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Early Deaths
Scott County, Illinois

This information was transcribed from a microfilm copy of the original Scott County Death Register. The list here is not complete - for some reason when the records were microfilmed, the complete records weren't included on this film. Hopefully at some point I'll be able to obtain the remainder of the death records for this county.

I believe all of the column headings are clear except perhaps for the column headed "MS" which stands for marital status (M=Married, S=Single, W=Widow/Widower). You will need to scroll right to see all of the columns of information given here.

Note: In some cases a death was recorded twice, I've included the information from both registrations.

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A - C

# Name Sex Age at Death Occupation Death Date MS Where Born In Co. Where Death Occurred Cause of Death Place of Burial
210 ABNER, Thomas J. M 38y Farmer 26 Dec 1879 M Carrollton, Greene Co., IL 38y Glasgow Precinct Congestion of Lungs Claywell Cemetery
37 ABRAMS, Henrietta F 55y 27 Apr 1878 M Hamburg, Germany 11y Naples, IL Heart Disease Naples, IL
284 ABRAMS, Laura E. F 10m16d 28 Aug 1880 S Naples, IL Life Naples, IL Cholera Infantum Naples Cemetery
412 ADAMS, John H. M 30y 23 Mar 1882 W Decatur, IL Not Known Oxville, IL Dropsey General White Grave Yard
19 ADAMS, Lucy F 22y 20 Feb 1878 M Scott Co., IL Glasgow Precinct Bronchitis Adams Cemetery
422 ADAMS, Rebecca F 76y 5 Jun 1882 W DE 39y Oxville Precinct Age Naples Cemetery
55 ADNEY, Twin Infants F 10 Jul 1878 Bloomfield, IL Bloomfield, Precinct Premature Birth at 7 months Davis Cemetery, Bloomfield
134 AHEARN, Dennis M 46y3m8d Farmer 24 Feb 1879 M Cork Co., Ire. At Farm, Scott Co., IL Typhus Malarial Fever Winchester, IL
591 AHERN, Mary E. F 18y2m2d 7 Sep 1890 S IL Life Manchester, IL Typhoid Fever Winchester, IL
161 ALLEN, Alva M 1y2m21d 4 Jul 1879 S Oxville, IL Life Oxville, IL Convulsions Oxville, IL
350 ALLEN, Edwin C. M 1y2m3d 27 Jul 1881 S Scott Co., IL Life Oxville, IL Dysentary White Grave Yard
435 ALLEN, Ethen M 8d 11 Sep 1882 S Scott Co., IL 8d Oxville, IL General Congestion White Grave Yard
620 ALRED, Infant M 7m 11 Apr 1900 Life Manchester, IL Tuberculosis Manchester, IL
585 ANDELL, Homer J. M 1y7m18d 25 Jul 1889 Scott Co., IL Life Point Pleasant Precinct Consumption Kincaid Cemetery
137 ANDELL, John M 77y Farmer 8 Mar 1903 M England 77y Winchester, IL Paralysis Kincaid Cemetery
151 ANTROBUS, Nancy Jane, Mrs. F 69y Housewife 28 Feb 1903 W Scott Co., IL 69y Nr. Exeter, IL Heart Failure Jordan Cemetery
10 ARENDELL, Fannie May F 25y11m25d Gen. Housework 1 Feb 1902 M Manchester, IL 26y Manchester, IL Concealed Hemorage - miscarriage Bower Cemetery
615 ARENDELL, Gerrude F 19y11m27d Student 15 Jan 1900 S Manchester, IL Life Manchester, IL Acute Tuberculosis Manchester, IL
