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Early Deaths
Scott County, Illinois

This information was transcribed from a microfilm copy of the original Scott County Death Register. The list here is not complete - for some reason when the records were microfilmed, the complete records weren't included on this film. Hopefully at some point I'll be able to obtain the remainder of the death records for this county.

I believe all of the column headings are clear except perhaps for the column headed "MS" which stands for marital status (M=Married, S=Single, W=Widow/Widower). You will need to scroll right to see all of the columns of information given here.

Note: In some cases a death was recorded twice, I've included the information from both registrations.

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N - S

# Name Sex Age at Death Occupation Death Date MS Where Born In Co. Where Death Occurred Cause of Death Place of Burial
304 NEIMAN, Mary R. F 28y 18 Dec 1880 M Scott Co., IL 28y Winchester, IL Heart Disease Winchester, IL
88 NEW, Charles A. M 72y3m10d Farmer 1 Nov 1902 IL 72y Scott Co., IL Paralysis Winchester, IL
120 NEW, Harriet L. F 58y7m20d Housekeeper 14 Jan 1879 M Madison Co., OH 43y Winchester Precinct Jaundice Winchester Cemetery
12 NEWINGHAM, Mary Jane F 29y10m22d Housewife 10 Feb 1902 M KY 22y Manchester, IL Tuberculosis Sanders Cem., Greene Co., IL
602 NEWMAN, Aaron M 27y 18 Apr 1896 M Don't Know Don't Know Manchester, IL Pneumonia Manchester, IL
166 NIEMAN, Henry A. M 5m28d 12 Jul 1879 Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Colitis Winchester Cemetery
552 NORTHAN, Edward D M 72y Farmer 18 Jan 1887 KY 55y Scott Co, IL Paralysis of the Heart fm Rhumatism Baker Grave Yard
424 NORTHCUT, Ransom M 38y8m17d Farmer 3 Jul 1882 M IL 38y Bloomfield Precinct Consumption Rutledge Cemetery
142 NORTHCUTT, Emma F Housework 27 Jun 1902 Bluffs, IL Congestion of liver Greens Cemetery
147 NORTHCUTT, Tilly F 1y 24 Jan 1903 1y Glasgow, IL Pneumonia Rutledge Cemetery
546 OAKES, Emeline F 37y11m22d Housewife 26 Oct 1886 Morgan Co., IL 37y Bluffs, IL Tuberculosis Greens Cemetery
462 O'BRIEN, Gracy Maud F 11m 17 Sep 1883 S Manchester, IL 11m Manchester, IL Enteritis Winchester, IL
14 O'CONNOR, Anna F 36y1m17d 13 Feb 1902 S Bluffs, IL Cancer of Bowels Mt. Sterling, IL
47 O'CONNOR, Anna F 36y1m17d 13 Feb 1902 Bluffs, IL Cancer of Bowels Mt. Sterling, IL
313 OEHLER, Mary E. F 2m3d 29 Jan 1881 S Exeter Precinct Life Exeter Precinct Pneumonia Taylor Grave Yard
61 O'NEIL, Nora F. F 27y3m19d Housekeeper 1 Jan 1902 Alsey, IL 27y Alsey, IL Pulmonary Consumption Catholic Cem. Winchester
31 ORCHARD, Isabelle F 21y5m29d 20 Apr 1878 S Exeter, IL 21y5m29d Exeter, IL Pulmonary Tuberculosis Exeter Burial Ground
164 O'RILEY, Catharine F 90y Seamstress 4 Jun 1903 S Ireland Winchester, IL Cerebral hemorhage Winchester Catholic Cemetery
