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Marriages : C


These lists present both brides and grooms in alphabetic sequence; that is, if John Doe married Jane Roe, they are listed under both "D" and "R", and each will appear in the left columns on the appropriate page.

The entries here have been provided by volunteers. More complete marriage index entries are available from the Moultrie County Historical and Genealogical Society .

Surname First name Spouse surname Spouse first name Date
CABLE M. M. BEADLES Katie 09/06/1893
CADE Mary VANALGEN Henry 10/21/1862
CADE Sarah BRIDGEMAN Allen 04/26/1859
CADNELL Chauncey NICHERSON M. J. 02/29/1876
CADWELL Emma HODDY Rodney 02/22/1871
CADWELL Lucy GARRISON Silas 11/22/1865
CAHILL Ada B. WOODROW W. E. 01/02/1895
CAHILL John E. MENTZER Martha 09/08/1874
CAIN Arthur Bryan SELOCK Lota Laverne 02/24/1919
CAIN Elbert DUNN Sarah 06/29/1847
CAIN James D. BLACKFORD Sarah D. 04/03/1889
CAIN John HOLSTON Violet Baker (Mrs) 04/21/1889
CAIN Kate C. DELANA John W 12/14/1879
CAIN Robert F. GARRETT Bantie C. 07/04/1893
CAIN Violet Susan JOHNSON Charles 04/26/1891
CAIN William H. MATHESON Delia 02/06/1895
CAINE J. W RINGOLD D 09/07/1882
CAIRNS Thomas D. WILLIAMS Josie 11/25/1886
CALDWELL Henry WEST Ann 04/17/1864
CALDWELL William A. BANKS Lucy E. 10/31/1880
CALHOON Curtis S. LANGTON Dora Belle 04/28/1891
CALHOUN James BAUGHER Amanda 11/16/1876
CALHOUN Sarah MAHAN James 04/04/1876
CALL Martha B. SMITH John H. 11/15/1888
CALLAHAN Aaron M. NAZWORTHEY Barbara D. 02/26/1874
CALLAHAN Charles REIDY Felissa A. 11/13/1873
CALLAHAN June SENTEL Michael 03/22/1869
CALLAHAN Laura A. NAZWORTHY William P. 12/28/1876
CALLAHAN Mary E. GARRETT Luther 06/17/1895
CALLAHAN Thomas W MAHONEY Samantha A. 02/01/1879
CALLAWAY Louis H. HAGAMAN Anna B. 03/31/1880
CALLOWAY James EDWARDS Susan 09/09/1866
CALVIN Hiram ROGERS Harriett 05/09/1868
CAMAC Nancy J. GADDIS William 12/10/1878
CAMERON James H. SCRIBNER Clara Belle 08/15/1894
CAMES Jeremiah SELBY Sarah 04/03/1845
CAMFIELD Armintha ABBOTT R. A. 12/26/1872
CAMFIELD Edward REEDY Nellie B. 02/15/1891
CAMFIELD Elizabeth SUMMERS John 05/17/1855
CAMFIELD Ira MANN Sarah 10/11/1853
CAMFIELD James KIDWELL Elen 04/15/1869
CAMFIELD James WHITBECK Mary 11/21/1862
CAMFIELD Mary (Mrs) HARRIS William S. 12/28/1870
CAMFIELD Mary M. FULTZ Andrew H. 11/25/1869
CAMFIELD Melissa KELLY John 07/05/1860
CAMFIELD Rusel M. COBIN Sarah E. 04/04/1880
CAMFIELD William G. ANDERSON Jennie 09/02/1885
CAMKER Bazil WOODS Elvira 10/09/1851
CAMMON Celia MADDOX William 07/26/1857
CAMPBELL A. K. GARLAND E. A. 10/06/1873
CAMPBELL Aaron LEWIS Minnie 08/17/1891
CAMPBELL Caroline BROWN John F. 09/07/1881
CAMPBELL Catherine COX Thomas 08/23/1881
CAMPBELL Edith C. YANTIS Simon 02/11/1894
CAMPBELL Elisha STANDERFER Elizabeth 01/02/1847
CAMPBELL Frances SMITH Zachary 01/04/1877
CAMPBELL George VENNAMAN Anna 08/09/1886
CAMPBELL Hannah Ann RUSSELL Jacob 11/22/1885
CAMPBELL Hiram MARKLEY Sevilla A. 12/09/1895
CAMPBELL Isaac J. PATTERSON Lina 10/20/1883
CAMPBELL Jane HANCOCK Bailiss 12/08/1862
CAMPBELL John D. GIBBON Ellnora 11/07/1875
CAMPBELL John M. FERGUSON Minerva E. 03/18/1877
CAMPBELL Martin INGLE Mary 03/05/1871
CAMPBELL Nancy COCHRAN Charles 09/18/1862
CAMPBELL Robert WRIGHT Nellie 07/28/1861
CAMPBELL Rosana DAILEY John W 11/12/1891
CAMPBELL Sarah GARRETT Lewis 11/24/1864
CAMPBELL Susan WELCOME Samuel 01/13/1895
CAMPBELL Walter HENRY (Blackford) Lillie May 2 Feb 1933
CAMPBELL William DAVIDSON Eliza 01/02/1862
CAMPBELL William E. RITTER A. A. 02/21/1878
CAMPBELL Y. L. THOMASON Carrie 03/25/1874
CANAWAY Nannie J. HILAND John A. 12/16/1875
CANBRILL Sarah MAYNARD Abdenigs 11/03/1859
CANCAMON F. M. DAVIS Lizzie 08/19/1866
CANE Melvina Jane WILDMAN Elijah 10/21/1852
CANNARD Russell BECKTELL Lodema 08/20/1876
CANNFIELD Daniel BELL Amanda 07/12/1873
CANNON James DUVALL Elizabeth A. 09/21/1894
CANNON Mary A. MULLIKIN J. D. 04/15/1875
CANNON Stephen MORGAN Nancy 11/03/1858
CANOADE Malissa BROWN Elijah J. 02/03/1876
CANTREL Isaac LAURENCE Mary J. 12/07/1873
CANTREL Wilson MCCLAIN Mary W 02/03/1858
CANTRELL Lucinda GOZZRWALL James M. 04/07/1872
CANTRELL Martha FRENCH Sandford 12/18/1856
CANTRIL Mary GREENWELL Robert 02/04/1858
