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Cantrall, Illinois

The First Church of Sangamon County, Illinois
Organized May 15 1820
Stephen England

The Cantrall Family
[also spelled Cantrell in this article]

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Page 196

Levi Cantrall and his wife, Fannie (England) Cantrall were two of the charter members of the Antioch Christian Church when it was organized May 15, 1820. Levi was born October 1, 1787 in Botetourt County, Virginia, the son of Joshua Cantrell and Ann (Cantrell) Graham. He married Fannie England, November 30, 1809, in Bath County, Kentucky. Fannie was the daughter of Stephen England and Anna (Harper) England. Levi and Fannie had 13 children, and Fannie died September 10, 1835. Levi married for his second wife, Mrs. Ann (Patterson) Barnett on May 27, 1836. Ann and Levi had 5 more children, making a total of 18 children for Levi. 3 of the last children died in infancy, so 15 grew to maturity. Levi died Feb. 22, 1860 and is buried at the Canterbury Cemetery in Fancy Creek township, along with both his wives. Ann Patterson Barnett Cantrall died September 26, 1889. Some of their children are also buried there. Of the 15 children who survived infancy:
Thomas; Ann; Nancy; Stephen L.; Celindra; Eleanor; Elizabeth E.; Levi L., Jr.; Rachel; Charles S.; Joshua L.; Fannie L.; Jesse; McDonald; and Joseph S.

Fannie L. and Joseph S. were children of Levi and his second wife, Ann (Patterson) Barnett Cantrall.

Levi’s parents were Joshua Cantrell and Ann (Cantrell) Graham Cantrell. Joshua was born August 8, 1748 and died September 9, 1800. Ann was born May 3, 1751 and died February 19, 1819. Joshua and Ann had 9 sons and no daughters. The nine sons were named:
Zebulon G.; James; Christopher; Joshua; Thomas Carsey; William G.; Levi; Wyatt; and Samuel;

Five of the above sons raised families, namely: Zebulon G., Joshua, William G., Levi and Wyatt Cantrall. Zebulon G., William G., Levi, and Wyatt found their way to Illinois, and to Sangamon County. Zebulon G. did not stay too long in Sangamon County, but went on to DeWitt Co., Illinois and there he died. Many descendants of these families are still in this area. The other 4 sons died without families-namely, James, Christopher, Thomas Carsey, and Samuel Cantrall.

Levi’s grandparents were Joseph and ( ? ) Cantrell, the son of the immigrant, Zebulon Cantrell.

Levi’s great grandparents were Zebulon and ( ? ) Cantrell. Zebulon was the immigrant from Wales who came to America and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania about 1700. Family tradition says Zebulon built the first brick house in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Cantrall Family---continued - Page 197

Much has been written about the Cantrall family already. The town of Cantrall was renamed “Cantrall” after it was laid out on land Levi Cantrall had entered in honor of Levi. Cantrall was first called “Antioch,” and it is believed this is when the name of the Antioch Christian Church was renamed Cantrall Christian church.


For more information on the Cantrall family, please refer to:

“History of the Early settlers of Sandman county, Illinois” by John Carroll Power-1876 “History of Sandman county, Illinois” Interstate Publishing Co. 1881 “History of Sandman county, Illinois” 1912 “Portrait and Biographical Album of Sandman County, Illinois” 1891 “The Sandman Country” by Helen Van Cleave Blankmeyer 1935 “The Cantrell Family” by Carmi G. Cantrell 1898 “The Cantrill-Cantrell Genealogy” by Susan Cantrill Christie (No date)

Mrs. Sarah (England) Cantrall was listed as a charter member of the Antioch Christian Church when it was organized May 15, 1820, also. Wyatt Cantrall, her husband, was not listed as a charter member. Since Wyatt was a brother to Levi Cantrall, who married Sarah England Cantrall’s sister, Fannie, her family will be covered pretty much in detail under the England Family, and Wyatt’s under The Cantrall Family. Sarah England Cantrall was born December 24, 1794 in Bath County, Kentucky, and was married to Wyatt Cantrall in Bath County, Kentucky, and she died Aug. 4, 1840. Sallie, as she was called and Wyatt had the following children:
Eliza ; Samuel Denny; David P.; Zebulon E.; Wyatt E. ; Stephen England; William F. ; Polly Ann;and John H.

Sally died, and Wyatt married for his second wife, Mrs. Polly (Foster) Kingsbury in 1841, and they had one son: Joshua P.

Wyatt Cantrall and Polly (Foster) Kingsbury Cantrall are both buried at Sterling, Illinois. Sally (England) Cantrall is also buried at Sterling, Illinois. Wyatt died in Kansas, but was brought back to Sterling for burial. He died in Black Bob, Chase County, Kansas

Page 198
Left: William G. Cantrall
Middle: Wyatt Cantrall
Right: Levi Cantrall

Sons of Joshua Cantrell and Ann (Cantrell) Graham

These three sons were the only ones of the nine brothers to ever have a picture taken. These three, along with their brother, Zebulon G. came to Sanga mon County, Illinois, but Zebulon did not stay too long, but went on to DeWitt County, Illinois, where he died.

