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Soldiers & Sailors Home - Admissions - Daily Record

Fourth Biennial Report
of the
Quincy, Illinois
June 30, 1892

Admissions - Daily Record

Indexed by Lowell L. Volkel

Admission of Mexican War & Civil War Veterans

1887 - 1889

Section #1

The late Lowell L. Volkel indexed this volume in 1975. The book consists of actual copies of the printed records of the Soldiers' & Sailors' Home in Quincy.

The preface in the book includes the following information: "The Soldiers' and Sailors' Home was established by an act of the General Assembly, June 26, 1885, "to provide a home and subsistence for honorably discharged ex-soldiers and sailors who enlisted from Illinois in the U.S. Army or Navy, during the war of the rebellion and the Mexican War, and who have since become and are now residents of the State of Illinois, and who may have become disabled through ... such service, or who by reason of old age, or other disabilities, are disqualified from earning a livelihood...."

The commission appointed by Governor Oglesby to locate the home under the provisions of this act, selected a tract of 140 acres just outside the northern limits of the city of Quincy. Building operations began in May, 1886. The home was formally opened in March, 1887.

This book contains copies of pages from the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Biennial Reports of the Board of Trustees and Officers of the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home. Only those pages listing admissions to the Home were copied. Much additional data about the operation of the Home may be found in these reports. Copies of the full reports are in the Illinois State Library.

Each soldier or sailor was assigned a "Registry Number" upon admission to the Home. These numbers were assigned in consecutive order beginning with the number eleven. If a discharged veteran was later readmitted, he kept the number initially issued to him. Many names in these reports are obviously misspelled. A researcher should check the index for various spellings of a name.

The records of the Quincy Home are in the Illinois State Archives, Springfield, Illinois. You may receive photocopies of a soldier's file by writing to the Archives. When making a request, be sure to state the soldier's name, his regiment, and his registry number as found in this book. There may be a nominal charge to cover the cost of the copies.

This volume covers 4,418 separate admissions to the Home between March, 1887, and June 30, 1898. Many re-admissions are also noted. All of the men listed in this book served their country in the Mexican War or the Civil War. Beginning in 1899, Spanish-American War soldiers also became eligible to enter the Home. Projected future volumes of this series will include Spanish-American soldiers as well as veterans of the earlier wars.

Lowell M. Volkel, August, 1975"

