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Cantrall, Illinois

The First Church of Sangamon County, Illinois
Organized May 15 1820
Stephen England

The England Family
Pages 258 - 261

Page 258
The England Family

Stephen England was born June 12, 1773 in Goochland County, Virginia, the son of David England and Lucy (Hodges) England. He married Anna Harper December 17, 1791 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Anna was the daughter of John Harper and Sarah (Wells) Harper. She was born September 7, 1772. Stephen died in Sangamon County, Illinois September 26, 1823 and Anna died June 1, 1841, also in Sangamon County, Illinois. Both are buried in Brittin Cemetery.

Their children:
Fannie England b. October 2, 1792; m. Levi Cantrall b. October 1, 1787 they had 13 children-see page 196 for their children.
Sallie England b. November 2, 1794; m. Wyatt Cantrall-they had 9 children-see page 197 for their children.
Lucy England b. February 13, 1797; m. #1________ Scott #2 John Cline b. January 2, 1798. See page 243 for their children.
Anna England b. August 30, 1798; m. Andrew Clarno b. 1798 they had 4 children-2 lived to mature. See page on Clarno-England.
Polly J. England b. April 29, 1800; m. Evans E. Brittin b. Oct. 28, 1791. See page 189 for their 9 children.
Sitha England b. April 13, 1802; m. George W. Anderson they had 7 children.
David England b. November 23, 1804; m. Margaret Higgins b. Sept 6, 1804 they had 14 children-see page 257 for their children.
Elizabeth England b. November 12, 1805; m. Hiram Wentworth they had 3 children.
Keziah England b. June 23, 1807; m. Charles P. Smith they had 6 children.
John England b. January 15, 1811; m. #1 Mary A. Smith #2 Sarah Groves. He had 9 children by #1 and 2 children by #2
Adelphia England b. May 15, 1813 in Ohio; m. #1 Joseph I. Smith #2 William Goodpasture. She had 3 children by #1.
Jesse England b. February 20, 1815 or 1816; m. Mahala Smith They had 8 children.

Fannieís husband, Levi Cantrall, married as his #2 wife, Ann (Patterson) Barnett. They had 5 children, 2 of them living to maturity.
Sallieís husband, Wyatt Cantrall, married as his #2 wife, Mrs. Polly (Foster) Kingsbury, and they had 1 son.
Annaís husband, Andrew Clarno, married 2 more times, and had other children.
Fannie, Levi Cantrall & his #2 wife, Ann are buried at Canterbury cemetery.
Sallie & Wyatt Cantrall & his #2 wife, Polly are buried at Riverside cemetery at Sterling, Illinois-Whiteside County.
Lucy & John Cline are buried at Brittin Cemetery.
Mary J. & Evans E. Brittin are buried at Brittin Cemetery, as well as David & Margaret England. Sitha England is also buried at Brittin, and her husband George W. Anderson is buried in Logan Co., Illinois. Jesse & wife are buried at Walnut Ridge Cemetery in Menard Co., Illinois. Adelphia & husband, Joseph I. Smith are buried at Indian Point Cemetery in Menard Co., Illinois John & both his wives are buried in Logan Co., Ill. Anna Englandís husband Andrew Clarno is buried in Wisconsin and if she isnít buried at Indian Point Cemetery, then she is buried there also.

Page 259
The England Family

Stephen Englandís parents: David England and Lucy (Hodges) England

David England was the son of William England and __________ ( ) England.

Williamís will was dated January 15, 1768 and probated August 15, 1768 in Goochland County, Virginia. The will names children:
William Anderson England m. Elizabeth Fairies
John England m. Ann Eubanks
David England m. Lucy Hodges
Margaret England m. Stephen Grimes
Mary England m. James Page
Susanna England m. William Martin
Ann England m. Will Page
Lory England m. Sherwood Tony
Sarah England m. ______ Tobe, Tebe or Tibe
Elizabeth England m. ______ Paschall

David England was a private in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. His will is at Montgomery Co., Kentucky, and was dated Aug. 19, 1801, and was probated Dec. 8, 1801.