CARDER J. A. DOSH George O. 12/29/1878
CARDWELL Lucy A. JONES Thomas 05/31/1874
CARDWELL Mary E. DENHAM R. F. 01/02/1874
CARINGTON Edward Worrell HUNT Charlotta May 01/19/1887
CARLYLE Emma THOMPSON Howard 11/24/1896
CARLYLE John W MITCHELL Martha K. 02/10/1892
CARMAN Susan DAVIS Edward 09/23/1858
CARMERS Eliza GOUGH Charles 11/16/1856
CARMINE Charles N. WEIS Grace 12/24/1899
CARMINE Nettie B. MCCARTER David 12/07/1891
CARMINE Zella M. MCCARTER Charles 12/23/1890
CARMIRE Ida E. ODELL William L. 03/24/1897
CARNAHAN William WALKER Nancy 12/28/1865
CARNES Eliza A. COOLEY Thomas H. 03/14/1875
CARNES Mary RICE William 02/23/1869
CARNES Nathan MCCLURE Thersa Edith 03/29/1870
CARNES Sarah ALEXANDER E. M. 10/05/1856
CARNEY H. C. DUNCAN Nancy 06/27/1847
CARNEY Nancy BAKER Joseph 03/15/1857
CARNMACK Lillian VEST Harvey 01/21/1897
CARONAN Lucinda HILLIARD William 11/12/1862
CARPENTER James MONTAGUE Ann 09/10/1876
CARPENTER Jennie M. STILLENS Marion A. 04/16/1891
CARPENTER John O. BRABHAM Mary E. 06/19/1870
CARPENTER Lydia WALKER Joseph 08/15/1854
CARPENTER Thomas MITCHELL Lydia 03/07/1846
CARPENTER Thomas ROANE Sallie C. 05/07/1876
CARR C. E. MCCARTY Unia 02/20/1894
CARR F. S. HANEY Susan 06/19/1888
CARR John YOUNG Rebecca 12/01/1864
CARR Margaret E. TAYLOR R.M. 28 Jul 1863
CARR Sarah M F. SCOTT Usher L. 08/17/1887
CARRACKER W. S. WHITROCK Margaret 05/15/1894
CARRAKER Henry HANCOCK Henry 11/19/1865
CARRAKER Nancy PATTERSON Clark 08/13/1865
CARRIKER Elvira LEE Alsey B. 06/13/1857
CARRIKER Henry STRICKLANN Nancy 08/03/1851
CARRIKER James L. HANCOCK Dora 02/21/1877
CARRIKER Margaret MAXEDON Lewis A. 12/30/1896
CARSON Minnie A. HEDGE William A. 07/10/1892
CARSON Robert YOUNGER Maggie S. 02/19/1890
CARTER Ada LEDBETTER William H. 07/29/1880
CARTER Alice D. SHORT Amos 06/02/1880
CARTER Caroline RAY Robert 11/08/1866
CARTER Charles WAGGONER Polly A. 04/12/1855
CARTER Eliza WHITLEY Fields 01/28/1868
CARTER Elizabeth L M. DUNCAN James A. 09/01/1874
CARTER Emma BROWN Richard C. 09/04/1895
CARTER Florance E. MCCABE Seth 11/29/1891
CARTER Hannah C. RHODES Joseph G L. 05/12/1881
CARTER Julia HECKLE James 00/00/1866
CARTER L. A. PHILLIPS James E. 11/03/1878
CARTER Lyddie MCCABE William H. 09/20/1888
CARTER Malvina J. KINSAY John 07/03/1873
CARTER Margery A. LEE Alsey B. 02/28/1869
CARTER Mary E. ROSS Henry 04/14/1895
CARTER Maye EARLY Raymond J. 02/18/1897
CARTER Ora A. MCCUNE Samuel M A L. 03/13/1879
CARTER Oren B. WOOD Lora A. 04/16/1874
CARTER Rhoda A. REED Joseph 09/13/1879
CARTER Robitha A. RICE Willer 09/20/1877
CARTER Samuel A. FULTZ Carrie 05/15/1887
CARTER Sarah ETHERIDGE William 08/25/1864
CARTER Sarah E. WOOLLEN John J. 05/10/1886
CARTER T. U. ELLIS Mary 12/11/1851
CARTER Thomas J. WEAKLEY Martha Ann 11/22/1870
CARTER Virginia ATCHISON A. J. 10/19/1873
CARTRIGHT Anna HARVEY Benjamin J. 01/24/1884
CARTWRIGHT David Oscar ENTERLINE Minnie L. 08/12/1900
CARVER Charles E. SOWA Bessie Mable 08/29/1900
CASE M VANDAKIN Philip 11/22/1848
CASH William H. ROANE Lulie E. 01/12/1882
CASHMAN Daniel WELSCH Hannah 00/00/1875
CASHMAN Jeremiah PASCO Rebecca L. 01/07/1880
CASHMAN Lyman A. NAZWORTHY Dora M. 01/21/1875
CASKEY Luther S. COATRIGHT Addie May 03/03/1899
CASSADY W. T. BURK Cornelia 05/02/1900
CASSTEVENS T. J. BEALS Lizzie 08/06/1873
CASTEEL Joseph E. RICHEY Eunice 02/08/1899
CASTLE Oliver H. WHITE Ida Isabelle 09/08/1895
CATES James GAYLORD Sarah 02/27/1865
CATES James HOPKINS Eliza Ann 01/18/1861
CATES James MCADAMS Mary 07/23/1860
CATES James R. LOBB Nora B. 11/06/1900
CATES Julian BROWN Thomas 01/08/1851
CATES Noah POSEY Mary Ann 01/08/1851
CATES Noah SPARKS Hulda 08/21/1867
CATES Rufus ELDER Jane 05/05/1858
CAVNEY Mary STORMS Thomas 08/23/1853
CAZAR Pleasant HALL John 08/25/1859
CAZIER William GOUGH Mary Ellen 04/18/1866
CECIL Charles A. PROBEST Emma 11/14/1888
CHADWELL Elizabeth MCCORD James 05/28/1863
CHADWELL Laura PERRY Richard 11/24/1881
CHAMBERLAIN Sarah E. PHILLIPS L. P. 08/22/1875
CHAMBERS Arvilla SHAW Arthur 01/10/1878
CHAMBERS Mary E. CLARK Samuel 07/28/1889
CHAMBERS Nancy Jane MERRITT Isaac 05/21/1876
CHAMBLIN Emma GIBBON Robert E. 02/03/1891
CHAMPION John R. NICHOLS Mary E. 05/22/1879
CHANCELLOR William BRIDWELL Sophia 03/15/1863