June 29, 1888 851 BAILEY, PATRICK Co. C-64th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Epilepsy
August 1, 1888 882 BALLARD, HENRY Co. H-35th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Chronic diarrhea
August 10, 1889 1272 BARNETT, CLAYBURN Co. E-85th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Dropsy
November 11, 1887 595 BIERSTATT, CHAS. Co. B-114th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism
January 4, 1889 1093 BISHOP, GEO. W. Co. F-28th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism
December 31, 1889 1438 BOYLE, JOHN Co. C-14th Missouri Infantry Sangamon Varicose veins
March 30, 1887 100 BRETZ, WILLIAM Co. E-16th Indiana Infantry; Co. B-5th U. S. Infantry Sangamon Loss of hearing
May 19, 1887 297 BROCK, LEROY H. Co. D-63d Indiana Infantry Sangamon Partial paralysis, right side
September 29, 1887 520 BROWN, HENRY Co. B-8th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Deafness; Discharged August 15, 1888
December 27, 1887 633 BROWN, WILLIAM J. Co. A-3d Illinois Cavalry Sangamon Paralysis of right side; Died January 17, 1888
June 17, 1887 351 BURCH, GEO. W. Co. A-82d Illinois Infantry Sangamon Wound in back and hip; Discharged September 16, 1887
June 21, 1888 842 BURCHOLD, HENRY Co. B-2d Missouri Infantry; Co. F-2d Missouri Artillery Sangamon Heart disease
September 15, 1887 511 BURNS, JOHN Co. A-Springfield Light Artillery Sangamon Diarrhea and piles
December 26, 1891 2128 CALVIN, LUTHER A. Co. F-52d Illinois Infantry Sangamon Age
December 7, 1889 1409 CARTER, JOSEPH M. M. Corp. Sangamon General debility
November 25, 1887 604 CAVANAUGH, THOS. H. Col. - 6th Illinois Cavalry Sangamon Old age
November 17, 1891 2086 CHICK, ROBERT Co. I-10th; Illinois Infantry; Co. A-3d Illinois Artillery Sangamon Disease of eyes
October 29, 1887 569 CLARK, HENRY Co. C-22d Illinois Infantry; Co. M & H-2d Illinois Artillery Sangamon Wounds and syphillis; Discharged February 18, 1888
January 10, 1888 653 COMBS, HENRY C. Co. G-73d Illinois Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism
May 10, 1888 786 CONNER, MAURICE Co. G-106th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Hernia
December 27, 1887 630 COOPER, ADAM P. Co. D & D-11th Missouri Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism and dyspepsia; Discharged June 22, 1888
November 18, 1889 1387 COOPER, JOHN H. Co. E-2d Missouri Cavalry Sangamon Dropsy
February 10, 1891 1848 COY, NICHOLAS Co. E-38th Illinois Infantry; Co. C-54th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Paralysis by gun-shot wound
July 11, 1887 407 CROWLEY, PATRICK Co. I-7th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Gun-shot wound in foot
October 31, 1889 1371 CUMMINGS, GEORGE W. Co. A-14th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Hernia
December 3, 1888 1039 DABOURG, ANTONY Co. A-29th U.S. Colored Troops Sangamon Rheumatism
October 11, 1887 553 DE HAVEN, HORACE B. Co. K-76th Pennsylvania Infantry; Co. G-Transferred to 94th V.R.C. Sangamon Gun-shot wound
May 18, 1891 1905 DENNY, JAMES Co. H-9th Illinois Cavalry Sangamon Rheumatism
September 15, 1887 509 DIMICK, WM. Co. B-6th Ohio Cavalry Sangamon Gun-shot wound in right arm
March 29, 1887 70 DORAN, JAMES Co. K-7th Illinois Infantry; Co. D-39th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Gun-shot wound, thigh
June 18, 1887 355 DORFF, JAMES A. J. Co. D-6th Pennsylvania Cavalry Sangamon Injury to hip and rheumatism
December 22, 1891 2124 DOUGHERTY, PATRICK W. Co. C-33d Illinois Infantry Sangamon
October 3, 1887 542 DOWNEY, JOHN Co. D-12th Illinois Cavalry Sangamon Loss of front of both feet; Discharged November 21, 1887
Ocotber 4, 1890 1714 DRENNAN, THOMAS H. Co C-11th Missouri Infantry Sangamon Varicose veins
February 3, 1891 1843 DUDGEON, WILLIAM Co. B-35th Indiana Infantry Sangamon Gun-shot wound
