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Early Deaths
Scott County, Illinois

This information was transcribed from a microfilm copy of the original Scott County Death Register. The list here is not complete - for some reason when the records were microfilmed, the complete records weren't included on this film. Hopefully at some point I'll be able to obtain the remainder of the death records for this county.

I believe all of the column headings are clear except perhaps for the column headed "MS" which stands for marital status (M=Married, S=Single, W=Widow/Widower). You will need to scroll right to see all of the columns of information given here.

Note: In some cases a death was recorded twice, I've included the information from both registrations.

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J - M

# Name Sex Age at Death Occupation Death Date MS Where Born In Co. Where Death Occurred Cause of Death Place of Burial
496 JAMES, J. P. M 43y Farmer 12 Mar 1886 M St. Louis, MO 20y Scott Co., IL Consumption Patterson, Greene Co., IL
234 JENKINS, Evans M 41y1m20d Jack all trades 14 Feb 1880 S Welch 2y Bluffs, IL Railroad accident fractured all left side Greens Grave Yard
599 JETTON, Leah, Mrs. F 30y10m1d 12 Dec 1895 M Manchester, IL 30y10m1d Manchester, IL Puerperal Fever Manchester, IL
53 JOHNSON, Alice Leah F 29y23d 20 Jul 1902 Logansport, IN Heart Disease
34 JOHNSON, Benjamin M 31y Pauper 9 May 1878 S State of Virginia 31y County Poor House Rheumatism County Farm
204 JOHNSON, Lawson M 62y Farmer 2 Dec 1879 M Scott Co., IL 62y Winchester, IL Plurea Pneumonia Winchester, IL
96 JOHNSON, Lucy E. F 22d 24 Nov 1878 S Naples, IL Life Naples, IL Severe cold with congestion of lungs Alton, IL
384 JOHNSON, Sarah F 44y3m 1 Nov 1881 W Scott Co., IL Life Bluffs Precinct Menopause Phthisic Vangundy Grave Yard
156 JONES, Eliza Jane F 43y2m Housekeeper 9 Apr 1879 M AL 40y Winchester, IL Consumption Winchester Cemetery
66 JONES, Infant of James M 1m9d 31 Mar 1902 IL Manchester, IL Bronchitis Winchester, IL
578 JONES, Martha Isabelle F 28y 17 Oct 1888 M Scott Co., IL 28y Winchester Precinct Puerperal Septicimia
158 JONES, Thomas M 83y11m18d Cooper 7 May 1903 W MD 50y Winchester, IL Heart failure Winchester, IL
162 KELLEY, David R. M 5m 7 Jul 1879 S Winchester, IL Merritt Precinct Cholera Infantum Gillham Cemetery
150 KELLEY, Mary F 76y 29 Jan 1903 W Ireland Alsey, IL Consumption Catholic Cem., Alsey, IL
117 KELLEY, Sarah E. F 65y11m11d Housewife 3 Jan 1903 M Winchester, IL 65y Winchester, IL Cerebral hemorhage Winchester Cemetery
471 KEMP, Zura Ann F 54y Domestic 16 Sep 1884 Morgan Co., IL 54y Oxville Precinct Consumption Family Grave Yard
310 KERANS, Mabel May F 3m 21 Jan 1881 S Near Naples, IL Naples, IL Congestion of the lungs Naples, IL