483 OVERBY, Frederick Miles M 10y7m25d 6 Jul 1885 S McDonough Co., IL 10y7m25d Manchester, IL Paralysis Richwoods Cemetery
580 OVERBY, Stella F 1y4d 27 Dec 1888 Manchester, IL Life Manchester, IL Pneumonia Manchester, IL
38 OVERTON, James M 64y 18 May 1878 M KY 41y Winchester, IL Pneumonitis Family Graveyard
614 PAGE, Marie Antoinette F 37y11m Housewife 3 Mar 1900 M St. Louis, MO 8y Manchester, IL Hemmorage following Child Birth Martins Prairie, Green Co., IL
487 PALMER, Jeptha M 85y Farmer 27 Dec 1885 M Clark Co., KY 52y Winchester, IL Artha waiters coroney arthois
149 PARKER, Lucy F 88y Farmer's Wife 29 Mar 1879 W TN 50y Oxville, IL Dropsey Oxville Cemetery
378 PARSONS, Ebenezer M 78y Cooper 19 Aug 1881 W Portland, ME 37y Exeter, IL Exhaustion fm Cholera Morbus Exeter Cemetery
463 PATTERSON, Robert M 3y9m26d 26 Oct 1883 S Man 3y Manchester, IL Tonsilitis Manchester, IL
13 PAUL, Annie F 28y7m8d Housekeeper 6 Jan 1878 M Macoupin Co., IL 28y Winchester, IL Pneumonia Winchester Cemetery
26 PERKINS, Allie May F 17y9m27d Lived at home 17 Mar 1902 S Scott Co., IL 17y9m27d Scott Co., IL Bright's Disease Winchester, IL
261 PERKINS, Belle F 21d 15 May 1880 S Winchester Precinct Life Winchester Precinct Erysepelas Cowhicks Cemetery
260 PERKINS, Lucy Angeline F 24y8m Housekeeper 8 May 1880 M Winchester Precinct 24y Winchester Precinct Child Bed Fever Cowhicks Cemetery
303 PERKINS, Polly F 68y 15 Nov 1880 W Cumberland Co., KY 40y Winchester Precinct Congestion of Lungs Winchester, IL
245 PERKINS, William M 72y10m2d Farmer 2 Mar 1880 M Clinton Co., KY 51y Winchester Precinct Erysipulas Traumatic - scratch on hand Private Cem. on farm
148 PERRY, Ellen F 26y Housekeeper 9 Mar 1879 M Oxville, IL 27y Exeter, IL Consumption Tuburcular Gillham Cemetery
465 PETERS, Lillie F 85y11m20d 12 Dec 1883 M VA 72y Merritt, IL Cancer & Old Age Gillham Cemetery
375 PFEIFER, Stephen G. M 55y10m20d Saloon Keeper 18 Nov 1881 M Bordeaux, Germany 1y Naples, IL Typhoid Fever Hanibal, MO
56 PILE, Infant M 2m5d 10 Jul 1878 Bloomfield, IL Bloomfield, IL Whooping Cough Davis Yard, Bloomfield
34 PINE, John M 84y1m12d Farming 28 Apr 1902 W Nr. Petaria, Clarmon Co., OH 60y Naples, IL General Exhaustion from age Baylis, IL
50 POLITE, Caroline Elizabeth F 37y Housewife 2 Jun 1878 M OH most of life Naples, IL Puerperal Merriter Naples Cemetery
222 POLITE, Mabel F 3y9m20d 23 Jan 1880 S Naples, IL Life Naples, IL Diptheretic Croup Naples Cemetery
362 POLITE, Thomas Lee M 8m15d 3 Sep 1881 S Naples, IL Life Naples, IL Convulsions caused by Teething dysentary Naples Cemetery
20 PONTIOUS, William W. M 67y11m Farmer 22 Feb 1902 M OH Alsey, IL Tuberculosis Bowers Cemetery
57 POPE, Gertrude E. F 22y6m10d Housework 24 Jul 1902 M Murrayville, Morgan Co., IL 22y Manchester, IL Dying from asphyxia - miscarriage Bethel Cem.
