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Early Deaths
Scott County, Illinois

This information was transcribed from a microfilm copy of the original Scott County Death Register. The list here is not complete - for some reason when the records were microfilmed, the complete records weren't included on this film. Hopefully at some point I'll be able to obtain the remainder of the death records for this county.

I believe all of the column headings are clear except perhaps for the column headed "MS" which stands for marital status (M=Married, S=Single, W=Widow/Widower). You will need to scroll right to see all of the columns of information given here.

Note: In some cases a death was recorded twice, I've included the information from both registrations.

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D - H

# Name Sex Age at Death Occupation Death Date MS Where Born In Co. Where Death Occurred Cause of Death Place of Burial
269 DANIELS, Alfred Nelson M 1y7m26d 25 Jul 1880 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Meninjial Trouble Winchester, IL
152 DANIELS, James Albert M 1y4m 5 May 1879 Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Scarlitina Auginosa Winchester Cemetery
439 DAVIESS, Ella F 21y8m3d 18 Sep 1882 M IL 21y Bloomfield, IL Billious Fever Edmonson Cemetery
281 DAVIS, Alice F 3d 29 Aug 1880 S Exeter, IL 3d Exeter, IL Valvular Disease of Heart Exeter, IL
338 DAVIS, Infant 8 May 1881 S Scott Co., IL Bloomfield, IL Jaundice
426 DAVIS, Orson M 11d 10 Aug 1882 S Bloomfield, IL 11d Bloomfield, IL Stomatitis Bunch Grave Yard
40 DAWSON, Eliza A. F 80y2m7d Housewife 12 Jun 1902 W DE 51y Scott Co., IL Pneumonia of left lung Kincaid Cemetery
268 DAY, Infant F 6hrs 31 Jun 1880 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Cyanosis Winchester, IL
157 DAY, Ralph Roy M 3y9m 23 Apr 1903 S IL 3y Winchester, IL Spinal Meningitis Bowers Cemetery
319 DAY, Sarah Louisa F 7m11d 23 Feb 1881 S Scott Co., IL Life Manchester Precinct Metastatic Abcess Bower Cemetery
504 DEAN, Infant Child of Samuel F 14d 16 Feb 1886 S Manchester, IL Life Manchester, IL Umbilical hemorage Manchester, IL
360 DEDMAN, Robert B. M 60y Printer 5 Sep 1881 M SC 30y Winchester, IL Sinule Marasmus Winchester Cemetery
449 DEPOISTER, William L. M 22y9m15d Miner 18 Apr 1883 M IL 22y Winchester, IL Cerebro Spinal Meningitis Winchester, IL
328 DICKERSON, Thomas W. M 32y9m Music Teacher 22 Mar 1881 S Morgan Co., IL 32y Nr. Bluffs, IL Acute Consumption Greens Grave Yard
58 DICKINSON, Martha F 65y6m22d Housewife 3 Aug 1902 W England 39y Winchester, IL Hempligue Lynnville, Morgan Co., IL
81 DILL, Harry M 3hr 20 Sep 1902 S Winchester, IL Winchester, IL Premature birth Winchester, IL
535 DIXON, Nellie F 2y 24 Nov 1886 Scott Co., IL 2y Winchester, IL Lung Fever Winchester, IL
