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Riverton Methodist Church
Sangamon County IL

The records included here were copied from all available records in 1969/1970 and then published by Eileen Lynch Gochanour in February 1985. They are used here with written permission from Eileen. In her publication, she included the following notes:

"The original church cornerstone was laid in 1877, and was an active church until it burned in the winter of 1924. the members soon had started a new church in a beautiful setting amidst a grove of trees with a lot of ground surrounding the building.

In 1903 the Riverton church was still a part of the Dawson Circuit. the pastor was Rev. H. C. Turner, and his duties were more than one man could handle, so in 1903, an order from the Conference separated the Riverton Church from the Dawson Circuit. A new minister was then appointd for the Riverton Church, so it began on its' own.

The records included here were copied from all available records in 1969/1970. There are several books of records missing it seems, but we are very grateful for the ones that are still available."


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