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Cantrall, Illinois

The First Church of Sangamon County, Illinois

Organized May 15 1820
Stephen England

Membership, Plus Notes

Pages 15 - 21

Page 15

Book 2 dates from 1871 through 1879, and is like an old composition book, but has no cover. The pages are all loose and are numbered from from page 3 to page 54. It appears to be complete. The size of the book measures 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 1/4" thick. It was partly faded, but easy to read.

Page 3

ANTIOCH CANTRALL'S CREEK Sangamon County, Illinois August 19th 1871. The following named persons believing in the all Sufficiency and the alone Sufficiency of the Holey Scriptures as a rule of faith and practice for Christians, and the only bond of Christian union, have agreed to united upon the Bibel, to be governed and guided by it in all things pertaining to Chrristianity, to be known by the name of the Christian Church on Cantrall's Creek.

Pages 4 & 5
Stephen England died Sept. 26th, 1823 James Mills died
Anna England died June 1st, 1841 John Mitts Excluded
Levi Cantrall died Marshal S. Randall by letter
Fanny Cantrall died Deborah Randall by letter
Jaconiah Langston died John Cline
Nancy Langston died Jane Council by letter
Sarah Cantrall died Elizabeth Mills by letter
Lucy Cline died 1875 Jane Mitts by letter
Cyrus Mitts died Margaret Mitts by letter
Martha Mitts died David England
William G. Cantrall died Mar. 6th, 1867 Margaret England
Deborah Cantrall died Mar. 15th, 1856 Isaac Booth by letter
Hiram Powel Excluded Margaret Booth by letter
Lucy Powel died Elizabeth Mills died
Joshua M. Cantrall
Pages 6 & 7
Elizabeth Langston by letter John Canterbury
Nancy Langston by letter Miranda Canterbury died
Jane Langston by letter Matilda Linch
Joseph Langston * gone Asa Canterbury died
Elizabeth Langston * gone Margaret Canterbury died
Emily Langston * gone Rosanna Dunlap gon
Oliver Canterbury Eliza Jane Cline by letter
Johnathan Hedrick by letter Isaac Booth by letter
Juliet Hedrick by letter Adaline Cantrall
Elizabeth McLeland gone Joshua Cantrall Jr. by letter
Elizabeth Mills by letter Rebecca Cantrall by letter
Nancy Randall by letter Stephen E. Cantrall by letter
Samuel Cantrall Caroline Cantrall by letter
Sarah Cantrall John Cline Jr. by letter
William Cline
*The three Langston's below were lined through and marked mistaken. Received fellowship Feb. 25, 1877.