John England, a son of William Anderson England (Davidís brother) was also in the Revolutionary War. He served as a private with the Virginia troops. He was living in Scott County, Virginia, and there he died March 18, 1840.

David England and Lucy (Hodges) Englandís children:
Stephen England m. Anna Harper
Jesse H. England m. Hannah Mershon
Nancy England m. James McClanahan Edwards
Mary (Polly) England m. William Wilcoxson
Eleinder England

David England did marry & raise a family-possibly had 3 wives-at least 2
Deborah England
Lucy E. England m. Isaac Bushby
Elizabeth England

Lucy Hodges was the daughter of John Hodges & Deborah (Lee) Hodges. John Hodgesí will is in Montgomery County, Kentucky dated March 15, 1809-names children:
Nancy Hodges; Lucy England; Mary Logan; Also names wife, Deborah; Jesse Hodges;

Page 260
The England Family

Anna (Harper) England, wife of Stephen England was the daughter of John Harper and his #1 wife, Sarah Wells. Their children:
Adelphia Harper m. #1 ________ Snelson #2 John Woods in Sangamon Co
Mary (Polly) Harper m. John Cheathum
Lydia Harper m. Fielding Hanks
Keziah Harper m. Ezekiel Stewart
Elizabeth (Betsy) Harper m. John Huck (?)
Parthenia Harper m. Thomas Tillory
Jemima Harper m. Peter Dennian or Drennan
Sythia Harper (Sibby) m. George Hanks
Anna Harper m. Stephen England

After Sarahís death, John Harper married a second time and had a son.

Adelphia (Harper) (Snelson) Woods was one of the charter members of the Antioch Christian Church. She was not married to John Woods at the time she became a charter member, but later married him here in Sangamon County.


This is to certify that on the 7 day of July 1822 Joshua Sayles & Melinda Wilcoxen were joined together in the holy state of marriage by me- Stephen England, Minister of the gospel. Recorded 2 July 1823 C. R. Matheny

Page 261
The England Family

From Deed book "A" page 129 in Bath County, Kentucky:

I know all men by these presents that we, Stephen England and Josiah Richards are held and firmly bound to the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the sum of five hundred pounds current money of Kentucky to which payment will and truly to be made to the said Commonwealth we lend oursleves, our heirs, Executors and Administrators jointly and severally & firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 24th day of February 1812. The condition of the above obligation is such that whenever the above bound Stephen England of the Baptist Society hath this day obtained leave of the County Court of Bath County to celebrate the rites of matrimony within this Commonwealth. If therefore the said Stephen England shall well and truly demean himself in the performance of the said trust agreeable to an Act of Assebly entitled an act to regulate the solemnization of marriage then this obligation to be void else to ____ in full force.

Signed sealed and delivered - Stephen England, Josiah Richards

At a court held for Bath County 24th Feby 1812. This bond was act by Stephen England and Josiah Richards the obligations then to subscribed and ordered to be recorded. - Thomas Fletcher CBC

From Menard County, Illinois Plat Book 1874, page 18
Sweetwater Precinct

The first settlers were two men by the names of James Meadows and Jacob Boyer, who came in 1820. Leonard Alier (Alkire) afterward bought out Mr. Meadows. John Jennison, Samuel McNab(b), and a man by the name of Pentecost were also among the first settlers. Wm. Engle, a prominenet citizen of the County, came at the same time, and with Leonard Alkier (Alkire), Nicholas Propst, came also before the "deep snow".

The first church organized was of the Separate Baptist order. It afterwards became a New Light congregation under the leadership of Rev. James Hughes, and still later a "Christian Church", under the influence of Rev. Abner Peeler. It was originally organized by Rev. Stephen England.

From Sangamon County, Illinois Plat Book 1874, page 8

Fancy Creek:

The first marriage was that of John Cline to Mrs. Lucy Scott in the summer of 1820. They were married on the South side of the Sangamon River. The first school taught was in the winter of 1821, in a log house on what was afterwards Section 15. (The log building of the Antioch Christian Church?).

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