105 DOBSON, James M 5y10m3d 19 Dec 1878 S Scott Co., IL Nr. Manchester, IL Laryngitis Manchester, IL
235 DOBSON, Sarah E. F 40y6m24d Housekeeper 16 Feb 1880 M England 35y Nr. Manchester, IL Prolapsus Uteri Bower Cemetery
27 DOLEN, Daniel E. M 2m15d 23 Mar 1902 S 6 mi SE of Winchester 2m15d 6 mi SE of Winchester Cappilary Bronchitis Winchester, IL
589 DOUGLAS, Elizabeth F 73y 5 Apr 1890 PA 19y Point Pleasant Precinct Ulceration of Stomach Kincaid Cemetery
406 DOUGLASS, Nathan M 45y2m Car Repairman 15 Apr 1882 M Sangamon Co., IL Life Bluffs, IL Acute Bronchitis Greens Cemetery
448 DOXEY, James J. M 13y8m3d 15 Mar 1883 S IL 13y Manchester, IL Typhoid Fever Grays Grave Yard
593 DOXEY, Nancy F 65y 18 Nov 1891 M IL Life Manchester Precinct Typhoid Pnumonia Bowers Cemetery
62 DOYLE, Charles M 54y Shoemaker 16 Jul 1878 M County Down, Ire. 26y Naples, IL Meningitis Simple Inflamation Naples, IL
251 DOYLE, James Albert M 6m13d 1 Apr 1880 S Scott Co., IL Life Sandy Precinct Gastro Intestinal Catarrh Winchester, IL
522 DOYLE, Willie M 22 Jan 1886 S Bluffs, IL Bluffs, IL Bronchitis Naples, IL
247 DRESSER, Elizabeth P. F 55y11m22d Housekeeper 10 Mar 1880 M Eastford, CT 21y Naples, IL Pluro Pneumonitis Naples, IL
134 DRUMMON, Patterson M 24y6m15d Laborer 21 Mar 1903 M Camden, Schuyler Co., IL 24y Nr. Glasgow, IL Being stabbed in breast Glasgow, IL
533 DUCKMAN, Margarett F 90y 16 Oct 1886 W Prussia 12y Merritt Precinct Old Age Neeleyville, IL
151 DUNHAM, Abisha M 77y3m3d Farmer 22 Apr 1879 M MA 44y Winchester Precinct Angenia Pectorias Exeter Cemetery
17 DUNHAM, Ann F 43y7m9d Domestic Hskpr 11 Feb 1878 W Yorkshire England 42y 2nd Ward, Winchester, IL Consumption Winchester Cemetery
39 DUNHAM, Delila G. F 36y1m17d Housekeeper 19 May 1878 M Sangamon Co., IL 36y Winchester Precinct Brain Fever Naples, IL
171 DURANT, Lucy, Mrs. F 41y6m15d Housekeeper 2 Jun 1879 M Naples, IL 41y Naples, IL Phthisic Pulmanatis Naples, IL
410 DWIRE, Jerry M 40y 27 Mar 1882 S Ireland 25y Winchester Precinct Appop Mrurosis Winchester, IL
84 DWYER, M. H. M 20y7m20d Farmer 9 Sep 1878 S Winchester, IL Life Nr. Winchester, IL Congestion of the Heart Winchester, IL
68 EADS, Arabell F 51y1m3d 10 Jul 1878 M Dare Co., KY 48y Glasgow Precinct Consumption Dowdy Cemetery
335 EDDINGS, James W. M 55y11m10d Physician 27 Apr 1881 M TN 46y Winchester, IL Mileary Tubercle of Lungs Winchester, IL
157 ELLEFSON, Elliff M 53y Farmer 12 Mar 1879 M Norway 20y Manchester, IL Pneumonia Manchester, IL
590 ENGLAND, Harrison M 77y Farmer 17 Jan 1890 M KY 30y Scott Co., IL Pneumonia Manchester, IL
60 EUSTACE, William M 54y Farmer 14 Jul 1878 M West Marrion, Ire. 31y Naples Precinct Inflamation of the Bowels Sears Grave Yard
255 EVANS, John D. M 9y10m 5 May 1880 S Scott Co., IL 9y10m Winchester, IL Meningitis Rutledge Cemetery
