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Cantrall, Illinois

The First Church of Sangamon County, Illinois
Organized May 15 1820
Stephen England

Andrew Carno-Anna England Family
Pages 280 - 283

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Much has been written in the Sangamon County, Illinois histories concerning Anna England’s husband-one of the son-in-laws who came to the county very early with Stephen England. He has been identified as Andrew Cline, when in fact he was Andrew Clarno. Many years have been spent in trying to locate their children, etc., and some new information has been uncovered on this family that needs to be brought to light. Much work still needs to be done on this family, especially Andrew, since he got around to many places.

We know that Andrew’s father was John Clarno, but at this time we believe he was John Hunter Clarno. Andrew had a brother John Hunter Clarno, also, if his father was John Hunter Clarno. Anna and Andrew had 4 known children, but only two of them lived to maturity, to my knowledge. This was Stephen England Clarno and Oliver Perry Clarno. Below follows part of an article in the “History of Green County, Wisconsin 1884”: Pages 146 & 147.

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Andrew Clarno’s other son, Stephen England Clarno, obviously did not stay his entire life in Wisconsin. He returned to Illinois, and lived in Menard , Logan, McLean, and DeWitt Counties, Illinois. From the “History of McLean Co., Illinois 1879”:

From the “Portrait and Biographical Album of DeWitt County, Illinois:

Page 282

From “Commemorative Biographical Record of Green County, Wisconsin” P. 852: Portions of article:

From “Biographical Album of Stephenson County Citizens 1888”:

From an unpublished manuscript written by George Washington Clarno @1916:

This part written by George’s sister: Portions of letter:

From “History of Stephenson County, Illinois 1880”: Portions of article:

There are many articles concerning the Clarnos from several states. They were quite prominent in any area they settled in. Many towns, and townships as well, are named for several members of the family.

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Notes from this compiler:

Andrew Clarno settled land in 1830 in Clarno Township, Green County, Wisconsin. He was the father of Oliver H. Perry Clarno and Stephen England Clarno.

John Hunter Clarno settled land in 1838 in Oneco Township at Orangeville in Stephenson County, Illinois.

I firmly believe the above two men were brothers and sons of the original John H. Clarno who came from France and settled in Virginia in 1780.

Clarno, Wisconsin and Orangeville, Illinois are actually only 6 miles apart in a straight line.

Many of the same names appear in both families, even in more recent generations.

Andrew Clarno sold his land to his sons in 1837:

From land records in Green County, Wisconsin:

Green County, Wisconsin Historical Sign at the Old Pioneer Cemetery:

Green County 1832 Andrew Clarno left Sangamon county, Illinois about the time Lincoln settled there.

From the old Green County, Wisconsin newspaper, it states that

If there is anyone who can verify the whereabouts of Anna’s burial place, we would appreciate very much knowing the verification.

Andrew Clarno and his #1 wife, Anna (England) Clarno had only two children who lived to mature: Stephen England Clarno and Oliver H. Perry Clarno. Stephen died in DeWitt County, Illinois and Oliver Perry died in Green County, Wisconsin.

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