Page 16

Pages 8 & 9
Amy Lacy Gon Eveline Alexander gon
Elizabeth Bafford Gon Dorothy Powel died
Stephen England Sarah Cantrall
Rosanna England Gone Maranda Cantrall Excluded
Marshel Blew died Mahala Smith by letter
Adaline Blew (don't claim to be a Ashley W. Center died
member) Keziah Center gon
Levi J. Sweet by letter Mary Alexander died
Lucy Sweet by letter Margaret C. Blew by letter
Amanda L. Sweet by letter Michael Gerty died
Henry C. Sweet by letter William Dooley Excluded
Julian Lake by letter Elijah Osborne by letter
Turner Holland by letter Mary Osborne by letter
Nancy Holland died Nancy Shepherd by letter
William Alexander gon James M. Mitts died
Pages 10 & 11
Eveline Mitts E. D. French by letter
Carlisle H. Canterbury Narsisa Cantrall
Emily Canterbury Julia Canterbury gon
Amanda Holland died Asa Canterbury gon
Thomson Barnett Excluded-restored Sarah Canterbury by letter
Jane Brittin died Margart England gon
Louisa Center Excluded Margaret Primm gon
Fanny Holland gon James Cline
Margaret England John Conaway by letter
Elizabeth Cantrall gon Mary A. Jordan died
John McCoy by letter Travis Glasscock (lined thru)
Maryann McCoy by letter Mary Pealer by letter
Eliza Cantrall by letter Almira Mellinger died
Jessee Cantrall by letter
Pages 12 & 13
Feb. 1, 1857 Rebeca Sulivan gon Feb. 5, 1857 Mary Hartford gon
Elizabeth Cantrall gone Feb. 5, 1857 Julian Holland died
Lemuel Berrahil by letter Feb. 6, 1857 James M. Level
Elina Berrahil by letter May 31, 1857 Beulah Taylor
Eliza Taylor by letter May 31, 1857 Sarah Laton Exclude
Stephen Cantrall May 31, 1857 Mary Holland by letter
Feb. 2, 1857 Harriett Cantrall by letter Oct. 27, 1857 Martha Low gon
Feb. 2, 1857 Charels G. Cantrall by letter Nov. 15, 1857 Leonard Mitts gon
Feb. 4, 1857 William M. Cantrall died Apr. 2,1 858 Thomas Stevens gon moved to
Feb. 4, 1857 Zebulon G. Cantrall Bethany
Feb. 4, 1857 Samuel Mellinger Elizabeth C. Cline gone
Feb. 4, 1857 James Wiley gon William Harris died
Feb. 4, 1857 Sarah Jane Wiley gon Mary Haris gon
Feb. 4, 1857 Harrison Hartford gon John Stephens
Feb. 5, 1857 William Hartford gon Lucy A. Stevens gon moved to
Pages 14 & 15
Page 17 Mary Hedrick by letter Jacob Myers died
Feb. 27, 1857 David Cline died Feb. 18, 1863 Lucy A. Barnett Excluded
Feb. 27, 1857 Jane Cline died Feb. 28, 1863 Carlisle Mitts
William Canterbury died William Jobe
Lucy A. Stephens gon Mary E. Graham gone
Mary Hedrick June 3, 1860 Nancy Brittin
William Canterbury died Apr. 8, 1861 Eliza Glasscock
Elizabeth Canterbury Sept. 8, 1861 Harriet E. Canterbury
Mary Lynch (Council) July 6, 1862 Mary Jane Cantrall
M. Jane Cline Aug. 10, 1862 Leonard Lovette by letter
Stepehn Brittin died Aug. 10, 1862 Hannah Lovette by letter
McDonald Cantrall died Sept 14, 1872 Aug. 29, 1862 James J. Woods by letter
Young M. Cantrall died April 1863 Thomas Tabor by letter
Thomas Glasscock April 1863 Adelia Perrine gon
Albert Cantrall died
Pages 16 & 17
April 1863 Samuel Younes gone June 1864 Jacob M. Cantrall
April 1863 Charlottz Younes gone *June 1864 Mahala Cantrall Oct. 16, 1871 Ex
April 1863 Sophia Younes gone Aug. 1865 Narsisa Cantrall gone
April 1863 Sarah Younes gone Aug. 1865 Julia A. Cantrall (Jones) gone
April 1863 Elidia E. Cantrall by letter George Blue
Sept. 1863 Wiott Cantrall Evans Brittin dismissed by let.
May 1864 William Woods gone Henry Brittin
May 1864 Agnes Woods gone Jasper Cantrall June 1, 1873 by let.
May 1864 Rebeca Elen Woods gone Eliza Glasscock gone
May 1864 Mary A. Hay gone Juliett Hedrick gone
May 1864 Mary Stevens Lafayette Cantrall gone
May 1864 Margaret A. Canterbury Elizabeth J. Cantrall gone
(Cantrall) (widow)
May 1864 Rutha A. Canterbury Mary J. Cantrall gone
(Holland) Sarah Hall
May 1864 John Dowling Asa M. Canterbury Mar. 9, 1873
(lined thru) by letter
Pages 18 & 19
Henry Cline
William Council gone
Evens E. Canterbury
Milam England