112 POPE, Gertrude E. F 22y6m10d Housewife 24 Jan 1903 M IL 22y Manchester, IL Asphyxia Bethel Cemetery, Murrayville
342 PORTER, Effie May F 9y9m18d 13 Jun 1881 S Scott Co., IL Double Pneumonia Plina? Creek Cemetery
413 POWELL, Charles M 1/3d 12 Mar 1882 S IL Life Naples, IL Want of lack of vital force Naples Cemetery
421 POWELL, James M 45y Hunting 12 May 1882 M IL 45y Naples, IL Pulmanora tuberculion Naples Cemetery
57 PRATHER, Lilly Dale F 2m7d 27 Jul 1878 Winchester, IL Winchester, IL Feeble Constitution - Cholera Infantum Winchester Cemetery
563 PRICE, Arden M 31y Laborer 29 Sep 1887 M IL Life Manchester Precinct Cerebral Congestion Manchester Cemetery
55 PRICE, Clara L., Mrs. F 19y Wife 22 Jul 1902 M Greene Co., IL 19y Manchester, IL Tuberculosis Manchester, IL
50 PRICE, Infant F 1d 4 Jul 1902 Manchester, IL Manchester, IL Premature birth Manchester, IL
175 PRIEST, Fannie F 16d 12 Aug 1879 S Scott Co., IL Life Bloomfield, IL Congestion Crisp Grave Yard
493 PRIEST, Mary F 35y 24 Feb 1886 M IL 35y Oxville Consumption Crisp Cemetery
271 PUFFER, Willis M 5m13d 11 Jul 1880 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Cholera Infantum Winchester Cemetery
19 QUINTAL, Sarah F 65y9m8d Housewife 12 Feb 1902 M Leckhill, Yorkshire, England Most of Life Naples, IL Apoplexy of Brain Naples, IL
232 RAFFERTY, Paschal H. M 66y8m24d Farmer 27 Jan 1880 M KY 49y Manchester, IL Cystitis Manchester, IL
174 RAINEY, Martha A. F 47y Housekeeper 18 Jul 1879 M Scott Co., IL at home Congestion of Bowels
72 RATIGAN, Ellen F 37y10m28d 17 Aug 1878 M Carls Co., Ire. 15y Exeter, IL Incessent Vomiting Winchester Cemetery
381 REED, Isaac M 47y 4 Sep 1881 M KY 7y Exeter Precinct Angina Pectoris Greens Grave Yard
299 REED, Robert Wilson M 10m24d 14 Dec 1880 S Bluffs, IL Life Bluffs, IL Catarrhe Fever Greens Grave Yard
83 RIAN, Joseph W. M 10y5m2d Farmer 13 Sep 1878 S Pike Co., IL Life Nr. Winchester, IL Congestive Intermittent Fever Browns Grave Yard
257 RICE, Milla F 27y Farmer's Wife 9 May 1880 M Metcalf Co., KY 7m Bloomfield Precinct Phthisic Pulmonulis Nelson Cemetery
495 RICHARDSON, Elizabeth, Mrs. F 51y10m19d 22 Feb 1886 M Kansalt England 33y Pt. Pleasant Precinct Consumption Lynnville, IL
598 RICHARDSON, William R. m 50Y Cashier in Bank 11 Jan 1895 S VT 35y Manchester, IL Spasms of Muscels Manchester, IL
93 RICHEY, Mary F 42y17d Housewife 24 Aug 1902 S Scott Co., IL Manchester, IL Hysertrophy Manchester, IL
207 RIGGS, Lillie Belle F 4m1d 24 Nov 1879 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Inflamation of the Bowels Winchester, IL
554 RIMBEY, Emma ? F 30y6m 29 May 1887 M Scott Co., IL 30y Winchester, IL Septisiomia after child birth Winchester Cemetery
131 RIMBEY, Raymond M 7m 21 Feb 1879 S Winchester, IL 7m Winchester, IL Winchester Cem.
115 RING, Emma F 40y Housewife 11 Jan 1903 M Winchester, IL 40y Sandy Precinct Intestinal Obstruction Winchester Catholic Cemetery
