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Privately published by Eileen Gochanour and used with her written permission.
Abstracted by Shirley Aleguas

Name M.S. Age Sex Born Fath. Moth. Mo. Died In Co. Cause of Death Occupation Attending Physician
(Blot), Infant S 1da M IL IL IL Oct. Debility Dr. McIntyre
Abney, Thomas M 36 M IL Ky Ky Dec. 20 Yr Lung Fever Farmer Dr. C. P. Curry
Ahearen, Maggie B. S 3 F IL Ir Al Apr. 3 Yr Diptheria Dr. Long
Allen, Alvah S 1 M IL Oh Oh July Dysentery Dr. McIntyre
Anderson, Mary W 91 F En En En Nov. 4 Yr Old Age Dr. Eddings
Ayers, Archie A. S 2 M IL Oct. Scarlatina
Barns, Katy D S 4mo F IL IL IL Mar. 4 Mo Brain Fever M. H. Smith
Bealler, Lucinda E. S 10mo F IL IL IL Apr. 10mo Measles Dr. McIntyre
Bell, James F. M 30? M IL Tn Tn Feb. 4 Yr Consumption Dr. Simms
Berry, Gilbert S 10mo M IL IL IL Feb. Teething Dr. Brengle
Berry, Matilda M 42 F IL IL IL Oct. 42 Yr Disentery Keeping House Dr. W. C. Carver
Beshears, Charles S 6mo M IL Sept. Cholera Infantum G. W. Burns
Boyle, Bessie M 28 F IL Ir Ir May Consumption None Listed
Brown, James M 61 M Tn NC NC Feb. 40 Yr Lung Fever Farmer Dr. Curry
Camphouse, Catharine 78 F Hn Hn Hn Feb. 25 Yr Disease of Heart W. C. Carver
Canatsey, George W. M 35 M IL Ky Ky Nov. 35 Yr Gastritis Farmer T. J. Stringfield
Carr, Bedelia S 3 F IL Ir Ir Mar. 3 Yr Diptheria Dr. Long
Carr, Julia S 7 F IL Ir Ir Feb. 7 Yr Diptheria Y. D. Scales
Chance, Emma S 10 F IL Oct. Spinal Meningitis W. C. Carver
Chapman, Nancy M 38 F IL Tn Tn Sept. 38 Yr Septiceamia Keeping House Dr. C. C. Powell
Christisen, Dora Bell S 14 F IL Ky IL July 14 Yr Consumption Dr. Bringle
Clark, James S 1mo M IL IL IL Apr. Lung Fever Dr. Curry
Clement, Mary M 81 F Ma Ma Ma Feb. 35 Yr Typhoid Pneumonia Keeping House M. H. Smith
Collins, Emanuel 17 M IL Ir Ir May Life Lung Fever Farming Dr. Rutledge
Coultas, Infant S 14da M IL IL IL Mar. Malformation Dr. Brengle
Cox, Daisy S 1 F IL IL ?? Oct. Life Meningitis Dr. Curry
Crinion, William M 56 M IL Ir Ir Feb. Saloon Keeper A. C. Hatfield
Dawson, Jessie S 10da M IL De IL Aug. 10da Diarehhea Dr. Bringle
Dobson, Peter S 11 M IL Feb. Disease of Heart S. M. Pegram
Dobson, Sarah E. M 40 F Feb. Prolapsis Uteri Farmer's Wife M. H. Smith
Doyle, James A. S 6mo M IL NJ In Apr. 6mo Congestion of Brain Charles Vertrees
Doyle, Mary H. S 6 F IL Ir IL Mar. 6 Yr Scarlet Fever Dr. Bringle
Doyle, William T. S 5 M IL Ir IL Jan. 4 Yr Scarlet Fever Dr. Bringle
Durant, Lucy M 41 F IL June Phthisis Fulmon House Keeper A. C. Hatfield
Estler, Edward S 18 M IL Gr IL May 18 Yr Consumption Worked on Farm D. Eddings
Evans, Infant S 2da F IL IL IL Oct. At Birth Day & Miner
Evans, Infant S 2da F IL IL IL Oct. At Birth Day & Miner
Evans, Lonact ?? S 8da F IL Tn IL Jan. (Blot)
Frazier, Infant S M IL May Brain Compression W. C. Carver
Funk, Guy S 1 M IL July Enteritis John H. Stewart
Fuson, Mansford S 10 M IL Ky Ky Feb. 10 Yr Spinal Meningitis Dr. W. C. Carver