CHANDLER Nancy SHUTTER John 12/05/1858
CHANEY Henry H. DONAKER Hattie 03/14/1897
CHANEY James A. DONAKER Florence F. 12/13/1899
CHANEY Nettie COZIER James E. 11/19/1899
CHAPLAIN Martha PURVIS G. W 02/17/1848
CHAPLAIN Mary DOBBINS Thomas 02/17/1853
CHAPLAIN Smith GAMBLE Eliza Ann 01/26/1875
CHAPLIN Elizabeth FLEMING Austin 10/27/1859
CHAPLIN Eveline BRAKEN Robert 01/22/1867
CHAPMAN A. J. FLORA Eva A. 09/07/1876
CHAPMAN David S. CROW Luzena E. 02/22/1890
CHAPMAN E. M. POWERS Lenora 12/26/1892
CHAPMAN Elizabeth C. SHIREY Homer C. 05/23/1900
CHAPMAN George DAVIS Amanda 04/16/1863
CHAPMAN Isaac WELSCH Harriet 05/20/1863
CHAPMAN James LILLY Rosa 08/14/1896
CHAPMAN Lucy A. TULL Joshua B. 10/07/1897
CHAPMAN Margarett F. TODD Otto L. 05/29/1895
CHAPMAN Sarah C. DAVIS Isaac 03/07/1873
CHASE Alice V. HOOD Peter C. 07/02/1900
CHASE David C. HALEY Mary E. 05/18/1885
CHASE Elizabeth SPELKER Thomas 04/19/1868
CHASE Francis M. MORTHLAND Maggie A. 12/02/1877
CHASE W. H. BAGGETT Lyda 12/22/1897
CHASTEEN Cynthia E. REEDEY Thomas A. 03/16/1876
CHATHAM B. F. BRISCOW Phoebe 08/31/1862
CHEEK P TUCKER Edmond 06/14/1874
CHEENEY Walter HENRY Mary E. 01/02/1895
CHEESEMAN C. E. HAGEMAN M. J. 10/11/1882
CHEEVER A. L. BAKER F. E. 11/08/1882
CHEEVER Byron NICHOLS Eliza 10/20/1870
CHEEVER Henry W STIERWALT Ardilla Jane 10/17/1883
CHEEVER Mary Ann KEYS James Francis 10/23/1890
CHEEVER Mary E. WHITNEY Thomas E. 12/03/1872
CHEEVER Rhodelia THORNEBERRY Isaac A. 11/22/1891
CHEGEM George W THOMAS Mary C. 02/24/1878
CHENING Elizabeth MARTIN William 02/21/1849
CHENY Andrew DAVIS Martha 10/14/1858
CHENY Ben PRESTON Lucy Ann 11/01/1860
CHEW Morris RANKIN Martha 10/24/1851
CHILCOTE Nancy A. WINCHESTER Charles E. 11/15/1891
CHILDRESS Sadie HOSKINS Isaac 09/27/1897
CHILDRESS Stephen OZEE Pearlie 01/02/1895
CHIPPS A LILLEY America E. 01/01/1877
CHIPPS A. W WISER Caroline 06/15/1899
CHIPPS Kate M. LANDERS John 05/07/1871
CHISENBERRY A. J. LITCH Tilda Jane 07/18/1900
CHISENHALL Mattie CHRISTY Henry 03/06/1890
CHISHHALL James BAUGHER Elizabeth 08/13/1891
CHISNHALL Nancy E. BARRAK Thomas W 08/26/1891
CHOWNING Ruth PHILLIPS Calvin 07/06/1846
CHRISENHALL John O. CHRISTY Louisa 04/30/1879
CHRIST Charlotte NICHOLS C. L. 09/30/1869
CHRISTEY Rachel PRESTON S 01/16/1876
CHRISTOPHER Charles ANDERSON Luella 03/08/1888
CHRISTOPHER Mary HAWKINS Thaddeus 02/07/1866
CHRISTY Henry CHISENHALL Mattie 03/06/1890
CHRISTY Henry LILLY Sallie H. 12/03/1882
CHRISTY John AIKINS Elizabeth 12/21/1870
CHRISTY Louisa CHRISENHALL John O. 04/30/1879
CHRISTY Martha HUCKSTEPER William 03/16/1867
CHRISTY Mary Ann MONSON Joseph H. 05/25/1871
CHRISTY Susan A. MUNSON Henry C. 02/17/1881
CHRONIC David B. ASHBY Martha 03/19/1888
CHURCH Polly DEEDS Philip 08/06/1847
CLAPSADDLE Eliza J. PEASCE James W 02/02/1875
CLARAGE James T. MORRIS Permelia J. 07/26/1878
CLARAGE Julia WARREN David 05/16/1875
CLARAGE Mary FERGUSON John 05/18/1860
CLARAGE Paulina MONROE George W 08/28/1884
CLAREDGE John William MORRIS Julia 10/15/1863
CLARIAGE John W FUQUA Arizona 05/31/1892
CLARIAGE Zona HUMPHREY Joseph 12/17/1895
CLARK Acta Clare BENTLEY Charles Allen 02/24/1887
CLARK Algernon S. POLES Elouisa C. 01/13/1881
CLARK Anna JOHNSON Henry C. 01/01/1882
CLARK Anna SILBERS Marion W 01/28/1894
CLARK Anna C. MCCLURE William A. 05/20/1891
CLARK Catherine SILLS Benjamin 09/02/1847
CLARK Charles WHEELER Eliza 03/10/1858
CLARK Clara D. WARD James H. 02/20/1896
CLARK Conrad AULD Flora 11/12/1879
CLARK D. E. REAMS Margaret F. 06/11/1872
CLARK Edward BAKER Mary 01/10/1867
CLARK Elizabeth KNOTT Jesse 10/16/1892
CLARK Elizabeth WALDEN Hamilton 10/19/1851
CLARK Ella D. FORSYTHE Milton 12/17/1893
CLARK Emma BARTHOLOMEW Christopher 03/06/1873
CLARK Ernest C. GUSTIN Sarah E. 03/10/1887
CLARK George W RONEY Laura E. 07/04/1872
CLARK Jane GWINN Jordan 12/23/1858
CLARK John BRAGG Harriet C. 11/25/1869
CLARK Lovey PETERS Oliver 01/17/1861
CLARK Maggie J. STANDIFER Zachariah 05/17/1891
CLARK Maggie O. PEASE Charles H. 05/22/1892
CLARK Margaret A. ROBINSON Ira M. 07/30/1887
CLARK Mary MCQUEEN Benjamin F. 08/27/1878
CLARK Mary C. FOSTER Robert M. 09/08/1880
CLARK Mary C. NEWLAN Evan 09/06/1874
CLARK Mary L. FREDERICK Henry A. 10/16/1889
CLARK Minnie SULTON Columbus 12/21/1897