June 4, 1887 327 DUGOING, WILLIAM U.S. Frigate Fulton, Mexican; Macedonia Sangamon Old age
March 29, 1887 67 DUNN, WILLIAM J. Co. G-33d New York Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism; Discharged July 4, 1884
March 29, 1887 66 FAGAN, CHARLES F. Co. B-42d Illinois Infantry Sangamon Fracture, right thigh; Discharged Dec. 9, 1887
February 11, 1888 679 FARLEY, JAMES Co. I-130th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism and scurvy
January 31, 1890 1475 FOREAKER, JOHN H. Co. F-59th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Ulcer left leg
January 5, 1891 1819 FOSTER, DANIEL Co. F-100th U.S. Colored Infantry Sangamon Gun shot wound right thigh
August 20, 1889 1281 FOSTER, W. E. Co E-2d Kentucky Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism
May 19, 1890 1577 FOWKES, WM. H. Co. F-4th Iowa Infantry Sangamon Old age
March 2, 1889 1157 FOX, JOSEPH B. Co. B-10th Illinois Cavalry Sangamon Disease of eyes
November 30, 1888 1033 FRANCIS, WM. Co. D-9th Missouri Infantry Sangamon Paralysis
May 26, 1892 2239 FREDENBERG, CHAS. H. Co. E-144th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Lung disease
April 21, 1888 762 FREDERICK, CHARLES Co. B-61st Indiana Infantry Sangamon General debility
December 10, 1889 1415 GAUGHRAN, JOHN Co. F-1st Illinois Cavalry Sangamon Rheumatism
April 28, 1887 247 GAVEN, JOHN Co. C-38th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Gun-shot wound left groin; Discharged August 21, 1888
September 7, 1888 942 GILL, MICHAEL Co. D-26th Illinois Infantry Sangamon General Debility
March 29, 1887 65 GILLAM, BENJAMIN Springfield Light Artillery Sangamon Rheumatism
May 14, 1891 1902 GILLESPIE, WILLIAM W. Co. D-63d Illinois Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism and disease of eyes
November 8, 1887 582 GILLILAND, WM. A. Co. C-76th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Chronic diarrhea and rheumatism
April 15, 1890 1536 GLASGOW, ALEX Co. G-102d Illinois Infantry Sangamon Scurvy
January 2, 1889 1090 GREENLEAF, CYRUS Co. C-61st U. S. Colored Troops Sangamon Old age
November 15, 1888 1010 GRILL, HENRY Co. B-1st M.S.M. Sangamon Old age
October 1, 1887 539 GYLVIN, WM. Co. G-80th Illinois Infantry Sangamon varicose veins
July 29, 1889 1257 HACKETT, JOHN Co. A-10th Illinois Infantry Sangamon varicose veins
June 2, 1892 2245 HAMMON, RUSSEL Co. G-11th Illinois Infantry; Co. K-98th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Heart disease
March 29, 1887 64 HANIE, WILLIAM Co. C-1st Missouri Rifles; Co. K-154th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Disease, eyes
April 5, 1887 142 HARRIS, JAMES Co. E-3d Ohio Infantry Sangamon Sun-stroke
August 6, 1888 894 HASEBRIG, WM. A. Co. C-7th Illinois Infantry; Co. C-10th Illinois Cavalry Sangamon Piles
March 12, 1891 1863 HAVENS, WILLIAM P. Co. H-13th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Sun-stroke
September 27, 1890 1701 HAYS, JAMES N. Co B-153d Indiana Infantry Sangamon Injury to arm
March 26, 1888 724 HENDER, PETER Co. K-115th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Asthma; loss right eye
November 10, 1888 997 HOBBS, SAMUEL J. Co. F-1st Massachusetts Artillery Sangamon Varicocele
December 26, 1889 1429 HOFFMAN, JOHN Co. E-24th Illinois Infantry; Co. F-2d Veteran Relief Corp Sangamon Gun-shot wound knee
December 3, 1891 2100 HOPPER, SOLOMON H. Co. E-14th Illinois Infantry; Co. A-14th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Heart disease
January 12, 1891 1823 HORINE, CHARLES Co. F-1st Illinois Artillery Sangamon Rheumatism
June 5, 1890 1592 HOYLAND, D. P. Co. E-2d Ohio Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism
April 25, 1888 771 HUFF, WM. W. Co. E-92d Ohio Infantry Sangamon Fractured arm
September 28, 1891 2023 HUGHES, ALEXANDER Co. F-35th Illinois Infantry; Co. K-150th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Gun-shot wound left leg