445 EVANS, Roy M 2y 29 Nov 1882 S OH 2y Merritt, IL Typhoid Pneumonia Campbell Burying Ground
159 EZARD, Katherine, Mrs. F 58y11m26d 8 May 1903 IL 58y Winchester, IL Carcinoma of Vulva Winchester, IL
459 FARRINGTON, Joseph Edward M 7d 4 Aug 1883 S Winchester, IL 7d Winchester, IL Lock Jaw Winchester Cemetery
417 FASEL, John M 54y7m14d 16 Feb 1882 M Germany Not Known Acute Pulmonitis Winchester Cemetery
398 FASEL, Sarah F 55y6m1d 10 Feb 1882 M KY 45y Winchester, IL Acute Inflamation of lungs Wilson Cemetery
453 FIELD, George M 76y 18 Jun 1883 W England Manchester Precinct Dropsey Bowers Cemetery
391 FIELDS, Martha F 50y9m21d 14 Dec 1881 M NC Nr. Manchester, IL Inflamation of the lungs Bowers Cemetery
442 FISHER, Infant M 5hrs 4 Sep 1882 S IL Manchester, IL Premature birth
443 FISHER, Tula May F 19y6m15d 11 Sep 1882 M IL 19y Manchester, IL Child Birth
208 FITZSIMMONS, Edward M 51y5m20d Farmer 3 Dec 1879 M Alenon, OH 28y Oxville Precinct Bilious Pneumonia Oxville, IL
152 FITZSIMMONS, Hester A. F 72y 29 Jan 1903 W OH Naples, IL General Debility Oxville, IL
382 FLEMMING, Melisa F 22 Oct 1881 M Oxville Precinct Valvular disease of Heart Exeter Cemetery
127 FLYNN, Etta Belle F 31y3m 7 Feb 1903 S Scott Co., IL 31y Scott Co., IL Dropsey Gillham Cemetery
432 FOREMAN, Leonora Mary F 8m 30 Aug 1882 S IL 8m Glasgow, IL Spinal Meningitis Glasgow Cemetery
329 FORTNER, William Jr. M 2d 25 Mar 1881 S Nr. Bluffs, IL Bluffs, IL Convulsions McCaleb Grave Yard
389 FOSLER, Sarah Jane F 12y8m20d 29 Nov 1881 S Glasgow, IL Life Glasgow, IL Gangrene of bowels Glasgow Cemetery
119 FRAME, Peter Z. M 70y Farmer 28 Jan 1903 S IL 70y 4 mi West of Winchester Lagrippe Frame Cemetery
294 FRANCE, William J. M 39y3m12d Farmer 17 Nov 1880 M Scott Co., IL 39y3m12d Point Pleasant, IL Tuberculosis Kincaid Cemetery
481 FREER, William M 65y1m3d Merchant 5 Feb 1885 M York County England 9y Riggston, IL Pneumonia Riggston, IL
309 FREER, William Mallory M 1m21d 14 Jan 1881 S Merritt, IL Life Merritt, IL Don't know, called to late to render aid Gillham Cemetery
273 FREET, Frank William M 9m 30 Jul 1880 S Riggston, IL Life Riggston, IL Pertusis Gillham Cemetery
500 FROST, Mary F 62y 12 Jan 1885 M Brampton, Cumberland, Eng. 30y Winchester, IL Plura Pneumonia Winchester, IL
499 FROST, Robert M 65y4m23d Banker 8 Apr 1886 W Grindlow, Derbyshire, Eng. 30y Winchester, IL Heart Disease Winchester, IL
136 FRY, Della F 31y2m19d Housewife 14 Mar 1903 M Scott Co., IL 31y Naples Precinct Typhoid Fever Crisp Cemetery
388 FULKS, Bertie M 1y1m 28 Nov 1881 S Scott Co., IL Life Bluffs Precinct Tonsilitis Vangundy Grave Yard
515 FULKS, Walter M 17y10m20d R.R. Laborer 15 Jan 1885 S Bluffs, IL 17y Bluffs, IL Acute Consumption Vangundy Grave Yard
464 FUNDEL, William M 21y10m9d 15 Dec 1883 S Scott Co., IL 21y Glasgow, IL Not Known-fits probably epilepsy Glasgow, IL