CLARK R. A. EMEL Ida E. 10/22/1890
CLARK Rebecca BUNYAN George R. 06/03/1874
CLARK Rebecca MITCHELL John 10/13/1867
CLARK Samuel BROOKS Louisa 12/18/1898
CLARK Samuel CHAMBERS Mary E. 07/28/1889
CLARK Sarah HOLT Jeremiah 01/12/1873
CLARK Sarah E. CRAWFORD George W 06/19/1879
CLARK Sarah F. PORTER Thomas F. 09/02/1891
CLARK Stephen E. DAVIS Della M. 08/26/1900
CLARK Sylvester S. MORELAND Polly Ann 10/02/1872
CLARK Thomas C. HAZELTON Blanche A. 10/02/1898
CLARK W. A. PHENIX Margaret 04/03/1895
CLARK W. T. MCGOARTY M. E. 10/24/1882
CLARK William BRAGG Nancy J. 02/02/1871
CLARK William RUTHERFORD Rebecca 05/05/1864
CLARK William A. COY Sarah E. 02/13/1870
CLARK William H. RAUSE Mary B. 03/12/1873
CLARK William K. BULLOCK Adeline R. 10/25/1890
CLARK Willis E. PORTER Mary E. 09/02/1891
CLARK Zadock H. SCHEER Emma J. 05/22/1879
CLASON Henry R. ROCKWELL Frances E. 01/25/1877
CLAUS John A. MCGREGORY Ann M. 11/15/1888
CLAVAGE Richard MAJORS Elmira 05/14/1866
CLAVAN John SHEA Mary Eliza 01/26/1886
CLAWSON Isaac MOORE Nancy 05/02/1869
CLAXON James W HAWKINS Mollie 02/27/1895
CLAY Green MOORE Susan Jane 04/04/1860
CLAY Green H. DODGE Cynthia 09/16/1875
CLAY Lycurgus BAUGHER Martha E. 12/25/1887
CLAY Willis S. WALKER Ethel A. 09/30/1888
CLAYRAGE Vira M. SHORT Amos 07/01/1883
CLAYTON David BRACKNEY Susan 03/19/1871
CLAYTON John A. COLE Margaret A. 02/02/1887
CLEAVER John REAMS Sarah E. 11/26/1876
CLECTNER David FRY Dolly 10/10/1900
CLEIM Anna M. BOICKE Joseph J. 10/01/1873
CLEIN J. D. CURRY Galerella 12/26/1875
CLEM George LAYTON Melissa 10/07/1873
CLEM Rebecca Jewell (Mrs) MATHESON Joseph S. 03/13/1889
CLEMENT A VANDAKIN Henry 12/02/1846
CLESON Hannah E. KYLE William J. 05/03/1883
CLEVELAND E. D. WYLIE Nancy 07/23/1865
CLEVENGER Alice DYER C. J. 11/30/1899
CLEVENGER Isom OLIVER Nattie 07/20/1898
CLEVENGER Israel A. BEEN Alice 10/26/1879
CLEVENGER Nancy E. TALLMADGE Jacob 08/01/1875
CLEVENGER Wesley C. AULD Nancy E. 04/06/1881
CLEVINGER Elizabeth HINES James 05/24/1884
CLEVINGER John MEADOWS Paulina 02/07/1868
CLEVINGER Josiah DAVIDSON Elizabeth 02/26/1871
CLEVINGER Nancy E. BILBRY Reuben B. 02/14/1892
CLIFTON Hannah AUBERT A. C. 03/21/1876
CLINE James M. YOUNGER Charlotta E. 09/22/1886
CLINE John WHETFORD Elizabeth 07/16/1846
CLINE Mary RICHEY Joseph 12/02/1867
CLORE John CREAGER Margaret Ann 07/07/1860
CLORE Lucy ROGERS F. Benjamin 03/19/1867
CLORE Lucy Ann ADKINS Stanton 12/14/1856
CLORE Mary JONES Jacob 07/26/1863
CLORE Susan E. BOGGS Samuel R. 08/04/1870
CLORE William BALE Lucy 09/27/1862
CLOSE James W RITTENHOUSE Emma E. 03/17/1872
CLOSE Malissa Bell MINOR Henry M. 07/05/1899
CLOUD Martha SHELTON John N. 09/09/1875
CLOUD William F. SAMPSON Mary 03/04/1880
CLOVE Myrtle RHODES Victor 12/29/1895
CLOVE Will A. LEWIS Maye 06/07/1900
CLOVE Zackary F. PARGEON Mallissa 06/17/1877
CLUBB Levissa MCDANIEL Jesse 12/23/1854
CLUTTER Mary H. BURNS George R. 05/05/1890
COAN Emily SMITH Elijah 05/19/1873
COATRIGHT Addie May CASKEY Luther S. 03/03/1899
COBIN Sarah E. CAMFIELD Rusel M. 04/04/1880
COCHRAN Adelia B. RANDOL James F. 03/11/1896
COCHRAN Adelia J. SHIREY J. A. 03/05/1893
COCHRAN Alex WARD Emiline 12/20/1866
COCHRAN Andrew KEYES Martha 12/05/1867
COCHRAN Carroll D. KELLAR Anna 12/23/1893
COCHRAN Catherine ROBINSON George 09/25/1867
COCHRAN Charles CAMPBELL Nancy 09/18/1862
COCHRAN Charles WEBB Mary A. 01/06/1844
COCHRAN Charles B. KEYES Nora M. 03/21/1894
COCHRAN Charles M. KELLY Mary E. 01/07/1883
COCHRAN Debby WILSON John E. 03/21/1877
COCHRAN Earnest C. DOWERS Minnie S. 06/09/1895
COCHRAN Effie A. BUSHART Eli E. 08/20/1899
COCHRAN Isabella FOSTER William 09/01/1853
COCHRAN John M. ROSE Mollie A. 09/06/1876
COCHRAN Kate HOLLER J. B. 05/13/1873
COCHRAN Lizzie KENNEDY John 08/04/1878
COCHRAN Louie JOHNSON Augustus 03/15/1899
COCHRAN Martha J. KEMP Herbert L. 09/22/1881
COCHRAN Martha Jane FREAD William H. 11/24/1870
COCHRAN Mary HESLER William 12/20/1885
COCHRAN Mary HYATT George 02/27/1865
COCHRAN Mary Ann PETTYJOHN Hiram 01/24/1852
COCHRAN Mary Jane DIXON Elsworth 12/30/1885
COCHRAN Melvina C. GRINDLE William E. 06/29/1887
COCHRAN Minnie A. DONAVAN C. J. 06/30/1895
COCHRAN Nancy COCHRANE William 02/10/1852
COCHRAN Nannie E. KELLEY Benjamin J. 10/02/1879