506 ARENDELL, Polly F 76y Farmer 21 Jun 1885 W IL 40y Manchester, IL General debility Manchester, IL
276 ARGUST, Aurilla D. F 51y2m19d Housewife 19 Aug 1880 M Hirkermer Co., NY 24y Winchester, IL Tuberculosis Phthisis Winchester Cemetery
526 ARMITAGE, Bessie F 1y16d 16 Aug 1886 S Exeter, IL 1y Exeter, IL Cholera Infantum Exeter Cemetery
145 ARMITAGE, Elihu Sr. M 84y8m21d Farmer & Miller 17 Feb 1879 W Barnsley, England 39y Exeter, IL Old age natural decay Exeter Cemetery
542 ARNDELL, Martha F 36y Housewife 17 Mar 1887 M Greene Co., IL 36y Manchester, IL Penal tumor Manchester, IL
94 ARNDELL, Sarah Alice F 39y8m26d Housewife 13 Aug 1902 M IL 39y Manchester, IL Pulmonary Tuberculosis Manchester Cemetery
158 ARNOLD, Mary F 25y Domestic 7 Apr 1879 M Scott Co., IL 25y Winchester, IL Nursing Sore Mouth Winchester, IL
408 ARUNDLE, Infant M 7d 10 Apr 1882 S Bluffs, IL Life Bluffs, IL Convulsions Greens Cemetery
143 ASH, Infant M 8d 30 Mar 1879 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Spasms Wnchester Cemetery
393 ASH, Mary Ann F 62y8m3d 23 Dec 1881 M KY 47y Manchester Precinct Lung Fever Bowers Cemetery
198 AYERS, Archibald A. M 2y3m24d 31 Oct 1879 S Scott Co., IL Life Winchester Precinct Croup Diamond Grove, Jacksonville
160 BAGSHAW, Harold Murl M 5min 15 May 1903 S IL Winchester, IL Severe & prolonged labor Winchester, IL
22 BAILEY, Edward M 70y2m Farmer 2 Mar 1902 M NJ 42y Scott Co., IL Bright's Disease Carleton Cem.
344 BAIRD, Araia M 1y3d 5 Jul 1881 S Bluffs, IL Bluffs, IL Whooping Cough Smith's Grave Yard
162 BAIRD, Mary F 73y5m5d Housewife 23 May 1903 W IL Oxville, IL Paralysis Baird Cemetery
327 BAIRD, Rachel F 35y Housewife 14 Mar 1881 M Preston, KY 25y Bluffs, IL Measles Smith's Grave Yard
423 BAKER, Aggie A. F 47y4m20d 30 Jun 1882 M IN 30y Manchester, IL Scropulus Manchester, IL
102 BAKER, George M 80y Farmer 9 Dec 1902 S Germany Winchester, IL Senility Winchester, IL
104 BALLARD, M. B. M 46y10m16d School Teacher 25 Dec 1902 M Winchester, IL 46y Winchester, IL Catarrah of Stomach Gillham Cemetery
165 BARFIELD, Charles Elmer M 7m14d 10 Jul 1879 S IL Life Naples, IL Convulsions Naples Cemetery
89 BARFIELD, Mary Ann F 15y2m26d House Work 21 Oct 1878 S IL Life Naples Precinct Typhoid Fever Naples, IL
137 BARNES, Katie Belle F 4m8d 15 Mar 1879 Alsey, IL Life Manchester, IL Inflamation of the Brain Manchester, IL
95 BARNES, Sarah F 79y8m7d Housewife 1 Sep 1902 M OH 71y Manchester, IL Heart Failure Manchester Cemetery
605 BARTON, Sarah F 75y Pauper May 1897 W IL Scott Co. Poor House Angina Pectoris Winchester, IL
128 BATES, Edith Hazel F 7y3m18d 10 Feb 1903 S IL 7y Winchester, IL Bronchitis & Catarrh of head Winchester, IL
547 BATLEY, Infant M 2m21d 10 Oct 1886 S Bluffs, IL Bluffs, IL Bronchitis Greens Cemetery