44 FUNDLE, Theresa F 71y15d Housewife 4 Jul 1902 W Germany 51y Glasgow, IL Heart Failure Glasgow, IL
404 FUNK, Elena E. F 20y10d 12 May 1882 M Merritt, IL Life Exeter, IL Paremclyniatous Hepatitis Gillham Cemetery
191 FUNK, Esau M 70y6m14d Farmer 24 Mar 1879 M VA 47y Exeter, IL Consumption
186 FUNK, Esaw M 78?y14d Farmer 19 Jul 1879 S VA 47y Exeter, IL Consumption Exeter, IL
185 FUNK, Guy M 6y9m 7 Oct 1879 Exeter, IL Exeter Precinct Inflamation of the Bowels Gillham Cemetery
192 FUNK, Guy M 1y6m9d 19 Jul 1879 S Exeter, IL Life Exeter, IL Inflamation of Bowels Gillham Cemetery
558 FURCH, Kate A. F 59y9m 14 Jan 1887 W Stanton, VA 17y Winchester, IL Pertonitis from performation bowels Winchester, IL
248 FUSON, Mansfield T. M 11y10m15d 28 Feb 1880 S Scott Co., IL Life Bluffs Precinct Cerebro Spinal Congestion McCaleb Grave Yard
95 FUSON, Thomas H. M 9y5m14d 11 Nov 1878 S IL Life Oxville, IL Crushed hand from being run in cane mill Oxville, IL
347 GAITHER, Clyde M 5m2d 21 Jul 1881 S Manchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Winchester, IL
88 GALE, Child F 8hr 23 Oct 1878 S IL Life Naples, IL Premature Birth Naples, IL
505 GARRETT, Clarence M 10m 20 Aug 1885 S IL Life Manchester, IL Paralysis Brown Cemetery
104 GARRISON, Child of Harriet M 5d 28 Nov 1878 S IL Life Oxville, IL Convulsions Hart's Cemetery
306 GARRISON, Margaret Elvira F 10y13d 6 Jan 1881 S Pike Co., IL 10y Oxville Precinct Pneumonitis - rubeola Sears Cemetery
402 GAUGES, Willie M 9m6d 6 May 1882 S Glasgow, IL Life Glasgow, IL Cerebral Spinal Meningitis Glasgow Cemetery
556 GAUSEL, Samuel M 57y6m23d Farmer 3 Aug 1887 M KY 46y Bloomfield, IL Softening of Brain & Lung Trouble Gillen Cemetery
197 GAY, William Bassret M 16d 6 Nov 1879 S Winchester, IL Life North Winchester, IL Infantile Spasms Frederick Cem., Schuyler Co.
604 GEORGI, D. J. M 43y Minister 1 Aug 1896 M Germany 1d Oxville Precinct Unknown Taken to Alabama
437 GERARD, Charles N. M 20y3m11d Farmer 27 Aug 1882 S IL Oxville, IL Epidemic Dysentery Naples, IL
90 GERBOTH, Anna F 2y9m15d 4 Sep 1878 S IL Life Bluffs Precinct Inflamation of Stomach Neeleyville, IL
136 GIESBURGER, Albert M 8m 2 Mar 1879 Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Consumption Winchester, IL
33 GILLETT, Daniel O. M 87y5m8d Farmer - retired 25 Apr 1878 W Windsor Co., VT 44y Exeter, IL Asthma Exeter, IL
49 GILLHAM, William Asbury M 68y9m21d Farmer 27 Jun 1902 M Scott Co., IL Life Nr. Riggston Organic valvular disease of heart Gillham Cemetery
139 GILLIGAN, Jane F 50y House Work 29 Jan 1879 W Ireland 9y Naples, IL Pneumonitis Naples, IL
611 GILSON, Daniel H. M 69y Invalid 1897 M VT 54y Winchester, IL Bronchitis Winchester, IL
59 GLOSSOP, Thomas M 74y9m5d Farmer 7 Aug 1902 M England 50y Nr. Winchester, IL Septicemia Winchester, IL