550 RITTER, Infant M 3m 18 Feb 1887 Scott Co., IL Naples Precinct Conjental hydrocephalis Naples Cemetery
111 ROACH, Mary Frances F 4y7m 31 Dec 1902 Winchester, IL 4y Winchester, IL Scarlet Fever Winchester, IL
153 ROBERTS, Ella F 2y3m8d 23 Apr 1879 Scott Co., IL Life Alsey, IL Ulcerated Tonsilitis Bowers Cem.
266 ROBERTS, Richard Blevins M 62y11m Minister 7 Jun 1880 M KY 20y Manchester, IL Paralysis Hampligee Manchester, IL
85 ROBERTSON, Joseph M 64y Farmer 9 Oct 1902 W KY 61y Winchester, IL Organic valvular disease of heart Glasgow, IL
274 ROBINSON, Albert G. M 63y4m27d Farmer 23 Jul 1880 M Madison Co. Life Merritt Precinct Hemorage of Liver Gillham Cemetery
265 ROBINSON, James M 7y School Boy 22 May 1880 S MO 6y Manchester Precinct Pneumonia Bower Cemetery
286 ROBINSON, James M. M 6y11m7d 23 May 1880 S Boone Co., MO Alsey Precinct Pneumonia Bower Cemetery
594 ROBINSON, Lorina F 51y 15 Dec 1891 W Scott Co., IL 51y Manchester, IL Consumption Manchester, IL
236 ROBSON, William Elmer M 4y5m3d 20 Feb 1880 S Scott Co., IL Life Nr. Manchester, IL Typho Malariel Fever Bower Cemetery
193 ROCKWOOD, Ory Etta F 2y23d 27 Apr 1879 S Oxville, IL Life Oxville, IL Clotted blood in the brain
545 RODGERS, Joseph E. M 3y3m2d 14 Dec 1887 Scott Co., IL Bluffs, IL membranous Larangitis Vangundy Grave Yard
536 ROMINES, Hannah F 37y 19 Aug 1886 W Scott Co., IL 37y Alsey, IL Consumption Don't Know
489 ROSS, Nancy F 78y5m Housekeeper 17 Jan 1886 M PA 50y Winchester, IL Old Age Winchester Cemetery
116 RUARK, Charles M 4y17d 3 Jan 1903 Scott Co., IL 4y Winchester, IL Cerebro Spinal Meningitis Winchester, IL
256 RUARK, Mattie F 20y11m9d Housekeeper 1 May 1880 M Schuyler Co., IL Life Naples, IL Peuerperal Peritonitas fm miscarriage Naples, IL
138 RUARK, Ralph F. M 2m10d 2 Mar 1903 Scott Co., IL Scott Co., IL Pneumonia Winchester, IL
458 RUBEY, Gidney Leroy M 2m 26 Jul 1883 S Scott Co., IL 2m Glasgow Precinct Cholera Infantum Honeycut Cem., Greene Co.
148 RUBY, Infant of John 16 Jan 1903 Glasgow, IL Congestion of stomach Adams Cemetery
15 RUTER, Mary F 4y10m13d 1 Feb 1878 S Morgan Co., IL Winchester, IL Diptheria Old Cemetery
529 RUTHERFORD, Infant M 3d 14 Aug 1886 S Riggston, IL 3d Riggston, IL Unknown - No physician called Riggston, IL
531 RUTHERFORD, Sarah M. F 39y 11 Aug 1886 M Scott Co., IL 39y Riggston, IL Post Partum hemorrhage Riggston, IL
415 RUTLEDGE, Alice E. F 35y8m24d 27 Feb 1882 M Scott Co., IL Life Winchester, IL Pneumonia Winchester, IL
292 SADDLER, Francis M 6m 21 Oct 1880 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Meningitis Winchester, IL
111 SALLEE, Clydo M 10d 13 Jan 1879 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Convulsions Winchester Cemetery