349 BEADLES, Lilley M. F 6m7d 8 Aug 1881 S Scott Co., IL Life Bloomfield, IL Cholera Infantum Baker Grave Yard
252 BEADLES, Lucinda E. F 10m17d 28 Apr 1880 S Scott Co., IL Life Bloomfield Precinct Measles Baker Grave Yard
52 BEAN, Barbra Ann F 82y4m21d House Maid 20 Jul 1902 S Clark Co., KY 67y 4 1/2 mi North of Winchester Heart Failure Family Cem. on Bean Farm
145 BECKMAN, William H. M 21 Jan 1903 M Exeter, IL Paralysis of right side Exeter, IL
118 BECKMAN, William Henry M 45y5m21d Farmer 21 Jan 1903 M Brown Co., IL 45y Exeter, IL Paralysis Exeter, IL
238 BELL, James M 50y Farmer 25 Jan 1880 M Scott Co., IL 50y Bloomfield Precinct Consumption Bloomfield, IL
524 BERKENMAYER, Theoria F 29y9m23d None 14 Jul 1886 S Jerseyville, IL Life Naples, IL Acute Sporadis Dysentery Naples, IL
4 BERRY, Bashie M. F 6y7m25d Scholar 11 Jan 1878 S Winchester, IL 6y7m25d High St., 1st Ward, Winchester, IL Malignant Diptheria Winchester New Cemetery
460 BERRY, Jacob M 41y11m24d Farmer 27 Jul 1883 M IL Winchester, IL Consumption Winchester, IL
5 BERRY, Star C. M 1y5m11d 12 Jan 1878 S Winchester, IL 1y5m11d High St., 1st Ward, Winchester, IL Malignant Diptheria Winchester New Cemetery
184 BESHEAR, Charles M 6y4m 14 Sep 1879 Scott Co., IL Life Nr. Glasgow, IL Not able to digest food Glasgow, IL
568 BILLINGS, William M 81y2m3d Farmer & Minister 16 Mar 1888 M KY 60y Manchester, IL Sugina Pectosis Manchester, IL
131 BIRK, George F. M 69y8m23d 23 Feb 1903 M Germany 69y Winchester, IL Abscess of the spinal cord Winchester, IL
571 BLACKBURN, Infant M 3d 11 Apr 1888 S Manchester, IL Life Manchester, IL Convulsions Manchester, IL
60 BLACKBURN, Ione F 1y7m13d 10 Aug 1902 Scott Co., IL Life NE of Winchester Convulsions Kincaid Cemetery
427 BLACKBURN, James Wilson M 20y Farmer 16 Nov 1882 S IL 20y Bloomfield Precinct Inflamatory Rheumatism
539 BLACKBURN, Roy M 4y6m 17 Feb 1887 Manchester, IL Manchester, IL Pertussis Pneumonia Manchester, IL
451 BLAKE, Fannie N. F 61y10m9d 9 Apr 1883 W KY 26y Manchester, IL Heart Disease Richwood, Greene Co., IL
25 BLAKE, Wiley M 68y1m28d Farmer 31 Mar 1878 M US 23y Manchester, IL Phthisis Pulmonalis Hick Cem., Greene Co., IL
79 BOBBITT, Phoebe E. F 29 Sep 1878 M Scott Co., IL Life Winchester, IL Lung Affection of long standing Gilham Cemetery
187 BOCKWOOD, Ory Etta F 2y23d 27 Apr 1879 Oxville, IL 2y23d Oxville Precinct Clotted blood in the brain Oxville, IL
66 BOSTON, Lucy J. F 10y5m 20 Jul 1878 S Nr. Winchester, IL Life Winchester Precinct Cerebes Spinal Meningitis Winchester Cemetery
46 BOSTON, Mary Ellen F 19y5m3d 20 Jun 1878 S Winchester, IL 19y5m3d Nr. Winchester, IL Metrorrhagia Winchester, IL
267 BOWER, Margaret F 35y3m5d Housekeeper 17 Jun 1880 M Scott Co., IL 31y Alsey Precinct Typhoid Pneumonia Bower Cemetery
190 BRASHEARS, Charles M 6m4d 14 Sep 1879 S Scott Co., IL Life Glasgow, IL Inabation, not able to digest food Glasgow, IL