24 GORDON, Maria L. F 70y7m10d Farmer 14 Mar 1902 M Naples, IL 70y Scott Co., Twp. 14 Mitral Incompletion Kincaid Cemetery
10 GRAHAM, Alexander M 76y Farmer 26 Jan 1878 W Pennsylvania 45y Oxville Precinct Paralysis On Home Farm
454 GRAY, James Thomas M 30y5m4d Farmer 20 Jun 1883 M Scott Co., IL 30y Manchester, IL Consumption Jones Grave Yard
163 GRAY, Mary Carlton, Mrs. F 83y11m6d Housekeeper 24 May 1903 W NC 60y Manchester, IL Heart failure Manchester, IL
420 GREEN, Benjamin M 82y5m Farmer 7 Jun 1882 W Yorkshire, England 53y Bluffs Precinct Senility Greens Cemetery
99 GREEN, Elizabeth F 60y Housewife 14 Nov 1878 M Manchester, England 28y Bluffs, IL Pneumonia McCaleb Grave Yard
130 GREEN, John M 59y9m24d Farmer 24 Dec 1878 M Yorkshire England 49y Bluffs Precinct Pleuro Pneumonia Green Grave Yard
125 GREEN, John W. M 14y2m13d Farmer's Son 28 Jan 1879 S Oxville Precinct Life Oxville Precinct Pneumonia of right lung Green Family Burying Ground
23 GREENWALT, Charley M 44y4m10d Farmer 2 Apr 1878 M Germany 35y Manchester, IL Laryngitis Manchester Cemetery
48 GREGORY, E. F 1y7m20d 20 Jun 1878 S Scott Co., IL 1y7m20d Bloomfield, IL Whooping Cough Bloomfield, IL
47 GREGORY, Infant M 4m 11 Jun 1878 S Bloomfield, IL 4m Bloomfield, IL Whooping Cough Bunch Grave Yard
178 GREGORY, Infant M 1/2 Hr 2 Aug 1879 Scott Co., IL Life Bloomfield, IL Slow Labor Davis Grave Yard
126 GREGORY, Sarah A. F 15y4m3d Farmer's Dau 12 Feb 1879 S Bloomfield Precinct Life Bloomfield, IL Convulsions Bunch Cemetery
322 GRISHAM, Rachel F 46y Farmer's Wife 27 Feb 1881 M Scott Co., IL 46y Oxville Precinct Neuralgia Bunches Grave Yard
586 GROCE, Charley M 1m15d 14 Sep 1889 Riggston, IL Life Riggston, IL Diarrhea Gillham Cemetery
114 GROCE, Edna Wheeler F 5y5m22d 17 Jan 1903 Winchester, IL 5y Winchester, IL Organic valvular disease of heart Gillham Cemetery
106 GROCE, Paul M 7d 8 Dec 1902 Winchester, IL Winchester, IL Premature birth Gillham Cemetery
575 GROVES, John H. M 69y Farmer 28 May 1888 W KY 44y Merritt Precinct Old Age Winchester Cemetery
579 HADDEN, Eva Lula F 1y3m2d 9 Oct 1888 Scott Co., IL Life Point Pleasant Precinct Cerebral Meningitis Gillham Cemetery
485 HAGGARD, Robert E. M 84y29d Ex-Merchant 19 Oct 1885 M Clark Co., KY 44y Winchester, IL Inquinal Hernia Operation Winchester, IL
16 HALE, Henry F. M 1m24d 26 Jan 1878 S Wincester Precinct 1m24d 1st Ward, Winchester, IL Convulsions Winchester Cemetery
94 HALL, Ann F 52y Miller 15 Nov 1878 M England 9y Merritt, IL General Dropsy Liberty Cem., Morgan Co., IL
119 HAMBLETON, Rachel F 21y7m19d Farmer's Wife 9 Oct 1878 M Monroe Co. Life Scott Co., IL Congestive Remittent Fever Kincaid Cemetery
110 HAMILTON, D. W. M 75y1m7d Farmer 24 Dec 1902 M
356 HAMILTON, Isaac R. M 24y3m Printer & Painter 5 Sep 1881 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Hereditary Consumption Old Cem., Winchester, IL