69 KILLEBREW, Jackson J. M 1y 28 Jul 1878 S Glasgow, IL Life Glasgow, IL Rowers Cemetery
527 KILLEBREW, Mary Ann F 39y Housewife 4 Sep 1886 M 37y Glasgow, IL Hemmerrage from Child Birth Glasgow, IL
405 KILLPATRICK, Carrie F 27y3m 15 Apr 1882 S Scott Co., IL Life Bluffs Precinct Chronic Phthisis Winchester Cemetery
217 KILLPATRICK, Hannah F 30 Nov 1879 W Naples Precinct Remittent Fever Sears Burying Ground
103 KILLPATRICK, Thomas M 94y4m20d Carpenter 7 Dec 1902 W VA 66y Winchester, IL Plenitis Winchester, IL
291 KILVER, Clara F 9m 17 Oct 1880 S Bloomfield, IL Bloomfield, IL Cholera Infantum Meredosia, Morgan Co., IL
352 KIMMITT, Rachael M. F 5y4m16d 9 Aug 1881 S Alsey Precinct Life Alsey Precinct Infantile Consumption Jewett Cemetery
348 KING, Infant of Ed & Mary F 23hrs 9 Aug 1881 S Winchester, IL 23hrs Winchester Precinct Imperfect Heart King Grave Yard
8 KINISON, Luther E. M 16d 9 Jan 1878 S Naples, IL 16d Naples, IL Disease of the Heart Naples, IL
523 KIRKMAN, David J. M 59y1m23d Merchant 16 Jul 1886 M Christian Co., KY 58y Winchester, IL Inflamation of Spinal Cord Winchester Cemetery
557 KIRKPATRICK, John K. M 47y6m25d 27 Jan 1887 M Winchester, IL 47y Winchester, IL Paralysis Heart fm Nervous prostration Winchester Cemetery
133 KIRKPATRICK, Teddy M 8m5d 21 Mar 1903 S Winchester, IL Winchester, IL Pneumonia Winchester, IL
215 KNAPP, Nathan Morse M 64y7m Attorney at Law 4 Oct 1879 M Royalton, VT 35y Winchester, IL Billious Pneumonia Winchester, IL
85 KNAPP, R. H. F 73y3m12d Farmer's Wife 27 Oct 1878 M OH Bloomfield Precinct Typhoid Pneumonia Wilmington, Greene Co., IL
509 KNOEPPEL, Karl M 5 Apr 1886 S IL Bluffs Precinct Pulmonary Consumption Neelyville, IL
18 KRUMWEEDY, Mary Ann F 36y8m28d Housewife 16 Feb 1878 M Trenton, NJ 24y Naples Precinct Capillary Bronchitis Concord, Morgan Co., IL
86 LAMASTERS, Emily F 63y Housekeeper 23 Oct 1902 M IL Life Nr. Winchester, IL Carcinoma Winchester, IL
308 LAMPMAN, Mary Ann F 52y9m21d Housekeeper 9 Jan 1881 M London, England Winchester Precinct Billious Pneumonia
86 LANDERS, Benjamin O. M 2y6m11d 5 Oct 1878 S IL Life Winchester, IL Scald of a hot lid on the under side of arm Winchester, IL
567 LANDES, Daniel M 53y10m30d Street Lamp Lighter 1 Dec 1887 M KY 47y Winchester, IL Pulmonary Consumption Winchester, IL
476 LANE, Charles Reeves M 11y27d 28 Feb 1885 S Mason Co., IL Life Winchester Precinct Scarlet Fever Malignant Form Davis Burying Ground
478 LANE, James Marion M 2y8m 12 Mar 1885 S Scott Co., IL Life Winchester Precinct Scarlet Fever Davis Burying Ground
477 LANE, Robert Henry M 9y5d 5 Mar 1885 S Scott Co., IL Life Winchester Precinct Scarlet Fever Davis Burying Ground
141 LANGFORD, Louis M 1y29d 7 Mar 1879 S Scott Co., IL Life Alsey Precinct Catarahal Fever Welch Cemetery
