1869 Henry England made the good confession and was immersed.

Page 52
Feb. 1870
During a series of meetings held at Antioch by Bro. F. M. Jacobs and Bro. C. England the following named persons were added to the church-viz
Sister Mary A. England Sister Maria Canterberry Bro. John Joos
Sister Edna M. Brown Bro. John F. Lake Bro. Chs. S. Millinger
Sister Mary C. McClelland Bro. H. Powers
Ruben Poe Wm. Poe Mrs. Poe
Lucinda Poe Thomas Pettit Elizabeth Jacobs
Page 54 Margaret A. Cantrall Marian J. Cantrall Julia (Jacob Cantrall's wife)
Mary Laund Deborah J. Cantrall William Andrews
By Commendation
Page 53
Feb. 1870

Also during the meeting mentioned on the preceeding page the following named persons were restored to the fellowship of the church:

Henry Monarch; J. W. Morris; Samíl Millinger; Hiram Cantrall


During a series of meetings held by Brother R. Foster assisted by Brothers F. M. Jacobs and Cornelius England, the following names were added to the church:

Brother John Ale(x)ander; Brother Thomas Sawyer; Sister Minta Nichols;
All by confession and baptism.

Page 54

March 1871

During a series of meetings held by Bro. John England the following persons united with the church:

Margaret A. Cantrall; Marian J. Cantrall; M;ulia (Jacob Cantrall's wife); Mary Laund; Deborah J. Cantrall; William Andrews.

June 1871

During a meeting held by Bro. Hedrick the following persons were aded to the church:

Adison England and Delcena Cline by confessions, and Sister Amy England united with the church having been immeced.

Page 55


Feb. Sister Ruth A. Canterberry was married to Harrison Holland.

April 24th
Sister Zurelda Richards was joined in wedlock to James Dunlap.


Book I-Page 55 continued
May 8, 1867
Almeda Turley to Marion Messersmith.

Aug. 6th
Sister Julia Cantrall wedded to Leander Jones.
Sister Lucy Wilcox to Jacob Motte.

July 24, 1870
Sis Dellila A. Stevens was joined in wedlock to Brother Thomas Pettit.

Page 56

March 6th, 1867
Brother Wm. G. Cantrall deceased. His end is peace.

Apr. 14, 1868
Sister Louisa Shepherd deceased. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.

Page 57

Apr. 21st, 1867
Sister Rebecca England dismissed with letter of commutation. Bro. Charles England dismissed by letter.

Aug. 7
Sister Mary A. Terry being about to remove to Kansas at her request was dismissed with letter of commendation.

Nov. 10th
Dismissed with letters of commendation:
Bro. Jas. J. Woods and Lucinda Woods, his wife. Jonathan Headrick and Juliette Headrick, his wife dismissed with letters.

May 17th, 1868
Robert Dunlap and Maria Jones dismissed by letter. Sister Julia Bronson dismissed with letter of com.

Page 58
Sept. 6, 1868
Bro. Asa Canterberry and Sister Margaret Canterberry, his wife were dismissed by voting letters of commendation.

Dec. 7th
Bro. Baylas Wilcoxon given letter of commendation.

Oct. 17th, 1869
Bro. C. S. Cantrall dismissed with letter.

Bro. J. Richards and Sister Amanda Richards and family were dismissed with letters of commendations having removed to Missouri.

June 25th
Bro. G. T. Sayles and Sister Elizabeth Sayles were dismissed with letters of commendation.

Page 59

June 25th, 1870
Sister Almeda Smith was dismissed by letter of commendations.

July 1870
Brothers Chas. And Geo. Ballaby were dismissed by letters of commendation.

Aug. 1871
Bro. R. E. Dunlap by letter of commendation.

Page 60


The church at Antioch employed Bro. F. M. Jacobs to preach for them one half his time for one year for ($300.00) Three hundred dollars commencing the first Lords day in July A. D. 1866

Variations in spelling to watch for:
Powel - Powell Malory - Maleory - Mallory
Mc Leland - Mc Clelland Myres - Myers
Linch - Lynch Glascock - Glasscock
Britton - Brittan - Brittin Grayham - Graham
Brittain - Brittin Layfayette - Lafayette
Mc Oy - Mc Coy Heriate - Harriett
Cantrbuy - Canterberry Tomas - Thomas
Cantebury - Canterbury Samul - Samuel
Heddrick - Headrick - Hedrick Delcena - Dulcina
Claypole - Claypool Baylas - Bayless
Millinger - Milenger Dellila - Delilah
Milinger - Mellinger Isac - Isaac
Hartfourd - Hartford immesed-imersed-Amerst-Immersed
Berahil - Berryhill Immesion-amertion-ametion-amershion-immersion
Talor - Taylor confeshion - confesion - confession
letor - letter Carlile - Carlyle
Marye - Mary decease - deceased
smugling - smuggling Stevan - Steven
Maryrebell - Marybell Meary - May - Mary
Rebeca - Rebecca Lemon - Lemuel
Narsisa - Narcissa Sopha - Sophia
bi - by bin - been
Elen - Ellen Agnas - Agnes
baptisem - baptism baptis - baptized
commudation - commendation profession - proffession
Bro. - Broth - Brothe - Brother Aprile - April
Sharloty - Charlotte Serry - Sarah

I am sure there are other variations, but these records have been copied as they were in the books.

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