Fuson, Samuel S 19 M Ky Ky Ky Sept. 15 Yr Diabetes Farmer Dr. C. C. Powell
Gay, William S 16da M IL Nov. Spasms Dr. Clark Roberts
Glossop, Infant S 2da M IL En Scot Apr. Congestion of Stomach Dr. Brengle
Hainsfurther, Max S 15 M IL Bv Bv Mar. Life Tumor Clerk in Store Dr. Brengle
Harrison, Cordelia S 5 F IL In Ky Nov. 5 Yr Croup Dr. Miner
Hawk, Authure S 1 M IL IL IL July 1 Yr Cholera Infantum Dr. J. E. Handback
Haymaker, Sallie S 1 F IL In In Aug. 1 Yr Cholera Fever B. H. Skinner
Hazlett, Minnie S 96 F Wi NY NY Nov. Typhoid Fever At Home D. D. Brengle
Henry, Jane S 50 F IL IL IL Apr. 25 Yr Palsey Servant Dr. Bengle
Hogan, James M 70 M Ir Ir Ir July 44 Yr Gasalydis Farmer Mitchell & Prince
Howard, John T. M 26 M IL IL IL Oct. Life Consumption Co. Constable Dr. Day
Hustece, Jesse M 70 M Ky Ir Ir Aug. 50 Yr Nervous Prostration Blacksmith Dr. James Leighton
Hyler, Harrison W 83 M Cn Cn Cn Apr. 40 Yr Old Age Retired Farmer M. H. Smith
Jenkins, Evan S 46 M En En En Dec. 2 Yr R. R. Injury Traveling Tinker Dr. W. C. Carver
Johnson, Lawson 62 M Ky Ky Ky Dec. Pneumonia Farmer Dr. Eddings
Jones, Nancy H. M 75 F July Cholera Morbus B. H. Skinner
Kilpatrick, Hannah W 62 F Oh Nov. 60 Yr ?? Keeping House W. C. Carver
Knapp, N. M. M 64 M Vt Vt Vt Oct. 39 Yr Congestion of Lungs Lawyer Miner & Eddings
Learned, Infant S M IL Dec. Still Born W. C. Carver
Ledbetter, Infant S 2mo F IL IL IL May Convulsions Dr. McIntyre
Lewis, William S 1mo M IL IL IL Nov. Life Written Over Dr. Day
McCarthy, Infant S 7da M IL NY IL Aug. Inflamation of the bowels Dr. Curry
McConnell, Carrie M 39 F IL En En Apr. 39 Yr Consumption Keeping House J. P. Caldwell
McGinnis, Owen W 56 M Ir Ir Ir Oct. 20 Yr Injury Laborer Dr. W. C. Carver
McGorem, Ethna S 9mo F IL IL Ir Apr. Infantile Consumption D. D. Brengle
McPherson, Eliza M 22 F NY Nov. Pneumonia Farmer's Wife S. M. Pegram
McPherson, James W 86 M NY Oct. Disease of Bladder Farmer S. M. Pegram
McSine ?, Georgia M 39 F IL Ma Vt May 39 Yr Child Bed Fever Keeping House B. H. Skinner
Mehan, James M 59 M Ir Ir Ir May 10 Yr Consecticus Farmer Dr. Higgins
Mortimer, Albert S 1 M IL En En Nov. 1 Yr Scarlet Fever B. H. Skinner
Mortimer, E. E. S 3 F IL En En Nov. 3 Yr Scarlet Fever B. H. Skinner
Mortimer, Rebecca S 5 F IL En En Dec. 5 Yr Scarlet Fever B. H. Skinner
Moss, Sylvester M 71 M Ky Ky Ky Feb. 55 Yr Pneumonia Retired Farmer M. H. Smith
Murdock, Charles E. S 1da M IL Ks ?? Aug. Lightning No physician
Murdock, Esther Ann S 1da F IL Ks ?? Aug. Lightning No physician
Murray, Pella S 7 F IL Scot. IL Mar. Life Scarlet Fever Dr. Miner
Neeham, Infant S M IL Aug. Still Birth D. W. McIntyre
Nelson, Clarissa W 70 F Ky Ky Ky May 53 Yr Typhoid Fever House Keeper Dr. Bringle
Nieman, Henry S 5mo M IL Pr IL July Written Over C. P. Curry
Nubin, John M 79 M Ir Ir Ir Mar. Senile Debility Farmer B. H. Skinner
Perkins, Infant 16da F IL IL IL May Life Cyanosis Dr. Curry