548 BROCKHOUSE, Infant M 1m23d 6 Feb 1887 S Scott Co., IL Bluffs Precinct Catarrhal Pneumonia Neeleyville Cemetery
154 BROCKHOUSE, William Henry M 55y9m13d Farmer 17 Apr 1903 IL 55y Bluffs, IL Heart Disease Concord Cemetery
587 BROOKS, Grace F 7d 4 Dec 1889 Merritt, IL Life Merritt, IL Diarrhea Gillham Cemetery
612 BROWN, Bat M 84y Pauper 3 Nov 1897 W Ireland Scott County Poor House Old Age Winchester Catholic Cem.
581 BROWN, Infant M 16hrs 8 Apr 1889 Manchester, IL Life Manchester, IL Lack of Vitality premature 6 1/2 months Manchester, IL
243 BROWN, James E. M 62y 19 Feb 1880 M TN 37y Winchester Precinct Pneumonia Bakers Cemetery
132 BROWN, Maria E. F 1y4m5d 1 Mar 1879 S Pike Co., IL Life Griggsville Landing Congestion of Brain - Scarlet Fever Griggsville Landing
132 BROWN, William F. M 24y Laborer 24 Feb 1903 IL 24y Winchester, IL Tuberculosis Winchester, IL
78 BRYSON, J. H. M 30 Aug 1878 M Illiopolis, IN Bluffs, IL Heart Disease Quincy, IL
68 BUNCH, Elizabeth F 77y6m8d Housewife 26 Jun 1902 W MO 70y Winchester Precinct Impacted fracture of neck of femur Bethel Cemetery
124 BUNCH, Joseph M 66y 2 Feb 1903 W IL 66y Winchester Precinct Rheumatism Rutledge Cemetery
537 BUNCH, Mary Ann F 40y Housewife 31 Dec 1886 M Scott Co., IL 40y Oxville Precinct Brain Fever Family Grave Yard
5 BURBANK, Luthia F 69y2m1d Housewife 10 Jan 1902 M Canada 44y Township 13 Congestion of Lungs Greens Cemetery
604 BURKE, Infant F 4m7d 18 Jul 1896 Scott Co., IL Life Nr. Hart's School House Bronchitis
498 BURROWS, George Holgate M 11y5m5d 21 Apr 1886 S Scott Co., IL 5y5m5d Manchester Precinct Scarlet Fever Manchester, IL
503 BURROWS, John Lambert M 13y6m14d 27 Mar 1885 S Scott Co., IL Life Manchester, IL Scarlet Fever Manchester, IL
502 BURROWS, Mary Jane Hollan F 6y1m20d 12 Apr 1885 S Scott Co., IL Life Manchester Precinct Scarlet Fever Manchester, IL
577 BUTTERFIELD, Walter M 8m25d 24 Jun 1888 Merritt, IL Life Merritt, IL Paralysis Williams Cemetery
16 BUTZBACH, Martha Elizabeth F 66y9m24d Housewife 18 Feb 1902 W Germany 47y 1/2 mile West of Winchester Heart Disease Winchester, IL
619 BYERS, Joseph H. M 67y Minister 28 Mar 1900 M TN Manchester, IL Lobar pneumonia Knob Knoster, MO
438 CAMPBELL, Alva A. M 7m10d 10 Sep 1882 S IL 7m Oxville, IL Dysentery Campbell Grave Yard, Oxville
237 CAMPBELL, Joseph M 27y Farmer 2 Feb 1880 S Scott Co., IL 27y Winchester Precinct Cerebral Apoplexy Campbell Cem., Scott Co.