419 SANDERS, Margaret F 66y 11 Feb 1882 M Ireland 22y Alsey, IL Carcinoma of the stomach Catholic Cem.Winchester
173 SANDERS, Murray M 1y1m7d 6 Jul 1879 S Scott Co., IL Life Manchester Precinct Meningitis
518 SANDMAN, Henry M 2y1m 31 Jan 1885 S Bluffs, IL 2y Bluffs, IL Pneumonia Neeleyville, IL
82 SAPPINGTON, Harvey M 9m19d 19 Sep 1878 S Scott Co., IL Life Exeter Precinct Cholera Infantum Gillham Cemetery
293 SAPPINGTON, Polly F 89y 31 Oct 1880 W Clark Co., KY 45y Winchester Precinct General Debility Gillham Cemetery
81 SAPPINGTON, Richard M 86y3m16d Farmer 12 Sep 1878 M Clark Co., KY 45y Winchester Precinct General Debility & old age Gillham Cemetery
228 SAVAGE, Hamilton M 59y5m20d Farmer 5 Jan 1880 M KY 41y Glasgow Precinct Congestion of Lungs
133 SAVAGE, Jasper M 23y11m11d Farmer 26 Feb 1879 S Winchester, IL Life At H. Savages, Winchester, IL Chronic endogastritis Winchester Cemetery
249 SAVAGE, John Older M 22y2m21d Farmer 11 Mar 1880 S Carroll Co., MO 20y Scott Co., IL Double Pneumonia Jewett Cemetery
199 SAWYERS, James M. M 83y10m7d 23 Oct 1879 M VA 57y On his farm at Oxville, IL Rheumatism of the heart Henry Smiths
141 SAWYERS, Mary Catherine F 37y9m24d Housewife 30 Oct 1902 M Bluffs, IL 37y Bluffs, IL Heart failure McCaleb Grave Yard
21 SAWYERS, Rachel F 88y6m17d Housewife 24 Feb 1902 W Pickway Co., OH 60y Oxville, IL Heart failure Sears Cemetery
54 SAYE, Henrietta H. F 26y10m 6 Jul 1878 M IL Winchester, IL Consumption Winchester Cemetery
30 SCHESLER, Mary Catharine Lizette F 1y4m21d 28 Apr 1878 S Scott Co., IL 1y4m21d Bluffs Precinct Exposier & Neglect - Laryngitis or croupe German Burial Ground
115 SCHEUSSLER, John William M 29d 21 Jan 1879 S Bluffs Precinct Life Bluffs Precinct Effusion of Ceremin Brain Neeleyville, Morgan Co., IL
285 SCHOLEY, Mary Amanda F 1y9m 3 Jul 1880 S Macon Co., IL Merritt Precinct Cholera Infantum Liberty Church Yard
278 SCISSON, Thomas M 47y11m16d Farmer 10 Aug 1880 M England 13y Oxville, IL Rheumatism Naples, IL
102 SCOTT, Charity F 58y2d Housewife 7 Nov 1878 W SC 28y Oxville Precinct Bronchitis Bethel, Pike Co., IL
20 SCOTT, George H. M 29y10m20d Farmer 11 Mar 1878 M Morgan Co., IL Merritt Precinct Disease of the Heart Liberty Church Yard
48 SEARS, Hannah F 76y7m21d Housewife 2 Jun 1902 W Exeter, IL Life Oxville Precinct Accumulation water around heart Sears Cemetery
492 SELLERS, Millie B. F 49y3m10d 28 Feb 1886 M MO 20y Oxville, IL Congestive Chill Greene Cemetery
99 SEVERMAN, Clyde Wm. Jennings M 1m7d 27 Nov 1902 Nr. Manchester, IL 1m Nr. Manchester, IL Pertusis or Whooping Cough Winchester, IL