COCHRAN Oscar Fletcher DAWSON Nona Akfurata 10/05/1887
COCHRAN Sina BOWERS Charles A. 12/14/1885
COCHRAN William BRADLEY Sarah 02/23/1854
COCHRAN William COCHRAN Nancy 02/10/1852
COCHRAN William KEYS Charlotte 09/13/1866
COCKRELL John M. WILSON Agnes 04/03/1878
CODDINGTON Samuel REESER Barba 06/14/1863
CODER Frances RITTER Samuel 05/10/1864
CODER Robert HAGERMAN Rhoda 06/04/1871
CODINGTON Hiram EVANS Mary H. 11/03/1885
CODINGTON Sarah KNIGHT Henry 02/24/1852
COE Benjamin BOX Nancy 08/24/1867
COE Elizabeth MOLLIDOR Adam 12/31/1884
COE George A. BAILEY Emma 12/28/1887
COE Hannah LEHEW William 12/31/1869
COE Libbie CURTIS Thomas H. 06/15/1875
COEN Caroline OSBORN John 08/10/1865
COEN William TIMMONS Eliza 05/07/1865
COFER Charles HEWITT Nellie 07/12/1896
COFER Laura M. POWELL Orlando L. 04/28/1895
COFER Peter SAWYER Paulina 10/30/1866
COFFEY Bridget HICKEY Thomas 09/06/1873
COFFING Nancy Jane KIDWELL James 11/23/1879
COIN Rilla E. KNAPP Lewis 09/14/1896
COLE Charles D. GIBSON Maude M. 05/21/1891
COLE Charles M. WHEELER Retta 05/01/1895
COLE Ella MORRIS George S. 04/12/1883
COLE George W GIBSON Stella A. 06/28/1888
COLE Grant BURGESS Noami 04/02/1899
COLE Henry M. HAULMAN Ellie 12/23/1882
COLE James R. ADKINS Ida 10/25/1882
COLE Jennie MANNING J. M. 09/20/1900
COLE John W MORRIS Katie 02/15/1872
COLE John W WATKINS Nancy J. 08/14/1871
COLE Lula May MITCHELL Bart E. 04/03/1898
COLE Margaret A. CLAYTON John A. 02/02/1887
COLE Margaret E. WEAR John R. 10/17/1869
COLE Martha E. GRIENDFIELD William 05/12/1881
COLE Myrtle FRY Frank E. 03/14/1894
COLE Permelia C. STAARK Jessie F. 02/24/1881
COLE Queen Elizabeth WARD James Franklin 08/30/1893
COLE Sarah L. BARBER William F. 04/05/1883
COLE W JUDY******* Carolina Bigby (Mrs) 04/17/1889
COLE William R. SHARP Anna 10/06/1881
COLEMAN Frank RIDER Estella 04/09/1885
COLEMAN Henry POWERS Bill 12/11/1872
COLEMAN Ray GUTHRIE Barbara 12/14/1898
COLEMAN William L. WRIGHT Elizabeth A. 02/27/1877
COLES Lucinda HUGHES John 12/29/1889
COLES Mary HIND John 11/10/1864
COLEY Lucinda SAMPSON F. P. 08/14/1871
COLLAR Isadore DAVIDSON Hannah L. 09/28/1887
COLLETT Theodore MCCRAVEY Florence H. 06/06/1883
COLLIER Columbus HOROE Louvina 06/26/1856
COLLIER Flora FRENCH Edward J. 09/25/1892
COLLIER Mary E. LANE Henry Kellem 04/02/1891
COLLIGAN Steven KENDALL Sarah 06/22/1858
COLLINS Albert N. KIRKWOOD Moranda 09/23/1886
COLLINS John H. HAGEMAN Katie B. 10/10/1899
COLLINS Malinda REEVES Samuel 09/02/1856
COLLINS Margaret WARREN William 07/01/1843
COLLINS Robert A. PURVIS Nellie M. 08/01/1894
COLSON Margaret Ann HUNTER Charles M. 12/20/1871
COLSON Mary BOLEN James 08/23/1868
COLSON William S. GADDIS Indiana 03/05/1891
COLT Margaret D. BOND Milton L. 02/12/1885
COLT Mary J. WAXEDON John L Jr 02/03/1881
COLVIN Martha A. ENGLISH James 09/18/1869
COLVIN Mary A. HARRIS William 05/02/1873
COMPTON John W BOND Alice 12/25/1878
COMSTOCK Melvina ABBOTT Benjamin F. 02/12/1890
COMSTOCK Thomas WATKINS Mary 01/29/1871
CONARD William MULHOLLAND Harriett 02/01/1863
CONDON John CONDON Mary 06/21/1882
CONDON John RIPPEY Mary 08/23/1878
CONDON Mary CONDON John 06/21/1882
CONGER Hattie TACKETT Thomas W 06/30/1887
CONGER Sarah J. DREW Charles W 09/11/1887
CONKLIN George H. LINCOLN Kate 10/18/1893
CONKLIN Rolland Ellsworth MCDONALD Minnie Maud 08/22/1894
CONKLING Robert SNYDER Margaret 02/23/1862
CONLEY C. E. LAYMAN S. A. 10/22/1882
CONLEY Ellen SMITH Edward 03/05/1889
CONLEY George SMITH Elizabeth 03/05/1889
CONLEY John CROUCH Nancy 09/06/1857
CONLEY Nettie C. HUGHES Owen B. 04/04/1893
CONLEY Samuel MYER Sophrona 02/27/1881
CONLIN Ann HARGENWRIGHT Antone 08/30/1875
CONLIN Byron REEDY Sarah 02/12/1877
CONLIN Catherine BRESNAN John 11/03/1869
CONLIN Jeremiah J. RYAN Annie L. 02/27/1900
CONLIN Sarah GRIFFIN Thomas 02/26/1895
CONLY Henry REEDY Mary Ann 01/16/1871
CONN Ollie L. MCGUIRE Rachael Ann 11/15/1892
CONNARD Harriet AMBROWS George 01/21/1869
CONNELL Harriett WAKER Jesse 10/19/1865
CONNELL Melvin B. MCPHEETERS Jessie C. 04/29/1891
CONNELY Nancy EVANS Jackson 10/30/1862
CONNER Sarah HOKE Peter 11/22/1857
CONNTHEWAIT Eleanor STALLINGS Thomas 06/24/1858
CONRAD Alice WEBER Frank 04/11/1900
CONWAY Alfred F. BIGGER Annie E. 09/24/1874
