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It appears according to The Quincy Daily Whig, Thursday, August 9, 1906, Page 4; that it was heard about town, the following have gone to Bliss, Oklahoma, where they may purchase land: Jacob Windmiller and Howard Cohenour, of Pittsfield; William Sharpe, John Newman and Fred Farrand, of Griggsville, and Mort Edwards, of New Salem, Illinois. (Were they following their ancestors of 1835? What drew them to Bliss, Oklahoma and away from the lands of Pike County, Illinois. Let's keep searching, maybe we will find out.)!!

Oklahoma entered the Union as the forty-sixth state on November 16, 1907. Derived from the Choctaw Indian words "okla," meaning people, and "humma," meaning red, Oklahoma was designated Indian Territory in 1828. By 1880, sixty tribes, forced by European immigration and the U.S. government to relocate, had moved to Oklahoma. Congress opened part of the region, which the United States had acquired in 1803 under the terms of the Louisiana Purchase, to settlement by non-Native Americans in 1889 and organized the Oklahoma Territory in 1890. In 1907, the state of Oklahoma incorporated what remained of Indian Territory.

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