Perkins, Lucy 24 F IL May Life Child Bed Fever Keeping House Curry & Eddings
Perkins, William 70 M Ky Ky Ky Mar. 51 Yr Enysipilis Farmer Bringle, Curry & Day
Priest, Fannie S 15da F IL Oh IL Aug. 15da General Congestion Dr. McIntyre
Raffitr, Paskl ? H. M 66 M Ky Va Va (Blot) 49 Yr Cystitis Minister T. J. Stringfield
Rice, Milly M 26 F Ky Ky Ky May 1 Yr Consumption House Keeper Dr. Day
Robinson, James S 7 M IL May Pneumonia S. M. Pegram
Robison, William S 4da M IL En Ir July 4 Da Hives E. D. Bringle
Robson, William E. S 4 M IL In IL Feb. 4 Yr Typhoid Pneumonia M. H. Smith
Rollin, Eugene M 34 M Oh ?? Oh May 29 Yr Written Over Laborer Dr. Clark
Rowen, Allen S 4 M IL Oh Oh Nov. Written Over D. D. Brengle
Ruark, Mattie M 20 F IL Ir Ir May Puerferal Fever House Keeper A. C. Hatfield
Sanders, Murray S 1 M IL Ky Pa July 1 Yr Spinal Fever James Leighton
Sandmann, Margaret M 55 F Hn Hn Hn May 25 Yr Cancer of Stomach Keeping House Dr. C. C. Powell
Savage, Hamilton M 61 M Ky NC NC Jan. 40 Yr Lung Fever Farmer Dr. Curry
Savage, James S 12 M IL Tn IL Nov. 12 Yr Kicked by Horse Worked on Farm Dr. Handback
Sawyers, James M W 84 M NY Oct. Heart Disease Farmer J. D. Sawyer
Shelton, Mary M 28 F IL IL IL Apr. Lung Fever House Keeper Dr. Curry
Simmons, James S 21 M IL IL IL Aug. 21 Yr Typhoid Fever Worked on Farm T. J. Stringfield
Simmons, William S 14 M IL IL IL Sept. 14 Yr Typhoid Fever Worked on Farm Charles Vertrees
Smith, _____ S 14da M IL Aug. Diarreha Dr. McIntyre
Smith, Huldah J. M 35 F IL Aug. Child Birth Dr. McIntyre
Smith, Isaac S 41 M IL IL IL May 41 Yr Consumption Blind Dr. Bengle
Sperry, Thomas D 26 M IL Oh IL Nov. Life Congestion Fever Laborer Dr. Caldwell
Stam, Infant S 5da M IL Feb. Life Meningitis Day
Standley/Wandley, Polly M 37 F IL Tn IL Jan. 1 Yr Tumor Keeping House Dr. McIntyre
Storhnberg ?, Catharine M 43 F Pr Pr Pr Dec. 11 Yr Apoplexy Keeping House C. C. Powell
Summers, Mary S 2mo F IL IL Ia Apr. 2mo Diptheria Dr. Bringle
Sweeny, Isabella W 71 F Oh Oh Oh July 40 Yr Cholera Mortris Keeping House Dr. John H. Stewart
Taylor, Albert E S 2 M IL IL IL Mar. 2 Yr Lung Fever Dr. Day
Taylor, Infant S 9da F IL IL IL Dec. 9da Cyanoses Dr. Day
Thom, Amanda M 65 F Ct July Cancer of Stomach M. H. Smith
Thomas, Ella S 1 F IL NC IL June 1 Yr ?? B. H. Skinner
Tieth?, Thomas W 38 ? M En En En Mar. 6 Yr Lung Fever Dr. Bringle
Todd, Margaret W 78 F Vt Dec. Pneumonia John H. Stewart
Walker, Delila O. M 47 F IL Tn Tn Nov. 47 Yr Consumption Keeping House Dr. Simms
Wieser, George S 6mo M IL Bv Pa Mar. Enysypilis Dr. Eddings
Williams, John S 19 M IL Feb. Brain Congestion Fisherman A. C. Hatfield
Williams, Sarah A. W 70 F IL Va Ir Apr. 50 Yr Dropsy of Heart Farming J. P. Johnston
Willson, Infant S M Il En En Apr. Still Born Dr. Clark
Winom ?, James M 36 M Ir Ir Ir June Injury Brakeman Dr. W. C. Carver

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