564 LANGFORD, Robert M 16y7m15d Laborer 7 Oct 1887 S Winchester, IL Life Manchester, IL Typhoid Fever Manchester, IL
461 LANGLEY, Jeremiah M 58y10m25d Miller 10 Oct 1883 M Scott Co., IL 58y Glasgow, IL Catarah in head Sand Ridge
297 LANGLEY, Michael M 5y6m 8 Dec 1880 S Manchester Precinct Manchester Precinct Capilary Bronchitis Don't Know
358 LASH, Oscar M 1y6m10d 15 Aug 1881 S Naples, IL Life Naples, IL Cerebral Congestion Naples, IL
71 LASHMET, Edwin Ralston M 2m26d 12 Aug 1902 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Meningitis Manchester, IL
1 LASHMET, Ella May F 34y14d Housewife 1 Jan 1902 M Winchester, IL Winchester, IL Typhoid Fever Winchester, IL
69 LAWLESS, John Andrew M 1y13d 9 Aug 1902 S IL Murrayville, IL Cholera Infantum
146 LAWSON, Lue M 8y9d16d 16 Aug 1902 S Meredosia, IL 8y Naples, IL Obstruction of bowels Naples, IL
75 LAWSON, Mary Saluda F 1y10m15d 29 Aug 1902 Scott Co., IL Life Sandy Precinct Pleocolitis Bethel Precinct
219 LAWSON, Thomas M 57y 13 Sep 1879 M Wrights Precinct Typhoid Fever
180 LEDBETTER, Delia A. F 1m19d 23 Aug 1879 Bloomfield, IL Bloomfield, IL Spasms Davis Grave Yard
227 LEE, Barbara Ann F 21y8m19d 27 Nov 1879 M Winchester Precinct 21y5m29d Winchester Precinct Consumption Winchester/Welches Cem.
226 LEE, Rosa May F 1y1m25d 9 Nov 1879 S Winchester Precinct Life Winchester Precinct Chronic Diarrhea of Tuburculous nature Winchester Cemetery
150 LEIB, Daniel M 67y Farmer 2 Apr 1879 M Anderson Co., TN 50y Exeter, IL Uremia Gillham Cemetery
403 LEWIS, Jesse M 61y4m18d 9 Jan 1882 M KY 55y Winchester, IL Tubucular Phthisics Winchester Cemetery
440 LEWIS, Margret F 69y Housekeeper 26 Sep 1882 M KY 56y Winchester Precinct Chronic Dirrhea Winchester Cemetery
607 LIGON, Charles M 27y Farmer 21 Sep 1897 M Pike Co., IL 27y Nr. Winchester, IL Congestion of Brain Milton, IL
514 LINKINS, James M 34y4m Salesman 10 Feb 1885 M IL 35y Bluffs, IL Aortic Stenosis Naples, IL
307 LITTLE, Alberry F 7y5m1d 7 Jan 1881 S MO 5y Exeter, IL Diptheria Crisp Cemetery
74 LITTLE, Elsie F 76y21d Housekeeper 17 May 1902 W IL 76y Alsey, IL Heart Failure Glasgow, IL
22 LITTLE, Infant Child of J. F 14d 28 Mar 1878 S Scott Co., IL Oxville Precinct Pneumonia Crisp Grave Yard
339 LITTLE, Luke M 7d 20 May 1881 S Scott Co., IL Life Oxville, IL General congestion Crisp Grave Yard
105 LITTLE, Ollie F 28y1m6d House Maid 25 Dec 1902 W Exeter, IL 28y Exeter, IL Septic Fever Meredosia, Morgan Co., IL
29 LIVINGSTON, Elizabeth F 76y1m21d 12 Mar 1902 W Yorkshire, England Manchester, IL Emphysema Manchester, IL
288 LIVINGSTON, George M 53y11m14d Laborer 26 Sep 1880 S Yorkshire, England 13y Manchester Precinct Chronic Inflamation of the Brain & spine Manchester, IL
520 LORRENCE, Samuel M 7m17d 24 Feb 1885 S IL 7m Bluffs, IL Pneumonia McCaleb Grave Yard