Page 199
Mr. And Mrs. Samuel Mellinger

Mrs. Mellinger was the former Miranda Cantrall, born May 12, 1826, daughter of William G. Cantrall (b. September 6, 1784) and Deborah Mitts. Miranda married William C. Snelson July 17, 1852 and they had 1 son, Charles, then Mr. Snelson died, and she married Samuel Mellinger March 4, 1858. Samuel was born January 27, 1832 in Pennsylvania, he stayed 1 year in Ohio, and they settled in Cantrall, Illinois. Except the 3 years he spent in the army, Samuel Mellinger and Miranda lived their lives in Cantrall on a farm given Miranda by her father, just three miles south of Cantrall, Illinois. Mr. Mellinger served in company C, of the 114th Illinois Infantry, and was honorably discharged August 3, 1865. During the war he was in the battle of Jackson, Mississippi, at the siege and capture of Vicksburg, and the battle of Guntown. Mr. And Mrs. Samuel Mellinger had the following children:

William C. Mellinger; Mahala A. Mellinger; Deborah A. Mellinger; and Lucy E. Mellinger.

William C. Mellinger married #1-Sarah J. Wiggins; #2-Anna L. (Black) Cantrall.
Mahala A. Mellinger married Adolph Nelson.
Deborah A. Mellinger married James Jennings.

Page 200

Mr. And Mrs. Joshua Mitts Cantrall

Joshua Mitts Cantrall was the son of William G. Cantrall (born September 6, 1784) and Deborah Mitts. Joshua Mitts Cantrall was born December 17, 1810 in Ohio. Mrs. Joshua Mitts Cantrall was the former Sarah Cantrall, daughter of Zebulon G. Cantrall. Sarah was born March 14, 1812. Sarah and Joshua were first cousins, their fathers being brothers. They settled two miles south of Cantrall, Illinois, where Joshua and his parents lived and died. Joshua and Sarah became members of the Cantrall Christian Church at the same time, and were active members of the church for more than 50 years, he serving as one of its elders most of that time. Joshua and Sarah had the following children:

Zebulon G. Cantrall married Elizabeth J. Lilly
William G. Cantrall married Mary Jane Randall
Matilda Cantrall died young
Isaac Cantrall died young Jacob M. Cantrall married Marion J. Tufts
Joshua G. Cantrall died young
Mahala E. Cantrall married George W. Bailey
Sarah Cantrall died young
John A. Cantrall died young
George A. Cantrall died young

Page 201

Picture on the left above is Joseph S. Cantrall as a young man. He was the youngest child of Levi Cantrall and his second wife, Ann (Patterson) Barnett Cantrall. Joseph S. was born October 16, 1841, and he married Margaret A. Canterbury, daughter of J. T. Canterbury, on January 14, 1869. Joseph was a cattle merchant when but 19 years old. He and Margaret had 4 children-Daisy L., Dora, Hattie May, and Evans Earl.

The picture on the right above is Clarissa Cantrall, daughter of Thomas Cantrall and Priscilla D. McLemore. Thomas was the son of Levi Cantrall and Fanny England. Clarissa never married. Clarissa was born January 20, 1833.

Page 202

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Mott

Mrs. Mott was the former Martha Jane Cantrell, daughter of Zebulon Pike Cantrell, who was a son of Zebulon Cantrell who came to Sangamon County, and later moved to DeWitt County, Illinois. Martha was born October 3, 1842. Her mother died when she was 10 years old, and for a time, she made her home with her Uncle John M. Cantrell, and later kept house for her father. Martha Jane and Samuel Mott were married June 19, 1862, and then lived on a farm. They lived later four miles southeast of Blue Mound, Illinois. Samuel and Martha were the parents of the following children:

George A. Mott born March 14, 1863
Sarah E. Mott born November 8, 1864
Louis A. Mott born February 4, 1867
James A. Mott born January 11, 1869; died November 6, 1875
Clarissa E. Mott born February 24, 1871
Joseph A. Mott born September 10, 1873
Lillie E. Mott born December 3, 1875; died January 24, 1876
Alonzo A. Mott born January 3, 1877
Theodore A. Mott born March 21, 1880
Clarence A. Mott born August 10, 1884

Page 203


The above picture is Mrs. Samuel Denny Cantrall. Mrs. Cantrall was the former Sarah S. Alexander born November 7, 1820. She married Samuel D. Cantrall March 6, 1837. Samuel D. died May 1, 1884. Samuel D. and Sarah had the following children:
Albert A. Cantrall married Martha Hurt
Wiott E. Cantrall married Grizilla Holland
Annie B. Cantrall married Edgar McClelland
Mary H. Cantrall born August 5, 1843; died April 11, 1844
John S. Cantrall born February 1, 1845; died October 1, 1845
Lucinda S. Cantrall married Frank Horn
Henry Cantrall married Emma E. Graham
Eliza Cantrall married Henry Lake
Margaret A. Cantrall married Isaac Bates
Another daughter who died in infancy

Mr. Henry Lake and Eliza Cantrall, above, were the parents of 3 children-the oldest, Maggie May Lake was an organist at the Antioch church for some time. She married James Vasconcelles, March 15, 1898 and they were the parents of Mr. Harold Vasconcelles, recently deceased. Harold was retired as Director of the Springfield office of Social Security, and was very interested in family history. He furnished information and pictures for this book. (EG)

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