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Early Deaths
Scott County, Illinois

This information was transcribed from a microfilm copy of the original Scott County Death Register. The list here is not complete - for some reason when the records were microfilmed, the complete records weren't included on this film. Hopefully at some point I'll be able to obtain the remainder of the death records for this county.

I believe all of the column headings are clear except perhaps for the column headed "MS" which stands for marital status (M=Married, S=Single, W=Widow/Widower). You will need to scroll right to see all of the columns of information given here.

Note: In some cases a death was recorded twice, I've included the information from both registrations.

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# Name Sex Age at Death Occupation Death Date MS Where Born In Co. Where Death Occurred Cause of Death Place of Burial
135 TAGG, Lydia E. F 44y10m23d Domestic Work 21 Feb 1879 W Scott Co., IL 44y Bloomfield Precinct Pneumonia of right lung Bloomfield, IL
101 TANKERSLEY, Jannetta C. F 29y11m Housewife 18 Dec 1902 M Winchester, IL 29y9m13d Winchester, IL Pulmonary Tuberculosis NE Winchester, IL
528 TASH, Samuel M 68y Laborer 13 Nov 1886 W NC 5y Naples, IL General Dropsey Naples, IL
244 TAYLOR, Albert Eli M 2y10m20d 6 Mar 1880 S Winchester Precinct Life Winchester Precinct Pneumonia Taylor Cemetery
2 TAYLOR, Austin M 3y9m 12 Dec 1877 S Scott Co., IL 3y9m Winchester Precinct Congestion of the Brain Scott Co., IL
209 TAYLOR, Infant F 9d 13 Dec 1879 S Scott Co., IL Life Winchester, IL Infantile Tetanus Taylor Cemetery
368 TAYLOR, Maria J. F 19y9m29d 17 Nov 1881 M IL Life Oxville Precinct Pueperea Convulsions Crisp Cemetery
595 TAYLOR, Ray M 1y4m14d 30 Jul 1892 S Merritt Precinct Life Merritt Precinct Shoney Cemetery
124 TERRY, George G. M 55y11m3d Retired 31 Jan 1879 M Christian Co., KY 50y Winchester, IL Tubercular Enteritis Winchester Cemetery
167 THOM, Hannah A. F 65y11m21d 3 Jul 1879 W Westmoreland, PA 25y Glasgow, IL Cancer of Stomach Glasgow, IL
101 THOM, William Wilson M 60y8d M.D. 14 Nov 1878 M IN 29y Glasgow, IL Proseatic enlargement Glasgow, IL
569 THOMAS, Amanda E. F 45y4m15d Housekeeper 6 Jul 1887 M Pike Co., IL Life Merritt, IL Carcinoma of the stomach Exeter Cemetery
108 THOMPSON, Bemis F 2y 6 Dec 1878 S IL Manchester, IL Tonsilitis Manchester, IL
618 THOMPSON, Roxy Ann F 68y14d Farming 22 Mar 1900 W VA 56y Manchester Precinct Chronic Intestinal nephritis Brown Cemetery
28 THOMPSON, Widow F 70y 18 Apr 1878 W Great Britain 47y Merritt Precinct Uremic Poisoning Thompson's Farm
107 THORENSON, Ilyll Whitledge F 21y11m House Maid 29 Dec 1902 S Merritt, IL 21y Merritt, IL Extensive Burns Campbell Cemetery
123 TILISTER, Malven M 33y4m9d 28 Feb 1903 W Scott Co., IL 33y South Winchester Sandridge Cemetery
333 TODD, Edgar M 1y13d 20 Apr 1881 S Point Pleasant Precinct 1y Point Pleasant Precinct Measles Kincaid Cemetery
216 TODD, Margaret F 78y4m12d 22 Dec 1879 W Roan Co., E. TN 41y Merritt Precinct Acute Inflamation of both lungs Kinkead Grave Yard
27 TODD, William Henry M 4d 16 Apr 1878 S Scott Co., IL 4d Sandy Precinct Malformation Kincaid Cemetery
100 TORRENCE, Mary F 30y1m Housewife 30 Aug 1878 M Baltimore, East Canada 1y Naples, IL Heart Disease Green Family Burying Ground