560 LORTON, Andrew J. M 64y Furniture Dealer 30 Jun 1887 M Sangamon Co., IL 64y Manchester, IL Organic Heart Trouble Manchester, IL
7 LORTON, Hannah Matilda F 74y2m19d 17 Jan 1902 W TN 70y Manchester, IL Pneumonia Manchester, IL
39 LOVELL, Roy Lee M 5y 10 Jun 1902 Cerebral Congestion
507 LYMAN, William H. M 74y6m Cooper 26 Dec 1879 W VT 35y Winchester, IL Cancer Winchester, IL
35 LYMANS, Myrtle F 18y2m5d Lived at home 14 May 1902 S Winchester, IL 18y Winchester, IL Tuberculosis Winchester, IL
282 LYON, Elizabeth F 38y 12 Sep 1880 S PA 41y Naples, IL Billious Dysentery Naples, IL
122 LYONS, Martin M 49y Farmer 2 Jan 1879 M Ireland 33y Bloomfield Precinct Bilious Pneumonia Catholic Cemetery
146 MADDEN, Julia Ann F 53y Housekeeper 13 Feb 1879 W VT 47y Exeter, IL Lung Fever Exeter, IL
35 MADISON, George W. M 13y3m6d Farmer 3 May 1878 S Scott Co., IL 13y3m6d Sandy Precinct Brights Disease Kincaid Cemetery
9 MAINS, Susan F 68y10m21d Housewife 25 Jan 1902 M Coshocton Co., OH 33y Exeter Precinct Dropsey Exeter Cemetery
97 MALONEY, Florence F 9m 24 Oct 1902 S Scott Co., IL 9m Manchester, IL Eutro Colitis Winchester Catholic Cemetery
135 MARKILLIE, Martha Funk F 70y10m22d Housewife 21 Mar 1903 W Morgan Co., IL 70y Winchester, IL Valvular disease of Heart Kincaid Cemetery
341 MARTIN, Edward S. M 6m1d 30 May 1881 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Cerebro Spinal Fever Winchester Cemetery
123 MARTIN, Holland M 2y2m10d 29 Jan 1879 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Congestion Stomach Winchester Cemetery
67 MARTIN, Mary F 10m8d 16 Jul 1878 S Glasgow Precinct Life Glasgow, IL Spinal Affection Jewett Cemetery
117 MASON, Elizabeth F 63y Farmer's Wife 18 Sep 1878 M Yorkshire England 43y Scott Co., IL Congestion of the Brain Scott Co., IL
468 MASTERSON, Carrie F 12y10m 6 Feb 1884 S Morgan Co., IL 12y Bluffs Precinct Poisoning McCaleb Grave Yard
33 MAYES, Anna R. F 1y8m12d 15 Apr 1902 S Scott Co., IL 1y8m12d Meredosia, IL Acute Dysentery Naples, IL
144 MAYES, Clarence M 8m5d 16 Dec 1902 Bluffs, IL Pneumonia Naples, IL
346 MCARTHUR, Mary Ann F 72y10m11d Retired 16 Jul 1881 OH 61y Bluffs, IL Dysentery, Rheumatial old age Smith's Grave Yard
337 MCBRIDE, William M 66y19d Farmer 5 May 1881 W TN Manchester, IL Inflamation of the lungs Barrows Station
128 MCCALEB, Clayton M 22y10m12d Farmer 27 Feb 1879 S Scott Co., IL Life Bluffs Precinct Consumption McCaleb Grave Yard
549 MCCALEB, Eliza F 69y11m13d Housewife 16 Feb 1887 M Morgan Co., IL 69y Bluffs Precinct Phthisis Pulmonalis McCaleb Grave Yard
394 MCCALEB, Infant F 11d 25 Dec 1881 S Bluffs, IL Life Bluffs Precinct Marasnais McCaleb Grave Yard
108 MCCOLLOUGH, William M 74y7m12d Farmer 30 Dec 1902 M Winchester, IL General Debility Gillham Cemetery
