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Brief Italian Word List

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Brief Italian Word List


The following list was presented by our speaker, Linda Fortunato Davenport (Pointer #3769) at our February 13, 2003 PIP Chapter 1 meeting.  The words were implemented via a quiz followed by a discussion.


20 Words to Know (and you are an Italian translator)

by Linda Fortunato Davenport

with english translations discussed at the meeting


  1. atti act, appears before nascita, morte, matrimonio to denote act of birth, death, marriage, respectively.

  2. nascita birth

  3. morte death

  4. matrimonio -  marriage

  5. L'anno the year

  6. milleottocento 1800

  7. meridiane middle of the day, "ante meridiane" denotes a morning time

  8. minuti minutes

  9. commune town

  10. comparso(a) appeared before, precedes the name of the person who went to the civil office to record the event with the authorities.

  11. di mentioned before a persons name means they are still alive

  12. fu mentioned before a persons name means they are deceased.  (plural furano)

  13. anni years

  14. domiciliato(a) where someone is domiciled (lives.)

  15. mese month

  16. ore hour

  17. posta also can be written as "via" or "strada" means street address.

  18. moglie wife

  19. sesso gender (femine is female and mascule is male)

  20. nome name


Also, anyone interested can order the following Family History Library publications by calling 1-800-537-5971 or online at for $.50 each (prices as of February 2003).


Genealogical Word List:  Italian

Genealogical Word List:  Latin

These above publications will include other important translation words including names of months, numbers, days of the week, occupations, etc.



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