326 HAMILTON, William M ca 41y Loaffer 12 Mar 1881 M Don't Know 41y Winchester, IL Uremice - caused by inflammation of lungs Winchester, IL
110 HAMMOND, Emles M 2m7d 9 Dec 1878 S Glasgow, IL Life Glasgow Precinct Congestion of Lungs Glasgow Cemetery
97 HANBACK, Infant of John & Lucy M 4d 30 Oct 1878 S Naples, IL Life Naples, IL Died 4 days after birth w/out disease Naples, IL
103 HANBACK, Sarah F 67y3m10d Domestic Duties 18 Dec 1878 M Clark Co., KY 48y Winchester, IL Dysentery Winchester Cemetery
113 HANCOCK, James, Mrs. F 29y11m 22 Dec 1878 M Scott Co., IL 29y11m Bloomfield Precinct Puerperal Fever Browns Cemetery
11 HANKINS, Jessie Margaret F 11y7m23d Lived at home 3 Feb 1902 Winchester, IL Winchester, IL Hip disease Winchester, IL
121 HANKINS, Mary A. F 64y11m21d Housekeeper 20 Jan 1879 M Cumberland Co., KY 58y Winchester Precinct Dropsy Winchester Cemetery
12 HARBACK, John M 36y Farmer 9 Jan 1878 M Germany 5y Stationhouse Wabash Railroad Struck by engine Neeleyville, Morgan Co., IL
311 HARDWICK, George M 72y9m22d Farmer 22 Jan 1881 M Montgomery Co., KY 51y Winchester, IL Anasarcai Dropsey Kincaid Cemetery
38 HARDWICK, Louisa F 86y6m22d Housekeeper 30 May 1902 W Lexington, KY 74y Winchester, IL Senile Decay Kincaid Cemetery
43 HARDY, Margaret F 81y 14 Apr 1878 W NC 31y Naples Precinct Sears Burying Ground
582 HARNEY, Charles M 19y9m Farmer 30 Mar 1889 S Naples Precinct 19y Winchester Precinct Pistol bulit
61 HARPER, Maria F 21y4m2d Maid of all work 9 Aug 1878 S Pike Co., IL 20y Winchester, IL Typhoid Fever Naples, IL
202 HARRISON, Cordelia F 5y8m22d 17 Nov 1879 S Bloomfield Precinct Life Bloomfield Precinct Membranous Croup Bunch Grave Yard
302 HART, Emma F 36y10m20d Housewife 12 Oct 1880 M Scott Co., IL 34y Naples, IL Enteritis Naples, IL
45 HARTUNG, Effie F 30y2m3d Housekeeper 10 Jul 1902 M Winchester, IL 30y Winchester, IL Consumption Winchester, IL
376 HASKEL, Maud F 10y7m27d 15 Nov 1881 S Exeter Precinct Life Exeter Precinct Internal Hemorage Exeter Cemetery
51 HAVENS, Hellen F 10m26d 10 Jun 1878 S Scott Co., IL during life Oxville, IL Congestion of Brain Bloomfield, IL
318 HAVENS, Levinia F 74y3m6d 21 Feb 1881 W 31y Bloomfield, IL General Debility Davis Cemetery
169 HAWK, Arthur C. M 1y 12 Jul 1879 S Winchester Precinct 1y Congestion of the Brain Kincaid Cemetery
534 HAXBY, Leonard M 7m9d 4 Aug 1886 Pt. Pleasant Precinct Cholera Infantum
163 HAYDEN, Zibrig M 50y1m5d Fisherman 3 Apr 1879 M KY 30y Naples, IL Pneumonia Naples, IL
62 HAYES, Frances F 56y Housewife 24 Jan 1902 M IL 50y Manchester, IL Cerebral hemmorhage Manchester, IL
63 HAYES, John O. M 32y6m28d Farmer 26 Jan 1902 IL 32y Manchester, IL Pnaumonia Manchester, IL
179 HAYMAKER, Sallie F 2y1m4d 20 Aug 1879 IL Merritt, IL Cholera Infantum & Convulsions Gillham Cemetery