452 CAMPBELL, Lydia Jane F 21y 19 Apr 1883 M Pike Co., IL 2y Oxville Precinct Dress caught fire by burning stocks Oxville Precinct
6 CAMPBELL, ruben M 88y Farmer 17 Jan 1902 W MO 70y Winchester, IL Senility Campbell Hollow Cem.
497 CAMPBELL, Sarah Ann F 47y11m20d 29 Mar 1886 M IL 49y Bloomfield, IL Inflamation of Bowels Campbell Holler Cem.
298 CAMPBELL, William A. M 10d 10 Dec 1880 S Scott Co., IL Life Oxville Precinct General Congestion Oxville, IL
144 CAMPBELL, William M. M 23y11m11d Farmer 19 Mar 1879 M Scott Co., IL 23y11m11d Bloomfield Precinct Typhoid Fever & Exhaustion Campbell Cemetery
233 CAMPHOUSE, Catherine F 78y2m Retired Widow 12 Feb 1880 W Hanover Germany 14y Bluffs Precinct Valvular Disease of Heart Neeleyville, Morgan Co., IL
279 CANATSEY, Ann F 5d 31 Jul 1880 S Sandy Precinct 5d Sandy Precinct Want of development - 7 month child Winchester Cemetery
205 CANATSEY, George W. M 35y11m8d Farmer 22 Nov 1879 M Scott Co., IL 35y Manchester Precinct Gastritis Winchester, IL
600 CANATSEY, Osie F 6y5m10d 19 Dec 1895 S Manchester Precinct 6y5m14d Manchester Precinct Pneumonia Winchester, IL
9 CANNON, Jesse M 58y2d Huckster 2 Feb 1878 M Scot-Irish Man born Ohio 30y Naples, IL Bronchitis Naples, IL
240 CARLTON, Elijah M 63y7m14d 28 Feb 1880 M NC 40y Alsey, IL Congestion in Lungs Welch Grave Yard
112 CARPENTER, Leah H. F 65y 25 Jan 1879 M Fayette Co., PA 40y Winchester, IL Chronic Bronchitis Winchester Cemetery
553 CARTMAN, Jessee F 1m23d 26 Apr 1887 S St. Louis, MO visiting Winchester, IL Congestion Winchester Cemetery
296 CARVER, Jane C. F 59y8m27d Housewife 23 Nov 1880 M Pottsville, PA 13y Bluffs, IL Cerebral Softening from Brights disease Greens Grave Yard
425 CASTLE, Phoebe F 57y 1 Jul 1882 W NY 15y Winchester, IL Cancer Winchester Cemetery
224 CHANCE, Emma F 10y2m 6 Oct 1879 S Scott Co., IL 10y Oxville Precinct Cerebro Spinal Meningitis Naples Cemetery
77 CHAPMAN, John C. Jr. M 1y10m18d 25 Sep 1878 S Bluffs, IL Life Bluffs, IL Syplio Malarial Fever Neeleyville Graveyard
466 CHARLES, Dennis M 90y Retired 30 Sep 1883 W VA 45y Naples, IL Debility Naples, IL
156 CHISELDINE, Emily, Mrs. F 84y4m5d Hotel Keeper 27 Apr 1903 W Mt. Sterling, KY 65y Winchester, IL Atrophy of bowels Winchester, IL
469 CHRISMAN, Emma F 3m19d 8 May 1884 S IL 3m19d Merritt, IL Catarrhal Fever Campbell Burying Ground
29 CHRISMAN, Polly F 13y 13 Apr 1878 S 13y Merritt Precinct Fatty degeneration James Campbell's