126 TOWEL, Ernest E. M 7y10m17d 3 Feb 1903 S Winchester Precinct 7y Winchester Precinct Measels & tonsilitis Kincaid Cemetery
44 TRUETT, Ella May F 5d 28 Apr 1878 S Winchester Precinct 5d Winchester Precinct Rutledge Cemetery
354 TURNER, Charles M 10m 27 Aug 1881 S Scott Co., IL Life Oxville, IL Dysentary White Grave Yard
140 TURNER, Elizabeth F 60y6m15d Housekeeper 7 Jan 1879 M OH 24y Naples, IL Pneumonia Naples, IL
392 UNKNOWN, Infant F 2hrs 15 Dec 1881 S Scott Co., IL Life Oxville, IL 7 months child Baker Grave Yard
490 UNKNOWN, Infant M 1 1/2d 3 Mar 1886 S Winchester, IL 1 1/2d Winchester, Il Don't know Brown Cemetery
92 UNKNOWN, Infant M stillborn 20 Nov 1902 7 mi NW Winchester 7 mi NW Winchester E. of Bloomfield, IL
58 UNKNOWN, Infant 4m14d 7 Jul 1878 S Glasgow, IL 4m14d Glasgow, IL Gastro Enteritis Glasgow Cemetery
474 UNKNOWN, Infant M 24 Jan 1885 S Glasgow, IL 5min Glasgow, IL Slow Birth Glasgow Cemetery
400 UNKNOWN, Infant F 1m6d 28 Apr 1882 S Glasgow, IL Life Glasgow, IL Inflamtion of Brain & Spinal Cord Glasgow, IL
37 UNKNOWN, Infant M 19d 16 May 1902 S Bluffs, IL 19d Bluffs, IL Eczrina Dysentary Greens Cemetery
106 UNKNOWN, Infant F 8 Dec 1878 S Scott Co., IL Life Manchester, IL Premature Birth Manchester, IL
361 UNKNOWN, Infant M 1hr 27 Sep 1881 S American Life Manchester, IL Abnormal Birth Manchester, IL
541 UNKNOWN, Infant M 1m15d 8 Jan 1887 Manchester, IL Whooping Cough Manchester, IL
371 UNKNOWN, Infant F 1m1d 19 Apr 1881 S Merritt, IL Life Merritt, IL Membranous Croup Merritt, IL
24 UNKNOWN, Infant M 1 1/2d 18 Mar 1878 S Naples, IL 1 1/2d Naples, IL Cynnoris Naples Cemetery
64 UNKNOWN, Infant F 1/4d 5 Aug 1878 S Naples, IL Life Naples, IL Premature Birth Naples Precinct
253 UNKNOWN, Infant F 1 1/2d 20 Apr 1880 S Naples, IL Life Naples, IL Defective arterial circulation Naples, IL
369 UNKNOWN, Infant M 5d 25 Oct 1881 S Bluffs Precinct Life Bluffs Precinct Not Known as I did not see the child Not Known
370 UNKNOWN, Infant 1hr 7 Aug 1881 S Winchester Precinct Life Winchester Precinct Valvular Trouble of the heart Not Known
601 UNKNOWN, Infant F 23 Apr 1896 Sandy Precinct Cause of dead birth not known Not Known
315 UNKNOWN, Infant M 10d 16 Feb 1881 Merritt Precinct Merritt Precinct Can't say did not prescribe Parks Grave Yard
7 UNKNOWN, Infant M 30min 29 Jan 1878 S Glasgow Precinct 30min Glasgow Precinct Premature Birth Scott Co., IL
430 UNKNOWN, Infant M 1m 5 Aug 1882 S IL Winchester, IL Cholera Infantum
64 UNKNOWN, Infant M 40min 2 Feb 1902 Manchester, IL Manchester, IL Heart Failure
14 UNKNOWN, Infant Twin M 1m1d 13 Feb 1878 M Glasgow, IL 1m1d Glasgow Precinct Imperfect Nutrition Family Cemetery
14 UNKNOWN, Infant Twin M 1m1d 15 Feb 1878 M Glasgow, IL 1m1d Glasgow Precinct Imperfect Nutrition Family Cemetery
613 UNKNOWN, Male M 19y11m27d Student 15 Jan 1900 S Manchester, IL Life Manchester, IL Acute Tuberculosis Manchester, IL
475 UNKNOWN, Twin Girls F 12 & 13d 12/13 Jan 1885 S Winchester Precinct Winchester Precinct Convulsious Birth premature 8 months Family Grave Yard
140 UPTON, John M 98y6m2d Stone Mason 6 Sep 1902 W England 48y Bluffs, IL Severe cold - old age Greens Cemetery
314 VANDORAN, Gabriella F 18y11m10d House Work 29 Jan 1881 S Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Quick Consumption Winchester, IL
429 VANGUNDY, Sarah F 50y2m12d Housewife 29 Jun 1882 M 35y Bluffs Precinct Scisshes Cancer McCaleb Grave Yard