434 MCCONNEL, William H. M 80y4m5d None 7 Aug 1882 W NC 52y Manchester, IL Enteritis Diarrehae Manchester, IL
540 MCCONNELL, Mary F 52y Housewife 7 Jan 1887 M Morgan Co., IL 52y Manchester, IL Cancer of Liver Betel, Morgan Co., IL
543 MCCRACKEN, Emma F 35y8m16d Housewife 12 Apr 1887 M Greene Co., IL 35y Manchester Precinct Phthisis Pulmonalis Manchester, IL
262 MCCUNE, Georgia F 29y4m10d Housekeeper 30 May 1880 M Scott Co., IL Life Merritt Precinct Child Bed Fever Exeter, IL
263 MCCUNE, James Jr. M 10d 5 Jun 1880 S Merritt, IL 10d Merritt Precinct Spasms Exeter, IL
572 MCDONNAL, Ethel F 7m 21 Aug 1888 Manchester, IL Life Manchester Precinct Cholera Infantum Bowers Cemetery
79 MCDONNELL, George E. M 55y29d Salesman 29 Sep 1902 IA 22y Winchester, IL Bright's Disease Winchester, IL
225 MCGINNIS, Owen M 46y Section Laborer 29 Oct 1879 S Ireland Bluffs, IL Injuries from rubber car running over body Greens Grave Yard
334 MCGLASSON, James M 78y3m13d Farmer 24 Apr 1881 W VA 48y Glasgow Precinct Old Age Glasgow Cemetery
385 MCGLAZSON, James G. M 1y14d 4 Nov 1881 S Glasgow, IL Life Glasgow, IL Cholera Infantum Glasgow, IL
484 MCGRAVEY, Daniel M 65y1m3d Stone Mason 10 Feb 1885 W Ireland 30 or 40y Sandy Precinct Alcoholism Winchester, IL
272 MCINTYRE, Sarah F. F 28y10m12d Physician's Wife 25 Jul 1880 M Pike Co., IL Life Oxville, IL Abscess of right lung with pleurisy Sears Cemetery
320 MCKINNEY, Sallie F 66y 24 Feb 1881 M Casey Co., KY 54y Exeter, IL Measles Gillham Cemetery
316 MCLAMARK, Maudie Belle F 26d 20 Feb 1881 S Scott Co., IL Life Alsey Precinct Measles Rubeola Maligna Welch Cemetery
65 MCLAUGHLIN, Thomas C. M 36y Farmer 29 Jul 1878 M IN 18y Bloomfield Precinct Dysentary with Typhoid condition Winchester Precinct
36 MCMAHAN, Hester Ann F 68y5m29d Housewife 15 May 1902 M White Hall, Greene Co., IL 68y5m29d Manchester Precinct Failure of Heart Edwards Cemetery
220 MCPHERSON, Eliza F 23y Farmer's Wife 9 Nov 1879 M Scott Co., IL 23y11m11d Alsey, IL Typhus Malariel Fever Bowers Cemetery
218 MCPHERSON, James M 86y3m16d Farmer 19 Oct 1879 M KY Alsey, IL Cystitis Acute Bower Cemetery
67 MCPHERSON, Peggy F 81y8m14d Housewife 15 Jun 1902 W KY 75y Alsey, IL Paralysis Carlton Cemetery
355 MCQUOWN, Infant of A.D. & E.F. F 2d 5 Sep 1881 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Premature Birth Winchester Cemetery
40 MEEHAN, Annie F 26y5d Housewife 16 May 1878 M Tipperary Co., Ire. 24y Bluffs, IL Consumption Naples, IL
275 MEEHAN, James M 51y5m20d Farmer 30 Apr 1880 M Ireland 12y Oxville Precinct Remitting Fever Oxville Cemetery
70 MEGINNIS, Soloman S. M 41y2d Clergyman 2 Aug 1878 M Terre Haute, IN 21y5m29d Winchester, IL Pernicious Remittant Fever Winchester Cemetery
512 MEIER, Infant M 1d 1 Jan 1886 S Bluffs, IL 1d Bluffs, IL Pneumonia Neeleyville, IL