CONWELL Ellen DAGAN Thomas 04/22/1876
CONWELL George B. BUDD Nancy B. 02/04/1890
CONWELL Leonard A. PADGETTE Mary A. 02/08/1880
COOK Amanda L. SAMMS George 12/06/1883
COOK Dennis SENFF Charity 10/31/1847
COOK Dennis W GUIN Margaret J. 09/04/1887
COOK Elizabeth HANNING John A. 02/24/1881
COOK Elizabeth ROBERTSON Nathaniel 10/16/1850
COOK Ella MAYFIELD Alfred 10/18/1888
COOK Illinois PINKLEY John A. 02/14/1886
COOK Jane HANCOCK Lemuel 12/24/1871
COOK John AMBROSE Louisa J. 06/19/1875
COOK John HUSTON Caroline 12/07/1876
COOK John NEWLAND Mary E. 02/10/1874
COOK John WHEELER Purlensby E. 12/23/1877
COOK John F. HALL Rebecca 01/04/1883
COOK Joseph W CORWIN Phebe E. 02/02/1887
COOK Lewis P. STIEGERS Timmie 09/21/1899
COOK Mary FOSTER Thomas 12/11/1865
COOK Mary WILKERSON James S. 06/08/1879
COOK Mary J. HALL Robert J. 12/23/1869
COOK Mary M. GRAVEN John W 12/16/1880
COOK Nettie KENARD Finley 10/14/1875
COOK Ollie FLYNN Thomas P. 12/22/1887
COOK Perlemley E (Mrs) MAYBERRY I. J. 02/27/1889
COOK Randolph C. SENTENY Martha 01/17/1878
COOK Rose MULHOLLAND Henry 03/05/1895
COOK Ruth GIFFORD George H. 06/26/1873
COOK Sarah M. CORWIN John F. 10/08/1884
COOK William JAMES Elizabeth A. 12/07/1843
COOK William JONES Amanda 09/21/1859
COOLEY Didama C. GIBSON Joseph W 03/07/1871
COOLEY Edward F. HAMMOND Eva 01/29/1890
COOLEY Elmer SCOTT Maude 06/09/1897
COOLEY Hannah GIBESON Joseph W 04/26/1887
COOLEY Julia A. DAILEY Charles E. 06/10/1894
COOLEY Mary SHUTTEN John W 02/12/1871
COOLEY Moses J. RYNE Ellen 01/08/1871
COOLEY Thomas H. CARNES Eliza A. 03/14/1875
COON Hester GARRETT Manley 05/08/1845
COONS Ambrose J. SOUTHER Sarah 12/28/1892
COOPER Charles F. HUNT Jennie L. 10/07/1888
COOPER James E. RUSSELL Nancy M. 00/00/1872
COOPER Olive CORBIN Charles A. 12/21/1884
COOPER Sanford MINKS Susan A. 08/19/1876
COOPER T. F. BRACKNEY Marmaduke 03/10/1872
COPELAND Mariah LUNCEFORD Jason 04/21/1867
COPLIN Florence SHARP Will 02/09/1898
COPPS Rachel Lay CRAMER Eli 11/05/1885
CORA Ellen SHOCKMAN Jesse 08/15/1875
CORBIN Charles A. COOPER Olive 12/21/1884
CORBIN William MCLANAHAN Mary Ann 07/11/1867
CORDEN William HAMBLIN S 04/04/1855
CORDER David G. DARBY Mary Jane 03/15/1873
CORDER Martha E. MAYHEW R. T. 03/22/1876
CORDRAY James M. HUDSON Mary A (Mrs) 03/30/1879
CORDRAY Lizzie ROGERS Alonzo W 11/09/1892
CORDRAY Lottie K. MCCORD William J. 02/17/1892
CORDRAY Olivia WOOLLEN Jasper N. 03/11/1891
COREY Henry J. THOMASON Mary A. 11/27/1873
CORKINS Julia MCCLURE John 10/17/1867
CORKWELL Joseph B. CUNNINGHAM Samantha L. 12/26/1887
CORLEY S. Frank VAUGHAN Olivia 08/22/1880
CORLEY William WARREN Hannah 03/18/1866
CORNWALL Sarah WALKER James 02/05/1867
CORNWELL A. B. LIGHT Ida M. 10/07/1896
CORNWELL Elizabeth POWELL Joseph 09/21/1864
CORNWELL Joanna MURPHEY Lemuel A. 10/14/1869
CORNWELL Leonard A. HAMILTON Mary C. 06/10/1900
CORNWELL Maggie B. WAGGONER Henry 10/25/1876
CORNWELL Simon B. KIRBY Susan E. 12/09/1873
CORSANT Richard RENTFRO Sarah M. 08/11/1885
CORWIN John F. COOK Sarah M. 10/08/1884
CORWIN Phebe E. COOK Joseph W 02/02/1887
CORY John W THOMASON George 02/01/1883
COSE Jane FRAZELL Gideon 07/08/1847
COTHREN Cornelius P. SMITH Cynthia V. 01/10/1871
COTNER David E. WEST Roxanna 01/20/1891
COTTERELL Eliza C. MODLIN James A. 12/11/1888
COULTER Will H. SAMPSON Elizabeth 12/24/1896
COURTRIGHT W. J C. HALCOM Lizzie J. 07/04/1890
COVENTRY Sarah GRAHAM William 11/15/1892
COWAN George RHODES Jeanette 03/12/1864
COWAN George WHEELER Mattie 05/06/1866
COWAN Nettie M. LINDER James A. 10/26/1884
COWARD Cora SELBY W. A. 12/08/1896
COWARD Frank DUGAN Cora 12/25/1895
COWARD Inez DOLAN Will K. 12/24/1899
COWARD John KETSELL Jennie 05/16/1866
COWARD John W APPLE Effia May 02/20/1900
COWARD Laura BOOKER William E. 07/04/1888
COWARD Mahala E. FREEMAN Joel H. 04/03/1879
COWARD W. E. SLEIGHBAUGH Hannah J. 02/24/1892
COWARD William WHEETER Mary 12/23/1891
COWARD William WRIGHT Amantha 10/08/1896
COX Albert DIDAMA French 02/09/1860
COX Albert R. GIBSON Maggie 11/05/1888
COX Alice MENTZER Michael 12/15/1885
COX Bert RITTER Emma 04/13/1891
COX Clara E. WEGER William F. 10/02/1890
COX Eben FREELAND Rosanna 01/09/1868
COX Geroame WINN Charelota 12/21/1892
COX Hiram NOBLE Ada 01/15/1867
