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Cav. Anthony Lascio Chapter - PIP 1

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The following was presented at our February 16, 2003 PIP Chapter 1 Meeting


PIP1-Chicago – February 2003 - Sites of Interest

By Jenny Floro Khalaf (with a few additions by other members)

A multilingual group intended for amateur genealogists sharing their mutual interest and looking for mutual help in search for Waldensian (protestant) ancestors from the Piedmont valleys, in the Torino province (Italy) and also from the Queyras valleys (France).


Here is another service that provides online street maps of Europe, including Italy. The maps are very similar to MultiMap, except that the actual streets named vary a little from MultiMap.

USA to Italy – Lots of folks ask about those who returned to Italy. On this web site you’ll find a list of 1300 persons from Philadelphia who returned to Italy in 1918.

The Ascoli Project: A Puglian town and its hinterland.

·         Houses, kin and neighbors – research, sources and methods.

·         Making Marriages – From dowry contracts to competitive feasting.

·         The countryside – A pastoral economy with islands of agriculture.

·         Urban center to agro-town – three centuries of change.

·         Introduction to Ascoli.

This site is sponsored by the Committee to Observe October as Italian-American Heritage Month.

Civil records for Tito, Basilicata. Currently from 1809-1831 and growing.

140 years of Italian Birth + Marriage Statistics {in Italian}

Links to pages with transcribed Italian Civil Records

Italy-News Newsletter – [English version available]

Sicilian Family Tree
Research Ideas & Links, Research Services, About Misilmeri (province of Palermo), Misilmeri Surname Registry.

Site of BOIANO family from Italy
DESCRIPTION: Family site about BOIANO or BOJANO surname, with geografical and cultural tools about emigrants from San Gregorio Matese (Southern Italy) to Argentina and USA. Site will be available in English at a later date.

Little Italy Chicago
Everything Italian in Chicago and beyond.

Vanni Family from Fabbriche di Vallico, Lucca


Chicago Daily News Photos


Chicago Historical Society



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