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our confederate ancestors

  • Richard William Acuff, Co. A, 27th Reg. TX Cavalry
  • James E. Adams, Capt. Ward’s Bat., AL Lt. Artillery
  • James L. Agee, Co. D, 10th Reg, MO Infantry
  • Richard A. Courtney, Co. A, 4th  Reg’t, LA Cavalry
  • Robert M. Eckles, Co. I, 11th Reg. TN Infantry
  • Jesse S. Freeman, Co. K, 1st Reg. GA Infantry
  • Wesley Hamilton Frey, Co. E, 50th TN Infantry
  • James Luther Parks Hays, Co. B, 53rd Reg. GA Inf
  • John Humphrey, Co. C, 39th Reg’t, NC Infantry
  • William T. Kindred, Co. D, 46th Reg. TN Infantry
  • Frederick Kuster, Co. D, Morgan’s TX Cavalry Reg.
  • William Wallace Lynn, Co. H, 56th Reg. AL Cavalry Partisan Rangers
  • John H. Maples, Co. I, 55th Reg. AL Vol Infantry
  • Jesse C. McNeil, J.H. McNeil's Co., VA Cavalry, Partisan Rangers
  • Joseph Terry Morris, Co. C., 36th Reg. AL Infantry
  • Reuman Nauman, Co. C, 3rd Christian's Bn, VA Reserves
  • Charles Thomas Rudolph, Co. K, 14th Reg. TN Infantry
  • James Madison Rudolph, Co. M, th Reg, AL Infantry
  • William Henry Rudolph, Co. F, 49th Reg. TN Infantry
  • John Sneathen, Co. H, 18th Reg., VA Cavalry
  • William Sweeney, Co. B, 1st VA Cavalry
  • Granville Sharpe Patterson Triplett, Co. G, 4th Reg’t, VA Calvary
  • Monroe L. Turner, Co. E, 53rd Reg’t, VA Infantry
  • Green P. Watkins, Co. B, 21st Reg’t, AR Infantry
  • John M. Willis, Co. D, 48th Reg (Voorhes') TN Infantry

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UDC Logo

The insignia of the United Daughters of the Confederacy is the First National Flag (Stars and Bars) of the Confederacy surrounded by a laurel wreath bearing the letters "UDC" under the flag; the whole is tied with a ribbon on which are inscribed the dates "1861-1865." 

Emblem & Motto

Cotton Boll

The emblem of the UDC is a cotton boll superimposed on a five-pointed star . At the tips of the points are the words of the motto: LOVE, LIVE, PRAY, THINK, DARE. 

Why I Am a Daughter

Please read these words, written by Mary Nowlin Moon (Mrs. John), a member of the Kirkwood Otey Chapter, Lynchburg, VA, and first read at a chapter meeting on June 2, 1915.  More…

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