COX John V. THOMAS Elizabeth 03/07/1882
COX Lillie F. TACKETT William M. 06/19/1890
COX Mary KNUTZEN Jacob 04/18/1883
COX Pleasant J. GRIMES Ellen 03/19/1874
COX R. P. MORRELL Lina 03/19/1873
COX Ross SMITH Artie 01/25/1894
COX Sarah B. BURCHAM Charles E. 03/11/1900
COX Squire WEIGER Rose M. 10/02/1890
COX Thomas CAMPBELL Catherine 08/23/1881
COX W. D. ALEXANDER Mabel C. 03/24/1894
COX William F. FULPS Sarah A. 05/16/1880
COY Nancy E. BEALS Thomas J. 12/16/1895
COY Sarah E. CLARK William A. 02/13/1870
COZIER Dora Alice BAKER Charles F. 02/18/1894
COZIER Ellen Jane O'BRYANT P 12/29/1873
COZIER James E. CHANEY Nettie 11/19/1899
COZIER John GADDIS Ida 01/01/1890
COZIER Lizzie WALLACE Ed 02/12/1893
COZIER Susan WOMACK Bolan G. 09/02/1888
CRABILL Catherine BURTON Wesley 02/13/1851
CRABILL Louisa WILLIAMSON J. M. 06/07/1853
CRABILL Rebecca BARTON William 11/30/1851
CRABTREE J. W ASHCRAFT Myrtle 09/23/1900
CRAFT Louisa BREWINGTON Lemuel 12/13/1882
CRAIG Anna L. BROCKNEY Samuel M. 10/06/1881
CRAIG Ebenezer W FURNESS Frances 09/07/1884
CRAIG Effie G. HOUCK William M. 12/14/1880
CRAIG Francis M. LEWIS Eva 04/08/1880
CRAIG James B. SOLOMON Millie A. 01/27/1881
CRAIG Jasper N. WALKER Nancy A. 07/08/1888
CRAIG Mary DAUGHERTY Samuel 04/18/1869
CRAIG Mary SEYMONNA John 04/16/1861
CRAIG Nancy POPE Burton 06/27/1858
CRAIG Nolia A. EDMISTON Edgar C. 11/14/1877
CRAIG Walter S. SHEPHERD Maggie 12/29/1887
CRAIG William DAUGHERTY Margaret 02/02/1858
CRAIGG James LOCKART Orpha 10/07/1868
CRAILS Catherine WALKER George 01/31/1861
CRAILS Doty DAVIS Samuel Thomas 05/22/1870
CRAILS Mary CROWDER R. S. 11/03/1859
CRAMER Eli COPPS Rachel Lay 11/05/1885
CRANDER Andrew MCCOY Allie H. 05/13/1891
CRANE Benjamin RALE Lucy 08/17/1865
CRANK Grovina SAMPSON Reuben 07/10/1871
CRARY Mary Jane LEE J. W 01/21/1868
CRAWFORD George W CLARK Sarah E. 06/19/1879
CRAWFORD Isaac D. SWIMEHEART M. E. 05/02/1875
CRAWFORD William M. PURCELL Mary 09/13/1879
CREAGER Margaret Ann CLORE John 07/07/1860
CREAZER Eliza WEAKLEY William 01/11/1863
CREECH A. S. ROBERSON Martha 10/28/1875
CREECH Andrew S. HOGGATT Flora 12/20/1885
CREECH Arthur M. LAMAR Martha 04/02/1899
CREECH Emery BAGGETT Josephine 05/09/1894
CREECH Harvey C. SMITH Flora B. 10/11/1885
CREECH Mary STAIN Dewitt C. 10/28/1875
CREECH Riley W LEMMEN Sarah K. 04/21/1881
CREMISE Laura E. TOWN William F. 12/10/1894
CRESAP Delimer BRIGHT Carrie A. 07/04/1896
CRESAP Idessa Belle VEINOUT Louis 02/00/1897
CRISS Martha PEARSON John 08/25/1870
CRISSWELL Rhoda B. WIGHTMAN U 07/04/1891
CRIST Ella DAVIS James 09/17/1868
CRIST James AKERS Nora 08/19/1897
CRIST Lucinda MURPHREY Thomas 12/23/1869
CRIST Mary M. FUNSTON William O. 12/28/1876
CRIST Rutha Ann MILLER James M. 08/27/1873
CRISUP Robert WEATHERFORD Mary E. 10/07/1896
CRISWELL Aaron PEA Susannah 12/03/1861
CRISWELL Elizabeth POWERS John 06/28/1857
CRITCHER Hattie DOWNS R. T. 05/27/1897
CRITSER William ROOME Ida 08/03/1897
CROCKET M. A. MOORE Edwin 10/18/1882
CROCKETT Margaret LILLEY Joseph 10/24/1875
CROCKETT Mary Ann BLYTHE Joseph 12/18/1854
CROCKETT Sarah LANDEN Franklin 09/28/1868
CRONIN Elizabeth DOWNS Thomas 11/29/1879
CRONIN M FERRIS C 10/03/1882
CROPPER Julia Ann BORNE William 04/15/1858
CROPPER Survilla CURRY William 04/15/1858
CROSS James AUBERRY Milla 06/21/1883
CROSS Mary SMITH George 08/23/1859
CROSS William M. WAGGONER Sallie A. 07/07/1879
CROUCH Arsella B. JOHNSON Henry S. 01/31/1876
CROUCH Charles STRICKLAND Manerva 04/14/1851
CROUCH Eliza Ann STUTSMAN Thomas 09/21/1859
CROUCH Elizabeth FLESHNER George 01/28/1864
CROUCH Jemima MORGAN James 05/08/1847
CROUCH Lorena MCDANIEL John 05/11/1867
CROUCH Nancy CONLEY John 09/06/1857
CROUCH Noah WAGGONER Menemena 01/26/1849
CROUCH Polly Ann ESLEY Robert 07/18/1861
CROUCH Susan E. ABBOTT Reuben M. 02/14/1875
CROW Lewis FARMER Martha 04/18/1869
CROW Luzena E. CHAPMAN David S. 02/22/1890
CROW Schuyler C. LEHMAN Mary G. 02/05/1893
CROWDER Anettie WIDICK Edward 04/27/1887
CROWDER Artemus L. HAN Clara Bell 08/28/1889
CROWDER Barbara WHEELER Riley B. 03/09/1882
CROWDER Barbara E. LOGAN William F. 09/15/1880
CROWDER David W DOWNEY Louise D. 12/01/1881
CROWDER Della M. LANSDEN George N. 04/27/1892
CROWDER Dora S. SCHEER Jacob E. 06/30/1887
CROWDER Duana STABLES Thomas 09/08/1886