Charles England gone
C. M. England Excluded
Oct. 16, 1871
Margaret J. Canterbury Wesley Graham gone
Mary E. Canterbury Franklin Horn
Eliza J. Cline Jonathan Hedrick gone
Mary Cline William Hagerman gone
Fany Claypoole (lined thru) William Jobe (lined thru)
Eliza Cantrall T. M. Jacobs Mar. 3, 1872 by let
Maria M. Cantrall gone Ella E. Jacobs died
Jemima Creekmore Mattilda Jones gone
Lucinda Dunlap *Excluded
Page 18 Maria J. Jones (lined thru) Thomas Mitts gone
Ann Koontz by letter Thomas Robison gone
Hannah Lovett by letter T. W. Ramey by letter
Pages 20 & 21
A. W. Risell by letter Mary E. Ramey by letter
John Stevens gone Zurelda Dunlap died
George T. Sayles by letter Minerva E. Richards by letter
Maranda Mellinger reclaimed James J. Woods by letter
Margaret C. Martin by letter William Woods by letter
Margarett Mitts by letter Lucy A. Stevens lined thru
(wife of Sims) Aug 27, 1871
Margarett Mitts Elizabeth Shepherd died
Diss Perkins died Elizabeth Sayles by letter
Margarett Primm gone Bula Taylor (lined thru)
Adelia Perine by letter Mary A. Terry by letter
Ellen Price by letter Almeda Turley by letter
(Jan. 14, 18872) Agnes Woods by letter
Mary Resberg gone Rebecca England by letter
Susan B. Richards by letter Lucy Mawk by letter
Amanda Richards by letter Susan Willcockson by letter
(Oct. 1, 1871)
Pages 22 & 23
Dec. 27, 1867 Elen Wilbur by letter Maranda Maleory
Dec. 27, 1867 Robert E. Dunlap by letter Pency Cantrall
Dec. 27, 1867 Bayles L. Willcockson gon. Mary E. Blue
Dec. 27, 1867 Daniel Koontz by letter Grissela Cantrall gone
Dec. 27, 1867 William Richards by letter Elizabeth Ralph
Dec. 27, 1867 John W. Sawyer by letter Melinda E. Willcockson by letter
(Oct. 1, 1871) (wife of J. W. Sawyer) Oct. 1, 1871
Dec. 27, 1867 Jeremiah P. Richards by letter Mary J. Willcockson by letter
Apr. 5, 1867 George Ballarby by letter (wife of Abe Sawyer) Oct. 1, 1871
Apr. 5, 1867 Hiram P. Cantrall by letter Louisa Shepherd died-reclaimed
Apr. 5, 1867 Elizabeth J. Cantrall by letter Darcus Alexander died-reclaimed
Apr. 5, 1867 Joseph Bates Elizabeth Council by letter
Julia P. Richards (Oct. 1, 1871)
Rachel Cantrall by let. Delilah Ann Stevens gone
Rhoda J. Hert gone Fidelia Bates
Matilda Lake Rebeca Bates
Pages 24 & 25
Jan. 1871 John Alexander Delcena Cline
Thomas Sawyer Emmy England
Minta Nicols gone Nov. 26, 1871 W. A. Hawley by letter
(Mar. 3, 1872) (March 3, 1872)
Mar. 1871 Margaret A. Cantrall Dec. 10, 1871 Caty Blew
Mary Laund gone Sally Jacobs by letter
Marian J. Cantrall (Mar. 3, 1872)
Deborah J. Cantrall Aug. 24, 1872 Mary Balldoc (lined thru)
William Anders gone Aug. 24, 1872 Mariah J. Cline
June 1871 David A. England
Page 19 Sept. 15, 1872 David Mitts Alice Ralph
Dec. 2, 1872 Claressa Anstice died Mar. 9, 1873 E. V. Anstice
Dec. 5, 1872 Mahala Cantrall reclaimed James G. Barrett record before
Jan. 13, 1873 Daniel P. Jacobs Alpheus Ralph
John G. Lake Geo. W. McLelland
Charles Snelson Henry Power
Wesley Moris Excluded Mary Pettet Jan 11, 1874 by let.
Pages 26, 27, 28 & 29 are blank
Pages 30 & 31
Alexander, Dorcas died Anstice, E. V.
Alexander, John Albertson, Julia
Anders, William gone Aug. 16, 1874 Anders, William reclaimed
(lined thru)
Anatice, Claressa died Aug. 29, 1875 Anderson, Elijah by confession-
reclaimed Jan 26,
Page 32
Blew, Adaline Brown, Edna M.
Brittin, Nancy Aug 16, 1874 Brittin, Laura
Brittin, Henry Aug 16, 1874 Brittin, John dismissed by let.
Brittin, Evans Nov 15, 1879
Bates, Joseph Aug. 16, 1874 Bates, Isaac
Bates, Rebeca Nov. 18, 1877 Brittin, Emma
Blew, Caty Jan. 26, 1879 Brittin, Edward
Baldoc, Mary Jan. 26, 1879 Brittin, Albert
Barnett, Jas. G.
Page 33 blank
Pages 36 & 37
Canterbury, Evans E. Cantrall, Margaret A.
Canterbury, Mary E. Council, Lafayatt dismissed by let.
Cantrall, Eliza Oct. 11, 1879 by let Oct. 14, 1877
Creekmore, Jemima Council, George S. Sen.
Cantrall, Penca Jan. 25, 1874 Canterbury, Asa M.
