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The Barry Adage October 15, 1880

The Tragedy at Cincinnati Landing

The particulars of the double murder and suicide near Cincinnati Landing, on Thursday of last week, as furnished the correspondent of the Quincy Whig, prove it to have been one of the most terrible tragedies ever enacted in this part of the State. It appears that Curtis Seller, the young man who deliberately murdered Mrs. Baker and her daughter and then shot himself, was engaged in chopping wood last winter near Cincinnati Landing and boarded at Baker's house. He formed a strong attachment for Miss Baker, a very prepossessing young lady about 17 years of age, and offered her his hand in marriage Miss Baker declined his proposal, and though Sellers repeatedly renewed his suit, his love was not returned.

Early in the spring he went away and nothing was heard of him until the day of the tragedy, when he met Mr. Baker near Louisianan. Mr. Baker talked with him a short time; Sellers making some inquires about the young lady, and finally Baker offered to drive him over to his house if he would wait till the following day Sellers thanked him, but said that he had some business to attend to and could not wait, but would go alone. He went immediately to Baker's farm, where he found Miss Baker at work in the field, her mother and younger sister being near the house, a short distance away. Sellers had a brief conversation with Miss Baker, again renewing his offer of marriage, but she said she would not marry him and started towards the house. The young man followed her and just as they arrived at the house drew a revolver and shot Mrs. Baker through the heart. He then turned and shot the young lady through the head, and bidding his dying love a passionate farewell, placed the smoking gun to his own temple and fired the third shot, killing himself instantly.

Mrs. Baker and her daughter were also instantly killed. A younger daughter, about twelve years of age, at once fled and summoned the neighbors. The terrible affair has created the greatest excitement in this vicinity where the Baker family is well known and highly respected. Sellers was about twenty-five years of age and has always borne an excellent reputation. He has a brother living at Nebo, Illinois.

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Pike County, Illinois Newspapers

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