CROWDER Effie HUNT Thomas N. 02/18/1891
CROWDER Emma HENNIGH Felix D. 09/09/1880
CROWDER Florence L. BONE Hugh A. 09/17/1893
CROWDER James M. GILBERT Prudence (Mrs) 11/27/1887
CROWDER John KENNEDY Emily 05/26/1867
CROWDER John A. ROBERTS Viola A. 08/08/1889
CROWDER John R. HAMPTON Ida M. 04/18/1881
CROWDER John R. MOTT Kittie 10/23/1883
CROWDER Lilla LEWIS Granville N. 11/28/1895
CROWDER M. M. BLACK Mollie E. 08/17/1887
CROWDER Madison TURNER Jennie 06/15/1881
CROWDER Margaret SCHEER Frederick 02/13/1868
CROWDER Marshall M. SCHOCKEY Lydia S. 05/22/1870
CROWDER Mary MCGUIRE J. H. 05/15/1866
CROWDER Mary A. SHASTZER John W 10/16/1873
CROWDER Mattie LOGAN W. H. 01/07/1886
CROWDER Nancy J. BURLEIGH J. L R. 06/01/1871
CROWDER Olive B. KENNEDY William C. 12/28/1890
CROWDER R. S. CRAILS Mary 11/03/1859
CROWDER Robert M. WELLMAN Lilla K. 02/18/1890
CROWDER Rosa A. BONE John L. 01/20/1892
CROWDER Ruth A. MCLAUGHLIN George 02/24/1884
CROWDER Sarah HASKINS William 09/28/1865
CROWDER T. H Jr HUDSON Grace C. 01/26/1899
CROWDER Thomas BOSELY Lavina 06/24/1860
CROWDER Thomas MCCORD Mary 10/11/1855
CROWDER Thomas W WAGGONER Mary E. 12/11/1873
CROWDER Walter R. DEDMAN Marvin B. 09/14/1898
CROWDER William WALKER Elizabeth 02/12/1851
CROWDSON Charles W WILEY Maggie 02/14/1886
CRUM Andrew J. WOODS Sarah E. 09/12/1884
CRUM George CRUM Mary A. 03/02/1876
CRUM John L. MIKESELL Grace 09/08/1900
CRUM John W BOLING Priscilla 08/03/1878
CRUM John W MCCLURE Sarah C. 11/13/1875
CRUM Lizzie JONES J. O. 09/05/1899
CRUM Lottie BROWN Harry L. 09/21/1900
CRUM Mary A. CRUM George 03/02/1876
CRUM Wesley FINCHAM Marie C. 04/05/1876
CRUM William H. ARMENTROUT Hattie 12/24/1891
CRUMBAUGH Daniel WILEY Margaret 11/07/1858
CRUTCHFIELD Unknown HOWE Merritt 06/21/1855
CRUTCHFIELD William STEARNS Susannah 02/10/1858
CULLISON Harvey W EARP Nannie 09/14/1887
CUMMINGS Clara Bell WHITNEY Charles N. 08/14/1895
CUMMINGS John STRICKLAND Catherine 03/07/1871
CUMMINS James M. WRIGHT Amanda 10/19/1881
CUMMINS Rosa L. UTTINGER Alfred 08/31/1891
CUMMINS William H. BUXTON Mary M. 12/09/1877
CUMPTON Allice THOMASON James R. 01/21/1883
CUNNINGHAM A. L. MCCLURE George H. 10/29/1878
CUNNINGHAM Alfred M. BUSHART Dora E. 01/01/1899
CUNNINGHAM Andrew HOWELL Almira 09/17/1874
CUNNINGHAM Charles DAVIS Addie C. 07/01/1893
CUNNINGHAM Clara E. DUNCAN Wellington G. 09/01/1892
CUNNINGHAM Crawford MADDOX Eliza J. 11/16/1845
CUNNINGHAM Irene CUNNINGHAM William 11/06/1849
CUNNINGHAM James M. ESKRIDGE Julia J. 01/27/1870
CUNNINGHAM James M. GARVER Ida Bell 12/08/1890
CUNNINGHAM Jesse R. SHIPMAN Hannah 04/13/1871
CUNNINGHAM John GINN Hattie B. 11/26/1874
CUNNINGHAM M. E. FOSTER John 02/18/1858
CUNNINGHAM Martha DENNIS Robert 04/06/1859
CUNNINGHAM Martha SERIGHT Archimedes 05/03/1863
CUNNINGHAM Martha J. WRIGHT John F. 06/26/1884
CUNNINGHAM Mary A. TAYLOR C. H. 01/02/1862
CUNNINGHAM Mertie WATSON Avery 09/27/1896
CUNNINGHAM Newton LOVE Mary Isabel 02/05/1868
CUNNINGHAM Robert TRAVILLIAN Martha M. 12/26/1875
CUNNINGHAM Samantha L. CORKWELL Joseph B. 12/26/1887
CUNNINGHAM Samuel ALEXANDER Sarah Ann 11/21/1867
CUNNINGHAM Stephen SHIPMAN Unknown 03/09/1859
CUNNINGHAM Thomas WALLACE Sarah L. 11/02/1875
CUNNINGHAM William CUNNINGHAM Irene 11/06/1849
CUNNINGHAM William A. BARBEE Nellie M. 03/15/1899
CURMAN William WILLIAMS W. Jane 12/01/1860
CURNEY Silas BONHAM Elizabeth 09/15/1868
CURR Margaret TAYLOR R. M. 07/28/1863
CURR Seth SILER Mary M. 04/20/1847
CURREY Elizabeth GILBREATH Arnie 12/04/1892
CURRY Galerella CLEIN J. D. 12/26/1875
CURRY George GAMMEL Martha 03/00/1855
CURRY James WILSON Martha 04/01/1866
CURRY Nancy RILEY Josiah O. 08/18/1847
CURRY Nancy SMITH William 04/28/1867
CURRY Thomas DAVIS Martha 09/04/1856
CURRY Thomas WILSON Eliza 08/13/1846
CURRY William CROPPER Survilla 04/15/1858
CURRY William J. FULTON Lucy E. 09/19/1888
CURTIS Mary SPARKS Benjamin 12/11/1867
CURTIS Nancy E. MARTIN Otis 09/11/1897
CURTIS Robert GRUB Tabitha A. 03/17/1847
CURTIS Thomas H. COE Libbie 06/15/1875
CURY Martha REIMER Joseph 12/26/1861
CUSTER Frances NEAL J. B. 02/12/1891
CUTLER S. E. GIBBON Alice Mae 10/16/1900
CUTLER Thomas E. GIBSON Annie 02/10/1886

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