246 SHANER, Jeremiah M 59y1m27d Hotel Keeper 2 Mar 1880 W PA 20y Naples, IL Bilious Pneumonia Naples Cemetery
74 SHANER, Martha Ann F 54y Housewife 18 Aug 1878 M PA 18y Naples, IL Euteritis Naples Cemetery
76 SHARP, Sarah F 40y Pauper 18 Sep 1878 W IL Life County Poor House Ulceration of the Stomach & Bowels Poor House Grave Yard
372 SHERWIN, Lutitia C. F 33y8m 29 Sep 1881 M Scott Co., IL Life Glasgow Precinct Glasgow, IL
396 SHIBE, Martha Allica F 26y5m12d 29 Jan 1882 M IL Life Winchester, IL Consumption Rutledge Cemetery
264 SHORES, Myrtle F 1y9m 13 Jun 1880 S Bluffs, IL Life Bluffs, IL Entero Colitis Sears Grave Yard
130 SIMMONS, Infant of Lela F stillborn 20 Feb 1903 IL Winchester, IL Winchester, IL
181 SIMMONS, James J. M 21y21d Farmer 11 Aug 1879 S Scott Co., IL Life Manchester Precinct Typhoid Fever Winchester, IL
323 SIMMONS, Maaston E. M 85y11m22d Farmer 6 Mar 1881 M KY 59y Winchester, IL Pneumonia of right side Manchester Cemetery
525 SIMMS, R. S., Mrs. F 65y5m 12 Jul 1886 M Dayton, OH 40y Winchester, IL Cancer Winchester Cemetery
78 SIMPSON, Clarice F 5d 27 Aug 1902 S Exeter, IL Life Exeter, IL Valvular disease of Heart Exeter, IL
75 SIPES, Catherine F 66y8m Household Duties 8 Sep 1878 W Rockingham Co., VA 21y5m29d Manchester Precinct Intermittant Fever Edwards Grave Yard, Barrow
90 SIX, Charles Lewis M 16y8m17d 19 Nov 1902 Scott Co., IL Life Typhoid Fever Crisp Cemetery
325 SIX, Mary F 29y5m27d 12 Mar 1881 M IL Life Oxville, IL Censum Pliar Oxville, IL
379 SIX, Sarah F 9m 30 Jul 1881 S Oxville, IL Life Oxville, IL Imflamatory Diarrhea Oxville Grave Yard
1 SIX, William W. M Farmer S Scott Co., IL 42y Residence of W. H. Six Heart Disease Rutledge Cemetery
456 SKINNER, Eliza F 7y9m5d 18 Jun 1883 S Merritt, IL 7y Merritt, IL Spinal Meningitis Lynnville, IL
289 SLY, Howard M 2y 2 Oct 1880 S Pike Co., IL Life Scott Co., IL Congestion of the brain Montazuma, Pike Co., IL
17 SMITH, Benjamin Harrison M 16m 20 Feb 1902 S Scott Co., IL 16m Scott Co., IL Accidentally Burned Sandridge
436 SMITH, Caty M. F 1y19d 10 Sep 1882 S IL 1y Oxville, IL Dysentery Bloomfield, IL
277 SMITH, Delia Elizabeth F 2y1m5d 9 Aug 1880 S Bloomfield, IL Life Bloomfield, IL Membranous Croup Bunches Grave Yard
508 SMITH, Drewy M 74y10m Retired 5 May 1885 M TN 38y Senile Consumption Oxville Cemetery
280 SMITH, Drury M 27y Farmer 15 Aug 1880 S Scott Co., IL 27y Oxville Precinct Phthisic Pulmonalis White Grave Yard
401 SMITH, Elizabeth F 81y4m28d 25 Apr 1882 W KY 50y Glasgow, IL Not Known supposed heart disease Sandy Ridge Cemetery
176 SMITH, Huldah J. F 35y Housewife 18 Aug 1879 M Scott Co., IL Bloomfield, IL Childbirth - General Prostration Davis Grave Yard