592 MEIER, Katherine Marin F 73y11m28d Housekeeper 22 Oct 1891 W Germany 21y Bluffs Precinct Dropsey Neeleyville Cemetery
330 MEIR, John M 5y11m20d 10 Apr 1881 S Scott Co., IL Life Bluffs Precinct Bronclo Pneumonia Neeleyville German GraveYard
30 MELLOR, Hazel F 1y7m 1 Apr 1902 Manchester, IL 1y7m Manchester, IL Scarlet Fever Bethel Cemetery
80 MENARY, Jenny F 23y9m Housewife 24 Aug 1878 W Morgan Co., IL Life Naples, IL Phitisis Pulmonalis Naples Grave Yard
383 MERIMAN, Robert M 9m11d 26 Oct 1881 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Cholera Infantum Winchester Cemetery
409 MERRIMAN, John M 50y Farmer & Drunkard 1 Apr 1882 W Ireland 25y Between Bluffs & Neeleyville Accident struck by train while drunk Neelyville, IL
555 METZLER, Thomas J. M 51y7d Tailor 3 Apr 1887 M Cumberland Co., PA 26y Winchester, IL Inflamation of the Brain Winchester, IL
603 MILEN, Mike, Mrs. F 28y 20 Apr 1896 M Don't Know Manchester, IL Dropsey Winchester, IL
73 MILES, Thomas Alex M 29y7m16d Laborer 12 Aug 1878 M TN 10m Scott Co., IL Epilepsy Morgan City, IL
270 MILLER, George Jr. M 6y9m22d 3 Jun 1880 S Cass Co., IL 6y Naples, IL Abdominal & Cordica Dropsey Naples, IL
450 MILLER, Hampton M 54y1m Cooper 25 May 1883 M Edwardsville, IL 54y Winchester, IL Consumption Winchester, IL
340 MILLER, Infant 1d 23 Dec 1880 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Premature Birth Winchester, IL
480 MILLER, Lucy Ann F 22y3m9d Farmer's Wife 14 Feb 1885 M IL Life Harts Precinct Consumption Bethel Burying Ground
77 MILLER, Nancy, Mrs. F 69y7m21d Housekeeping 10 Aug 1902 W KY 35y Bluffs, IL Heart Disease Bluffs, IL
149 MILLIKEN, Gusy M 33y4m12d Housewife 29 Jan 1903 IL 33y Glasgow, IL Consumption Carlton Cemetery
120 MILLIKEN, Lucy F 33y8m12d Housewife 29 Jan 1903 M Alsey, IL 33y Glasgow township Heart failure Carlton Cemetery
142 MITCHELL, Albert A. M 44y1m7d Druggist 19 Mar 1879 M TN 43y Naples, IL Chronic Bronchitis Naples Cemetery
513 MONTAGUE, Infant M 1d 14 Sep 1885 S Naples, IL 1d Naples, IL Arm presentation convulsions Naples, IL
165 MONTGOMERY, Earl Thomas M 1m14d 3 Jun 1903 S IL Winchester, IL Cholera Infantum Winchester, IL
82 MONTGOMERY, Margaret F 62y6m25d Housekeeper 4 Sep 1902 W Wheeling, VA 50y South Winchester Cerebral hemorrhage Winchester Cemetery
606 MOON, Lessie F 2y9m Apr 1897 Wabash, IN Winchester, IL Cerebre Spinal Meningitis Winchester, IL
116 MOORE, Eliza F 33y Housekeeper 4 Feb 1879 M Scott Co., IL Life Alsey Precinct Puerperal Mitritis Catholic Cemetery
574 MOORE, Eliza J. F 66y 8 Sep 1888 W Ireland 35y Manchester, IL Dysentery Manchester, IL
283 MOORE, James K. M 64y Farmer 12 Aug 1880 M VA 43y Manchester, IL Calcalus Uranic Poisoning Manchester, IL
188 MOORE, Roy Lee M 5y30d 11 Aug 1879 Scott Co., IL Life Naples Precinct Skin Eysepelas Sears Cemetery
