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Cantrall, Illinois

The First Church of Sangamon County, Illinois
Organized May 15 1820
Stephen England

The Dunlap Family

Pages 228 - 230

Page 228

Above: John Ray Dunlap and wife, Emily A Brown Dunlap and their family

The John Ray Dunlap family and homeplace at R.R. #5, Springfield, Illinois.
This house was built in 1852.

The Dunlap Family

Page 229

Upper left: Clarence P. & Clara Ellen (Frantz) Dunlap and dau., Gertrude.

Upper right: Clarence P. & Clara Dunlap on their golden wedding, Nov. 17, 1936.

Left: Robert E. and Nellie (Richards) Dunlap, a brother to Clarence P. Dunlap.

Robert E. was a minister in the church. They are brothers to Olive (Dunlap) Holsheiser and sons of John Ray & Emily (Brown) Dunlap. John Ray Dunlap was a son of John and Catharine (Tipton) Dunlap, who came to Sangamon County, Ill. In 1828. Emily A. Brown was a dau- ghter of James L. & Jane Brown, who came to Sangamon County, Illinois about 1824. Other brothers and sisters of Clarence, Robert, and Olive were: Almira, James A., Franklin P., Eliza Jane, and John Dunlap.

The Dunlap Family

Page 230

Above left: Olive Lee (Dunlap) Holsheiser and her husband John. Above right: Olive and John Holsheiser and their family.

Left and above: N. Dunlap (Newt) of Fancy Creek. Picture taken S. Anderson, photogapher - No. 61 Campt St.- New Orleans-Co B, 1st N.O.V.4.

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