Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-65

Dr Mary Harris Thompson Tent 102

Organized 23 Feb 2002

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Civil War Ancestors

Pvt Joseph A Adams Co C 122nd IL Vol Inf
Pvt John W Armstrong Co G 42nd IL Vol Inf
Pvt Noah Baker Co F 99th IL Vol Inf
Pvt Dan Beckwith Co. B 53rd IL Vol. Inf
Pvt John G Brawn Heavy Artillery Co I 3rd ME Vol Inf
Cpl. Miles P. Brawn Co. I 15th ME Vol. Inf
Pvt Benjamin S Brown Co G 53rd IL Vol Inf
Cpl David Brown, Jr. Co E 11th NH Vol Inf
Pvt William H Carson Co L 1st MO State Mil. Cavalry
Pvt Stephen K Carter Co E 20th Vol Inf
Pvt Elijah M Cogdal Co E 14th IL Vol Inf
Sgt Washington Irving Colvin Co A 88th IL Vol Inf
Pvt Michael Criner Co G 117th IL Vol Inf
Pvt Doughty S Croshaw Co K 153rd OH Vol
Pvt James Knox P Cummings Co E 144th IL Vol Inf
Cpl John Finley Darrough Co C 81st IL Vol Inf
Pvt Alfred S Dodds Doctor Co. K 33rd IL Vol Inf
Pvt James W Duncan Co E 4th KS Vol Inf
Sgt John Emerson Co. C 19th MA Vol Inf.
Pvt Daniel Flynn Co E 45th IL Vol Inf
Pvt Henry John Giebel Co G 3rd MO Inf
Pvt Richard D. Hackett Co E 60th MO Militia
John Christian Heller P.O.W Co C 1st WI Cavalry
Pvt William Hicks Co. D 18th KY Vol Inf
Pvt John A Hitchcock Co E & A 14th & 15th IL Vol Inf
Pvt John B Howard Co. I 144th IL Vol Inf
1st Lt Zachariah Hudgens Co E 128th IL Vol Inf
Pvt Benjamin F Jenkins Co I 34th IA Vol Inf
Pvt George Oliver Jenkins P.O.W Co K 9th MI Vol Inf
Pvt Francis Marion Johnston Co H 41st IL Vol Inf
Pvt Bartlett Kelly Co D 48th MA Vol Inf.
Pvt Reuben Kelly Co F 89th IL Vol Inf
Pvt John Solon Kenney Co K 5th Inf W. VA
Pvt Hiram Kneeland P.O.W Co. H 32nd MA Vol Inf
Pvt. John G. Kuntzmann Co. C 9th IL Vol. Inf.
Pvt William Lake Co C 17th IL U.S. Inf
Pvt Elijah Lane Co C 191st OH Vol Inf
Pvt Lewis Lickey Co D 44th MO Vol Inf
Pvt Charles Currier MacBean Co C 15th ME Vol Inf
Pvt David Harrison Marple Co B 57th IL Vol Inf
Pvt David D Matheny Co I 57th IL Vol Inf
Pvt Smith Mathews Co K 63rd IL Vol Inf
Pvt Robert Carter McAlister Co. I 14th IL Vol Inf
Pvt Patrick McGuiness Co B 17th U.S. Reg Army
Pvt. Dennis B Meech Co F 6th Reg KS State Militia
Pvt James H. Milholland Co. E 10th IL Vol Inf
Pvt Daniel Moore Co B 50th WI Vol Inf
Sgt William H Morse Co D 17th IL Cavalry
Pvt Elisha Myers Co H 23rd IN Vol Inf
Pvt Harvey Elmer Newburn Co H 70th IN Vol Inf
Pvt John Nichols Co H 76th IL Vol Inf
Pvt Charles Clark Ormsby Co. E 123rd IL Vol Inf
Pvt Allen Jefferson Pennington Co. I 11th IL Cavalry
Pvt John A. Pickard Co K 114th IL Vol Inf
Pvt John M Pigg Co. C 118th IL Vol Inf
Capt Homer Quick Co K 1st MO Cavalry
Pvt John Ranson Co K 27th IL Vol Inf
Pvt James Reardon Co I 31st IL Vol Inf
Pvt James Madison Rice Co C 5th MI Vol Inf
Pvt Anderson Rittenhouse Co A 13th IN Cavalry
Pvt Nathan Rine P.O.W Co H 126th OH Vol Inf.
Pvt Andrew Robb Co A 9th IL Cavalry
Pvt George Robinson Co. M 2nd IL Cavalry
Pvt Andrew Rosenbusch Co.ís F & S 6th MO Vol Inf
Pvt Joseph Shattuck Co. C 15th & 20th MA Vol Inf
Pvt Francis M Shepperd Co F 2nd Inf West VA
Pvt Jacob Spaniol Co I 8th IL Vol Inf
Pvt John Sparks Co K 101st IL Vol Inf.
Rev. Francis Springer D.D. 10th IL Cavalry
Pvt Lafayette C Stebbins Co K 26th MA Vol Inf
Pvt John R Stewart Co B 101st IL Vol Inf
Pvt Abraham Stover Co G 144th IN Vol Inf
Pvt Burrell N. Strange Co K 9th KY Cavalry
Pvt Henry Snyder (Heavy Artillery) Co.ís A & G 112th PA
Sgt George Patrick Sullivan Co. I 123rd IL Vol Inf
Pvt Joseph L. Taylor Co B 14th ME Vol Inf
Pvt William D Thrasher Co F 6th IN Cavalry
Pvt William H. Thurston Co. A 148th IL Vol Inf
Pvt Josiah Tooley Co. A 103rd IL Vol Inf
Pvt Mathew M. L. Van Heiss Doctor Co A 73rd IL Vol Inf.
Pvt Andrew J Vaughn Co G 8th KY Vol Inf
Pvt Hira Welch Co C 38th WI Vol Inf.
Pvt Joseph P West Co G 117th IL Vol Inf
Pvt Samuel Widick Co G 41st IL Vol Inf
Pvt Byrl Williamson Co B 91st OH Vol Inf
QM Eugene M Wiswell Co HQ 91st U.S. IL Vol. Inf
Pvt John Witges Co I 9th WI Vol Inf
Pvt William H Worrell Co I 5th Cavalry W. VA
1st Lt Jerome Yarbrough Co D 24th MO Vol Inf.
Dual-Members Ancestors

Pvt. Valentine Greb Co C 18th K Vol. Inf.
Pvt. Ferdinand Langkop Co I & 13th MO Cav.
Pvt. Enoch Miller Co G 40th Illinois Vol. Inf.
Pvt. David R. Perrigo Co. K 10th NY H. Art.
Pvt. John "Albert" Sherburne Co G 2nd Ill. L. Art.
Pvt. Harrison Peck Terpening Co B 59th Ill. Vol. Inf.

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