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Larry the Flag Man
Chapter members posed with Larry "the Flag Man" Eckhardt, who received the prestigious Judah P. Benjamin award for his patriotic service in honoring fallen military members with his wall of flags. The award was presented on November 17, 2013.

Our Chapter Charter
Our Chapter Charter

At gravesite
Charter members of the Martha Leah Turner Chapter celebrated Confederate Memorial Day, June 14, 2012, with a touching memorial service at the gravesite of our chapter namesake.

Following the memorial service, members gathered at the 9th Street Grill in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, for food and fun.

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UDC Logo

The insignia of the United Daughters of the Confederacy is the First National Flag (Stars and Bars) of the Confederacy surrounded by a laurel wreath bearing the letters "UDC" under the flag; the whole is tied with a ribbon on which are inscribed the dates "1861-1865." 

Emblem & Motto

Cotton Boll

The emblem of the UDC is a cotton boll superimposed on a five-pointed star . At the tips of the points are the words of the motto: LOVE, LIVE, PRAY, THINK, DARE. 

Why I Am a Daughter

Please read these words, written by Mary Nowlin Moon (Mrs. John), a member of the Kirkwood Otey Chapter, Lynchburg, VA, and first read at a chapter meeting on June 2, 1915.  More…

Our Ancestors  More…