538 CHRISTISON, Jacob M 50y Farmer 26 Dec 1886 M Scott Co., IL 50y Bloomfield Precinct Lung Fever Family Grave Yard
28 CHUMLEY, David A. M 73y9m20d 29 Mar 1902 M Covington, KY 46y Winchester, IL White softening of brain Winchester, IL
25 CLANTON, Myrtle F 5y2m2d 17 Mar 1902 S Glasgow, IL 5y Glasgow, IL Meningitis Glasgow, IL
170 CLARK, Henry M 1y6m4d 10 Jul 1879 S Scott Co., IL Life Oxville, IL Congestion of Bowels Bloomfield Cemetery
11 CLARK, Infant M 14d 5 Feb 1878 S Scott Co., IL 14d Bluffs, IL Inflamation of bowels Green Family Burying Ground
259 CLARK, James W. M 1m 27 Apr 1880 S Sandy Precinct 1m Sandy Precinct Congestive Lungs Kincaid Cemetery
41 CLARK, Sarah F 31y3m4d Housewife 22 Jun 1902 M IL 3y Winchester, IL Puerperal Convulsions Winchester, IL
84 CLARKSON, Mary F 85y1m16d Housekeeper 6 Oct 1902 W Cumberland Co., KY 73y Winchester, IL Old Age Gillham Cemetery
544 CLAYWELL, Infant M 6 1/2hrs 16 Mar 1887 Winchester, IL Winchester, IL Lack of Vitality Claywell Cemetery
300 CLAYWELL, Martha F 38y11m28d Housekeeper 17 Dec 1880 M Manchester, IL 38y Winchester, IL Tuburculosis Winchester, IL
364 CLAYWELL, William J. M 1y5m2d 17 Aug 1881 S Winchester Precinct Life Winchester Precinct Bronchitis Claywell Cemetery
241 CLEMENT, Mary George F 80y11m5d 5 Mar 1880 M Haverhill, MA 35y Manchester, IL Pneumonia Manchester, IL
168 CLEVELAND, Margaret E. F 1y1m12d Jul 1879 Merritt Precinct Cholera Infantum Jordan Grave Yard
386 CLINE, Delania A. F 17y2m21d House Work 22 Nov 1881 S Menard Co., IL Life Oxville, IL Typhoid Fever White Grave Yard Oxville
363 COAKLEY, Catharine J. F 1y10m10d 21 Sep 1881 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Cholera Infantum - raised w/o mothers milk Catholic Cemetery
159 COATS, Charlie B. M 11y8m11d 4 May 1879 S Glasgow, IL 11y Winchester, IL Inflamation of the Bowels Winchester Cemetery
617 COCHRAN, John A. F 49y2m5d Laborer 2 Jun 1900 M Scott Co., IL Life Manchester, IL Acute Alcoholism Manchester, IL
390 COCHRAN, Samuel F. M 71y9m14d 11 Dec 1881 M KY 50y Manchester, IL Typhoid Pneumonia Manchester, IL
395 COFFMAN, Gabrilla F 71y11m12d 24 Jan 1882 W KY 48y Manchester, IL Heart Disease Jacksonville, IL
359 COLLEPS, Mable F 7m10d 9 Sep 1881 S Naples, IL Life Naples, IL Whooping Cough Naples, IL
258 COLLINS, Emanuel J. M 17y9m4d Farmer 6 May 1880 S Scott Co., IL Life Point Pleasant Precinct Pneumonia Winchester Catholic Cem.
