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Cantrall, Illinois

The First Church of Sangamon County, Illinois
Organized May 15 1820
Stephen England

Cline - Primm Families

Pages 240 - 241

Page 240

Cline - Primm

Mary (Primm) Cline, wife of Henry Cline
Al Cline, a brother of William A. Cline, and a son of Henry & Mary (Primm) Cline.

Left: John Newton Cline and his wife, Dulcina (Primm) Cline.

Dulcina Primm was the daughter of Daniel C. Primm & Elizabeth (Tice) Primm. Elizabeth Tice was the daughter of Jacob & Jane (Hall) Tice. Daniel C. Primm was the son of Thomas & Elizabeth Primm.

Page 241

Upper picture: Reading left to right: John Newton Cline, Mrs. John Henry Canterbury (Esther) Elizabeth Fisk), and Dulcina (Primm) Cline, wife of John Newton Cline.

Lower picture: Top row: Lee Cline, Essie Cline (picture) Arthur Cline, Ninian Cline (picture), and Judy Cline. Bottom row: John Newton Cline, Ben Cline, and Dulcina (Primm) Cline.

This is family picture of Mr. & Mrs. John Newton Cline & family. 241 Cline Upper picture: Allen C. Cline & wife, Lucy O. cline. Allen & Lucy were no relation, as far as we know. Lucy was the daughter of James Cline & Eliza (Hall) Cline. Lower picture: Allen C. & Lucy O. Cline & 2 of their daughters, Marie Cline and Elna (Cline) Whitney. They also had a daughter, Eliza (Cline) Radiker. Lucy O. Cline was a granddaughter of John Cline & Lucy (England) (Scott) Cline, and a great granddaughter of Stephen England & Anna (Harper) England.

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