194 MOORE, Roy Lee M 6m4d 16 Aug 1879 S Scott Co., IL Life Naples Precinct Skin eruption covered the entire skin Sears Cemetery
387 MOREAU, George M 35y Laborer 26 Nov 1881 M KY 5y Alsey, IL Bower Grave Yard
290 MORGAN, Infant F 4hrs 4 Oct 1880 S Point Pleasant Precinct Point Pleasant Precinct Premature Birth Winchester, IL
164 MORRELL, Artemus M 13y3m6d 30 May 1879 S IL 13y Naples, IL Congestion Malarial Naples Cemetery
63 MORRELL, Frederic M 3y9m15d 19 Jul 1878 East St. Louis, MO Life Naples, IL Cerebral Congestion Naples, IL
206 MORRELL, Mary Jane F 43y Housewife 5 Nov 1879 M IL 43y Naples, IL Gastro Enteritis Naples, IL
15 MORRIS, John W. M 70y11m16d Farmer 18 Feb 1902 M Caroline Co., MD 47y Exeter Precinct Hemiphlegia Exeter Cemetery
532 MORRIS, John Z. M 32y11m28d Farmer 8 Aug 1886 S Montgomery Co., Eng. 30y Merritt Precinct Uremia Williams Cemetery
80 MORRIS, Mary Jane F 64y11m17d Housewife 23 Sep 1902 W Pike Co., IL Life Exeter Precinct Intestinal hemorrhage Oak Hill Cem.
143 MORRIS, Nancy F 23 Sep 1902 M Bluffs, IL Bluffs, IL Intestinal hemorrhage
114 MORRISON, Mary F 74y1m14d Farmer's Wife 4 Jan 1879 M 45y Oxville Precinct Pneumonia of left lung Sears Cemetery
428 MORRISON, Nathaniel M 89y5m7d Retired Farmer 24 Jul 1882 W VA 48y Bluffs, IL Old Age Sears Cemetery
212 MORTIMER, Albert M 1y9m 28 Nov 1879 S Merritt, IL Life Merritt, IL Malignant Scarlet Fever Liberty Cemetery
211 MORTIMER, Emma Eliza F 3y9m 21 Nov 1879 S Merritt, IL Life Merritt, IL Malignant Scarlet Fever Liberty Cemetery
213 MORTIMER, Rosella F 5y5m 5 Dec 1879 S Merritt, IL Life Merritt, IL Malignant Scarlet Fever Liberty Cemetery
72 MOSHER, Samuel M 67y8m24d Blacksmith 16 Aug 1902 M Canada 47y Winchester, IL General Tuberculosis Winchester, IL
32 MOSS, Sanford M 75y Farmer 13 Apr 1902 M NC 30y Oxville, IL Bleeding from hemorrhoids Crisp Cemetery
127 MOSS, Sylvester M 71y8m12d Retired Farmer 22 Feb 1879 M KY 55y Manchester, IL Pneumonia Bowers Cem.
433 MOTT, Ella F 15d 15 Feb 1883 S IL 15d Scott Not Known Jewett Cemetery
45 MOXHAM, Mary A. D. F 54y4m18d 9 Jun 1878 D VA 19y Winchester, IL Cerebral Softning - General Debility St. Louis, MO
521 MULHERN, Maggie F 2y1m6d 6 Dec 1884 S IL Bluffs, IL Scarlitina Mt. Sterling, IL
559 MURRAY, Alexander M 46y Farmer 14 Feb 1887 M Scotland 31y Sandy Precinct Phtisis Pneumonia Winchester Cemetery
242 MURRAY, Aurilla D. F 7y18d 13 Mar 1880 S Scott Co., IL 7y Sandy Precinct Scarlitina Maleyric Winchester, IL
147 MURRELL, Sarah F 44y Washer Woman 17 Feb 1879 W Green Co., KY 7y Exeter, IL Perocarditis Exeter, IL
380 MURRY, Winniford F 7m 1 Sep 1881 S Alsey Precinct 7m Alsey Precinct Acute Enteritis Winchester Catholic Cem.


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