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JOHN H. OCKER-- Farmer and Auctioneer, Buffalo Township, Ogle County, Ill., is one among the younger farmers of his part of the county who have achieved success, not alone by being good farmers but by being good business men as well. There is no class of tradesmen the members of which need more accurate and comprehensive knowlege of the value of farms, livestock and farm implements and accessories, than auctioneers who conduct sales of farm property, and there is no way in which an auctioneer can better acquire such knowlege that through practical experience as a farmer. It was first as a farmer, then as an auctioneer, that John H. OCKER won popularity in his community. He was born in Washington County, Md., April 30, 1869, a son of Samuel and Catherine (BOWMAN) OCKER, natives of that county. Of their four children, two of whom are sons, JOHN was the last born. He was only eleven years old when he left his southern home. Coming to Ogle County he hired out by the month to work for different farmers, and was thus employed until he was twenty-one years old. Then for two years he was a "renter" in Buffalo Township. After that he began to make a farm for himself, and he is now the owner of 130 acres, under good improvement and outfitted for profitable tillage and stock raising. For five years he had charge of Dr. Peter FAHRNEY'S farm of eight hundred acres in Lake County. In 1904 he began business as an auctioneer, in company with Levi AVERY, under the name of AVERY & OCKER, and in this enterprise has met with good success. Mr. OCKER married Verna M. POWELL, February 22, 1894. Mrs. OCKER, who was born in Buffalo Township, a daughter of John A. and Catherine POWELL, has borne him two children, ARMOND and DOROTHY. In politics Mr. OCKER is a Republican, devoted to the progressive principles and policies of his party. He has held the office of School Director and otherwise has taken an active interest in township affairs...

Taken from 1909 Encyclopedia of Illinois and the History of Ogle County, Volume 2, Munsell Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. page 977

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