September 1, 1890 1675 JONES, SAMUEL Co B-22d Illinois Infantry; Co. B-144th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism
November 27, 1890 1790 KELLEY, JOHN Q. Co. L-54th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Scurvy and sore eyes
September 1, 1887 492 KIRBY, LOUIS Co. B-115th U. S. Colored Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism and diarrhea
December 17, 1889 1423 KOCH, HENRY Co. F-15th Missouri Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism
April 11, 1887 180 KORP, WILLIAM Co. A-44th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Sun-stroke
April 27, 1887 242 LAVALLE, WM. N. Co. D-7th Illinois Cavalry Sangamon General debility; Discharged December 9, 1887
June 22, 1887 368 LEAS, JOHN H. Co. G-140th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Catarrh
January 7, 1889 1095 LEE, WM. Co. G-8th Illinois Cavalary Sangamon Hernia
February 12, 1889 1145 LIVERMORE, A. S. Co. A-14th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Lung disease
May 22, 1888 804 LOOMIS, OSCAR F. Co. G-51st Indiana Infantry; Co. B-18th U. S. Infantry Sangamon Lung disease
September 15, 1891 2007 LOUDAN, WILLIAM Co. H-37th Iowa Infantry Sangamon Cataract of eyes
January 19, 1891 1827 LUDRICK, GEORGE Co. F-5th Illinois Cavalry Sangamon Bllind right eye, heart disease and rheumatism
March 2, 1888 696 MACKEY, PATRICK Co. F-11th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism
April 7, 1887 154 MANTLE, JOHN Co. G-7th Illinois Infantry; Co. A-73d Illinois Infantry Sangamon Chronic diarrhea and piles
October 20, 1891 2049 MARTIN, JOHN Co. G-10th Illinois Cavalry Sangamon Heart disease
October 17, 1889 1349 McCONNELL, JNO. A. Co. B-10th Illinios Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism
September 26, 1890 1694 McCUAN, JAMES Co. H-129th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Lung disease
March 1, 1892 2193 McMAHON, PATRICK Co. L-1st Missouri Cavalry; Co. B-1st Missouri Cavalry Sangamon Injury to right arm
July 23, 1888 871 MILLER, CHAS. W. Co. I-10th Iowa Infantry Sangamon Fracture of leg
June 27, 1887 379 MOCKBEE, JAMES P. Co. H-19th Kentucky Infantry Sangamon Inflammatory rheumatism
July 23, 1890 1637 MOORE, JOHN H. Co. M-2d Illinois Artillery Sangamon Hernia
November 10, 1891 2079 MOTLEY, THOMAS Co. G-9th Illinois Infantry; Co. G-37th Iowa Infantry Sangamon Heart disease
June 12, 1890 1598 MUTH, CHRIS Co. K-12th Illinois Cavalry Sangamon Hernia
January 19, 1892 2153 NORRIS, JOHN Co. B-10th Illinois Infantry; Co. L-4th U. S. Cavalry Sangamon Rheumatism and lung disease
January 1, 1889 1088 NOVALL, JOS. D. Co. I-7th Illinois Infantry; Co. B-10th Illinois Inf.; Co. D-13th U.S. Inf. Sangamon Rheumatism
June 28, 1887 384 ORMSBY, CHAS. H. Co. E-7th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Chronic diarrhea and rheumatism
June 24, 1892 2260 PATTERSON, PEMBROOK J. Co. A-38th Illinois Infantry; Co. G-114th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism and measles
December 22, 1891 2123 PHILLIPS, EBER Co. E-40th Illinois Infantry; Co. E-U.S. Marines Sangamon Rheumatism
March 19, 1891 1868 PHILLIPS, JOHN J. Co. A-106th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Sun-stroke
April 23, 1888 765 REAVELY, JOSEPH Co. K-11th Illinois Inf.; Co. E-31st Wisconsin Inf.; Co. H-to 31st Wis. Inf. Sangamon Paralysis; Discharged August 21, 1888
August 20, 1889 1283 RILEY, W. H. Co. H-10th Illinois Cavalry Sangamon General debility
February 19, 1889 1152 ROBERSON, URIAH Co. B-114th Illinois Infantry; 58th Illinios Infantry Sangamon Gun-shot wound right shoulder
May 19, 1887 296 RODGERS, EDWARD S. Co. G-6th U.S. Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism; Discharged September 3, 1887
November 19, 1887 603 ROGAN, JOHN Co. C-14th Illinoid Infantry Sangamon Lung disease; Died February 24, 1888