Cantrall, Deborah J. Aug. 16, 1874 Cline, John N.
Cline, John Aug 16, 1874 Cline, Malissa (Assa's wife)
Cline, Delcina Aug 16, 1874 Cline, Ettie (dau. of James)
Cantrall, Mahala E. gone Aug. 16, 1874* Canterbury, Melissa (dau. of O.P.) Nov. 15, 1877
Aug. 16, 1874 Canterbury, Elizabeth Aug. 16, 1874 Council, Charles (Geo. W.'s son)
(E. E.'s wife) *by letter with husband John
Page 20 Aug. 16, 1874 Council, Flora (dau. of Geo. W.) Jan. 26, 1879 Canterbury, Etta
Nov. 7, 1875 Cline, John Jr. Jan. 26, 1879 Conaway, Oscar
Jan. 26, 1879 Canterbury, Chas. J. Jan. 26, 1879 Council, Emma
Jan. 26, 1879 Canterbury, Newton Jan. 26, 1879 Council, Henry
Jan. 26, 1879 Conaway, Minnie
Page 39 blank
Pages 40 & 41
England, David Aug. 16, 1874 England, William L. reclaimed
England, Margaret Aug. 16, 1874 England, ________
England, Stephen May 20, 1877 England, Chas. T. dismissed by let.
England, Margaret May 20, 1877 England, Rebecca O.
England, David A. gone-Excluded Sept. 30, 1877 England, Eve
Jan. 6, 1877 Jan. 26, 1879 Ely, Kittie
England, Emma gone Jan. 26, 1879 Ely, John
England, Milam R. dismissed by request Aug. 16, 1874 Forde, J. P.
June 17, 1876 Aug. 16, 1874 Forde, Lydia from Baptice
reclaimed Jan 26, 1879
England, Henry
England, Mary
Page 42
Glasscock, Thomas Jan. 13, 1875 Gilbert, W. B.
Glasscock, Eliza Jan. 18, 1879 Glascock, Florence
Page 43 blank
Pages 44 & 45
Holland, Rutha June 8, 1873 Hawley, W. A. June 28, 1874 by letter
Hall, Sarah Aug. 16, 1874 Hall, Emma
Horn, Franklin Sept. 10, 1875 Hall, Anna
Horn, Lucinda June 18, 1876 Hill, Wesley
Hert, Roda Feb. 18, 1877 Hagarman, William
Hay, Wm. G. Jan. 26, 1879 Hunt, Edward
Hay, Fidelia Jan. 26, 1879 Hall, Ella
Hardin, B. J. Jan. 26, 1879 Hall, Rosa
Page 46
Jacobs, Daniel P. Aug. 16, 1874 Jacobs, Mattie
Jacobs, Elizabeth Aug. 16, 1874 Jacobs, Ellen
Page 47 blank
Pages 48 & 49
Level, J. M. Feb. 25, 1877 Langston, Joseph
Lake, John F. Feb. 15, 1874 by let. Feb. 25, 1877 Langston, Elizabeth died Sept. 1878
Lake, Matilda May 20, 1877 Lake, Eliza
Oct. 16, 1877 Lobdill, Norris by letter
Page 21
Pages 50 & 51
Mitts, Eveline Mar. 15, 1874 Mallory, E. M.
Mellinger, Samuel excluded Jan 6, 1877 Aug. 16, 1874 Mallory, Mary
Mellinger, Maranda Aug. 16, 1874 Morice, Mac (Morris)
Mitts, Carlisle Aug. 16, 1874 Morice, Landron
Mitts, Margaret Aug. 16, 1874 Mitts, Josephen
Malleory, Maranda Nov. 29, 1874 by let. Aug. 1876 Mallory, Herbet
Mitts, David Jan. 26, 1877 Mallory, Rollins V.
McLelland, George W. Aug. 16, 1874 Nelson, Nicolas
McLelland, Mary C. Power, Henry
Mitts, Phillip Pettet, Mary by letter
Page 52
Resburg, Mary Sawyer, Thomas
Ralph, Elizabeth Aug. 16, 1874 Sayles, Geo. T.
Ralph, Alice Aug. 16, 1874 Sayles, Elizabeth
Aug. 16, 1874 Ralph, Alpheus (reclaimed) Aug. 16, 1874 Smith, Roland G.
Feb. 15, 1874 Robinson, Phebe A. Aug. 16, 1874 Smith, Sophia
Aug. 16, 1874 Ralph, Mary Aug. 16, 1874 Smith, Virginia
May 13, 1877 Runkles, Louisa M. Aug. 16, 1874 Sayles, Maggie excluded Nov. 17, 1878
Oct. 8, 1878 Riley, W. G. Sept. 3, 1875 Sawyer, G. W.
June 18, 1875 Showalter, James Sept. 3, 1875 Sawyer, Malindia
Jan. 26, 1879 Strode, Barbara May 6, 1877 Sweet, Meolie by letter
Jan. 26, 1879 Sprouse, Robert Sept. 15, 1877 Showalter, Jasper
Jan. 26, 1879 Showalter, Amos Jan. 12, 1879 Sayles, Mary
Jan. 26, 1879 Stevens, Perry Jan. 12, 1879 Sayles, Thomas
Jan. 26, 1879 Stevens, John J. Jan. 18, 1879 Showalter, Thompson B.
Jan. 26, 1879 Stevens, Mary J.
Page 53 blank
Page 54
Taylor, Bulah
Aug. 1874 Tilson, Mary married James Langston
Jan. 26, 1879 Tilson, Eliza
Vandergrift, Margaret J.
Aug. 16, 1874 Valter, Sallie
Dec. 5, 1875 Vawter, Philemon rec'd by letter
Aug. 1876 Vincent, W. O.
Wilbur, Ellen
Apr. 27, 1873 Woods, Lucinda
June 28, 1874 Winters, R. K.
Aug. 16, 1874 Wings, Ida
Jan. 26, 1879 Yoakum, Mollie

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