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Cantrall, Illinois

The First Church of Sangamon County, Illinois

Organized May 15 1820
Stephen England

Article About Elders of Cantrall Christian Church

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A newspaper article (undated):


Of the Elders of the Cantrall Church of Christ

Little did the writer realize that on his coming to the ministry of the Church of Christ in Cantrall that he would find such men as George T. Sayles, Henry H. England, John N. Cline, John S. Lake and John Grant, who compose the board of elders of the magnificent congregation of christian people. So helpful has fellowship with those men been that I am prompted to write this brief word of appreciation and express my profound regards for their sterling worth. Whiles these lines are dedicated to these five men yet there is an overwhelming temptation to give equal mention to scores of others who have lent a helping hand to the church and who have on numberless occasions rendered personal co-operation to me in evertaking but space will not permit their special mention here.

Henry H. England

In this sturdy pillar of the church I have found that sterling quality which makes every undertaking he touches succeed. His life has been one of the quite unpretentious inspiration. God has given Mr. England the power to know quickly if a thing be right and a heric conviction to support it until the victory is won. He has manifested on a score of occasions, ability as an executor that the church and community can well be proud of. I have been greatly Blessed by being co-laborer with this worthy son of the founders of the congregation. His careful attitude toward every enterprise of the church has helped many times in the solution of important problems. Whether it be in his ministry at the communion table, in the chair of the executive chamber or as a christian of the common ranks, he has ever contended for plans, purposes and motives of the highest type.

John N. Cline

Mr. Cline’s ministry as an elder has been marked by that quiet thoughtful influence among his brethren which is worthy of the utmost admiration and which contributes mightily to the success of every church. During these months of happy service he has been a never failing friend and helper. He believes throughly in every Christian using his or her talents and thus strives with a ready hand, a willing heart and an open purse to do his Lord’s bidding. The personal touch with him has always been wholesome and helpful. His counsel and advice has been at the bottom of almost every enterprise of the congregation in the present ministry. It has been a delightful fellowship indeed to have known him and I shall long cherish his words of cheer and hope.

George T. Sayles

The first man I ever met in Cantrall was George T. Sayles and I’m frank to say that my first impression of him has never wavered in the least. In every important enterprise of a busy ministry he has ever been the par excellence of counsel. Words fail me in expressing my esteem for him. He has been truly a Paul and I have been his Timothy. It has been a glorious privilege

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to have known such a man. No church problem has been so intricate that he did not have a feasible solution. No enterprise too large for his faith, no opportunity so remote or small for his improvement of it, no hour so dark that he is not able to engender hope and encouragement and no aid that he is able to render which inspires and helps me to better serve the Master is withheld. If I could have had no other compensation for time and effort spent with these people, my association with this grand old counselor would be far more than I deserve. I greatly abhor the hour when he is called from the activities of the earth to glories prepared for him in the other world.

John Grant

John Grant - For many years the church has had the cooperation of this vigorous soldier of the cross. He has made no mean contribution to the success of the congregation. With a keen mind and an unbounding enthusiasm he has on many occasions proven himself a worthy promoter. He had much to do with the initial plans for the Breeden revival and deserves great credit for the magnificent success of this enterprise. Many times in the past he has been a strong personal aid and the writer will always be grateful for having known him.

John Lake

In this last but not least of these men is the embodiment of through consecration, unwavering faith in the gospel of Christ and the church and a spirit of sacrifice that puts him in a class of his own. Mr. Lake knows no bounds in Christian service. His life is continually spent on the success of the congregation. To him, individuals are of little consequence. He has been able to grapple with the most complicated problems of the church with a tenacity that never fails to produce right results. I have learned to esteem him most highly for his work’s sake and memories of him will linger long in my heart whenever he and the others have one on to greater glory.

Lewis P. Fisher

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