July 27, 1891 1953 ROSEMOND, JOHN H. Co. E-129th Ohio Infantry Sangamon Fracture right leg
June 27, 1892 2262 ROSEMUND, MOSES B. Co. A-97th Ohio Infantry; Co. D-172d Ohio Inf; Co. H-185th Ohio Inf. Sangamon Result of age
February 17, 1891 1856 RYAN, JOHN Co. E-114th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Gun-shot wound right hand
December 3, 1891 2101 SAMSON, CHAS. H. Co. C-114th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Heart disease
October 14, 1887 556 SAUNDERS, ANDREW Co. G & D-14th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Hernia
January 7, 1889 1097 SCHMIDT, FREDERICK Co. E-24th Illinois Infantry Sangamon General debility
March 8, 1887 13 SCHUNK, JACOB E Co. E-43d Ohio Infantry Sangamon Lost use of right arm; discharged Oct. 17, 1887
September 16, 1891 2012 SEGIN, HENRY Co. A-3d Illinois Artillery Sangamon Rheumatism
April 23, 1890 1550 SHEPHERD, THOS. D. Co. K-70th Illinois Infantry; Co. K-9th Indiana Infantry Sangamon Diarrhea
December 31, 1891 2135 SNAPE, JOSEPH Co. A-133d Illinois Infantry Sangamon Heart disease
August 4, 1891 1971 SORTER, ANDREW J. Co. B-11th Michigan Infantry Sangamon Injury to left knee
October 29, 1889 1367 SPEIBRINK, GEO. 7th Illinios Infantry Sangamon Old age
October 6, 1890 1717 SPIECE, JOHN Co F-1st Illinois Cavalry Sangamon Injury by a fall
January 14, 1888 662 STEPHENSON, SAMUEL M. Co. A-19th Iowa Infantry; Transferred to 29th Iowa Infantry Sangamon Chronic diarrhea; Disease of heart and lungs
August 1, 1888 884 STEVENS, EDWARD Co. E-10th Illinois Cavalry Sangamon Ulcers on leg
September 15, 1891 2008 STOCK, THOMAS Co. K-2d U.S. Cavalry Sangamon Gun-shot wound right arm
March 18, 1890 1511 SULLIVAN, JNO. C. Co. K-90th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism
October 19, 1887 562 SUTTENS, GEO. Co. F-62d Illinois Infantry Sangamon Sun stroke; epliepsy
October 24, 1891 2059 TAGGART, GEO. F. Co. I-68th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Chronic diarrhea
May 14, 1887 280 TAYLOR, ALEX Co. K-14th Illinois Infantry; Co. F-61st Illinois Infantry Sangamon Disease of bladder; Died July 5, 1887
July 31, 1890 1647 TEDRO, WM. L. Co. F-10th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Rupture
August 15, 1890 1665 THOMPSON, EDW. Co. A-12th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Gun-shot wound head
November 18, 1890 1779 TUTTLE, BENJAMIN L. Co. B-12th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism
August 15, 1888 904 VANCIL, WM. M. Co. -122d Illinois Infantry Sangamon Chronic diarrhea
November 7, 1891 2077 VARICIA, ANTONIO Co. A-6th Iowa Cavalry Sangamon General debility
April 22, 1887 226 VOLZ, GEO. Co. D-130th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Deafness and blindness
November 26, 1888 1024 VOUGHN, JOHN Co. C-101st Illinois Infantry Sangamon Gun-shot wound in left arm
July 22, 1890 1636 WALKER, WM. H. Co. K-10th Michigan Infantry Sangamon Obesity
October 6, 1890 1719 WATTS, HARVEY M. Co I-8th Illinois Infantry; Co. K-70th Illinois Infantry; Co I-130 Ill. Inf. Sangamon Injury to foot
September 27, 1888 961 WEEMS, WM. L. Co. K-1st Illinois Artillery Sangamon gun-shot wound head
February 27, 1892 2191 WEST, SILAS W. Co. B-8th Illinois Infantry; Co. A-21st Illinois Inf; Co. I-68th Ill. Inf. Sangamon Chronic diarrhea
February 11, 1890 1483 WILLIAMS, JOEL Co. I-133d Illinois Infantry Sangamon Kidneys
March 2, 1888 697 WINES, JOHN W. Co. I-15th U. S. Infantry Sangamon Rheumatism; Died May 22, 1888
October 22, 1891 2050 WINN, ALONZO H. Co. G-119th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Impaired vision
August 1, 1887 437 WIZZARD, JACOB Co. C-10th Illinois Cavalry Sangamon Hernia; Died March 17, 1888
September 6, 1890 1679 YOUNG, JESSIE C. Co. H-2d Ohio Infantry Sangamon Piles and heart disease