177 SMITH, Infant M 14d 14 Aug 1879 Scott Co., IL Life Bloomfield, IL Diarrhea & Thrush & Congestion Davis Grave Yard
331 SMITH, James E. M 49y3m28d Farmer 15 Apr 1881 M England 24y Manchester, IL Pneumonia Manchester, IL
566 SMITH, James M. M 55y Farmer 9 Dec 1887 M IL 55y Glasgow Precinct Compound Pneumonia Yanrego Cemetery
154 SMITH, Jane, Mrs. F 57y6m4d Farmer's Wife 10 Apr 1879 M KY 50y Oxville Precinct Plurea Pneumonia Oxville, IL
87 SMITH, John M 65y Farmer 1 Oct 1878 M KY 30y Winchester Precinct Pernicious Remittent Fever Winchester Cemetery
59 SMITH, Lydia F Housekeeper 23 Jul 1878 W Wilson Co., TN 63y Oxville Precinct Phetrisis Pulmonatis Bloomfield, IL
3 SMITH, Maggie F 6y2m26d 3 Jan 1878 S Alsey, IL 6y2m26d Alcey Precinct Diptheria Bowers Cem.
23 SMITH, Mary E. F 72y18d Housekeeper 31 Mar 1902 M 37y Winchester, IL Cancer of womb Winchester, IL
18 SMITH, Myrtle F 24y5m16d 1 Feb 1902 S IL 24y Manchester, IL Pulmonary Tuberculosis Ebenezer Cem.
551 SMITH, Permelia F 63y Housewife 9 Feb 1887 Scott Co., IL 63y Winchester, IL General Debility Winchester, IL
107 SMITH, Savannah Jane F 4y 15 Dec 1878 S MO 2y Manchester, IL Burns Manchester, IL
377 SMITH, Wilford V. M 49y Farmer 2 Nov 1881 M VA 2y Glasgow Precinct Congestion of Lungs Glasgow Cemetery
250 SMITHSON, Lucy Mitchell F 73y 26 Mar 1880 S KY 42y Winchester Precinct Pneumonia Winchester Precinct
125 SOUTHWELL, Jennie Estelle F 6y11m12d 2 Feb 1903 S IL 6y Winchester Precinct Diabetis Winchester, IL
200 SPERRY, Thomas M 26y9m Laborer 6 Nov 1879 M Winchester, IL 27y Winchester, IL Intermittent fever, congestion of lungs Winchester, IL
561 SPIKER, V. D. M 2y5m2d 23 Jun 1887 S IL 2y Manchester Precinct Cholera Infantum Exeter, IL
357 STAINSBY, James Elbert M 4m9d 9 Aug 1881 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Infantile Diarhea Winchester Cemetery
231 STANDLEY, Polly F 35y8m24d Farmer's Wife 23 Jan 1880 M IA 19y Oxville Precinct Septiceamia Blood poisoning Meredosia, Morgan Co., IL
239 STARR, Infant 5d 5 Feb 1880 S Winchester, IL 5d Winchester, Il Meningitis Winchester Cemetery
160 STARRETT, William W. M 72y3m12d Physician 21 May 1879 M Zanesville, OH 44y Winchester, IL Age & General Debility Winchester, IL
317 STEVENSON, Lewis M. M 2y 20 Feb 1881 S Morgan Co., IL 2y Glasgow Precinct Chronic Pluritis ending in abcess Adams Cemetery
479 STEVENSON, Rose F 28 Feb 1885 York County England 12y Merritt, IL Puerperal Fever Lynnville, IL
113 STEWART, Fannie F 1y2d 14 Jan 1903 S IL 1y Manchester, IL Colitis Manchester, IL
608 STEWART, John M 76y Pauper 9 Jul 1897 W Scotland Scott County Poor House Apoplexy Winchester, IL
230 STILLWELL, Jacob M 65y3d Farmer 25 Jan 1880 M KY 45y Alsey, IL Chronic Rheumatism Lewis Cem., Morgan Co., IL
155 STINE, John M 36y7m24d Farmer 2 May 1879 M Germany 10y Exeter Precinct Plthuric Pulmanalis Exeter Cemetery
65 STOET, Infant of Richard F 2hr 7 Mar 1902 Glasgow Glasgow, IL Unknown Sandridge Cemetery
530 STUMBORG, Anna Margaretta F 86y9m16d 26 Aug 1886 W Hanover Germany 18y Merritt Precinct Old Age Bethel, IL
441 SUMMERS, George M 24y8d Farmer 13 Aug 1882 S IL 24y Glasgow Precinct Ulceration & Perforation of bowels Donít Know
122 SUMMERS, Maud F 17y5m16d 31 Jan 1903 S Independence, KS 17y9m27d Scott Co., IL Pneumonia Winchester, IL
570 SUTER, Jelina F 35y 23 Jun 1888 M IL Life Manchester Precinct Anasarca Manchester Precinct
42 SUTTON, Benjamin Bryan M 2y9m1d 27 Jun 1902 S IL Life Winchester, IL Scarlet Fever Winchester Cemetery
418 SWALLOW, Maggie, Mrs. F 34y6m27d 12 Feb 1882 M Manchester, IL Life Manchester, IL Pluro Pneumonia Manchester, IL
214 SWEENEY, Isabella F 71y8m12d 17 Jul 1879 W OH 40y Exeter, IL Cholera Morbus Exeter, IL


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