287 VANMETER, Infant F 1d 15 Sep 1880 S Scott Co., IL 1hr Winchester Precinct Premature Birth Winchester, IL
517 VANNIER, John Jr. M 10m 27 Jan 1885 S Bluffs, IL 10m Bluffs Precinct Catarrhal Pneumonia Neeleyville, IL
455 VERTREES, William M 12y6m 21 Jun 1883 S Exeter, IL 12y Merritt, IL Internal Injuries - leg broke & mangled Gillham Cemetery
32 VEVERS, James M 61y Farmer 31 Mar 1878 W England ca 30y Manchester, IL Cerebro Spinal Meningitis Manchester Cemetery
576 VIOLETT, Fred M 1y9m 31 Jul 1888 Riggston, IL 1y Riggston, IL Colitis Gillham Cemetery
345 VOGELKIND, Joseph M 35y Farmer 11 Jul 1881 M German 5wks Sandy Precinct Sun Stroke Manchester, IL
139 VORTMAN, Henry Dew H. M 3y Infant 20 Aug 1902 Scott Co., IL Scott Co., IL Convulsions Neeleyville, IL
46 WAID, Daisy Bell F 29y9m13d Housewife 13 Jul 1902 W Scott Co., IL 29y9m13d 1/2 mile south of Winchester Heart failure from exhaustion Young Cemetery
565 WAINRIGHT, Alfred H. M 1y4m14d 30 Oct 1887 Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Cero Spinal meningitis Winchester Cemetery
295 WALKER, Eli M 24y8m20d Laborer 17 Nov 1880 M Pike Co., IL Life Naples, IL Bronchitis Naples, IL
353 WALKER, George W. M 3m3d 14 Aug 1881 S IL Life Bloomfield Precinct Congestion Brain Bloomfield Cemetery
73 WALKER, Lois Jeanette F 25y10m25d Housewife 23 Aug 1902 M 7 1/2 mi nw of Winchester 25y10m25d Winchester, IL Tuberculosis Winchester, IL
21 WALLACE, Lutitia F 44y4m10d 23 Mar 1878 M Madison Co., IL Glasgow, IL Consumption Wilmington, Greene Co., IL
43 WALLIS, Edward W. M 70y25d Mail Carrier 25 Jun 1902 M Morgan Co., IL 70y Manchester, IL Chronic Bronchitis Manchester, IL
491 WALTON, Mahala J. F 25y11m21d Housekeeper 28 Feb 1886 M Highland, Lincoln Co., KY 4y Manchester, IL Nervous Exhauston Bowers Cemetery
457 WARD, Mary Lucinda F 45y3d Housewife 24 Jul 1883 M TN 31y Glasgow, IL Tubular Calocus of Bowels Glasgow Cemetery
411 WATSON, Earnest M 1m8d 26 Mar 1882 S Merritt, IL Life Merritt, IL Gastralgia Gillham Cemetery
351 WATT, Charles H. M 35y7m6d Grain Dealer 16 Aug 1881 M Winchester, IL Life Winchester, IL Phthisis Pulmonalia Winchester Cemetery
609 WATT, James Sr. M 77y Retired Merchant 1897 M US 55y Winchester, IL Paresis Winchester, IL
324 WELCH, James M 42y Farmer 10 Mar 1881 S Ireland 14y Alsey Precinct Congestion of the lungs Catholic Cemetery
4 WELCH, Richard M 1y3m30d 10 Jan 1902 S Naples, IL 1y Naples, IL Convulsions Naples, IL
407 WELCH, William P. M 21y3m 10 Apr 1882 S Camp Point, IL Life Bluffs, IL Accident, amputation left thigh & foot Camp Point, IL
96 WEST, Mathew Aaron M 67y11m20d Laborer 21 Oct 1902 W 67y5m29d Borrow Bright's Disease Bowers Cemetery
467 WHALEN, Cora F 19y6m Housewife 13 Jan 1884 M Poosmouth ? 6y Naples, IL Peritoritis Naples, IL
414 WHALEN, James L. M 45y6m23d Farmer & Carpenter 12 Mar 1882 M KY 22y Naples, IL Brights disease of the kidney Naples, IL
52 WHITE, Daniel M 46y3m8d Butcher 11 Jul 1878 S OH 16y Oxville Precinct Brain Fever - with Syphilis Naples, IL
562 WHITE, Della F 32y Druggists Wife 26 Aug 1887 M Pike Co., IL 32y Manchester, IL Tetanus White Hall, IL
3 WILLIAMS, Ellen Holiday F 71y10m29d Housewife 5 Jan 1902 M Morgan Co., IL 71y Naples, IL Suppression of Vital secretion Naples, IL
109 WILLIAMS, Elsie F 22y8m15d Housewife 29 Dec 1902 M Alsey, IL 22y Glasgow, IL Heart Failure Bowers Cemetery