161 COMEFORD, Joseph Jr. M 17d 16 May 1903 S IL 19d Bluffs, IL Eczema Greens Cemetery
121 CONOVER, Lillie F 4hrs 30 Jan 1903 Winchester, IL Winchester, IL Weakness of heart Winchester, IL
8 COPPAGE, Mary F 84y2m7d Housekeeper 23 Jan 1902 M OH 60y Naples, IL Pneumonia Naples, IL
31 COULTAS, Clayton E. M 37y7m27d Farming 3 Apr 1902 M IL 37 1/2y Winchester, IL Addison's Disease Winchester, IL
2 COULTAS, Mollie, Mrs. F 44y9m4d Housekeeper 3 Jan 1902 M Bluffs, IL 44y Riggston, IL Rheumatism Kincaid Cemetery
155 COULTAS, Oliver C. M 78y11d Farmer 23 Apr 1903 M England Winchster, IL Hepatogenous Jaundice Winchester, IL
486 COWGILL, Osa F 71y Housekeeper 23 Nov 1885 M OH 66y Manchester Precinct Catarrhl Pneumonia Winchester Cemetery
488 COWGILL, Osce F 2y6m8d 10 Dec 1885 S 7 mi south of E. Winchester 2y Manchester, IL Croup Winchester Cemetery
196 COX, Dasey F 1y7m 31 Oct 1879 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Meningitis Rutledge Cemetery
201 COX, Infant M 1d 27 Nov 1879 S Oxville Precinct 2hrs Oxville Precinct Injured in being born White Cemetery
100 COX, Jackson M 59y5m8d Farmer 11 Dec 1902 M Oxville, IL 59y Oxville, IL Chronic Stenosis of the heart Bloomfield, IL
446 CRABB, Jesey F 10 Feb 1883 S IL Merritt Precinct Dyptheretic Croup Gilland Burying Ground
584 CRABTREE, Anna F 5y4m17d 1 May 1889 Manchester Precinct Life Manchester, IL Convultions Barrows Cemetery
109 CRABTREE, Jacob M 77y10m Farmer 29 Dec 1878 W Wilson Co., TN 47y Manchester Precinct Pneumonitis Barrows
129 CRADDOCK, Joseph M 3y27d 17 Feb 1903 Scott Co., IL Sandy Precinct Pneumonia Bethel Cemetery
13 CRADDOCK, Patrick M 70y Farmer 11 Feb 1902 M Galloway Co., Ireland ca 40y Sandy Precinct Tuberculosis Diamond Grove, Jacksonville
431 CRANE, Dorcus F 49y Housekeeping 22 Aug 1882 W OH 33y Winchester, IL Spleen enlargement Winchester Cemetery
98 CRANE, Dovey Lee F 1y11m3d 10 Nov 1878 S Winchester Precinct Life Farm of M. Simmons, Oxville, IL Burn or Scald received on 4 Nov 1878 Jacob Smith Grave Yard
189 CRANE, William M 25y Butcher 10 Oct 1879 M Greene Co., IL 35y Winchester, IL Erysepilas of the arm Young Cemetery
195 CRANE, William M 35y 10 Oct 1879 M Greene Co., IL 35y Winchester, IL Erysepilas of the arm (gangrene) Young Cemetery
41 CRAWFORD, Anna E. F 1y3m11d 3 May 1878 S 1y3m11d Bluffs Precinct Whooping Cough Green Family Burying Ground
71 CREW, James William M 1y3m 12 Aug 1878 S Pike Co., IL 1y3m Exeter Precinct Scrofulous Affection Oxville Grave Yard
516 CREWS, Lena F 4m7d 11 Aug 1885 S Bluffs, IL 4m7d Bluffs, IL Infantile Diarrhea Oxville Cemetery
365 CREWSEY, Lenia F 4m14d 5 Oct 1881 S Oxville Precinct Life Oxville Precinct Congestion Cass Co., IL
610 CRONAUGH, Timothy M 30y Pauper 1897 S Ireland Winchester, IL Dysentery Winchester, IL
166 CROUCH, Anna E. F 64y10m10d Housewife 4 Jun 1903 Carlinville, IL Cyctitis & Burgtitis Winchester, IL
54 CROWDER, Elizabeth F 63y4m13d Housewife 23 Jul 1902 W Pike Co., IL 63y4m13d Winchester, IL Uremic Poisoning Winchester, IL
596 CUNNINGHAM, Mary, Mrs. F 77y Farmer 10 Jan 1894 W Scotland 50y Nr. Manchester, IL Bronchitis Bethel Cemetery
397 CUNNINGHAM, William W. M 1y1m Chapin, IL Winchester, IL Spinal Meningitis Winchester Cemetery
470 CURTIS, Dora M 22d 6 Mar 1884 S Manchester, IL 22d Manchester, IL Congestion of bowels
221 CURTIS, James Forman M 2m5d 13 Jul 1879 S Manchester Precinct Life Manchester Precinct Cholera Infantum Bowers Cemetery


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