153 HEATING, William M. M 2y8m11d 17 Apr 1903 S IL Winchester, IL Broncho Pneumonia Winchester, IL
444 HEATON, Lucy Olive F 1y5d 29 Aug 1882 S IL 1y Manchester, IL Malorial Fever Manchester, IL
399 HEATON, Nellie F 25y11m21d 10 Feb 1882 S IL Life Manchester, IL Typhoid Manchester, IL
573 HEATON, Nellie T. F 21 Aug 1888 M IL Manchester, IL General Debility Manchester, IL
343 HENDERSON, Maria F 58y1m3d 21 Jun 1881 W WV 47y Winchester, IL Acute softening of the brain Bower Cemetery
373 HENDERSON, Maria F 58y 21 Jun 1881 W 47y Winchester, IL Inflamatory Softening of Brain
519 HENNESSEY, Eddie M 1y1m20d 21 Oct 1885 S IL 1y Bluffs, IL Tuberculor Meningitis Mt. Sterling, IL
89 HENSON, Harry M 14d 13 Nov 1902 Scott Co., IL Scott Co., IL Infantile Convulsions Taylor Cemetery
49 HERRING, Elizabeth F 79y Retired 5 May 1878 W London, England 37y Sandy Precinct Hepetitas Winchester Cemetery
93 HILDEBRAND, Fannie L. F 8y6m 16 Oct 1878 S IL Life Exeter Precinct Diptheria Exeter, IL
92 HILDEBRAND, Susan Lena F 3y6d 26 Oct 1878 S IL Life Exeter Precinct Laryngitis or true croup Exeter, IL
51 HILL, Julia A. F 46y2m19d Wife of Farmer 6 Jul 1902 M Alton, IL 46y Merritt, IL Suicide by Morphine poisoning Jacksonville, IL
42 HILTNER, Harrison M 23y10d Dentist 13 May 1878 S Montgomery Co., PA 2wks Bluffs, IL Pulmonary Consumption Green Family Burying Ground
183 HOGAN, James M 76y Farmer 29 Jul 1879 M Ireland Merritt, IL Inflamation of bladder Catholic Cem., Jacksonville, IL
473 HOGAN, Joshua W. M 53y1m Teacher 11 Dec 1884 M KY Manchester, IL Kicked by horse Manchester, IL
87 HOOTS, Lafe M 3y 4 Nov 1902 3 mi SW Winchester 3y 3 mi SW Winchester Scarlet Fever Carrollton, IL
203 HOWARD, John Thomas M 25y21d Constable 28 Oct 1879 M Scott Co., IL 25y21d Winchester, IL Tuberculosis Winchester, IL
83 HOWARD, Loyd M 5y 4 Sep 1902 S Scott Co., IL 5y South Winchester Heart failure Frame Cemetery
482 HOWARD, Marindi Jane F 19y1m2d 18 May 1885 S Scott Co., IL 19y Manchester, IL Phthisic Pulmonalea Master Cemetery
53 HOWARD, William Clinton M 1y6m10d 16 Jun 1878 S Winchester, IL 1y6m10d Winchester, IL Cholera Infantum Winchester Cemetery
501 HUBBARD, Rowena T. F 76y7m19d 15 Sep 1885 W Buckland, MA 17y Winchester, IL Dysentery Winchester, IL
129 HUDDLESTON, James P. M 50y Farmer 8 Jan 1879 M Morgan Co., IL 50y Nr. Bluffs, IL Catarrhe Pneumonia Meredosia, Morgan Co., IL
416 HUME, Susan F 57y12d 27 Feb 1882 W TN 47y Naples, IL Carcinoma of the abdominal organs Spine? Cemetery
172 HUSTED, Jesse M 70y7m2d Blacksmith 3 Aug 1879 M KY 50y Manchester, IL Nervous Manchester, IL
511 HUTON, Joseph A. M 54y5m Bridge Foreman 3 Feb 1886 M NJ 35y Valley City, IL Progressive Anemia Meredosia, Morgan Co., IL
254 HYLER, Harrison M 83y1m14d 28 Apr 1880 W NJ 45y Manchester, IL Old age Manchester, IL


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