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The Quincy Daily Journal - Thursday, August 23, 1917 - Page: 10

FIFTY FROM PIKE COUNTY CERTIFIED FOR SERVICE - Names of Those Who Have Qualified for Duty are Sent to District Board.

Pittsfield, Illinois, August 23, 1917 - The following fifty names have been certified to the district board at Springfield from Pike County, Illinois, as eligible for war service:

Virden J. Smith - Rockport
Samuel Evt. Dunham - Griggsville
J. L. Stottlemyer - New Canton
Louis Main - New Canton
Elmer Lister - New Canton
James L. Crowder - Pleasant Hill
William Shaw - Griggsville
John Schmidt - Rockport
Raymond V. Dolbeare - Hadley
William R. Thiele - Chambersburg
Russell Augustus Hull - Hull
William F. Heightman - Pittsfield
John M. Miller - Griggsville
Lor. C. Strubinger - Barry
John B. Huser - Hannibal, Missouri
Wade H. Maynard - Pleasant Hill
Alva Kaylor - Barry
Arthur E. Lister - Griggsville
Louis D. Forgey - Rockport
Joe John Goellner - Hull
Walter E. Stauffer - Barry
Cullen R. Deter - Chambersburg
Asa O. Hatcher - Pearl
Otto K. Myers - Nebo
Arthur Reeves - New Salem
Charles E. Washington - Barry
Harvey V. Hill - Pittsfield
George Russell Metcalf - Barry
Stanley C. Duncan - Hull
Mal B. Lippencott - Rockport
Edward Myers - Valley City
Harvey R. Forgey - Rockport
William E. Allen - Baylis
A. Earl Robinson - Pittsfield
Carson P. Butler - Pittsfield
Arthur Ray Grammer - Baylis
Raymond Ehrgott - Griggsville
Leslie E. Balzer - Kinderhook
George Raymond Clark - Hull
Orville R. Borrowman - Pearl
Vernon Bolin - New Canton
James N. Whittekiend - Barry
Herbert A. Brower - Pittsfield
James H. Meyers - Pittsfield
Arthur William Townley - Perry
Robert C. Greathouse - Griggsville
John P. Rainwater - Pittsfield
John R. Whitefield - Valley City
D. C. Millhizer - Kinderhook

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