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Quincy Daily Journal - Tuesday, January 10, 1899 - Pg 1


Crazed by Grief Over the Loss of His Wife and Child, Godrey Schipull Takes His Own Life

Barry, Illinois, January 10, Godrey Schipull aged about 25 years, died at the home of his father-in-law, David Shellers, (sp?) four miles due south of Richfield, at 10 o'clock yesterday morning, from an overdose of arsenic taken with suidical intent. He left a long letter in which he stated that he made an attempt to destroy himself at Hannibal a few days before, but failed. In the letter he explains his act by stating that the death of his wife and child prayed upon his mind so strongly as to drive him to it.

His wife died about four weeks ago and the child preceded her by about a week. The couple had been married for about a year. Schipull came through here looking for work shortly before his marriage and was engaged by Mr. Sellers. He fell in love with his employer's daughter and married her. He loved his wife and was thoroughly devoted to her. During her illness he sat at her beside four days and nights and refused to leave.

The letter he left will not be given to the public until the arrival of the deceased's brother from Iowa, and maybe not then, as it contains something about family matters which may cause it to be withheld.


Morris A. Collins, proprietor of the Occidental Hotel in Quincy, was very well acquainted with the deceased and spoke of him as an industrious and upright man, a man who was not afraid of hard work, saved his money, and thought the world and all of his home. He was a son-in-law of E. W. Sellers, the principal of the Golden High School, who in turn is a son-in-law of Mr. Collins. David Sellers owned the farm on which the suicide took place, and the deceased worked it. David Sellers, is the father of E. W. Sellers, who manages the affairs of his aged father and who formerly worked the farm. Schipull's parents, who are said to be well to do, live near Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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