312 WILLIAMS, Jennett F 56y1m5d Housekeeper 26 Jun 1880 M OH 44y Manchester, IL Paralysis Martins Prairie, Green Co., IL
229 WILLIAMS, John M 18y10m12d Fisherman 5 Feb 1880 S Greene Co., IL Life Naples, IL Cerebral Congestion Naples, IL
305 WILLS, Christopher M 6y 4 Jan 1881 S Scott Co., IL 6y Oxville, IL Measles Sears Grave Yard
301 WILLS, James E. M 1y6m27d 23 Dec 1880 S Scott Co., IL Life Oxville, IL Cold after measles Oxville, IL
597 WILSON, Cephus B. M 49y5m13d Retired Farmer 30 Jan 1894 M IL Life Manchester, IL Appendicitis Manchester, IL
583 WILSON, Edward M 10y11m3d 4 Jun 1889 IL Life Manchester, IL Congestion of lungs Manchester, IL
76 WILSON, Keziah M. F 86y11m25d Housewife 6 Aug 1902 W KY 74y Manchester, IL Bulber Paralysis Manchester, IL
26 WINN, Margaret Ellen F 11m19d 23 Mar 1878 S Scott Co., IL Sandy Precinct Convulsions Campbell Cemetery
223 WINNIE, James M 35y R.R.Brakeman 30 Jul 1879 M Irishman Bluffs, IL Accident while switching cars in yard Springfield, IL
367 WITHEE, Charles M 24y7m15d 17 Oct 1881 M Scott Co., IL Life Merritt Precinct Typho Malarial Fever
472 WITHEE, J. H. M 70y3m2d Farmer & Mechanic 32 Jan 1885 M NH 48y His Residence Brights disease Winchester, IL
56 WOOD, Mary B. F 38y11m20d Housewife 23 Jul 1902 M Exeter, IL 38y11m20d Exeter, IL Nephritis Gillham Cemetery
6 WOOD, Mary E. F 6y11m3d 9 Jan 1878 S Beardstown, IL 6y11m3d Winchester, IL Burned by Clothes Taking Fire Winchester Cemetery
588 WOODALL, Infant M 17m 20 Dec 1889 S IL Life Manchester, IL Mucous Croup Manchester, IL
91 WOODINGTON, Adah Louise F 28y11m23d Milliner 23 Nov 1902 S 28y Winchester, IL Pulmonary Tuberculosis Winchester Cemetery
36 WOODS, John M 3y9m 17 May 1878 S Scott Co., IL 3y Scott Co., IL Pertussis Daniels Grave Yard, Pike Co.
510 WOODS, Robert W. M 33y8m R.R. Brakeman 25 Feb 1886 M OH Bluffs, IL Run over by switch engine Hanibal, MO
138 WOODSALL, Lucinda F 47y Farming 12 Mar 1879 M KY 30y Manchester Precinct Phthisis Pulmonalis Manchester, IL
70 WRIGHT, Minnie Bell F 33y11m7d Housewife 9 Aug 1902 M Ottawa, KS 12y Scott Co., IL Heart Disease Gillham Cemetery
336 Y0UNG, Ollie F 22y11m10d 1 May 1881 S Glasgow Precinct Life Glasgow Precinct Congestive Fever Young Cemetery
182 YOUNG, Acton M 68y10m5d Hotel Keeper 13 Aug 1879 M Bedford Co., TN 3wks Manchester, Il Cystitis Manchester, IL
321 YOUNG, Anna F 4y 25 Feb 1881 S Manchester, IL 4y Manchester, IL Bronchitis Manchester, IL
118 YOUNG, Bertha May F 1y4m22d 31 Aug 1878 Winchester, IL Life Scott Co., IL Cholera Infantum Scott Co., IL
374 YOUNG, Cecil F 1y1m7f 29 Apr 1881 S Glasgow, IL Life Glasgow, IL Pnaumonia Glasgow Cemetery
494 YOUNG, Charles Arther M 1y8m4d 30 Jul 1886 S IL 1y8m4d Manchester, IL Gastro Enteritis Bowers Cemetery
447 YOUNG, Guy Elsie M 1y7m18d 27 Feb 1883 S IL 1y Manchester, IL Paralysis Manchester, IL
91 YOUNG, James M 79y6m11d Farmer 27 Oct 1878 M PA 13y Winchester Precinct Inferantus resulting from old age Overton Cemetery, Winchester
332 YOUNG, John Henry M 14y4m7d 17 Apr 1881 S Logan Co., IL 13y Nr. Glasgow, IL Syphtitis or obstruction of bowels Adams Grave Yard
98 YOUNG, Susie F 59y3m Housekeeper 22 Oct 1902 S 59y Glasgow, IL Cancer Sandridge Cemetery
366 ZELLER, Annie Mary F 43y9m14d Baker Rstrnt Kpr 9 Oct 1881 M Prussia 15y Naples, IL Melaina fm Ulceration Naples Cemetery


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